Manoj Malde and the Royal Horticultural Society

This twat is the RHS ambassador for diversity and inclusion, yes RHS thought it necessary to have one of those.

Anyway this twat claims that ‘Classic English gardens made by “double-barrel-named” designers are putting non-white communities off the Chelsea Flower Show. So it’s official then, gardens are racist.

This presumably means that an English garden designer must not create tropical gardens or persian walled gardens etc… as those are originally from other parts of the world (duh!! you don’t say) so only ethnic garden designers should be allowed to create them.

The tiresome twat goes on to say “On the whole, it’s always been white garden designers who’ve actually been featured here,”
He added that RHS Gardens are “beautiful English pretty country cottage gardens, or rose gardens, designed by double-barrel-named designers”.
“How does that connect to somebody from my background? Or from an African background, or Mediterranean background? It doesn’t.”

Newsflash, no one gives a shit about whether it connects with you or not.
You either like a garden design or you don’t, so stop your whingeing and disappear into your central water feature, cunt.

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78 thoughts on “Manoj Malde and the Royal Horticultural Society

  1. He’ll never be another Percy Thrower, the twat.

    Sick to death of all this diversity and inclusion shite. I want my country back. Ain’t going to happen. The west is finished, and nobody asked me or you.

    I think I’ll emigrate to Pakistan or somewhere. I’m sure I’ll be welcome there as a white non Muzzie.

  2. So the silly cunts have paid to embed a fifth columnist within their organisation.

    Splendid effort.

  3. The lack of ethnic representation amongst the visitors to the Chelsea Flower Show maybe, just maybe, connected to the fact that it costs £68.85 to get in. Fucking hell!
    Now that might be something you find down the back of the sofa to this posh bastard and his rich mates but to most people that’s a shit load of money to bung away on staring at a bunch of fucking flowers. Come back and lecture me, shitforbrains, when you know something about real life. Fucking posh twat.

  4. There’s a major bridge collapsed into the Ganges,what a shame this bald nerd do well cunt wasn’t on it

  5. I don’t have a garden.
    I don’t give a fuck what he has to say, even if i had a garden.
    Tiresome bore.
    Fuck off.

  6. My mate, Rodney Shot-Gun, says he’s very proud of his double-barrelled name….

  7. It’s class that divides our society not race.

    Anyway just another victim hunter being a victim.

    I’m assuming this fucking pansy isn’t aware of the black footballers such Ruben Loftus-Cheek or Kyle Walker-Peters or Dominic Calvert-Lewin or Jake Clarke-Salter.

    I bet they could afford the entrance fee

    Anyway fuck right off.

  8. One thing about plants from central Africa?

    they don’t need a lot of warering.

    Chelsea Flower Show needs a ‘dessert’ category.

    The stupidity and self-victimization we are witnessing truly boggles any rational mind

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