Adidas (2)


For fuck’s sake!

Even after the bud light and nike debacles, these daft three striped cunts are now using men to advertise women’s

This has royally pissed me off as i have always been rather partial to Adidas gear, especially their trainers.

Maybe i’ll buy Reebok trainers now as they are no longer owned by Adolf, or maybe his brother’s Puma

How can these companies be so thick?
It’s almost as if they can work out the financial hit and then decide the publicity, good or bad, is worth it.

If this trend keeps up and people stick to their principles, most of us will be reduced to walking around with a
fig leaf.

Thanks for educating me Adidas, fortunately i have alredy been educated, by a qualified biology teacher at school
and the real objective world outside.

Thought i would use a link containing the lovely miss hartley brewer (not just for the horn section!) and no she’s not
wearing the swimsuit, unfortunately.


Nominated by Polite Cunt.

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  1. they could always do what some Gulf states are doing at their fashion parades.
    An all male audiance of buyers, designers, press ect gathered to witness a fly-by of female fashion garments on hangers suspended under drones, which I have say is very impressive piloting. No women anywhere.

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