Ian Clifford

Ian Clifford is a cunt, who is Ian Clifford ford I hear you ask, I’ll tell you.

Ian Clifford is an It engineer cunt as most of them are, but this cunt has been on the sick for 15 years, getting paid and is now suing the unfortunate company who employs this workshy cunt because they haven’t given the prick pay raises across that period of time. They have paid the free loading cunt sick pay for the previous 15 fucking years while he has been on his work avoidance scheme, but now that isn’t enough, the cunt wants more.

So in all fairness what possible injury/illness can stop you being a fucking It engineer, if he worked for me I would be dropping off 8 hours of work a day for this piece of monkey shit to do, 365 days a year and then making his life a living hell if he doesn’t hit his quota.

That or implode the company and reopen under a new name without the free loading parasite sucking on my ball Sack, honestly it’s such a risk employing people nowadays, if only you could just stop his money and see how long it is before this fucking bluebottle come buzzing around looking to do some work, I bet he is out of his wanking chariot the very same day.
So you sponging, free loading Clifford you are a treble cunt of the highest order, like a cockroach you would probably live through a nuclear bomb and still expect your money… What a cunt


Nominated by Fuglyucker.

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  1. Sounds like to me this bone idle wanker works for you, maybe get some knuckle draggers to give him a good hiding so that he deserves his wheelchair.!!

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