Lexi-Rose Crawford

Yet another supposedly transgender female convicted of rape.
You’ll be pleased to hear that it has been sent to a male prison, where it can practice its “feminine” wiles on fellow inmates.

I’m sure ( hope) that it will be met with open arms and throbbing todgers.
You’d have thought a shave before appearing in court might have been an idea, too, and I don’t mean armpits and shins.

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Nominated by Jeezum Priest.

45 thoughts on “Lexi-Rose Crawford

  1. It’s amazing with some of these trannies. You’d never guess it was a bloke just from looking at it.


    Morning all.

    • I know Ron, you can see why Keir Starmer and Ed Davey get all flustered.

  2. Why do these media cunts constantly refer to these pieces of shit as “she”? It’s bollocks and this fucker has got them so it’s a “he” you wankers. Fuck off.

    PS This cunt should be hanged. Bastard.

    • Well if his desire is no longer to be a man kindest thing would be to accommodate him.

      Off with his bollocks!

  3. You can be sure he/she/it will drop the soap many times in the shower. Many times. Many, many times…

    • You can tell cloth ears until you’re blue in the face to use soap-on-a-rope.

  4. A pee dough file then a trannie ?

    Dear me,not a model citizen,even in these desperate times.

    Burn it at the stake.

    The fucking evil cunt.

  5. Get your dick out
    Get your dick out
    Get your dick out for the lads!!


  6. The report refers to it as ‘she’, why, it’s a fucking bloke!

    Just seen on the news British Cycling (I know all cyclists are cunts) have banned anyone born a male from competing in elite female races, you would think that would be a given and not require any clarification 😂

    All cunts, cyclists, trannies, foreigners, channel surfers, Gary Lineker

    • The response from the offended creature is hilarious- a 24 carat hissy fit. If you want a good laugh just go to the BBC news website.

    • I think ‘the new guy’ (only since 1989…) might have something to say about that.

  7. There was a judge about 5 or 10 years ago who had to convict someone for two offences and gave out two sentences which he said will run consecutively. The defence barrister immediately said “Surely your honour means concurrently?” and the judge responded that concurrent was a word that was not spoken in his court. It is a pity Judge Michael Longdon, the judge in this case, doesn’t follow the same criteria.

  8. Transitioning, I can’t believe this shit is still being considered.
    A bloke can become a woman?
    We know it’s not true but just carry on.

    I’m transitioning myself at the moment, into a Giant Redwood. Doctors have assured me that my chances of becoming a tree are every bit as good as a man becoming a woman, so that’s positive.

    We are funding this shit while kids sit in cancer wards….

    • And that’s the most iniquitous thing about it JRC. These cunts, these pointless wastes of flesh are taken seriously by the NHS inevitably pushing people with real health problems down the queue leading to unnecesary suffering and worse. Despatch the cunts with extreme prejudice!

      • Same applies to “anorexics”, i.e. dopey sods who refuse to eat their dinner and people suffering “PTSD” from being told off or hearing hurty words. I could go on.

  9. What a surprise that a trannie is a kiddy fiddler. Who would have thought that?
    When Lexi gets out of the nick no doubt some schools can offer him a job reading to seven year olds.

    • Gives Dylan Mulvaney a run for his/her/it’s money, for sure.

      I bet he/she/it’s slashing wrists in the bath with the jagged edge of a ring pull from a can of Bud Lite, wailing

      “How can I compare?”

      • Yes you’re right moggie. Then he would play silly pranks on the inmates, only for them to finish him off. We can’t win.

  10. This isn’t even trying. Its not like a trap where it could be a possible if you looked at it the right way almost seem like a female.
    This is just a dirty pervy cunt who needs to have a few shades of cunt kicked out of him.
    A man with mental health issues ( as they all are)

  11. For a group of people who constantly go on about identifying as female, they do seem to have a lot of unbridled masculine appetites don’t they.

    “These nice, misunderstood and stigmatised people really get a lot of undeserved discrimination don’t they”…

    There’s a reason why these degenerates have been shunned and viewed with suspicion since time immemorial.They’re all nonces.

    Large amount of gas, small, airtight locked room.

  12. Fuck this shit, cunt should be in a secure mental facility till he pops his high heeled clogs.

  13. Will the human race ever look back and teach kids in schools that this was the period when the government was run by spineless fools who encouraged a ridiculous policy of trannyism ?

    • No because this government as well as the US and EU will be sucking China’s winky in 20 years after the west has caved in to every demand from every other region of influence and imported most of Africa, leaving China to strip mine the place selling minerals to the Gulf and Russia, builds roads and dams
      while we sit in the dark eating fucking maggots, trying to learn Mandarin by candlelight.

  14. Rather stick my nuts in a vice, safer than letting this “lovely young lady” near ya knob. Would probably confuse it for a frankfurter and rip it off hands free. Lock it up in a man’s prison and let the inmates know it’s a sex offender, karmic justice that.

  15. Not sure what this lass has done,as I didn’t read the link.But a quick glance at the picture..chin mask….cunt.

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