The next British government will be a cunt

Some might say he had the right idea! C.A.
Oh yes sirs it will. It doesn’t matter whether it is a Dame starman Labour government or a Risky shithat Tory one. It will be a total cunt. Useless and unfit to fulfil the wishes of even half half the population.

Now I am not being a prognostic soothsayer in making this proclamation but using history from the end of WW2 to the present to make this odds on prediction.

The last great government we had ended with Sir Winston Churchill’s election loss in 1945. Old Winston knew how to run a country without his leadership we would’ve lost to the Hun. He also knew of the dangers posed by Russia the Bear and the peaceful gang. Sadly none of those who have followed him have heeded his warnings.

Clemente Attlee was a terrible wasteful socialist and by increasing wages without productivity and increasing taxes and introducing the NHS (not a bad idea; but run badly from the start, and now a fucking waste of money on an biblical scale).

Churchill had a go at stopping the decline when he returned to office in 1951 but the rot had well and truly set in and he was an old and ill man and failed to achieve his governments manifesto. He was also stabbed in the back by his successors, whom all were tory wets, especially Eden.

Boy was this cunt a cluster fuck the Suez crisis lost Britain a lot of influence around the globe. Side note it would have been far worse without the Queen then a young woman smoothing many an international faux pas.

Three Tory PM’s after Churchill’s second stint in charge were as I say wet upper middle class tory wets. Appeasers.

Then we had the Huddersfield mathematician Wilson. He did try But during his reign the pound halved in value the old pipe smoking cunt had too many cabinet closet communists in his government to ever succeed Foot , Ben two obvious ones.

Heath another upper middle class self anointed one that had us working a three day week and part time electricity. FFS he should have met the miners half way soppy twat.

A brief period of stability then occurred during Mrs T’s turn at the helm. Though even the “Iron Lady” struggled with policy at the start and back stabbers at the end.

Then what the Grey man T Bliar, camacunt Boris, (thought he might have been better, but sadly too stupid not to get caught out on probably the most ridiculous ousting of a PM in all time..

No history shows that without a shadow of doubt that the next British Government will be a cunt.



Nominated by Everyonesacunt.

94 thoughts on “The next British government will be a cunt

  1. Without doubt.
    Any sensible policies by ‘fringe’ parties such as Reform aren’t even noticed by the general public. They couldn’t care less about handing over sovereignty to the WHO, EU, WEF. They’re not bothered about being impoverished by loony green policies.
    They are interested in which one of the big four will win trophies next season, and where some mincing itv presenter has been putting his todger. We are fucked.

    • So very true. No matter what Party takes power, it will be the same old shit just a little deeper perhaps.

    • Most of the public think they elect the PM and gripe about the likes of Brown or Sunak being unelected. During the last few GE ive voted in, i’ve never seen any names of party leaders in the boxes.

      As for the bread and circuses stuff, i’ve never been too convinced. A lot of people are not interested in politics because the news makes it deliberately dull to stupify the masses, but there is room for politics and football and making fun of celebrities for the switched-on amonst us. The trouble is when you live a life basing your interests on what is trending and never read a book and get out in the world, you will fail to really understand anything (even if you did go to university).

  2. I honestly believe no one wants to form the next government.
    The books are that bad who ever takes over is fucked.

    Labour where polling 50 percent just by keeping quiet, and they are panicking so let’s announce some policies which will upset the taxpayers.

    Lib dums with women can have cocks.
    That’s a vote winner..

    And the less said about the fake Conservatives the better.

    I think even Guido fawkes couldn’t be arsed if he was around today.

    • Guy Fawkes today would be a Russian hacker spreading misinformation and fake news and leaking stories about lockdown birthday cake.

    • We have had poor (in the sense of limited ability) politicians but the current shower really are abysmal. Unable to say what a woman is, pandering to cunts like Just Stop Oil being dictated to by Marcus ‘I pay fuck all tax’ Rashford and pursuing a bonkers zero emission set of policies how can we have any confidence that HMG can get to grips with the big problems facing this country?

      • There was a time when you thought that if someone becomes Prime Minister, or even makes the cabinet, then he or she was a clever fellow, whatever side of the political divide. Not now, there is some real dross at the top end of politics, on both sides. I think the rot set in with Blair, it was fairly obvious who wore the trousers in his family and he also had the malign influence of Campbell. If you’re not the boss in your own household then surely you aren’t the right person to be running the country.
        The big problem for any government, and especially Conservative ones, is to overcome Civil Service inertia. It has been reported this week that they CS is considering going on strike over the Rawandan migrant plan. If that is true then there needs to be some P45s handed around and loss of pension rights.

  3. If only the likes of Enoch Powell could have been held in suspended animation.

    • I remember a line from a. DECENT drama on Churchill decades ago (maybe Albert Finney?). Arriving at the office for a new term, he says “Tell them Winnie’s back!! “
      JC, I wish he were.

      • Just got round to watching that link MMCM. His analysis was so accurate I found it quite chilling. Problem for the naysayers who tried to do him down of course was that he was the most upright citizen you could ever wish to meet, straight as a die and everyone knew it.

  4. Doesn’t matter who gets the power next, the boats will keep crossing the channel.
    Can someone answer this –
    Why are immigrants a benefit to our country……but never to their own country?….

    • There are no benefits in their country is likely one of the main reasons JR.

      As I’m writing this – the sun is shining and half the female population are half dressed in their summer get up.
      Meanwhile my once sleepy town is crawling with young Afghan males with nothing to do

      Somebody hasn’t thought this through have they.

      • The antidote is restoring the old coastal defence batteries and installing stinger missiles.

      • Whilst Afghan murdering immigrants enter our shores, whey don’t we release our murders from prison and ship them to Afghanistan. That way we can put their prisoners into our empty prisons.

    • It goes back to the Blair government. Mass immigration would ‘rub the right’s nose in diversity’, and the Left still think like that. They like zero-sum games. As for tories, they care nothing for British society and culture, and love the wage compression the immigrants bring.

      If you dont want the boats, you cannot vote labour or tory. Lib dems and SNP are too busy thinking about chicks with dicks.

  5. They are all arsegrapes on the same shitty bocus.
    Mention of Attlee… “Clem the gem” in Derek & Clive’s sketch “Having a wank.”
    I have just caught up on some Chubby Charlotte news. Gorgeous pic of her in a dark brown sheepskin jacket and forest green trizers, lying on a bench at Rightolddog House. I am now all wanked out meself.

  6. Half of the cunts we have now are in cahoots with the cunts we will have next. They all get on the same plane to Davos and have one common goal which is to enslave us under a one world global government. They will deliver this by the piecemeal erosion of our freedoms under the guise of carbon neutrality. Check this link out

    What the actual fuck is going on? This shit is unbelievable!!!

    Whilst the populous is divided by the MSM with stories about the inapropriate conduct of TV cunts and the rights of blue haired cunts etc etc we are not collectively challenging these cunts.

    • We are all fucked no matter who sits in the big chair.

      But there’s still some things you can rely on to stay the same.

      Immigrants will keep pouring into the country

      The price of things will keep rising

      And they’ll tax is to the hilt.

      That header pic?

      I drew that.

      It’s Fiddler backstage at Northumbria Assizes.
      Looking pensive while facing trial for the death of that American hiker.
      Turns out the judge was in the same rugby club!

      Not guilty verdict.
      But as you see he was worried for a hour or so.

    • The legions of twats in this country who vote tactically just to stop the ‘other side’ getting in will ensure nothing changes.
      These peole have never read a manifesto in their lives.

      Blue goooood! Red baaaad!
      Red goooood! Blue baaaad!

    • Absolute zero?

      Choke the trees and the crops!
      Calloo-callay, what a fabjorus day!

  7. An excellent and prescient nom.

    I think Attlee was the worst of the bunch – that “sheep in sheep’s clothing” as Churchill called him. The Welfare State and the NHS were well intentioned. In practice they have been a colossal cluster-fuck, draining money from the economy in return for poorer and poorer levels of service and giving birth to a generation of work-shy cunts sponging of the state. The NHS is now such an obese and colossal monster that the UK has become a giant health service with a nation loosely attached to it. The World’s largest employer and yet still it takes three years to get an appointment for an ingrown toenail.

    We are now in a situation where Satan Blair has stitched up the UK so well, burying his leftist ideology deep in every organ of the state and public life, that the UK is institutionally Labourite, even when the Conservatives are in power.

    Give us the wisdom of Guy Fawkes.

  8. Ed and Kweer are destined to become the next government and are starting to shit their pants, Davey has declared that women can indeed have cocks so ensuring his vote share will diminish. As for Sir Kweer, he has declared that there will be no new North Sea oil and gas drilling, which may take some green votes but more and more people are waking up to the Nut Zero agenda and realise we will need oil and gas for a very, very long time.

    Rishi, well he doesn’t give a fuck, he is loaded so will just fuck off the pastures new, if I had his wedge I would off too.

    If labour can get seats off the SNP they could be an overall majority, god help us, it will be like living in a pound shop with only 99p

    2024, doomed, doomed, I say

    • “ it will be like living in a pound shop with only 99p”.
      Hilarious, but true.

      • Nan’s catchphrase “What a load of old shite!” springs to mind all to readily…

  9. The Johnson government was the worst in living memory.
    They have left this country in tatters,
    Made us the laughing stock of the world.
    If I were 30 years younger I’d be outta here like a shot!
    Wonder how Technocunt is faring?

  10. What chance have we got when those running for parliament can’t answer the women v cock situation.

    • Pusillanimous old women, inc. the ‘men’. not a leader amongst them.
      Neitzsche’s Last Men.

  11. If I may quote General Gamelin, as the Krauts overran France in May 1940……

    “This is the result of fifty years of Marxism. My country is betrayed.”

    Unfortunately there are no Brits or Yanks coming to rescue us.

    • There’s always the CCP!
      Rishi seems a big fan.
      I bet he has Xi’s picture on his bedside cabinet and imagines himself and Xi dancing to ‘Cherish’ as he falls asleep

  12. The problem you face is not unlike our problem in the States. An establishment party has formed and their priority is looking after their own interests and the interests of the permanent London (i.e. ruling) establishment. No matter what they call themselves…Labour or Tory…as my dad used to say; “There ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between them.”

    The reason no one wants to form a government is that it’s easier (and safer) to attack than it is to defend. To paraphrase LBJ…they’d rather be outside the tent pissing in, than inside the tent pissing out.

    A righteous nomination.

  13. Another great nom.

    Boot out one set of rats and watch another glide right in on the back of “manifesto pledges”,which are then promptly abandoned as they lurch from one self imposed crisis to the next..

    It seems Stormer has decided the answer to rampant,utterly uncontrolled immigration is simple..let everyone in and concrete over the entire country to house the useless cunts. .

    No point even mentioning border control..that’s finished.

    The Green Agenda will be the complete undoing of the country..unless the National Debt gets there ahead of the stupid cunts.

    What price a leader..a real leader and statesman?

    We’re stuck with a bunch of mediocre middle managers and soppy Eton arseholes.

    I vote Duke of Wellington,Lord Nelson as Home Secretary.

    • That won’t work, they build 1 house for every 1000 illegals that come here and, considering they’re apparently all doctors, why is it impossible to get an appointment?

    • Hence the term ‘managerial elite’.
      Sadly not Pep Guardiola and Carlo Ancelotti.
      Paid by the people, working for Jeff Bezos and chums.

  14. There is too much money in politics.

    It is a result to get elected, a good salary, expenses, being on various private company’s boards etc.

    The worst result is getting elected and your party actually winning the election overall.

    That means responsibility and accountability.
    Fuck that!

    Get elected as a MP for the opposition.
    Then just criticise everything.
    You don’t need to do anything else for the same pay and benefits.

    It’s all a game for these cunts.
    None of them have the slightest interest in the electorate.

    • Indeed. It certainly looks like the Tories want to lose. They’ve done nothing but fuck things up for the last 13 years and quite clearly are not going to change. A Labour government is inevitable so the Tories can snipe from the cheap seats and then come back to continue the farce. Westminster doesn’t run this country anymore and hasn’t done for years. It’s just a fucking circus, a fucking clown show.

    • True that none of them have the slightest interest in the electorate but when Klaus, or even Fond of Lying, whispers “jump” they all ask how high!

  15. “The books are that bad who ever takes over is fucked”
    Yes, Sir Barry, Sir Zuckercunt, youve nalied it good and proper.

  16. Not much of a choice for 2024 is it?

    I’m not voting tory again unless something drastically changes, and i sure as hell am not voting for Dame Queer and his dustbin gashed sidekick.

    Probabaly that nice Mr Tice for me then, potentially millions of votes and maybe no mp’s in return. Not very representative is it.

    Looks like a clusterfuck coalition of Labour and/or Lib Dems, greens and other assorted loonies.
    Fucking hell were doomed.

  17. They are all out of ideas. Every last one of them.

    Not one policy by any colour of rosette will benefit the indigenous population of this country and when the shit inevitably hits the fan, all they will repeat is ‘This is what you voted for’.

    We are fucked as a race and a country.

    It’s pointless pulling up the drawbridge and dropping the portcullis when the enemy resides within the castle walls.

    • Indeed sir.

      The only ideas of any use require decisive leadership making unpopular choices for the greater long term good.

      Fuck all chance of that with our Tiktok political class.

      Total cunts.

      • Chesterton said that the more political leaders he met, the higher up they were, the ‘less politics’ they had.

        I think that’s true. Rishi Sunak has no politics. Neither has Sir Keir. Really.

  18. Benjamin Franklin was wrong. There are 3 certainties in life – death, taxes and useless Governments.
    Our one small crumb of comfort is that no matter how bad the next British Government will be, just cast your eyes across the Atlantic. A national debt of over $30 trillion and a choice for next President between a dribbling, demented geriatric and a vulgar, uncivilised boor.
    God bless America.

  19. Seeing as how the current Government is a complete and utter cunt it’s a bloody fair bet the next one will follow suite. Especially as they all have the same fuckwit ideas and will act for the same WEF masters.

    Unless Putin nukes Westminster for us it’s a gold plated certainty!

  20. There’s no political party at present I’d vote for.

    We’ve said on here before about how there isn’t much difference between the main parties,
    Well, I’m hearing that voiced more and more outside of ISAC.

    Will something come along and fill the void?

    Will it be something we can all get behind?

    Will I hold my breath in anticipation?

    Where’s Ruff Tuff?
    Hope he’s ok?!

    • Good evening MNC.

      Ruff’s gone awol, and not for the first time! From what I can gather he hooked up with Willie Stroker and they pissed off to Kielder Forest in Willie’s vintage Volvo P1800 to stock up on psilocybin mushrooms. After booking into Walwick Hall they met an especially unpleasant Northumberland farmer in the bar, spiked his Bushmills and the three of them flew off to the USA where they intended to look up an old acquaintance residing in a Florida flophouse sponsored by the Phelps family.
      Last I heard he expects to be back on the 18th of next month, better fucking be because it’s my birthday on the 19th!

      • Hehehe 😄👍

        Glad you’re ok,
        You are amongst the best of us .

      • Don’t be a stranger Ruff. I know we are mostly curmudgeons and grumpy gits on this site. But that’s why you fit in so well.

      • I don’t know why but I like to picture Ruff as being like David Byrne from talking heads

  21. Any future government will be a cunt, as long as that quaint majority – opposition system exists, as long as there is no proportional representation in the Commons, i.e. political pluralism which would coerce common sense in decision-making. Also, any hereditary offices should be abolished. The lords should be democratically elected & not installed on the base of their incestuous genes, or the amount of money they shoved into the ruling party’s rectum. Or in other words, the UK needs a profound reform. And yes, how about a constitution?

  22. A superb cunting & I agree. The future for this country isn’t good. It’s going to be bleak, dark and miserable. Murderers getting a free pass because they’re “stressed”, gender benders demanding newly made-up rights because they’re fucked in the head and today’s young kids being replaced by AI. The first two Terminator films were prophetic in many ways. I don’t want to know the future as it’ll be a wasteland full of dried rotting shit.

    • Welcome to the UK. Nagging government telling us what to eat and not to eat. Ridiculously low 20mph speed limits that no one can comply with. Relentless pursuit by greedy local authorities and police. ULEZ and congestion charges. High parking prices – extra for diesels. Over regulation. Police that don’t do anything to protect the public and standby why eco-loons block the roads. High tax. Impenetrable planning regulations. Property owners penalised if they want to rent and milked for taxes. Parliament and a civil service that does all in its power to frustrate the democratic will of the electorate. All of these things are symptoms of a nanny state that thinks it knows best and wants to order everyone around. And don’t get me started on devolution – an abysmal failure, but don’t worry, a Labour government promises yet more of the same failed policy.

      I love Britain. But does anything work here any more? Our incompetent politicians and local authorities are killing this great nation.
      And the next government will carry on the task.

  23. What’s needed now is for everyone to write on the ballot paper..


    Can you imagine what the cunts would do then…!

  24. Did you know that there are thirty bars in the Palace of Westminster all subsidised to the tune of 9 million smackers a year?
    That could explain a lot.🥃🍾🍷

  25. I think more and more people are CBQ.

    I did , my parents both did.
    Assuming others did.

      • So where does CBQ come into it? I thought it stood for Can’t Be Qu**r, although that seems to be a thing of the past. Even Rugby players take it up the bottom these days.

      • CQB – Close Quarter Battle.
        I’m guessing he’s military, and very welcome here….

      • I give up. I’ll stick to LGBTQI +. I know what that means……fucking poofs.

      • Since 2019 I have spoiled my ballot paper.
        No way could I have voted for a party led by Johnson,
        Regardless of the fear of Corbyn getting in.
        There really is a big difference between the Tories and Labour.
        But the one thing they have in common is that they’re both
        Total SHITE.
        Just heard Jasmin Alibi Brown on the radio say “in principle the world should be Woke.”
        She followed up with a pile of anti white bullshit.
        Don’t think you’d hear many Tories spouting that type of racist ideology.
        What a cunt.

      • Tories and labour are only different in the most superficial sense. on the important things they are both Left of centre, big state authoritarians who shit on small business to help the big corporations, as is the EU.

        They hate the people who pay their wages and wish to tax them at extortionate rates while curbing freedom of expression. They so cravenly woke and spineless they couldnt tell you if women have cervixes let alone stand up to Putin.

        As for Yasmin Alibi Brown, she can fuck off back to Mos Eisley. Another clueless woke imperialist, like the makers of Cleopatra.

  26. I think we should do away with an elected Parliament, and just let the Civil Servants run the show, as they already do now anyway.

    Either that, or revolt and install a benign dictator, like that nice Pol Pot bloke.

    • I personally think that the only reason we have elections, be they local or general, is so that the people who are really running the country can

      A. Test the ‘temperature’ of the boiling piss, and
      B. Give the general public the illusion that they are, in some small way, in charge.

      Disabuse yourself of notion B.
      You will sit in the dark, eat bugs and be happy.
      Why? Because I, the Mighty, said so.

      Pol Pot is looking appealing, now.

      • Sit in the dark, eat bugs, dont use too much water, don’t use a wood-burning stove or fireplace because of CO2, cycle to work in the rain, wait for a bus in the rain then find out the bus broke down, but just walk to work and say sorry, and don’t say anything that might cause offense or we’ll be ’round to check your thinking.

        oh, and be happy.

      • Also, avoid using words like
        Sir, unless speaking to a knighted person.
        Madam, unless speaking about a brothel keeper.
        Miss, unless spelling our COTY’s nickname incorrectly.
        Mister, unless you are introducing yourself.

  27. I am beginning to be of the opinion that perhaps the hun should have won…

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