Alastair Campbell

This absolute top class hypocrite cunt appeared on Newsnight the other day and went apeshit about his number one obsession……Brexit!

I didn’t see it myself (why would I be interested in BBC propaganda?…….and I don’t have a fucking telly anyway) but I watched it on YouTube. Fucking hell ……this a cunt who accuses Farage etc of lying through their teeth but forgets about his “sexed up dossier”, justifying the illegal invasion of Iraq and the deaths of fuck knows how many people. Obviously I don’t give a fuck about the A-Rabs but BRITISH fucking soldiers died over there in that shithole. Fuck you Campbell you pisshead arrogant cunt.

As usual I’m relying on my fellow cunters to supply a link because I don’t know how to do that shit. Shouldn’t need a link for this bastard but rules are rules I suppose. Unless you are rich and have posh connections……fucking rules don’t apply then.


Nominated by Freddie the Frog.

51 thoughts on “Alastair Campbell

  1. About time that paranoid piss head topped himself.

    Maybe a murder suicide pact with Blair.
    Just Tony doesn’t know about it yet..

    A bit like that sexed up dossier.

  2. He’s obviously so irritable because he hasn’t had his first drink of the morning, the fucking pisstank.

    • He’ll be creaming himself now they are in the premier League….. areshole….💩

  3. I just hope one day, Mandy, Blair, Hoon and the Taking Asshole Campbell will stand trial at the Hague and each ends up on the drop at 8.00 one morning. All four of them will scream like a tart when they feel the trap door open.

  4. I would vote leave every time, just to stretch this cunts wires. It’s hilarious to watch him get so stressed about it.
    Just a washed up alchy bastard.

    • Thats pretty much why my brother voted Leave, to upset the right people; sanctimonious ‘liberal’ middle-class snobs.

      and because the EU is a dead duck.

  5. Another champagne socialist.

    Ok to let thousands die as long as their narrative is followed.

    All cunts like this care about is money and power. They want as much of it as they can but pretend they give a shit about others while doing it.

    The worst of the worst.

    That liver of his will be on its last legs by now though.

    And Brexit? What fucking Brexit? Country is littered with more Dooshkas, Romanian criminals and Albanian ‘migrants’ than it ever has been. Our borders are so non existent we are letting unlimited amounts of freeloading third world shit into our country at our expense. We’re backing the EU’s stance and making ourselves skint as fuck by getting involved in an Ivan v Ivan war too. And we still bow down to most EU shit.

    Putin is a cunt and was the one in the wrong, but do you think, for a second, that any Ivan nation would come to our aid if the Bat munchers invaded us? Making themselves skint and putting bills up 300%?

    Would they fuck.

    I wish Ukraine well but fuck all to do with me, sorry. They’d be the same if the shoe was on the other foot.

  6. Morning all.

    Now are we going to play together nicely today?

    I nearly broke my neck this morning falling over all the toys on the floor..

    • Right kerfuffle BZ.

      My take?

      DF is missed by many and a certain poster will never be forgiven by some, hence the pile ons.

      I keep out of it. DF left of his own accord in my eyes, despite the row with the General and would be welcome back anytime by most. Certainly by me, I usually enjoyed his posts muchly.

      Don’t like the pile ons though. All a bit ‘Go on hit him’ playground stuff for me. But yes, the General shouldn’t bite. It’d go away I reckon if he didn’t get so upset. I’m not biting anymore either on those rare occasions that I do.

      But fuck it. It’s Saturday and I’ve had a nice big shit this morning. Beat that.

      • Good morning everyone.

        I certainly hope that debacle doesn’t become the norm. I rate ISAC highly. Only place I know where there is uninhibited comment from normal people. If I was into that stuff going on last night I could go on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, mumsnet etc. Bollocks to it.

      • Good Morning,

        I read the postings last night and I thought it was an embarrassment for all concerned over not very much. It was a bit of Alistair Campbell like toys being thrown out of the pram. Surely we are better than that on here?

  7. Is this piece of shit still the “editor at large” of The New European”? What the fuck is an “editor at large” anyway? Just a title made up by the cunt himself, one of the biggest liars and fabricators in history and still a favourite son of the BBC.

    • Perhaps it’s a bit like a “roving reporter”..?

      In which case the civil war in Sudan seems the best place for this criminal cunt. .at the wrong end of a rocket propelled grenade.

      Morning Gentlemen.

    • Whenever I read the word “editor at large” it reminds me of the late Jeffrey Bernard (Of “Is Unwell” fame, and unwell in the same way Campbell is). I suppose it means he writes pieces for the twenty readers of The New European in whatever gin palace he wakes up in.

  8. Old pan face Victoria Derbyshire gave him a mouthful and I don’t blame her, he is the most obnoxious cunt of all the political commentators.

    Fucking cunt, oh I was an alcoholic, oh I have mental issues, fuck off you twat, no one gives a shit about you.

    Brexit was sabotaged from the 23rd of June 2016 and it’s still going on today.

    • Aye. Within minutes of the announcement that the nation voted to leave, the media we’re going on about that clause/legal loophole (can’t remember the number) to delay/obstruct Brexit for fucking years/forever.

      They were right on it weren’t they, the cunts.

  9. This dreg is totally deranged.
    Fuck off and die you cunt!!
    Good morning fellow cunters.

  10. No sane person listened to him 20 years ago so fuck knows why he thinks that he has things to say nowadays.
    The nation seems to have far too many unflushable turds floating about.

  11. Alastair Campbell’s career is based on lies. The only contribution he has made to UK political discourse is to debase it. Quite possibly he invented the word “spin” and it’s him we have to thank for the noxious and cloying phrase “the Peoples Princess”, which makes me head for the sick bucket whenever I hear it.

    But not only do we have to put up with him but also his ugly slag daughter who thinks the world wants to see her get her kit off on sooshall meedjaa.

    Campbell is a real cunt’s cunt. The Platonic ideal of a cunt and the pattern for all cunts, past, present and future.

  12. I think they put this arse on the tv to get people’s blood pressure up. Doesn’t work got me as I won’t watch the bbc anymore

  13. One of the joys of being on Twitter is trolling this cunt, reminding him every time he calls someone a liar (daily) of his involvement in one of the most disastrous lies in British political history, his Gulf War 2 lies.
    Gulf War 2, like every sequel, a piss poor rehash of the original.

    On the other side of the brexit debate, I also troll Farridge, and his constant bollox.
    The gormless cunt said that if brexit was a failure he would leave Britain.
    He himself now says that brexit is a failure. Is he going to act on his word?
    Is he fuck. He’s as full of shit as those who said that they would leave the U.K. if brexit happened.

  14. That this lying pisspot and his revolting master are still allowed to comment on current affairs and are taken seriously by the media is a stain on the British body politic.

    Asking Campbell about morality and probity in public life is like asking Harold Shipman for tips on caring for your granny or going to Katie Price for marriage counselling.

    There was a statesman in the later Roman Republic called Cato the Elder who wanted to finally wipe out Rome’s main rival, Carthage. Whatever the topic of debate in the Senate, he would end his speech by saying, “I think this and furthermore, I think that Carthage should be destroyed.” (Carthāgō dēlenda est – for the Latin speakers). Same goes for Campbell and Blair. Whatever the topic, their opponents should say “Found those weapons of mass destruction yet?”

    I would fucking love to debate with Campbell. Whatever he said, I would talk about Iraq, his dossier, David Kelly. And whilst the twat was speaking, I would be making drinky-drinky motions.

    Fucking utter cunt.

    In case you hadn’t realised, I don’t like him.

    • And you may have formed this opinion from the public narrative – you should read “an inconvenient death” by Miles Goslett and you wouldn’t have such a glowing opinion of the cunts (BLiar mostly but this one was a part of it all).

      Makes the Godfather story read like a kindergarten fairy tale.

      The question I’m left asking myself is “was Blair himself made an offer he couldn’t refuse or did he just play the Uber-cunt of his own volition”? Having seen Sunak installed as UK PM, and the way he was swiftly corrected when he tried to avoid going to COPxx, I’m beginning to take the view that he did. Then you had Cameron apologise to Obama about the outcome of the Brexit vote (as if it had SFA to do with America!) I think it’s becoming pretty clear we are run by the USA/WEF who have the EU as a sub-devision.

      Put it another way, it’s known that the CIA subvert administrations in other countries – why would the UK be exempt? Read the book – it’s like the fucking Godfather for real and I’m amazed it got published (there are verifiable facts quoted in it that make for chilling reading).

  15. If there’s any justice in this world,one day they’ll find this piece of shit sitting up against a tree,stiff as a board,a pool of blood beside his wrist.

  16. I despise and abhor this cunt for having lowered the level of political debate in this country in his role as Director of Communications, abetted by “the soundbite.”
    Hit and run by steamroller…

  17. It beats me why anybody continues to give air time to this hopeless hasbeen. An utter wankstain.

    Morning all.

    • The bbc are in the business of manufactured aggro for their ratings, even if they don’t need to be.

      Fucking apes.

  18. Alex Phillips of GB news said he was a patronising bully off camera that day as well.

    He’s a pro-EU zealot and a mongering nutter.

  19. Apparently pisshead Campbell is, like his satanic master, an “adviser” to rich despots all around the world, including the PM of Albania…..desperate to join the EU so they can legally export their druggie criminal trash to the Land of Milk and Honey. The Suntan Kid reminds me so much of Satan Blair, if you close your eyes he even sounds like the cunt. Like Blair he will say anything and doesn’t give a fuck about the truth. I want to see him hanging from a lamp post alongside Blair, Campbell, Sir Kweer and ………(fill in the endless blanks)……
    Fuck BRINO and fuck the fucking EU.

  20. Liberals love our participation in the war in Ukraine because it’s a fight for the freedom of Ukies but also a great way to rapidly disarm the West.
    France has handed them a quarter of its artillery batteries already an we are running out of anti tank rockets ourselves, as the yanks.

    We have 3 days of ammunition if we were to engage in a ground war with Russia, according to reports fro.m Royal United zservices Institute..

    Russia is supposedly running out of troops and ammo, yet recently won the battle of attrition in Bakmut (telegraph).

    Most of what we’re getting from the BBC etc is pure flag wsving, unthinking propaganda. and wishful thinking, and has been from the start.

    • 100% correct and so much more; now add in the strategic planned destruction of NordStream II by the US to flatline the German/European economy. There’s no ‘off ramp’ for the European NATO countries now either physically, militarily or diplomatically, Russia ain’t listening anymore.

  21. Of course Campbell is a big mate of Glazer acolyte and avaricious Labour cunt, Alex Ferguson. The company Old Taggart keeps….

  22. Pisshead Campbell along with Blair,Brown,Hoon and the rest of Labours Champagne Socialists should be put against a wall and shot.
    Campbell cannot except the Brexit result He’s like a broken record shut the fuck up no one’s interested especially when you are on the anti Brexit Channel the BBC 👎👎

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