Adidas (2)


For fuck’s sake!

Even after the bud light and nike debacles, these daft three striped cunts are now using men to advertise women’s

This has royally pissed me off as i have always been rather partial to Adidas gear, especially their trainers.

Maybe i’ll buy Reebok trainers now as they are no longer owned by Adolf, or maybe his brother’s Puma

How can these companies be so thick?
It’s almost as if they can work out the financial hit and then decide the publicity, good or bad, is worth it.

If this trend keeps up and people stick to their principles, most of us will be reduced to walking around with a
fig leaf.

Thanks for educating me Adidas, fortunately i have alredy been educated, by a qualified biology teacher at school
and the real objective world outside.

Thought i would use a link containing the lovely miss hartley brewer (not just for the horn section!) and no she’s not
wearing the swimsuit, unfortunately.


Nominated by Polite Cunt.

50 thoughts on “Adidas (2)

  1. Is that actually a bloke in the picture then or what? Looks fucking effeminate if it is.

    I feel old. Oh for the days when men were men and women were very happy about it.

    Morning all.

      • My dream is to have Hartley-Brewer, Nigella and Michelle Dewberry in a 4 way. Brewer riding me while Dewberry sits on my face. Nigella can swap in and out as suits.

        That’s too much for me to comprehend on a Wednesday morning….

      • You and me both Ron. As you say, a real woman and she has so much else going for her. A brexiteer, a republican, an atheist, sees through the anthropogenic climate change and sex change myths, no time for Just Stop Oil and the XR morons and to complete the picture she’s a Brummie born in May like all the best people!

        Watching the linked video I had an epiphany. Of course, her next career move; DG at the BBC!

        We should set up a petition!

      • Arfurbrain – you lost me at “Republican”. Gone off her now. Wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole.

      • Nigella and Hartley Brewer are enough for me. Dewberry is a bit damp and would be like a morsel of stale bread next to two rare 16oz sirloins

        The video should say JHB RAGES for stiff cock.

        I could happily shag her while she’s raging. Spirited woman.

  2. More intrusiveness from the previous nominee. Never thought I’d say this, but it seems I’m going to have to get the Just Stop Oil gang to help with stop all advertising.

    • Let me know if they do the one where someone bashes this cunt over the head with a cricket bat, then bring on a gorgeous bit of stuff showing how the swimsuit is supposed to be worn.

  3. Well,if that nice man in No.10 Richard Suplex wants any chance of winning the next GE he’ll need to do a Thatcher and ban any mention of these mad cunts and their corporate paymasters on any and all media.

    The penalty for transgression?

    Hang the vermin.

  4. Poofs advertising sports wear? Didn’t these cunts go to school? Everyone knows poofs don’t do sports…….they all have sick notes from their Mum or forgot their kit. Live in the real world for fucks sake!

  5. If Adidas trainers are the best for you, then buy them.
    Fuck the adverts.
    I wouldn’t allow some random tranny dictate my preferences one way or the other.
    That way lies madness.

    • I don’t care, or even know, who is advertising what since I don’t watch adverts, mentally switch off if on the radio and don’t look at printed ads. I simply buy what I want, regardless.

  6. Are these companies all using the same ad agency?

    Talk about a one-trick pony!

  7. Another company to boycott.
    Hit them in their bank account, and they’ll soon see biological sense.

  8. Are these swimsuits for women or the ones designed for men with room to tuck 😂😂😂😂

    I can’t believe I just typed that, where is mi fucking coat

  9. A mate of mine who had no luck with the ladies, years ago, before he was due to go on a beach holiday, asked me for some advice on how he could possibly improve his chances at getting laid while he was away.

    I told him as a last resort to stick a couple of jersey Royals down his swimming trunks. I told him that “the birds would be all over him” once they seen his considerable bulge.

    Afterwards I asked him how he got on and he said he tried the jersey Royals trick and when he sauntered onto the beach all the women and every cunt else for that matter, all ran a mile from him.

    I said to him “that’s because you were meant to put the fucking things down the front of your trunks”


  10. I am surprised a sportswear company, as a matter of fact anyone in the sports industry, want to embrace transbumderism and poofery so closely. SAs somebody pointed out yesterday gyms and sport used to be about sweat and spit buckets, now it’s all soft lights, mirrors with lights round them, moisteuriser and make up for the iron hoofs.

  11. These “woke” companies are under the spell of ESG (enviroment, social and governance) and wish to get a good score, to the detriment of the company itself, it customers and its shareholders.
    The senior managers and owners are cosying up to senior democrats.
    The whole lot of them (along with most “Republicans” should be gassed).
    Thankfully, as the Bud Lite & Target debacle has demonstrated, if enough customers boycott their products/brands, their share price collapse will actually spur investors/shareholders to take the management to task about their loss-making adherence to communist nitwittery.

  12. Mad as said above. Apart from a trans barmpot who the fuck would be swayed by this kind of advertisement???

  13. They’ll have blokes advertising ladies sanitary towels next…soaks up pre-cum nicely.

    • Schofield’s underage boyfriend needed one of those up his bot after the aging queen tore off his Scouts uniform.

  14. This ESG nonsense seems to be at the heart of it now.
    Surely a conflict of interest for the shareholders.
    Take your money elsewhere.

  15. Mein Opa Adolf would be so disappointed. Another company whose products or services Norms shall avoid.

      • Good luck with that, end up being full of pure inbreds. I know the muzzies like to fuck their relatives.

    • The video of that cunt Mulvaney prancing about in that sports bra, with that insane grin on its face, is absolutely hilarious.

      What a total fanny.

  16. I thought this was a wind up and realised it is not.

    If I wore a swimsuit like that to my local pool I know I would be pulled to one side and asked what the fuck I was up to.

    Fuck all this shite with AI, as a society we’re right in the middle of fucking with our kids minds and it needs to stop, now!

  17. I’m not so sure these cunts have got it wrong. They’ve done their market research and they are thinking about brand loyalty and future sales. They don’t care about old normal cunts like us. We’ll be dead soon so fuck you. They know that woke ideology has permeated every institution in the West, especially the education system and the media. I can’t see that changing given the politicians we have. They smell the stink in the wind and they know which way it’s blowing. Despite the economic kicking they may take now they are thinking of the future and, if you have children and grandchildren, that should worry the shit out of you.

  18. That black lad in the header pic he should advertise Guiness.

    I’ve wore Adidas trainers most of my life .
    I’m wearing a pair of Adidas campus right now.
    I don’t wear any other sports brand.

    Don’t wanna look like a PE teacher!
    Just the trainers.
    I’m not going to stop wearing them either!

    Adidas will have to suffer the embarrassment of old Northern white cunts with out of date views wearing their products.

    Fuck em.

  19. cant wait for the advert with a topless big breasted Kelly brook modelling M&S white y fronts.

  20. Hey Miserable, perhaps you have a point.
    People can steal back the brand, show their latest Adidas puchases on Tik Tok and proclaim it as the brand of hetronormative honkys!

    • Embarrassment would work Mr Polite.

      Imagine your in your teens and your dad turns up at the youth club and starts break dancing?

      Make it so your average millennials wouldn’t be seen dead in the product and , hey presto 😁

  21. Socially responsible, sustainable messaging is the fad for corporations. I remember BP started this crap years ago, then the banks, and now it’s such a reflex that companies will sacrifice their own customer base for a bit of woke investment.

    Somebody should tell Bud Light.

  22. I must say I am a fool for classic Adidas trainers. Kick, Samba. Stan Smith, Gazelle, Beckenbauer, Kopenhagen, Hamburg and so on. I love them…

    I also refuse to wear that fucking ‘block’ logo that Adidas have brought in.
    It’s the trefoil and the three stripes or nothing.

  23. Adidas football shirts are now shit. The old Manchester United ones were great. Trefoil on one side, badge on the other, and three stripes down either arm. Forest, Birmingham and Ipswich also had smart Adidias shirts in the 80s..

    They are now fucking awful. They look more like cycling jerseys made out of nylon. Our 1983 FA Cup Final shirt was a classic. Smart and simple. I bet the one they wear on Saturday isn’t…

  24. Boycott the fucktards. The only thing most companies take any notice of is a rather large hole in their income which for some reason keeps getting bigger. They may see sense.

  25. I have got at least six pairs of black leather Sambas. They will outlast me.

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