Manoj Malde and the Royal Horticultural Society

This twat is the RHS ambassador for diversity and inclusion, yes RHS thought it necessary to have one of those.

Anyway this twat claims that ‘Classic English gardens made by “double-barrel-named” designers are putting non-white communities off the Chelsea Flower Show. So it’s official then, gardens are racist.

This presumably means that an English garden designer must not create tropical gardens or persian walled gardens etc… as those are originally from other parts of the world (duh!! you don’t say) so only ethnic garden designers should be allowed to create them.

The tiresome twat goes on to say “On the whole, it’s always been white garden designers who’ve actually been featured here,”
He added that RHS Gardens are “beautiful English pretty country cottage gardens, or rose gardens, designed by double-barrel-named designers”.
“How does that connect to somebody from my background? Or from an African background, or Mediterranean background? It doesn’t.”

Newsflash, no one gives a shit about whether it connects with you or not.
You either like a garden design or you don’t, so stop your whingeing and disappear into your central water feature, cunt.

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78 thoughts on “Manoj Malde and the Royal Horticultural Society

  1. A typical example of some cunt being given a job then having to invent some bollocks in order to justify it.

    Fucking madness.

    • Madras Moldy is right,
      Gardens are racist.

      I’m a far right gardener.

      He set foot on my plum slate lined garden path?

      “Oi curry breath. Go back home”

      would whisper from the wisteria.

      A sly smirk from the lobelia

      “Bud bud”

      Every seed has been planted with racial hatred.

      So well done, I can see how you got your no doubt well paid non-job.

  2. If I was designing a garden for that bald little savage, I would include a giant firepit for when he entertains the neighbours, next to the mud hut shed, and arrange plenty of Red Hot Pokers for him to fall into when he has been on the jungle juice. A few Black Parrott tulips and black pansies for the spring garden. I designed a very similar one in Surrey for a KC called Kweer.

  3. So, is he saying that anyone who designs anything, be it gardens, clothes or furniture, must now ensure that their designs “connect to people from non-White English” backgrounds?

    That’ll make for some interesting cars, buildings and interior decoration!

  4. You could liken the the UK as a once pristine garden of beauty that sadly over the years has been infested with imported weeds These weeds are uninvited and the only remedy is their destruction. I find my “burner” most effective, whilst some keen gardeners of the “indigenous” type, prefer poison or even ripping the weeds from their beds before the ignominy of the composter ! The Cardinal rule was always vigilance ! Once in your garden they multiply rapidly, and suck the living daylights from established beds.

  5. The cunt should be running Scotland.
    Daisy – WHITE
    Snowdrop – WHITE
    Lily of the valley – WHITE
    Trumpet Flower – WHITE
    Yucca – WHITE
    Amaryllis – WHITE

    • I used to see white dog shite in my young days. Never see white dog shite anywhere these days. Mind you. I have never been to Liverpool

  6. Not sure what would feature in Manoj’s English Country Garden.

    A landscaped lane for a bus to drive through.

    An area of curry leave plants.

    Some fallow with a composting area for leftover curry.

    A wattle and daub potting shed.

    No weeds or roses – far too ‘English’ for Gungda Din.

    Non job cunt.

    • Not to mention a fountain running with the foaming piss of his coolies.

  7. Double-barrel surnames?
    There’s not many honky ones left.
    Most of the spoons have them now- they think it’s posh innit bruv.

  8. It’s Grenfell, not Greenfell.
    The only time these sorts have anything to do with anything green, it’s when they have lettuce with their KFC.
    Darkies should be kept out of English gardens. They make them look untidy and unnatural.

  9. It’s Grẹnfell, not Grẹenfell.
    The only time these sorts have anything to do with anything green, it’s when they have lettuce with their KFC.
    Darkıes should be kept out of English gardens. They make them look untidy and unnatural

  10. How about a dead festering hippo as a centre piece? Flabbot?

  11. Throw him into the blackberry vine and let him call that racist. That’s what happens when you dawdle whilst fetching my feathery hat and gin fizz.

    • Hanging gardens of Babylon -shite

      Garden of Gethsemane -right tip

      Garden of Eden – that’s knotweed!

      The Raj’s gardens of the Taj mahal- rubbish.

      A English country garden is the pinnacle of horticultural taste.

      Like private Godfrey’s in Dad’s Army
      Or the admittedly fictional hobbit garden of Bag End.

      A pot of tea and sit and listen to the drone of the bees.

      No bees in this cunts garden.
      Scorpions maybe.

      • A nice camomile lawn, bit of classy topiary, nicely trimmed privet, a fir tree maze.

        And of course, an Irish head gardener.

  12. Down my way, we’ve quite a few somebody’s ‘from my background’ and their gardens look thus….
    Completely block paved and augmented with two Mercedes’, 4 Audi A3s, 3 Nissan Micra’s and the nephews Yaris that he uses to delivering takeaways, all in black.
    For a splash of colour, there is a yellow skip and a pile of building materials from the never ending construction work to house the tribe.
    Now that’s a real show stopper.

    • I particularly like the ones with a Ford Fiesta with no wheels, on bricks in the ‘garden’.

  13. It would be interesting to see the next Chelsea Flower Show highlighting gardens designed by black people.

    The rusting Ford Anglia in the overgrown driveway.
    The filthy, discarded toilet laying in the weeds.
    The heap of empty fried chicken boxes scattered around.
    Pride of place will be the failed attempt to grow cannabis.

    A gold medal will obviously be awarded regardless of the pristine gardens on show by white people with double barrelled names.

    The man is an absolute cunt, which is probably how he got the non-job.

    • Don’t forget the slightly burned and piss stained mattress thrown unceremoniously from an upstairs window and left to rot.

      You will also note the rusting sky dish upturned to make a water feature / rat bath.

  14. Double-barrelled names? Wouldn’t that be a class issue rather than a racial issue? Tarquin Templeton-Quimby III probably didn’t go to my state-funded comprehensive.

  15. Diversity and inclusion.
    A thinly veiled job title which actually means anti-white.
    I think the twat in the nom proves this. are the flowers miraculously going to change because some ethnic planted them?
    Flowers are racist anyway, when did you ever see a brown or black flower?

  16. He’d rather grow fuckin cannabis and seasonings for his spicy food.
    The cheeky fucker.

    For some reason this noms irritated me more than it should?

    I’ve taken it personally.
    Some fuckin ethnic who wipes his arse with his hand criticising the traditional British garden?!!!

    What’s the average garden like where he’s from?

    I’ll tell you.
    Dried cracked mud & flies.

    He can answer to a court made up of Monty Don,
    Charlie Dimmock, and me as head judge.

    Once we’ve found him guilty and hung the little cunt,
    Monty can dig his grave while I plant some seeds in Charlie’s turf trench in the potting shed.

  17. You’ve got to feel for these people. Horrible gardens that don’t appeal to them. And the countryside hates them too apparently. Recently a POC was saying that hikers were against them ( mainly because they were playing a Fucking ghetto blaster on their walk).

    • I’ve just walked the dog,
      And I saw some racist graffiti!

      Not seen any in years!

      A big swastika spray painted on the football players changing room portakabin.😁

      It’s idealogical message diluted somewhat by the huge cock and balls they’d also done.

      But it’s the thought that counts..

      • Are sure that wasn’t the football teams new badge, the goring globetrotters?

      • Graffiti is great.
        Seen on the disabled toilet door at a local sainsbury’s (it was there for years) in 3ft high letters:
        FLIDS BOG.
        Me and the kids used to piss ourselves and do Joey deacon impressions in the shop while the Mrs pretended not to know us…….

    • Morning Jack,

      Involving coloureds in anything requiring forward planning, like, say, designing a garden, is just asking for trouble.

      Gunga Din here would be better employed polishing the silver in the servant’s quarters. What him though, he’ll have it away soon as look at you.

  18. Well, dark-keys do have great horticultural expertise, particularly in the cultivation of Cannabis indica. This could certainly add some much needed spice to the Chelsea Flower Show.

    • Not just darkıes, MMCM…😉
      Incidentally, if any cunter visits Cape Town, there is a beautiful botanical garden:
      Kirstenbosch national botanical garden. Breathtaking.
      No darkıes are allowed in.
      That’s not true of course, but it should be.

      • I bow to your superior knowledge of forbidden horticulture, Thomas.

        Incidentally, I wonder how this Manoj Made would take to a darker themed Southern cotton Plantation at Chelsea. None too well, I think.

  19. White gardens for white people, here is another cunt who isn’t British (by birth) and seems to think he can slag off indigenous white people on how to design gardens.

    Fuck off cunt and take your diversity shit with you.

    • I’m not British either, I’m English

      Don’t want people confusing me with either a bog-trotter, a sheep-shagger or a wife-beating alcoholic.

  20. From the link….

    “Salford has got a huge community from different backgrounds – such as Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi – and that opportunity, I personally think, was missed.”

    That’s true, but nobody associates any of these communities with gardening ffs. They can run down a new housing area inside of a year.
    Filthy fuckers one and all.

    • “Different backgrounds”?
      They’re all the same sub-species, so hardly diverse…..
      The only thing they know about gardening is the uphill type with young boys.

  21. When are these whinging cunts going to get bored of banging this particular bongo drum, all this does is keep waysism alive and well, people weather they like it or not generally have accepted that this country is over run with imports even if they are now several generations in makes no odds.
    So its accepted or your not allowed to say what you think, and yet these attention seeking fucktards are not happy unless they are crying about every single thing that they can misconstrue in causing offence.
    So i say,you call yourself British when it suits you, you live in the UK with a ll the benefits afforded you by the honky infidel, so now its time to shut the fuck up, if you dont like i suggest you return to where you, your family, your tribe and your whinging attitude hail from, you wont be missed, fuck off with my blessing.
    Honestly when all you have left to moan about is white people putting more effort in to planting flowers than import people, you need to look at yourselves and thing rather than crying about it a bit more effort is in order, you can expect it to be handed to you on a plate.;…….hold the fucking train, thats exactly what these cunts expect, they have had generations of stuff being handed to them for fuck all with no effort required, go back to Isshittistan and see how far that gets you[ not far i bet ] so shut the fuck up…..whinging imported cunts, accepted by forced tolerance

  22. I know they all look the same to me, but isn’t that the tax dodging tory Nadhim Zahawi.. is he doing community service.

    Vegetables grown by vegetables.

    • I completely missed that, so now we have a race baiting whinger, flower arranging, shirt lifter, to put the tin fucking hat on it, the only way this fuckmonkey could be less popular is if he was a vegan, cyclist, just stop oil protester……anti cunt sniper required in Chelsea

  23. Surely at the end of the day it matters not if a garden or flower display is designed by a black man or a white man. Its going to be judged on its ascetic merits, nothing more. This introduction of race into absolutely everything is absurd. Neither is it doing any favours to black people, many of whom also see it as absurd.

  24. My garden is mine. This cunt can fuck off and do is gardening in Soweto, with added flaming tyre features.

  25. Perhaps our idea of a garden isn’t a Ganga grow in a rented slum house loft….🌱

  26. Despair for our culture. What plasmas my piss is that given the current hold that ethnics weirdos and down right mentalists have on the country’s cultural and financial reins surely if one of same inserted two lolly sticks in a dog turd lying on a rough grass turf and presented this horticultural masterpiece as estate meadow they would win gold ten times over. The reasons for the lack of diversity in the higher echelons of the gardening World are simple, cannot be bothered with this shit, not qualified to do this shit, what is the point of this shit, plant labels only in English with a line of Latin? Screw up my benefit claim, finally got jailed for driving with out licence insurance etc can’t get there. The list is endless, these are some of the reasons gardening at the Chelsea level is seen by some ungrateful cunts as the bastion of Whitey.

  27. Lord Dubs is on the telly at the moment, defending immigration.

    He should be taken into this poofters garden and shot out of hand.

    Then thrown on the compost heap.

    The mad, deranged old fart.

    Get To Fuck.

    • These fuckers are not going to live long enough to have to endure the utter hell-hole they are creating.

      Go live in Hands worth for a month. You’ll be wanting to join NSDAP pretty quick, prick.

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