Media reporting of Ely Riots


Street scenes after overnight riots in the Ely 

I am sorry if this is old hat but my piss is really boiling over the reaction of the family of one of the little scrotes who did us all a favour by killing himself the other night in Cardiff.

The BBC have some comments about the deceased as being ‘cheeky but loveable ‘ the classic euphemism for little shit. His mother claims that he was an experienced motorcyclist. FFS , he was 15 years old . Additionally, no mention is made that the machine was two up, uninsured for the road ,he held no licence to ride on the highway and was not wearing a helmet.

His family said that they would fight to get to justice for the boys. Well, in my opinion he and his mate have got justice already.
To be fair the BBC do give some background to the estate and it is clear that it is a fucking awful place. I had to smile when the BBC described the area as ‘a close knit working class community ‘. They forgot to add that it is a working class community where no bugger works.

As ever, I’m indebted to the IsAC colleague who posts the guff from the BBC.

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59 thoughts on “Media reporting of Ely Riots

  1. First of all I do feel sorry for the kids and families.
    That said the reporting you get these day only goes as far as to support the narrative. That is poor working class not enough investment and that all plod are bastards. They are useless by and large but trying to do your job and up hold the law doesn’t make you a bastard.

  2. It has variously been a motorbike or an electric bike. I assume it is one of those electric bikes that actually looks and goes like a motocrosser, but has two “pedals”. the cunts ride them in the forest round here, putting the lives of walkers, dogs and horses in danger. I’m glad the fuckers are dead before they could kill or maim innocent people. Scum.

  3. Those eulogies from the school could have been written by Alastair Campbell…….absolute bullshit. Translation…..a pair of cunts. Photo evidence…..a pair of cunts. Clearly the coppers weren’t chasing them but now that commie Drakeford and the BBC are involved they are fucked. I imagine there are a lot of people on that estate who are glad to see the back of the bastards but have to play the crying game in public. That’s saved the taxpayer millions….which will be pissed away on immos of course.

    • I don’t feel sorry for the kids or the families.

      Fuck em.

      These cunts are endemic nowadays.
      Little criminal feral rat cunts with no regard for anyone else.

      In fact their haircuts alone merit death by vehicle.

      Charge the families the cost of jetwashing the road.

      • According to the daily star they’m in heaven now with the ghost of Rolf Harris being fondled’groomed oh wait comforted that was it,

  4. Fuck me I take it Wales have no hairdressers you have to go to the local sheep farm or do it yourself.

    Still you would of thought those haircuts would of offered some protection when they bounced down the road.

    • Aye, Barry.

      You’d have thought their caring mothers would have bought a bigger pudding basin, wouldn’t you?

  5. As an extra ,there a ‘vigil where hundreds of blue and whit balloons were sent skywards. Dog help the wildlife whose habitats will be fouled by the pollution caused by these products.
    I have just had a grand idea, Just Stop Oil must arrange a march through Ely to educate, inform and castigate the locals. The TV rights I intend to donate to IsAC.

  6. I wonder if the comments from representatives of the boys schools were through gritted teeth?

    One of these days, someone is going to rock me off my feet by saying the deceased was a bullying chav thug, and no loss to the community.

    The day that happens, I’ll donate £500 to an animal charity of their choice.

    And no, you lot, you are automatically disqualified.

  7. Sorry to bore you lot but an uncle of one of the scrotes said that all the local lads rode these devices with gay abandon and that the police should have ceased their ‘ interest ‘ as the lads were not wearing crash helmets. It reminds me of that wonderful film ‘ Passport to Pimlico’.

    • Apparently, plod isn’t allowed to chase them if they aren’t wearing crash helmets, but given their haircut they will have needed to get close enough to be sure.

      • In London Jeezum, the thieving scrotes whizz round two up on mopeds the pillion passenger snatching phones or handbags from pedestrians. Said scrotes latched on to the idea of not wearing crah helmets so that the police would not chase them. However it was decided at some level in the police chain of command that they were not going along with this scheme. On the regional television news down here we have been greatly entertained to see video of the police not just chasing the cunts but actually ramming the bastards and knocking them off. Gives me a nice warm glow seeing the coppers grabbing them as they try to hobble away and cuffing them.

      • That’s wonderful, Arfur, truly wonderful.

        I hope they all get life changing injuries.

  8. Luckily those poor, innocent little angels were called to heaven by god himself…before Phillip Schofield got to rape their arses until they resembled ragged blood oranges.

    • Not to worry Mr Cunt Engine, if they are quick they might catch up with Rolf Harris.

      • Lucky those kids died when did. Another year or two and they’ve have been mugging old ladies*.

        * In Wales, an old lady is 38. And a grandmother.

      • In Wales, a Grandmother is more likely to be doing the mugging, in between her shop lifting shift.

    • That Willoughby slag now cracking on she was ‘shocked’ by Schofield’s dirties and abuse of his power and position. She – like every other cunt at ITV – has known about it for years. And when it broke and the filthy phag was being lauded as brave, I didn’t see her condemning him. The sick fuckery of Schofield’s brother has now made Philthy Phillip damaged goods. But he should have been that even without his brother’s help.

      • Off topic I know, one thing the good morning collapse did rather well was bury the immigration figures under a whitewater of bollocks. Over 600000 the last year. We have to do something fast or we go under.

  9. Just look at the welfare state we’re in. This feckless behaviour wasn’t predicted but “we are where we are” and it’s depressing.

  10. To be honest I would begrudge paying my council tax if that’s the best job the binman can do.

    Lazy cunts..

  11. Just another “fight for justice” sob story by a crowd of feral cunts who were no doubt pissed out of their tiny minds in their No.22 Shit St backyards,braying away as these two useless cunts sailed into a tree or Lamport or old dear with a zimmer frame…

    And once more the brain dead cunts on the “news” seek to portray this dung as some sort of scandal,all caused by the wildly inappropriate behaviour of The Plod.

    What a complete load of shit.

    As I said to Mrs Terry over a fry up this morning..when this “news item” bobbed onto the screen..”the whole fucking place wants nuking”.

    Boo fucking Hoo.

  12. The TV news isnt worth watching, even while taking your morning movement. The BBC and C4 news are self-parodies, like some wretched woke version of the news channels in dystopian sci fi films.

    Mushroom media; keeping people in the dark and feeding them shit.

  13. Yobbos.Hangmans noose.Boils my piss.Especially when bike riders ride on the bloody pavement and expect YOU to move over.Knock me over you cock wombles.Ride on the road shit brains.

    • Outstretched arm, clothesline the buggers as they try to steam past you.

      Works a treat.

  14. Is this one of those close knit communities where no one complains about anti social behaviour for fear of having petrol poured through the letter box.

    My guess is yes judging by how quickly the rioting started even before the cunts could be scrapped of the tarmac.

    • ‘close knit community’ = whenever I hear this description -what they really mean is: council estate shit hole

      • So close knit the community set fire to itself.

        Fuck the chavs.
        Fuck the media.

  15. As per my earlier nom cunting of these shits I have no fucks to give.

    Whether they were actually being chased or not is irrelevant, as what they were doing was illegal (on a bike that was supposedly an early birthday present according to the fat pig of an aunt of one of them, so was probably ‘hot’) and it was only going to be a matter of time they were going to be persued…and quite rightly so- what do these rioters expect the ‘nasty’ police to do what laws are being broken….let them ride off into the distance so they don’t get hurt- all the while putting innocent road users and pedestrians at risk of injury?? Like fuck. There were apprentice criminals, and it’s saved the country thousands now rather than having to take them through the courts and put them up in a nice cosy borstal for a few years.

    Cunts…the lot of ’em

    • …oh, and did you see the amount of fucking balloons they let off……….more fucking shit to clear up or fall in the sea. Just show the people they are.

  16. It’s the same old shit. The police try and deal with antisocial behaviour and the perpetrators get labelled victims.

    Whether it’s George Floyd or scrotes in the ass end of Cardiff matters not.

    University educated liberal cunts are on the case attacking the police. Never having had to live in areas with acres of social housing they think everyone is a victim apart from actual victims.

    One of the knock on effects is the police don’t bother dealing with low level crime because they end up with a law suit and bad press. The average copper would rather be dealing with pensioners who said something slightly contentious online, it’s a much easier collar.

    The quality of the police being recruited has deteriorated to the point where it’s either spotty kids or low IQ grunts now policing our streets.

    I guess the upside of the surveillance society and digital currency is an AI bot can judge you and deduct the fines from your universal income with no need for actual police at all.

    Rioting and making the shithole you live in a bigger shithole is about retarded as it gets. The Welsh government will probably spend millions on a regeneration project that does fuck all but give the bottom feeding cunts new stuff to smash, burn or loot the next time one of their piece of shit neighbours is hit with consequences for their own actions.

    • Yes, but as I pointed out in the previous nom on this subject, the person who pays is the person who who pays tax, be it local tax or national.

      The only people who pay tax, apart from workers, are pensioners with private pensions, as well as the state pension.

      So we’re penalised for being sensible, so as not to be a burden on younger people, in our old age.

      I cannot tell you how fucking delighted I am, to be keeping the Tracy’s, Dwayne’s, Abduls etc Al, in Ugg boots and I-phones. May they spontaneously combust, preferably when they are held to their ear.

  17. Pair of wankers. Do stupid things, win stupid prizes. That’s the way it works.


  18. Here’s a story for a Summer evening boys and girls and anyone in between.

    Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

    Back in the 90s when I was about 14 there was a lad in my old town who was a few years younger than me. His family were a bit like the Dingles out of Emmerdale. He was well known to the police just like the rest of his family.

    One of his little tricks (apart from stealing grannies’ purses and handbags) was to try and extort protection money from market stall traders by threatening to tell people they’d ‘touched him’ or that his family would smash up their stalls.

    About a year later he ended up as meat paste while riding home on his bike one day when he was hit by a vehicle. The driver and vehicle were never found.

    Not really an exaggeration but the crime rate in the town halved almost over night.

    Cue the tribute in the local press which described him as “a well known character” and “spirited and headstrong”.

    The truth is he was a little cunt and would have grown up to be an even bigger cunt.

    • Excellent and inspiring story Harold. Back in the day I knew some horrible cunt who scaled some building on convenient scaffolding in the hope of nicking something. He ended up as pavement pizza three stories down. Nobody knows what happened….maybe he slipped or maybe somebody pushed him. The point is nobody cared because he was a total cunt.
      Happy days.

    • The only locsl twat i know of from my schooldays who suffered misfortune was a bird who turned to drugs and got knocked up. My dad found her out of her mind on the way home from the pub and phoned the ambulance.
      He told me about her and i thought, oh dear’. I couldnt manage too much sympathy as she was a terrible bully at school and rough as fuck.

  19. I’m looking forward to rummaging through CrazyShit for Kingsized Road Pizza in Wales, to put them on the map.

  20. Fucking hell, the family want to fight for justice for their scrote, crim son, natural selection sorted the 2 fucking peice of shit, as far as I’m concerned justice for once has been done… 2 less useless burdens on society

  21. Karma does catch up with these arse holes from time to time. There have been a few such events round here in recent years. One which brought great relief to the local populace was that of four yobs in their late teens out late one night in a hot hatchback looking for trouble. A witness estimated the vehicle’s speed at around a hundred when it overtook him on a rural back road. Shortly afterwards the driver lost it and collected a massive tree standing beside the road which has probably been there since the civil war. The car went up in a fireball. This was in August. One of them got out of hospital in time for Christmas, the other three died at the scene. You will be relieved to know that the tree is very healthy having only lost a little bark.

    • That’s the sort of story that could turn me into a tree hugger. It seems unlikely but times are a changing. Needs must and all that. 😁

    • We had the same out here a year or two back. Street racing around the city block in a souped up street/racer stylee, lost control of the BMW that mummy and daddy bought him and slammed into an empty shop, whereupon the said car burst into flames and incinerated the driver and 3 pax. As an added bonus his GF got to witness the spectacular and stood there screaming as the air filled the delicate scent of crispy Singaporean! Call me Mr Cynical but I always have a good belly laugh at this sort of thing!

    • A local idiot and bloke in my year at school got drunk and laid halfway across a pavement with his legs in the road. A car run the ovrr and he spent a good 8 months in hospital.

  22. A once working class community is how I used to describe such places. Always got moaned at for using that terminology. One street I remember from some such place had one resident who appeared to work. Every Sunday he could be found at one of the local car boot sales selling used gardening equipment. His weekly employment robbing sheds and garages outside the local area of gardening equipment for his Sunday boot fair. Did rather well all told nice addition to his DLA and other benefits.

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