CNN TV news (3) and Donald Trfump (10)

On American tv last night see link below, It’s an hour long.

The way that TV new treats Trump is insane. I’ve never seen someone
treated this way by TV news people. She is almost screaming at him
at some points, the pitch of her voice is like that of a crazy girlfriend
losing her shit with her boyfriend. She tries to get “gotcha!” moments
by asking questions that bait a sound bite response.

“Do you want Ukraine or Russia to WIN the war?”

What? That is not an adult and professional question, it’s something
a child would ask. Wars aren’t “won” anymore, this isn’t the times of

But look at what happened. She came off badly and Trump came off
very well. We’ll see what happens. 2024 will be a bloodbath of insanity
so enjoy the summer.

Nominated by Pull My Finger

174 thoughts on “CNN TV news (3) and Donald Trfump (10)

  1. Gutstick Japseye…present
    Miserable Northern Cunt…present
    DCI Gene Cunt…present
    Minge Juice Bottler…present
    Mickey Blue Eyes…present

    The Roll having been called and the usual suspects recorded as present, the first order of business is to address this nonsense of a Torch and Pitchfork Mob ganging up on General Cuntster.

    Be it resolved that the members of the T and Pf Mob deny that they are in said Mob and assert that they are all acting in good faith, without malice and are entirely, and completely independent of one another.

    Be it further resolved that if Cuntster didn’t post they would not have to gang up on him…which they deny doing.

      • I can’t believe it. I don’t comment on his posts.
        He attacked me on my post!
        Which I ignored!

    • Your getting hysterical.
      Calm down.
      Relax a bit.
      Post some of your favourite music or something.
      No one likes a mardarse.

      • Hey Mis,

        You and your fellow Mobsters are assholes. Given your relentless combined attacks on me that’s a calm and reasoned position.

        Perhaps if you and your fellow Mobsters didn’t pee all over yourselves (and each other) whenever I made a post none of this would happen and we could get on with the business of cunting cunts.


      • Your confusing me General,
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      • I bought a rabbit last week.

        It went bald, overnight.

        Irrelevant, yes, totally.

      • ‘Perhaps if you and your fellow Mobsters didn’t pee all over yourselves (and each other) whenever I made a post none of this would happen and we could get on with the business of cunting cunts.’

        I put it to you that what you really mean is ‘Disagree with you’.

      • Other cunters wouldn’t be ‘assholes’ if you weren’t so hysterical though GC. Trump isn’t a saint, nor is he a saviour. Nor does he happen to be the devil. There’s such a thing as nuanced thinking.

      • It asks me to verify I’m over 18!

        Well, yes, I’m over 68, in fact, but I ain’t putting my personal info on that page, fuck that for a game of soldiers.

      • I see the new coordinated mantra is…wait for it…hysterical!

        So congratulations to OC for repeating it. You are now officially an asshole!

        As for being lubed up at a local pub…I don’t know anything about that. But I’m not surprised Mis does. In his case it appears that…sometimes you’re the ram and sometimes you’re the ewe.

      • Nothing co-ordinated about it, Cap’n Blowhard, just an increasing collection of individuals that think you’re a myopic, immature, conspiracy-obsessed, childish, grassing, blustering cretin with the charisma of a prolapsed arsehole. (Which you seem so fond of). At least Vernon Fox was entertaining. Don’t take it personally though, you’re just a gimp on the internet.

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      • Yo Cuntstard!
        Stop being a big baby and accept that not everyone subscribes to your infantile line of bullshit.

      • If being an asshole means being able to put my emotions aside and examine different perspectives then yes, I am an asshole. Gladly. Now CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

  2. For what it’s worth I’m pretty sure Dick Fiddler is over at Cunts Corner now. I stumbled across their recent posts board and saw that he joined in April.

      • Do you reckon JP? The Prince Andrew profile picture was a nice touch. Maybe he might drop a few Fiddlerisms to confirm.

      • I wonder if Vernon Fox has resurfaced over there posting under John “Hannibal” Smith?

      • Dick did find Prince Andrew a hilarious subject LL?

        I don’t think he’ll shine through on Cunts Corner.
        I can’t make head not tail of their fuckin site!

        He needs to get back on here where he can mix with people who appreciate him.

        He really was a great poster wasn’t he?

        Even General Cuntster admits that.

      • Those comments don’t have the ring or class of the real Dick Fiddler.
        Besides, Fiddler despised the royal family and Prince Andrew with a vengeance.
        Even his punctuation is completely different.
        Also doubt he would use his “Dick Fiddler” I.D. on Cunts Corner.
        Fuck them.

    • I find it interesting that this oxygen theiving low IQ little cunt, is being given further platform to promote his already excessive levels of cuntitude.

      Evening Jack.

  3. Blah blah blah…name calling…blah blah blah…insult…blah blah blah…bullshit…blah blah blah…hysterical…blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…ad nauseam ad infinitum. Mindless Mobsters repeating the same mindless drivel.

    Give the sheep a break and go fuck yourselves.


  4. The daft bitch ‘interviewing’ Big Don shows how low the standards have sunk on American news networks. Can anyone imagine Nixon, Carter or Reagan back in the day being grilled so ridiculously by a ‘journalist’ who is no more than a petty and tantruming overgrown child on national television?

    The scenario is very similar to that at the hated BBC. Supposedly professional and impartial presenters spitting their woke dummies out and ranting like lunatics. The opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup being a recent example.

    • “Can anyone imagine Nixon, Carter or Reagan back in the day being grilled so ridiculously by a ‘journalist’…?”
      No, I can’t, but Nixon, Carter and Reagan never behaved with the rudeness of Trump. It seems that extreme behaviour by one party provokes opposing extreme behaviour from the other: political ‘tit’ and journalistic ‘tat’, perhaps. It’s like what happens on here when someone makes a deliberately rude and provocative comment.

    • Aye. Out of curiosity I watched BEin Sports coverage of the opening game later on.

      They showed the opening ceremony in full. Was a bit mental. Morgan Freeman moralising to a gimpy Arab fella with no legs. Dragging himself about. Mad really.

      But the most interesting thing was seeing a panel of Keys, Gray, John Terry and Gary Neville.

      Nev made a right tit of himself going on a Trump/Brexit rant. Keys said he disagreed with him, Terry said let’s focus on the football and Gray told him ‘I don’t think now’s the time to talk about such things.’

      Fucking loved it.

      Silly cunt thought he was on Sky or the BBC.

    • This is the world we find ourselves living in.

      A world where we need to be lectured and reminded every day about how wicked and cruel everything we’ve ever known or perhaps held dear is.

      What it amounts to though is nothing but hate and division.

      The cunts who promote the hate and division under the guise of kindness are busily lining their pockets.

      I’ve lost count of the number of times over these last few years when I’ve thought to myself – “can we just watch the match please or in the case of Qatar 2022, the opening ceremony please without being fucking lectured by absolute cunts”

      As I and many others have alluded to in previous threads – if you care so much about these social justice issues then boycott it. Do it for free. Give all your earnings to whichever cause is fashionable at whatever time (BLM, LGBTQXYZ Ukraine) and leave people alone in peace to watch something they actually might fucking enjoy for a few hours.
      But you won’t will you because you are all fundamentally cunts.

      Gary Lineker and Gary Neville take note.

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