Lostwithiel Town Council

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So, some unknown person/persons, sick to the back teeth of having their access road cut off due to a huge pothole ( more like a sinkhole) takes matters into their own hands and fills the hole in.

You’d think the Council would go, Hurray! Not perfect, but it’ll do for a bit. So they re-open the road.

Only to close it again until early June, while the pothole filling team deal with the minor holes.

Good luck getting reelected, you cunts. I personally would rather vote for a paper bag, at least that’s useful.

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50 thoughts on “Lostwithiel Town Council

  1. Going by the size of that ‘pothole’ it looks more like the entrance to an old tin mine.

    • Piketys? Well, that wasn’t what was on the screen when I posted. Pikeys..

      • That’d do me. It bothers me that my tablet will randomly change the spelling of something before I post. I know for a fact I typed ‘pikeys’ and yet there we go, it changed it to a non word.

      • It’s because that Kim Jong-un bought the company, Mogs, they are trying to drive us all suicidal by inexplicably changing random words in our texts and posts.

        In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that he’s funding the dinghy invasions, and any other amount of cuntage that’s turning this green and pleasant land into a Delhi sewer.

        Now, where’s me tinfoil hat?

    • Not point fly-tipping a brick moggie,when a better use would be to knock the jobsworth council cunts teeth out with it.

  2. People see that and think why am I paying thousands of pounds a year for a non existent service..

    If the council cunts weren’t wasting money on vanity projects the useless fucks could of repaired it.

    The local Councillor looks a right cunt Arms folding standing on the repaired hole.
    Trying he’s best to look tough and in charge. Epic fail…

  3. You don’t get it. Potholes are just another technique to get the peasants off the road along with sky high fuel tax, congestion charging, ULEZ, neighbourhood traffic zones, 15 minute cities and any other shit that Suckdick can dream up.

    Oh……and tree hugging hippie cunts glueing themselves to the fucking road. Nearly forgot about them.

  4. The council trying to get people to grass the bloke up?!!😁

    Good on the decent straw chewing yokels of Lostwitheil!

    After filing in potholes your next mission is to put ground up glass in the councillors pasty or cream tea.

    Wickerman the whole council

  5. And how much time and money was spent blocking the road with concrete blocks and cones?

    2 or 3 cunts, one lorry with a hiab, one van. Half a day?
    About the same time to fill the hole.

    Public sector vermin..

    • I saw one cunt a couple of weeks ago. He’d blocked off the pavement and made pedestrians cross to the other side. He was trimming a fucking hedge.

  6. Councils should realise that they are their to serve the community and local residents not the other way around.

    • What?!? You’re having a laugh Wanksock mate!

      Freddie explained things above.

      Morning all.

      • Morning Arfur

        You’re right he did. I will read through threads with due diligence before commenting in future.

  7. Do we really need a “Local Government”. How about going back to the old system “Clerk of Works”. Scrapped because it “worked”.

  8. Sheffield is the worst place I’ve been for potholes.

    Huge craters , deep fuckin troughs.

    How I imagine roads look in Ukraine nowadays,

    They’re dangerous.

    God knows how someone on a motorcycle goes on if goes into one?

    • Too right, Mis.

      It’s like having a square wheel on the car, bump, thunk, fucking hell!
      Was that my exhaust?

      We’ve been allocated £15m, to sort the potholes out. Has work started?
      Has it buggery!

  9. Love how the article focuses on the council trying to get the community to grass on whoever did it , as if they are some sort of child killer and not just a fed up citizen bored of them not doing their fucking jobs properly


  10. The cunts won’t fill pot holes in since it is part of the anti car narrative.
    The Gauleiters on the councils want to stop the peasants using their own personal cars. The cunts want to control every thing up do.
    Remember, “You will have nothing and be happy”.
    Fuck em fuck em all.

    • 10 points fot the use of “gauleiter” mate.

      You’re obviously not just a pretty face 😁

  11. Billions to Ukraine -Yes
    Billions on overseas aid – Yes
    Billions on a shitty rail link that’s never finished – Yes
    Billions to furlough layabout cunts during unecessary lockdowns- Yes
    Billions still to the Reich to build bridges, railways, sewers, infrastructure in tinpot, lazy countries- Yes

    Pot-holes – No

    • + Billions to housing and feeding tens of thousands (per annum) of dinghy riders.

      Local roads are for little people and are not important.

      • Oh yes Paulie, how could I have forgotten about all these future dead architects/ footballers /artists/ drug-dealers/terrorîsts being housed in hotel luxury at £2billion a year.

  12. They should get the dinghy vermin out of their hotels and make them repair the roads, preferably on the end of a whip. Make the fuckers work, twelve hours a day, the freeloading cunts.
    I’m dreaming of course.

  13. It’s strange how the same councillors keep getting voted in, regardless of their inefficient fuckwittery.
    The only way to get things done is to threaten the incompetent and lazy bastards with a P45.
    Stop voting middle of the road, (see what I did there), and elect some people with enough bollocks to get the unemployed filling in potholes, or go without benefits.

    • Yes mate it’s sad and not very democratic either often the cunts are voted in with less than 20 % bothering to vote. I say no one should vote. Then the cunts might take some notice. Here’s hoping.

      • We do not live in a democracy. Admittedly, things have got worse in terms of personal freedom and Government oppression, but Britain has NEVER been a democracy, it’s just the illusion of meaningless choice.

      • The only vote that seems to carry any transformative potential now is a witheld vote.

      • Don’t vote it just encourages them.

        We should all be withholding our taxes.

  14. The word pothole came about apparently from Roman times when peasants would dig holes in the roads to make pots after laying.

    What did they ever do for us though?

  15. If the government expect your car to be road-worthy, surely the roads should be car-worthy….

  16. probably like all councils and political minded cunts to busy being right on and woke in case they have one trans freak living in their town. Spending untold amounts of loot on rainbow shite and trying to do the least amount of work possible in a week while still working from home. Fucking local council tried to get out of coming up our lane to collect bins, to narrow for wagon etc they sent a man to visit luckily there was a 40ft artic up here that day, pissed all over their fireworks that did.

  17. All councils are cunts.

    My rates have gone up exponentially and for what – less and so we can house more useless reg heads in our local community.

    Chocolate fireguards comes to mind…

  18. Personally, I’d like to get these useless cunts, give them a lovely spinal injury or a neck of femur, put them on the stretcher, no pain relief, no splint, no interventions and drive the feckless cunts over every fucking speed bump they’ve authorised and every cunting pothole they’ve not had filled.

    How’d you like those fucking apples, eh?

    • When driving in London DCI, I witnessed a couple of times ambulances with blues and twos on slowing right down, gently negotiating a speed bump, accelerating and then braking gently for the next bump. I can only assume they were carrying a passenger who was in a fragile condition.

      • Probably, arfur, or the crew in the back were standing up carrying out interventions.

  19. No money to spend on filling potholes, cos it’s all going on building fucking cycle lanes.

    Councils; about as much use as a one-legged man in an arse kicking contest.

    Morning all.

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