The Tom Somerset-How Case


IsAC regulars need no telling that there is an enormous number of cunts about. The site’s existence alone is testimony to the fact. Many of the nominees get fingered for their arrogance, ineptitude or sheer stupidity, and they deserve it when we take the piss.

But sometimes it seems that those on the end of a cunting are nothing less than evil; a disturbing case in point being that of a guy called Tom Somerset-How. Tom is a 40-year-old man from Chichester, who suffers from cerebal palsy and partial blindless. He needs 24 hour care, which was entrusted to his wife Sarah (49) and a ‘carer’ named George Webb (50).

Some ‘care’. After systematically isolating their hapless victim from his family, the gruesome twosome subjected him to a catalogue of abuse and neglect, treating him as a ‘cash cow’ while having an affair. When family members and the appropriate authorities finally gained entry into his house, they found that the hapless Tom was being held in squalor. He weighed less than seven stone.

A prosecution ensued, and the jury at Portsmouth Crown Court heard evidence which included texts between Romeo and Juliet. Webb texted things like ‘no food for Dickhead’, with the delightful wife saying things like ‘remember, we are just using him. Dickhead gets paid soon so I’ll take money out of his account for weed’.

I’m very glad to say that the lad is now receiving the care he needs and deserves, while his vile tormentors have been convicted of slavery and languish in prison awaiting their sentences.

Fuck me, cases like this really get my neck up. It’s just heartbreaking. If it was left to me, these utterly callous, heartless bastards would each get a 25 stretch in solitary, on a bare subsistence diet. Hanging is literally to good for them.

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Nominated by Ron Knee.

46 thoughts on “The Tom Somerset-How Case

  1. Depressing.
    Noticed a lot of stories lately of people being cruel or outright depraved to the most vunerable .
    People killing babies an such.

    These cunts aren’t going to be punished.
    Not properly.

    Prison term?

    The Gibbet.
    Let the piss trickle down their legs as they focus on their misdemeanors.

  2. People are out for anything they can get. I’m one of them, but not at the expense of some poor bastard that can’t defend himself. There really are some fucking ‘orrible cunts in this cuntry.

  3. If they love food that much, give them a banquet and then seal up their arses. I’d pay to see the outcome.

    Why did Sarah marry Tom if he’d supposedly had cerebral palsy in the first place ?

    • When you take a close look at human nature, what do most people have as their priority, family or money? You’re right. Most of your relatives would slit your throat for tuppence if they thought they could get away with it. Whether we like it or not, that’s just how it is.

      • I’m sorry you feel that way Allan mate, but I can understand. The old family unit seems to be in a bad way now in many areas. Time was I had twenty-six cousins. Some of them are dead, some I’ve never met and some I wouldn’t recognise on the street. My two siblings I see only occasionally now, partly because they are a hundred miles away, but I know they would not do me down or me them and in fact we could certainly rely on one another for assistance if needed. Subject of the nom though I feel is in a different zone where people live who have no problem with being utterly sadistic to the vulnerable and parents can murder their babies for christmas.

      • Further thoughts; regarding prioritising money or family, over the years our pair have cost us a bloody fortune. As an incorrigible petrol-head if we hadn’t had the kids I would now be driving an Aston or a Ferrari. For what it’s worth I much prefer my present position i.e.having the kids and driving a 51 reg Mondeo.

  4. I’m not easily shocked but fuck me.

    I’d definitely approve of executing the cunts. Very fucking slowly.

    Evil bastards.

    What’s their sentence? Did she get community service because she’s a (very minging) splitarse?

    • Ah I see, awaiting their sentences.

      I bet they get almost fuck all, especially the ugly bitch.

    • These two charmers must surely get a custodial sentence. It should be more than a nominal one, but who knows these days?

      Ifit was me, I’d throw away the key.

  5. Despicable cunts, but you know some wet lettuce excuse of a judge will hear a sob story and let them off with a slap on the wrist.

    Off topic just stop oil cunts just invaded the pitch at the rugby premiership final..
    Bad news a prop forward didn’t flatten them and ruck their faces to mulch.

    And fucking bt sports just ignored it..

  6. Holy Shit, This Land Mammal Looks like she’s been eating for a Family of six
    With that top on she Looks like a Cougar

    Freddie Cougar

  7. Poor man, but that this should happen behind closed doors in Chichester is no great surprise..The town (i refuse to call it a city) is full of grasping, selfish and arrogant cunts and has been since the Romans left. It’s why my family moved from there when I was a kid and living there just 2 years.

    The house got broken into, the local twats vandalised my dad’s car. It was my parents’ first step on the property ladder, when mortgages were 12-16%.

    Some of the deluded prats who live there nowadays think it’s some refined city of culture like Oxford or Bath.
    Is it fuck. It’s a dying clone town with a big church and full of blue rinsed curtain twitchers, gormless students, potato-headed public sector gimps and crowds of surly eastern europeans.

    There’s also lots of women who look like the pig in the header; fat ugly sows with glasses and garish dyed hair, and the attitude of full-blown Karens.

    Chichester: as refined as a lump of spam being fed to a staffordshire bull terrier.


    • I don’t think Bath is too bad Cuntamus, though it has more than it’s share of weirdos, but Oxford? There is some stuff worth visiting like London but my advice would be as with London, be a tourist. Visit the sights then go home in the evening.

    • Wow.Found myself there 3 days ago and i was well impressed with the centre.Decent shops.(crap snowflake buskers),nice general good vibe and zero spade and stanley presence to blight the eye.Felt like the England i revere.

      Even an impromptu display was rolled out from the cathedral Peregrine Falcon fledglings testing their new wings but not yet adept at landing back in the spire region.Alongside Salisbury,Winchester and Arundel,i love the place.

      • That’s the very centre but most of it’s shops are dying due to sky-high business rates and the gap between the cost of living there and the shit earnings of many of the locals. You probably need to hang around for a few months to see it for what it is,

  8. They stole his money,
    Benefits etc
    For….weed an DJ equipment?
    How olds is the cunt? 16?!

    And lingerie for her.
    Waste of fuckin time.

    Victoria secrets® most alluring undergarments can’t make that fat sow sexy!!

    You’d be better off throwing a fuckin blanket over the ugly cunt.

    For this they made the bloke suffer?

    Some knickers, bag of skunk, and a new turn table…

    Thick as fuck

  9. Tim Westwood the ghetto talking vicars son?
    Hehehe 😄

    He liked em black as arseholes and still in school didn’t he?

    He had very questionable taste in women.

    • He’s taste in music wasn’t much better,mis.

      Must of been all those hymns he had to sing as a child.

  10. I tend to be a bit old-fashion when it comes to crime and punishment.
    I tend to err on the Old Testament side of what would be suitable.

    So, 24 hour days in isolation on a subsistence diet of bland food and water. No socialisation, no books, TV, radio.

    If anyone bleats about their human rights, point out that they aren’t human, otherwise they would have made sure Tom had his.

    Also, I hope someone makes sure he divorces the cunt, and leaves her a packet of dandelion seeds in his will, to keep her in weed.

    Christ on a crutch, what a pair of horrors.

  11. Hang the cunts off the spinnaker tower. Let them rot as an example to the scum in Pompey.

  12. Dear me,some more appalling chav cunts.

    An appropriate sentence would be to take them to the nearest steep hill,wrap them in barbed wire covered with dog shit and set them to rolling at speed.

    If they survive give them very extensive Spanish Boot.

    The fucking dirty cunts.

  13. I propose a more befitting sentence to these evil bastards as 10ft of rope is simply to good for em,that fat ugly bitch would probably break the fucking rope anyway on hanging with her 80 fucking chins,A car battery and clamps attached to his bollocks for him and a treadmill set at high speed wired to a bomb for her,then the guilotine

  14. There’s an old punishment, that was used for checking if a person was a witch / wizard.

    Force suspect naked into a beer barrel.
    Nail lid down.
    Hammer more nails through the sides of the barrel.
    Roll it down a hill.
    Open barrel, if still living remove and hang/burn at stake.

    Sounds like a plan. Barbaric, yes.
    So is what they did to Tom.

    • I have a feeling this practice started after the contents of the barrel were drunk, and they was need for some entertainment.

      • Yes indeed.
        And the rumours were usually started by a young couple, in need of accommodation away from their parents, against some senile elderly person with no husband or family.
        Weird, that.

  15. She needs a spade smacking into her face repeatedly. Oh wait….

    • It’s hard to imagine a more unattractive pair of cunts than these two.

      I’m sure that they’ll live happy ever after when they get out of the slammer. Probably on benefits.

  16. Gutless, cowardly fuckers. They should be hanged for it. Saying that the fat bitch would need to be hanged by a ships tow chain the hippo

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