Phillip Schofield (10), the victim in the eyes of the media.

Fucking Phillip Scofield is a chutney ferret of a cunt and trying to play the victim and ride on the back of the Caroline Flack situation just multiplies that a hundred fold.
Now I have never liked this attention seeking sausage jockey, even before he was gay, once a cunt always a cunt in my book, there are no shortage of examples on this arse clowns exploits.

But the latest leave me alone I’m the victim bollocks or I may do myself harm that his PR company is trying to spin to allow them to get this rooter tooter and shooter back into the limelight truly makes me want to chuck.
So Phil I have you on the deadpool and a win would be nice ya cunt.

Nominated by Fuglyucker and seconded by Freddie the Frog below.

I was about to nominate the media attempt to resurrect this sack of shit myself. It’s not really about him anymore it’s about what they want us to believe.

Anyone who thinks this cunt is going to top himself I can only say……if only!
I fully support the nomination of this excuse for a human being and I have a lot to say about it.

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139 thoughts on “Phillip Schofield (10), the victim in the eyes of the media.

  1. Gordon the gopher to name all and tell all of decades of abuse ,that’s the headline I want to see in the paper ,

  2. Phil has apologised for lying, but some could allege that he’s still telling porkies.
    He says he didn’t come out simply because he was threatened with exposure.
    So his relationship with the lad had already ended, he wasn’t bumming anyone else, but still decided to come out. Why?
    He says he’s paying the young man’s legal fees, but insists there was never an injunction in place.
    So why is he paying legal fees if there’s no need for lawyers and it’s common knowledge in the media that an injunction was up for review by July?
    What’s to say there aren’t further contradictions in his story. (Allegedly).

  3. Nothing like feeling sorry for youself when caught out, especially when you can ride that self pity on the back of someone like Caroline Flack.
    Show some humility, you fucking wretch.

  4. Every rent boy in the country will be after Schofield now, just so they can sell their story to the tabloids. Maybe they’re queuing up already?

    • I saw an interview with Schofield where he was saying that after so many wonderfully happy years of marriage he had ‘become aware’ of different feelings which grew and grew to the point where he couldn’t ignore them, or words to that effect. What a load of bollocks, you are what you are, you’re heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, you don’t suddenly experience a revelation and alter your sexual orientation. I think that this media uproar about his sex life is unnecessary and if he’d just told the truth, that he’s always been a brown hatter, I would actually feel sorry for the cunt.

  5. I hear he is now looking at new opportunities abroad to relaunch his TV career.

    “Through the Bumhole” and ‘Wish You Were Q*eer….?’ have been mooted.

  6. Don’t know anything about this cunt, but will support all you great set of lads in wishing him a speedy ending. For a laugh, the just stop oil cunts have promised to run right behind the funeral precession to speed it up.

  7. What the actual fuck is this bullshit.

    For the last week, half of the newspaper has been filled with this utter Cretinous Useless Negligible Tosser and the bleach blond bimbo he used to present with, mouthing off about their feelings and the effect it will have on the population.

    As a working age heterosexual male, I couldn’t give a dead rat’s cock what this pair of fucking twee imbeciles say or do on Daytime TV. Because I’m at fucking work.

    If this has in some way affected you or the way you go about your life, I have a simple Message…

    Get off your fat fucking arse and a job!

    These people are not your friends, they are not your TV family. They are paid entertainers who are human and flawed, just like we all are.

    Except one of them likes to fuck underage boys.

    That is all

    • Very succinctly put ,its like that cunt who phones saying you have won xyz whatever ,they don’t understand to a normal person it means fuck all!besides telly is shit anyway,nuff said

  8. So,a bit back this cunt liked fanny and tits but some sort of Gay Fog surrounded him,turning him into an Arse Bandit?

    What a load of AIDS infected shit in some poor cunts bed.

    Rainbow Oven.

    • Holly’s tits dispel any gay fog.
      Holy shit, Phil must be an absolute 11/10 mincer to have those tits next to him and feel nothing.
      If I was Quantum Leapt into Phil’s body, I’d spring upon Holly live in front of millions of housewives, unemployed wretches and Odin (who, despite his protestations, is an unemployed This Morning viewer) and bum her unlubricated botty until we were both crying.

      • Hey Thomas, if I can borrow a phrase from Phil, what you’re suggesting would be unwise but not illegal.

      • It would most certainly be illegal GT because, as I shot Phil’s load into Holly’s entrails, I’d thrust a cold chisel between her 6th and 7th vertebrae, rendering her a sexy spaz for evermore.
        Then I’d quantum leap into Eamonn Holmes’ body and be enjoying a jam doughnut as the police arrived to arrest the confused and flustered Mr. Schofield.

      • How wonderfully and utterly depraved you are Thomas.

        Worse than the Bull Buggering Bishop of Bath and Wells.

      • In all honesty Thomas, if you gave Holly a long dry fuck up the dirtbox on live national TV, I would normally salute you.

        However, having quantum leapt into Phil’s AIDS ravaged body and then inserted your brown ring marked tassel into the soppy bint’s Bourneville boulevard, I think both I and the nation as a whole would be disgusted at the lack of health, safety and basic hygiene on display while bespoiling one of our daytime TV national treasure’s bumhole.

        I for one would let my breakfast pot noodle go cold as I wank like a safari park chimp over said shenanigans.

        You are a bounder sir and a cad!

      • “Confused and emotional” could well be on its way to dictionary status for “normally resident in Brighton”…
        Bournville Boulevard is a good one too!

      • I wouldn’t do Willoughby up the chuff.
        God knows how many others have been there….🤢

        Now, Susanna Reid, I might have a go at….😉

      • I remember that scruffy flyblown shitstain Russell Brand gobbing off about how he did Kunty Perry up the dirtbox and being well pleased with himself.

        Did he seriously think he was the first?🤣

        Or the last?🤣🤣

  9. I have it on good authority that Good Morning will soon be relaunching with a brand new dream team of Diane Abbott and David Lamy.

  10. Pre evil in sheeps clothing. Hope the filthy faggot gets aids and dies very painfully.

  11. Here is Willoughby’s statement from This Morning in full:W

    Hi there. Good morning. Josie, thank you for being here. Right, deep breath.

    Firstly, are you OK? It feels very strange indeed sitting here without Phil.

    Am Ok..

    And I imagine that you might have been feeling a lot like I have – shaken, troubled, let down, worried for the wellbeing of people on all sides of what’s been going on, and full of questions.

    Not in the least.

    You, me and all of us at This Morning gave our love and support to someone who was not telling the truth, who acted in a way that they themselves felt that they had to resign from ITV, and step down from a career that they loved. That is a lot to process.

    I never ‘loved’ Phi as you say. I don’t know him. He’s just someone on the telly.

    And it’s equally hard to see the toll that it’s taken on their own mental health. I think what unites us all now is a desire to heal for the health and wellbeing of everyone.

    That’s not good grammar Holly.

    I hope that, as we start this new chapter and get back to a place of warmth and magic that this show holds for all of us, we can find strength in each other.

    You’re just a daytime telly programme for heaven’s sake!

    And, from my heart, can I just say thank you for all of your kind messages. And thank you for being here this morning.

    Myself, Josie, Dermot, Alison, Craig and every single person that works on this show will continue to work hard every single day to bring you this show that we love.

    Ok Amen.

    • What a load of introverted, self serving fucking bullshit. Who wrote that bollocks? The same cunt who writes Slow Joe’s speeches I reckon.

    • Bloody Norah, Miles – I actually thought that was a fine piece of creative writing but she actually said it!

      How can someone so relentlessly avoid the real world, the deluded bitch.

      • ‘You, me and all of us at This Morning gave our love and support to someone who was not telling the truth’

        I know it’s terrible Holly. But I’m not on This Morning. I am not in television. I am just a viewer.

  12. Earlier on, I almost accidentally typed “Phillip Schoolfield”…

  13. If ‘ Fruity Phil ‘ gets sent down, he’ll be hate bummed every day of the week.

    The prison workshop will be churning out t. shirts, bearing the legend….

    ” I bummed Phillip Schofield ”

    They’ll have to give him a skateboard to lie on, so that he can get around, using his hands for propulsion.

    There’s no way he’ll be able to fucking walk.

    The cunt.

    • It looked a bit ‘cramped’ in the ‘Broom Cupboard’ Jack. They both of them were very ‘close’. You couldn’t quite see how he was being ‘manipulated’.
      At least with Basil Brush and Mr Derek you could see Mr Derek’s hands.

    • On a more personally pleasant note. I had two pleasant moments with blonde MILF’s today.

      The first one was when I was busy in a customers front garden, working away, when a dog walking mature lady walked past and said ” Morning darlin’ ” with a beaming smile on her face.

      Unbeknowns to me, the customer was just coming through the side gate. I think she was a bit jealous as I’d returned the greeting with an enthusiastic and equally warm response.

      ” Morning darlin’ ” she mimicked. ” I know her and I know what she’s after, she lives just down the lane ”

      ” Really ? ” replied I. ” How conven… awful, what a dreadful woman ”
      The second moment was an extremely cheeky grin, from a lovely lady in a Merc. sports car.

      I have written down the registration number.

      It ends in FWX, ( Fooks ? )

      I bet she does.

      The naughty girl.

      I’m a cunt magnet.

      How thoroughly ripping !

  14. I saw Phudge Packin’ Phil being interviewed by Sue Lawley in 1988. The great big fruit was clearly light in his 80s tassled loafers back then.

    Women thought he was a ‘wholesome’ heart throb. More like someone who would love going on a shopping trip with his lady friends.

    His wife was a big old whiff of lavender. How the fuck he managed to sire his daughters. Perhaps he closed his eyes and ordered his wife to do it doggie whilst imagining Jimmy Soverville on the end of his helmet.

  15. Schofield is muck. I hope he does a Hudson/Mercury and gets the Big A.
    Playing the homophobia and mental health cards, at his age? What a piece of shit he is. Filthy fucking wretch.

  16. I wonder how many Linekeresque injunctions Phil the Phag has taken out? ITV obviously know something we don’t, and his latest sob story interview is like a worm squirming on a hook.

  17. Shouldn’t surprise anyone. All he cares about and loves is HIMSELF (NOT themselves, Holly you fucking woke gimp!)
    As per all the fucking shitstains these days ” I is a victim. You’r homophobic ! it’s only cos I is gay” – what a fucking pathetic excuse of a human being – well no it isn’t one – it is as human as an aborted fetus, disposed of in the medical waste bag.
    And fuck off news channels – the best news ever was it’s off the TV – now you cunt’s are showing clips of it’s smug grinning face on every news bulletin.
    I’ve never seen so much of the Cunt pillow biters face.
    Is he a stone or a sponge ? neither, just a massive fucking cunt !
    Fuck off you Cunt, and never be seen or heard from again

  18. Alas, Phillip Phag will never top himself. He compares himself to Caroline Flack, but that shows what a festering reeking turd he is. Hiding behind a dead woman and using said dead woman to justify his depraved filth and devious nature. He really is a piece of shit.

  19. Saw a good video from The Lotus Eaters where they go over the evidence of the accusations and yeah I wouldn’t be surprised of Cuntfield groomed that lad from 15. Why would a married man follow a random 15 year old boy’s social media from a group he is a representative of then a year later out of the blue get them a job behind the scenes at ITV and goes to every award ceremony with him? My guess is the lad didn’t get the clout he thought he was going to get so was threatening to go public so Cuntfield got in first. Even if the lad was of age its still groomer behaviour for a man of Cuntfield’s age to go after someone that young when they are already married with kids who are the same age if not older. Even if innocent he is still a cunt for putting his woman and children through this.

  20. Tells lies is as bent as nine Bob note Attention seeker Gay Boy who’s been found out.
    Should stand for Parliament as an MP He will fit right in with The Labour Party 👍👍

  21. A Wild West style ‘Wanted’ poster should be made for Schofield.

    ‘Phillip Schofield. Wanted, dead or…. OK, just dead…’

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