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I happened to be in London today walking through Leicester Square, and as I walked past the Comedy Store there was a queue of all blicks waiting to go in. It looked peculiar, because there must have been 100 or so people and even in London (well that part of London) to see 100 people 100% blick is unusual. I got home this evening to see what they may have been queuing to see, and I came across this:


It reads:

Legends of Comedy is a special event bringing together some of the pioneers of UK Black Comedy. We bring legends from Television, Radio to Stand up comedy award winning comedians that have paved the way for African Caribbean comedians, actors and radio presenters today. Join us as we laugh and enjoy the best stand up comedy.

Now stuff like this really grips my shit. Having your own special show for blick comedians is NOT inclusive. This is a show at the expense of all other races excluded from it. You simply cannot continually claim the race card every five minutes, and then decide you want to put on a show exclusively showcasing blick people..with the USP of the show being EXACTLY that. Imagine if there was a show with the above advertising blurb, but instead of using the word blick, it said white?

Fuck me there would be uproar. You can bet your bollocks to a barn dance even if they were showcasing let’s just say, 1960’s uk comedians….the organisers would make fucking sure there were quite a number of non whites in there to keep up the quotas…even if there weren’t many back in the 1960’s. This has to be a two way thing, but it seems if you are blick you can be as subliminally racist and non inclusive as you fucking like, but don’t want any non blicks doing the same.

Nominated by : Chuff Chugger

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  1. They seen to have lost the plot. As you say, imagine the uproar if it was whites only. Is there a similar event for Jews or Chinese?
    This just puts certain people at odds with them. They’d say that anyone who objects is clearly rascist. Can’t win.
    It is endemic. At work we now have some online ‘communities’. One is for gays and another for ‘Black Engineers’. Wtf do black engineers need their own group? Do telecoms installations need a black perspective? Maybe I need educating, because I just don’t get it.

  2. Can’t see comedy giant, Sir Lenworth Henry, on that list. Well, at £25 a ticket there’s not enough money in it for that BBC hypocrite p*nce.

    • Having taken a knighthood he probably seen as not street enough for the brothers. Much more at home on the BBC grifting money from self-loathing white liberals.

      • Gotta admit he’s pretty brave though, plowing Dawn French for years. Some men went there and never came back.

      • He just told people he was plowing her to look noble, virtue signalling before it was even a thing. At least Dawn can be happy knowing she wasn’t a beard when Lenry cheated on her with an attractive woman in a hotel. And now he promotes Premier Inn..

  3. ‘Legends’ must have a different meaning in da comoonitee because I didn’t recognize any cunt in the line-up.

    It must be my suppressed unconscious bias.

  4. Apart from the lack of inclusivity, and anti-white sentiment that the nom is aimed at. I can categorically state that I have never heard of any of these “comedians”, and only a couple of the films that a couple had a bit part in.
    So where did the term Legends of Comedy come from?

    Sadly, I shall be unable to attend this event. I’ve got some paint drying I need to watch.

    • That is comedy gold.

      One can only conclude that the coffin was empty, because if it contained the usual big, fat mamma, they’d have needed 18 dancers, and a hiab.

    • Ah, the greatest meme in the history of the internet. Russian techno meets African funeral.

  5. They want to be segregated from white people.

    Fair enough.
    Let them also have seperate sections on the buses to sit.
    Seperate swimming pools.
    Seperate water fountains.

    It’s all been done before but for some reason that didn’t make them happy either.

    • Why not go the whole hog? Let them have separate countries, and let us have ours. Fck em off back to the mudderland.

  6. I don’t mind this. If the event had been billed as “blicks only – no honkeys”, that would be a different matter. But it seems this event is just to celebrate black comedy, which must have its own character, rather like Jewish or Irish comedy. So it gets a free pass from me, although I bet it was wall-to-wall shite.

    • Yes indeed, tbh, any show that bills as ” Legends of…” is bound to be pure shite.

      If they want to part with £25 drinking money, fair play.

      I also avoid an film/TV that includes the word ” legend, legendary” in its title or write up.

      Not that I’ve watched TV since September 2019.

  7. I hear Diane Abbott is making a special guest appearance reciting Tom Lehrer’s ‘The Elements’ song followed by the Labour election manifesto and then trying to wear two left shoes.

    • Given the way her political career is going she will soon be appearing as a tunnel support in the Elizabeth Line extension. Her most demanding role so far.

  8. If my memory serves me, (until I turned on them for being cheeky cunts) these blacks will be telling old jokes about themselves, we can no longer tell for being racist. Then let’s have the black bastards for copyrights.

  9. I still maintain David Lammy is the Max Miller of his generation. He went home the other night and found a man stark bollock naked in his living room. De wife say “Now don’t get upset, Dave. He’s a nudist and he has just come in to use the phone”. He loves AnalEase, too “I love the girls who say they will, he loves the girls who won’t, he hates the girl who says she will and then she says she won’t But the kind of girl he likes the most – and I am sure you’ll say he’s right, is the sort of girl who says she never does , but she looks as if she might”

    If only they would bring back the Light Programme and Workers Playtime I would be quids in!

  10. Eddie Murphy was funny in the 80s. Shite, unfunny, woke, tranny bummer now.

    Richard Pryor was overrated.

    Kevin Hart? Fucking wank.

    Lenny Henry. I’ve had more laughs with a seeping, prolapsed haemorrhoid.

    To be honest, 99.999% of comedians, black, white or otherwise, are fucking shit nowadays. Someone funny like Bernard Manning would be arrested nowadays.

    And wimminz aren’t funny unless being stupid. Like my Mrs who on seeing a player get a yellow card off the ref a few weeks back said, “Has he not run out of cards yet?” She thought the players kept the cards.

    Wimminz comedians? I’d rather go at my nutsack with a rusty cheese grater than watch that shite.

    • Goonie goo noo ,you married a Bigfoot you shaved the bitch and taught her to talk!from an Eddie Murphy show late 80s early 90s was funny as fuck tho the way he said it

    • I agree on Pryor, overrated.
      Lenny Henry was never funny.
      Kevin Hart i’ve only seen him in two shit films.
      Eddie Murphy i’ve seen but it’s not my thing.

      I liked Reginald D. Hunter because he spoke out against the creeping censorship in comedy and can take the piss out of himself, and is not afraid to address the way white middle class women behave with him.

      Dave Chapelle is currently on good form.The only comedy shows on Netflix worth any of your time. it’s a shame he gets thrown in with so much unfunny dross. If some of those posting don’t find black comics funny, just look at the American-Asian contingent on Youtube Netflix.
      Dear god they cannot manage it. They’re as unfunny as modern femsle stand up, because many of the ones Netflix and the media push are women. The worst is Liky Singh.

  11. I bet there were no anti white jokes, putting on nerdy voices to represent honkies etc. Or saying how evil and dumb we are.

    The fucking shithouses.

  12. I can think of only one black stand up who was genuinely funny – Charlie Williams on Granada’s ‘The Comedians’, with his broad Yorkshire accent.
    Since then – absolutely nowt.

  13. I am surprised the queue wasn’t exclusively white to show they are inclusive.

    The only funny thing I have seen from da blick was da poo poo on YouTube

  14. Are these the cunts who appear on quiz shows? Never heard of any of the knobs.
    Bring back Kenny Lynch, poorly chosen name but still.

    • These young female comics dont get gigs outside TV panel shows. They’re all on big agencies who only book them on safe gigs. Hardly any work the comedy circuit. That’s far less the issue of being black and more to do with being a woman, liberal and thin-skinned.

  15. I liked Charlie Williams. But he was a Barnsley lad who happened to be black not a black, me, look, I’m black, me, how funny I am. Me.

  16. I love comedy,
    Especially black comedy!
    My favourite comedian is the late George Floyd with his hilarious catchphrase

    ” I can’t breathe!
    Help! Help!
    I can’t breathe!”

    Me neither, for a few minutes I thought I’d piss my pants i was laughing that hard.

    Good show George 👍

    • Biggest joke was his brief saying old George want resisting arrest, he simply ‘didn’t know how to comply’.

      Yes, I’ve never been arrested, but I’d imagine if I was I might get confused when a rozzer puts me in the car and think he wants me to get out the other side and try buggering off.

      Easy mistake.

      Actually, the biggest joke was the ‘trial’ itself.

      Blackadder ‘Speckled Jim’ trial.

      • Pas me the black cap darling il be needing that in a minute !the flanderous pigeon murderer!

    • ..and the follow-up act when God shot the mural with a racist lightning bolt

  17. Look up Dave Chappelle’s video ‘Clayton Bigsby – The World’s Only Black White Supremacist’ if you want a good laugh.

  18. Charlie Williams as stated above,
    And Richard Pryor.
    Especially when teamed up with the brilliant Gene Wilder.

    A genuinely naughty boy ,
    Prone to drugs,
    And was Marlon Brandos spunk recepticle.

    But he was funny as fuck.
    Here’s his reaction to getting sent to prison


  19. I see the venue made the wise choice of a matinee show.

    Gives the cunts the evening to go about their jobs of mugging and assaulting people..

  20. We can at least take comfort from the fact that we’ll never see bill board posters promoting the following.

    Black Legends of Swimming

    Afro Caribbean Cycling Championships

    Black Stay at Home Dad if the Year

    Etc etc

  21. I’ve never seen so many black people in one place.

    Gary Linekers family and friends I assume. Well he’s like, you know, well, black.

  22. Only two black comedians that were ever worth a shit.

    Charlie Williams and Richard Pryor.

  23. I used to watch the Real McCoy because it was different back then.

    Felix Dexter was pretty good, and a lot funnier than Sir Lenworth of Henry.

    In those days many black people on TV were entertaining, rather than now where they fill out panels and contestant line ups for shit like House of Games.
    None of the comedians on there are not really performing stand-ups who work the comedy circuit, They’re only ever booked for the quota of panel shows.
    They can’t hold the crowd’s attention and too thin-skinned.

    I dont know the names in that list but rather than slagging off black entertainers i’ll provide my own alternative line-up of trailblazers:;
    Reginald D Hunter
    Ainsley Harriot
    Dave Benson Phillips
    Craig Charles
    Kris Akabusi
    Gary Wilmot
    The hilarious double act of Abbott and Lammy

    Compere; Mr Gary Lineker

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