‘Tipflation’ is the term being coined for the tipping culture creeping into services like coffee shops, fast food outlets and even airports. Up to twenty fucking percent!

This seems to be an American thing but we get most of their shit at some point or another. If you are at a bar or restaurant over there, then you tip. Its part of the culture and does help out staff who rely on it to supplement a shitty wage.

But some spotty blue haired barista wanker with a degree in Tibetan basket weaving waving the begging bowl? Or ‘add gratuity’ as our American friends put it. Customers have complained of being emotionally blackmailed and pressured after being asked for the extra charge. Well good luck with me. Got industrial thick rhino skin. Comic Relief? Soccer Aid? Live Aid? M’tembe is still walking five miles a day to drink from a pool of buffalo piss after thirty odd years because of cunts like me.

The one that got me though are the self-service checkouts in supermarkets. So you scan and bag all your own shopping and are then asked pay a tip. To who? You have just done all the fucking work yourself. I suppose you could make the argument that the real cunts in all of this cynical emotional grifting are the people who actually do pay this charge instead of telling these businesses to shove their ‘add gratuity’ up their arse.

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  1. I’ll give them what I always give them – fuck all…

  2. LL not because of your actions does poor little Mtembe have to walk miles for a bucket of cattle piss twice a day. The poor wee mite has to do this onerous task and in doing poison his family with dysentry and othe vile things. because his country is run by thieving nasty bastards who most likely belong to a different tribe to poor Mtembe so his welfare to them is equal to dried Kudoo shit. On investigation you will most likely find that over the past 50 years enough money has been thrown at this country for them to afford to build a High Speed rail link or put a man on the fucking moon. However as we all know beach side properties in LA big cars private planes Swiss bank accounts far out weigh the needs of little Mtembe walking miles in his flip flops. He will still be walking in 10 years time.

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