CNN TV news (3) and Donald Trfump (10)

On American tv last night see link below, It’s an hour long.

The way that TV new treats Trump is insane. I’ve never seen someone
treated this way by TV news people. She is almost screaming at him
at some points, the pitch of her voice is like that of a crazy girlfriend
losing her shit with her boyfriend. She tries to get “gotcha!” moments
by asking questions that bait a sound bite response.

“Do you want Ukraine or Russia to WIN the war?”

What? That is not an adult and professional question, it’s something
a child would ask. Wars aren’t “won” anymore, this isn’t the times of

But look at what happened. She came off badly and Trump came off
very well. We’ll see what happens. 2024 will be a bloodbath of insanity
so enjoy the summer.

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174 thoughts on “CNN TV news (3) and Donald Trfump (10)

  1. Trump has been proven right on so many things you can see why the deepstate and MSM want to shut him up. He knows the system is rotten to the core but it never ends well for those that try to reform it. Fair play to him for having the balls to put his personal safety at risk for the greater good. I was never a fan until his last year of office when I started seeing through all the MSM bullshit. He’s the boss.

  2. I watched all of this and Trump was on top form, as cocky as ever. However, even I was shocked when he more or less said he wouldn’t fuck the bird asking the questions……not good enough for him. Fucking brilliant!
    I don’t know how so many Trumpers managed to infiltrate the audience. I suspect some cunt at CNN has already been sacked for that.

    • He did that in his deposition in his rape case. So funny – saying the woman was not ‘his ‘type’ and added ‘like you’ to the inquisitor. ‘I hope you’re not insulted’.

      • After that, he misidentified her as his ex wife Marla Maples.
        Clearly not his type then…..😂

  3. He’s as mad as a hatter,has no idea at all about geopolitical issues and likely zero historical his Presidency was chaotic at every administrative level that made a difference..

    And yet politicians around the globe fear and despise him,as does virtually all the MSM..they all go to extreme lengths to imprison him,deplatform him and belittle any achievements he made have to his credit..

    So he must be on to something. .plus the way he patted Theresa Treason May’s hand on her visit and his treatment of the vermin at the BBC make him something of a modern day hero to my mind.

    I hope he gets the Republican nomination and cannot wait for the ensuing gigantic panto.

    Go Donald!!

    • Anybody that shows the foaming-at-the-mouth, hypocritical, left wing vermin for what they are can’t be all bad.

  4. This after CNN got rid of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, two progressives who have terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome. Nothing has changed. I’m all for politicians being grilled, left or right but for the first couple of years of Biden’s presidency all they did was talk about Trump and Jan 6th because it meant that they didn’t have to talk about the Democrats or if they did it was soft as shite bollocks like his favourite ice cream flavour or the White House cat.

    • Fruity Don Lemon and Fredo Cuomo are cunts of metaphysical proportions.

      Fredo is trying to make a comeback on some start up network here in the states. And other than cruising gay bars and drinking Bud Lite, I don’t know what Fruity Don is doing.

      Both are oven ready.

  5. I remember some gimp on here who is no longer about kicking off because I cunted Emily Maitilis for always calling Big Don ‘Trump’ instead of President Trump. This div claimed that all US presidents were referred to in this way. Bullshit, of course. I don’t recall the BBC referring to Ronald Reagan as just ‘Reagan’, Nor do I remember Bill Clinton being called simpy ‘Clinton’ on Newsnight. That Bruce Forsyth in drag cunt Maitilis was showing her dislike for Big Don openly, when the snotty smug bitch is supposed to be impartial.

    • Good afternoon Norman
      The BBC are the U.K. equivalent of CNN. Have you noticed how they never, ever, name check a Conservative politician. Never “ The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak” or “The Foreign Secretary James Cleverly “ or anyone else. They get themselves into such difficulties that their reports just sound completely unnatural. Yet it is always “The leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer”.
      It is quite obvious that a directive has gone out and it absolutely their policy.

      • They have to say ‘the leader of the Labour Party’ otherwise people would have no idea who they’re talking about.

      • Afternoon Wanksock.

        The BBC used to do that and show respect to any leader, regardless of who was in power. Whether it was Prime Minister Harold Wilson or President Richard Nixon. Now, if someone is on their we don’t like you list, they act all childish and vindictive. Boris was a cunt, but the shameless disrespect he got from the BBC news people from the very start was a far cry from the impartiality that they preach.

    • I remember a few BBC twats getting Jeremy Hunt’s surname wrong and pretending it was a mistake. if you’re going to call politicans cunts on daytime TV you need firing.
      The trouble is the BBC production and editorial staff is made up of sniggering sixth-formers who come from landed gentry and went to LSE Oxbridge and Kings and forgot the world beyond the M25 exists.

    • If you watch SLY NEWS , you will notice if a Tory politician is interviewed they will attempt to slaughter them. But if a labour cunt comes on their treated with kid gloves no matter what statements or promises they make.

      • Hi Fenton
        It is the same with the Today programme on R4. Even my Mrs. , who is quite far to the left (I like to think I am centre right) won’t listen to it.
        There use to be quite a good website called “is the bbc biased”. They would count the number of interruptions made during an interview , it was about 3 to 1 for Conservative politicians v. Labour ones. The figures were shown to be a bit skewed as the Labour interruptions were to give support!

  6. Off topic, but I got into a row with some cunt over that uselesss sack of shit, Harry Maguire.

    Their reason for keeping the donkey at Old Trafford?

    ‘But… But he’s a nice bloke, He clapped West Ham’s youth team when we played them’.

    I don’t care if he’s been giving the ICF one up the arse with his rainbow unicorn. He is shit. Ed Sheercunt is supposed to be a mild mannered bloke. But he’s also a load of shit. What scared me was it was a grown man over 30 who was defending Maguire and praising his nice guy antics. Fucking seriously weird.

    • And, of course any Manchester United captain who applauds West Ham and hugs City’s captain after a Derby game should be fed to pigs….

    • This is the criteria required to be a part of Southgate’s band of merry snowflakes.

      It’s an exclusive club and once you’re in – you’re in. Doesn’t matter if you hardly play for your club or if you’re even any good at football.

      Being nice and being a social justice warrior is more important than being good at football in the world of Gareth and the newly reformed FA.

      Afternoon Norman.

    • Agree Norm.

      He’s shite. Bin him.

      No room for sentiment nowadays. Smith Rowe at Arsenal. Fantastic young talent. Capped for England at 18. But he’s obviously injury prone as fuck. Hardly seen this season and looks overweight nowadays.

      Most gooners will say “Ooo he’s from the academy, a local lad and has so much talent. We should stand by him and wait.”

      Fuck off. Would Pep? Would he fuck.

      Nice lad, but another Gary Shaw. If you want to win the league in today’s world, you can’t carry crocks.

      Or shit, slab-headed donkeys like Maguire. Can’t handle pressure and all.

      Trump is alright by me btw, he winds the utter pricks up.

  7. I hope Big Don gets the nomination. Just to see the BBC wet itself and cunts like Lineker and Maitilis combust on air (if only they would).

    Also, the American meltdown from numerous media and celebrity cunts (CNN, Saturday Shite Live, Stephen Colbert, Scarlett Johansscunt etc) will be hilarious. They act like Don is Hitler crossed with Vlad the Impaler.

    • British American ( pick one dickhead) , John Oliver too. Nothing worse than a smug entitled incomer lecturing the American working classes on being racist, homophobic bigots.

      • I can’t stand John Oliver, either. In addition to being a smug, shrill, arsehole, he’s also about as funny as a cancer diagnosis.

    • Totally agree Norman. Not a fan of big Don but seeing him get in would be a great way of getting at Lineker and the woke brigade , the tantrums and meltdowns would be delicious to watch

  8. The media still suffers from TDS. It’s burrowed down deep into their pompous liberal hivemind.
    CNN and MSNBC have particularly severe cases. That Rachel Maddow needs to see a vet really.

    ‘The Walls are closng in!’

    ”Russia! RRREEEEE!’

  9. Trump’s a cunt. Full of conspiratorial nonsense. The election wasn’t stolen. Remember when Bush stole the election ? Removed entire neighbourhoods from voting etc
    He’s totally delusional. Whereas Jim Bob Biden is just senile.

    • The great thing about IsaC is that even liberals have a voice. Sometimes it’s a shriek…sometimes it’s a whine…and sometimes it’s hard to tell what it is between the sobs…but they have a voice.

      • What liberals?

        No liberals on ISAC.
        There’s a Liberal Liquidator.

      • Yeah, ISAC’s a real hotbed of Liberalism, eh, Mis…

        The great thing about IsaC is that even Conspiracy Theorists have a voice. Sometimes it’s a shriek…sometimes it’s a whine…and sometimes it’s hard to tell what it is between the sobs…but they have a voice.

      • Quite a few conservative types both stateside and in the UK dislike Trump.

        Doesn’t make them Liberals.

        I like vodka.
        Doesn’t make me fuckin russian.

      • He whines on about ‘the mob out to get him, then jumps straight on my comment to start with the personal abuse again.
        Just keeps on riling me to slag him off to he can bang the big grass button.
        Sad, really sad.

      • In response to DCI…

        But as soon as I say something the Mobsters start howling…

        It’s like it was with ^#%$!@), If I post the time and date the Mob assembles and starts howling for my head.

      • Careful, Captain ‘Bluster’ Blowhard, you’ll have to up your dose of Bisoprolol.

      • Hey Gutstick,

        You call us Trump supporters retards and then cry when we strike back.

        Fuck you!

      • I put it to you that he said ‘Retarded whooping’. Not really calling you and your cronies ‘Retards’, is it? No matter which way you’ll attempt to spin it.

        Every time a thread descends into abuse, there’s one common denominator, eh, Captain?

      • ‘You call us Trump supporters retards and then cry when we strike back.’

        You know what to do. Again.

        Mr Gimsdale, Mr Grimsdaaaaale…

      • Hey DCI,

        Talk about spin! What he actually said was:

        “It has been said that 1 in 3 Trump supporters is as retarded as the other two. Seems about right…..”

        As for the common denominator…the Torch and Pitchfork Mob ganging up, calling me names and insulting me is the common denominator. No other poster is subject to such an organized assult.

        Calling all Mobsters! Calling all Mobsters! Put out the emergency alert! Cunster’s posting again! He must be shouted down! Use the same old rhetoric…blah, blah, blah…

        So fuck you too!

      • General Cuntster, your levels or malignant narcissism and delusion are eerily familiar to anybody who has had the misfortune to follow events in Yankee Doodle land.

        You must be Jussie Smollett and I claim my five MAGA hats and a subway sandwich.

      • Hey DCI,

        Talk about spin! What he actually said was:

        “It has been said that 1 in 3 Trump supporters is as retarded as the other two. Seems about right…..”

        You’re correct. I missed that part. That’s the difference, Captain, I can admit when I’m wrong. You should try it, sometime. Especially when someone posts what you actually said.

      • Another Mobster joins the fray…


        What are you going to do? Have Fake Admin threaten me again? Edit my posts? Delete them?

        Fuck you too!


        Once again…fuck you!

      • General @

        I didn’t have anyone threaten you.
        The admins involvement was down to them.
        You pissed him off.

        General, you wouldn’t be arguing now if it wasn’t for the fact you disliked ToxicBobs comments and immediately labelled him a ‘liberal’.

        I doubt that this is the case with a name like ToxicBob.

        You immediately started name calling then when questioned shrieked victim.

        I’m happy to ignore your posts and let you go about your business.

      • Back home to your sister, Captain Blowhard. Or ‘The Wife’ as you call her in your neck of the swamp.

      • The term Liberal meant something totally different before the American Right bastardised it to mean anyone leaning vaguely to the Left.
        Real Liberalism values the freedom of individuals — including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, markets and limited government.
        It developed in 18th-century Europe and drew on the economic writings of Adam Smith and the growing notion of social progress.
        As different as chalk and cheese from the misnomered American import.

      • MJB – these are largely the same twats who whinge that the ‘liberals’ claim anybody leaning to the right is a fascist.

        An irony-free zone is the current political landscape in the US of A.

      • @ General Cuntstard
        Why would you want to fuck DCI and MNC?
        You a Nancy boy or summat?
        Bet you’re full of spunk.

      • Right on cue! Another Mobster! This time it’s the Mob’s own spud munching, bog trotting, Fenian asshole…Mickey Brown Eyes.*

        *You’re so full of shit your eyes are brown.

      • Evening GC, you fat yank neckbeard prick.

        How the devil is it going? Still being a pathetic tosser I gather and still, sadly, without any redeeming humour.

        How was Florida?

      • Just to clear things up….
        I did call them retarded. Because they are.
        If you can believe a cunt who bangs on about globalists, yet has properties and businesses around the world, then you are retarded.
        If you think the cunt should be president because he pisses of the people you don’t like, you’re retarded.
        Disclaimer, I have said the very same thing a couple of years ago, so I include myself in that category, my only saving grace is that I actually looked at what the cunt was being accused of, and changed my mind. It’s never too late…
        If you think he has any regard for the common man, you’re a retard. He just loves the donations rolling in so he can spend it doing up his jet, and he can legally spend 90% of campaign donations on whatever, as is American law.
        Trailer trash dollars are worth as much as pocket oligarchs.
        Or Saudi money, eh Jared?

  10. Although i think he’s maybe too divisive, the ensuing nuclear powered meltdowns
    if he wins again will be unreal.
    I worry about the country in general, and all the civil unrest that will come with it.
    No doubt the celebrities will be vowing to leave, and then staying, the twats.

    • Hey PC,

      You make an outstanding point. Trump was actively involved in the last election and the Republican grossly under-performed. At least some of the blame must be placed on him for that under-performance.

      Beating the Obamunists* in the next elections is critical for the survival of Western Civilization. And some of us who support President Trump worry that he may be too divisive to win.

      *Don Bidini is just a figurehead. He runs nothing. The Brave New One World Order is running the show. Burn Down Faster in order to Build Back Better is their dogma.

      • That’s what worries me.
        Whatever they ‘build back’ in the States will soon be in the UK.

  11. The good news is that the Communist (Corporate, Clinton, Cunt) News Network is in total free fall.

    Reports indicate that Newsmax…an upstart network with limited resources…who is available to 25 million fewer viewers…is beating them in some key demographic ratings.

    Even deranged crotch cannibal Rachel Maddow at PMSNBC is reported to be beating them and she’s no longer on every night.

    No matter what you think of Trump he is a force to be reckoned with. And the fact that all the right people hate him makes me like him even more. The left’s hatred of him dwarfs even their combined hatred of Richard Nixon and Sarah Palin.

  12. I hope Donnie Tango wins again.
    The meltdowns from the liberal luvvies would be brilliant.

    The Donald is my favourite comedian.

    He can cause people to swallow their tongues just by smiling 😁

    His ridiculous tan and strange candyfloss hair,
    Only makes me like him more.

    Is he a angel?
    Is he fuck.
    Upright and honest?
    Does he get things done?
    Pretty much👍

    • Mr Trump even has that effect on the hallowed pages of Isac.

      Just the mention of his name and it’s chaos on here.

      Makes a change from dinghies and trannies one supposes 🤔

      • Evening Herman 👍

        Yeah, he puts smiles on some faces ,
        Frowns on others.

        I like Trump
        The Great Upsetter.
        He’s the Johnny Rotten of politics.

        But hearing others slag him off doesn’t upset me.
        Other people’s opinions don’t really bother me.

        I’ve had my fun
        And that’s all that matters
        – fr Fintan stack

  13. One thing he said was spot on and complete common sense, ‘one day election, turn up and cast you ballot’

    Go Donny Tango 👍

  14. Part of me thinks this was done on purpose. Make Trump look good then he can shake off a DeSantis race easier then destroy him when he is the Republican candidate. Trump or DeSantis would be good for 2024 yet you look at the democrats who have they got who is electable? Party of dementia patients and people who shouldn’t vote let alone run the country. Newsom probably their best bet but he has ruined california and has DeSantis fever like the rest of the left has Trump fever.

  15. His opponents are trying to nail him any way they can , weather it’s sex scandals, hidden secret files at Key Largo or incitement to mutiny . It’s because these globalist cunts know the threat of him becoming President is very real. The same goes for Boris and the ridiculous partygate re-emerging this week.

    • Speaking of nail…

      For nailing a topic with a single post, the winner of this week’s Golden Hammer Award is…

      fenton fistula!

  16. Fuck knows why CNN are being cunted for being mean to that fat lying piece of shit, they filled the audience with his voters, plus a few independent voters.
    No opposition. This was advertised before the cuntfest was recorded, so it mattered little to whatever questions he was asked, he was playing to a home crowd, and the retarded whooping after every one of his answers demonstrates that.
    CNN have lurched to the right in a vain attempt to pick up disaffected Faux News viewers, who have left their safe space since self confessed liar Carlson was given the elbow.
    TDS? That will be those who think that they are out to get the cunt, no matter what, and all those charges and accusations are lies.
    It has been said that 1 in 3 Trump supporters is as retarded as the other two.
    Seems about right…..

    • I said it once before but after that insulting, idiotic and nonsensical post it bears repeating…

      You are dumber than a Labour Leadership Conference.

      • And this is where ‘the mob’ started. Sorry but again, you only have yourself to blame.

      • Yes, not far right, but centre right. They’ve had a bit of a shake up, and it seems they are heading in a more pro republican vein.
        As I said, it won’t be far enough for Fox viewers.
        Why else would they fill the audience with pro trump people?
        It didn’t matter what questions were asked, she was working against him and the audience.

    • Does that make them more patriotic then ,cos the current administration ain’t working,

      • Trump supporters aren’t retarded they are patriots only my opinion ,but I believe people should give a fuck about their country and trump certainly embodys that no matter what political spin and msm bullshit comes about there will always be someone who upsets the establishment

    • If CNN have indeed “lurched to the right” then it’s a probably a shameless last throw of the dice for the daft cunts to gain some viewership.

      CNN is as big a joke as Fox, or RT for that matter.

  17. Do they still have that journalist on CNN Richard something ?
    He always sounds like he’s choking on his own vomit.
    Then theirs that other one “ Wolf Blitzkrieg “ a name like that and he works for a left wing news channel

    • Evening HJ…you remember Hilary Clinton in the run-up to the last election have micro-strokes, her head bouncing around like a right spastic?
      The Youtube footage has now been removed, unsurprisingly.
      Well, she was fine the day before. But the previous night Donald Trump paid her a visit and bummed her good and proper.
      At some point, the CIA will bump Trump off, so he filled his boots (and her withered old asshole with his orange-tinted spunk) before that could happen.
      Trump will have an accident before the next election, I’m sure of it.

      • It’d be hilarious if some old FBI files came to light that he had diddled Chelsea Clinton.

      • Whilst Epstein held her down.
        Sadly, that probably happened.
        Evening LL 👍🏿

      • I bet Bill’s secret service detail have some tales to tell.

        Evening Mr Cunt Engine.

  18. Fucking grow up. Difference of opinions is healthy. Cunts come in all shapes and sizes. Not just left or right

    • You’re correct. Cunts are on both the left and right.

      Now line up. Liberals, line on the left, one cross each…

  19. Of course Donald Trump will get the Republican nomination. Of course he’ll win the next election. Keep on saying it. Doesn’t it make you feel good?
    Who wants him to win the nomination most of all? The Democrats, because they know he’s no chance. He lost to Joe Biden in 2020 by seven million votes and that was before January 6th, the stolen documents investigation, his company being found guilty of fraud, his being found guilty of indecent assault etc etc. Does anyone really think these antics will win him votes?
    The only thing he’s said that I agree with is that the Chinese owe $60 trillion to the rest of the world for covid. The man’s out of touch with reality. Remember him saying he can declassify secret documents with the power of his mind?

    If Joe Biden had come out with something like that, he would have been buried under a tidal wave of invective and ridicule. But it was Trump, so his ‘base’ conveniently ignores it and changes the subject.
    Trump isn’t the answer to the Republicans’ desperation for electoral success, any more than their obsession with banning abortion. And that’s if he manages to stay out of prison, which doesn’t seem likely at this point.

      • @OC

        DeSantis could be the answer. He’s not right on every issue but beyond that you are correct about his people skills.

        He is…in the language of the day…charismatically challenged.

    • Bizarre as it sounds, Trump would still be able to run for president even if he were in prison.
      Great post, Allan.

  20. Tbh these sorts of slanging matches help to make the site more interesting. We don’t have enough of them.

      • It was only a matter of time before a Mobster resorted to Hero worship.

        “…(our once and future King)…”

        What a fucking idiot! Once and future Troll more like.

        By the way….have you spoken to your idol lately or is he still out in the garden eating worms?

      • No General,
        Not heard anything from him.
        Wish hed come back,
        He was great wasn’t he?

        Not swayed by others opinions
        A original thinker.

        Have you ever had a original thought?
        One that isn’t well trod?
        One that’s off road,
        Not sanctioned by the right?

      • Captain ‘Bluster’ Blowhard – the gift that puts the ‘Spangle’ in The Star Spangled Banner😅

    • I would love the opportunity to reply in kind, but anytime I’ve tried to return fire, I’ve had a warning off admin, so I know I don’t have the same tolerance as my usual detractors.

      • The site would benefit from being more like Cunts Corner imo – banter and arguments allowed but nothing too nasty or personal.

  21. Trump Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Fookin’ bellends.

    Trump may be a bit of a nob, but he’s a fucking saint compared to most modem politicians.

    And no, some people can never be adult when it comes to Trumpy. He’s worse than Adolf to these clowns.

    I quite like the cunt. He annoys complete cunts and the world was a much safer, more prosperous and interesting place with him around.

    And his trolling of Greta the bill riser was fucking great.

    Get to fuck.

    • He’s a bit hyperbolic. In the CNN interview he said he would stop the war in Ukraine ‘in a day’.
      In a day? yes he doubled down ‘in a day’.

      Where did they get the hatchet-faced interviewer from? Never seen her before.
      Like a robot she was.
      There must be a production like of them somewhere.

      • He could indeed stop it in a day, Miles. Both Trump and Putin could nuke Ukraine simultaneously.
        No more war, problem solved.

      • That solution doesn’t really appeal to me, it’d be worse than watching those tapes Putin has of Russian whores pissing on the Drumpf.

    • Evening CB

      You’re not meant to notice that the world was a slightly safer place when he was president.

      Must have been all that “Russian collusion” that the bed wetting demographic are so keen on.

      Hillary Clinton was going after a proxy conflict with Russia should she have been elected but sadly for her and the Democratic party – their plans were temporarily stalled.
      Until Joe got in that is – Hey Presto – then it was proxy war with Russia.

      I’m maybe just being a bit naive here but as far as I’m concerned, the whole thing stinks to high heavens.

      If anybody thinks Joe Biden is a better alternative to anybody – then you’re a cunt.

  22. GC, other cunters are right – you wouldn’t be having so many ‘mobsters’ ‘gang up’ on you if you weren’t behaving so immaturely. You’re letting emotion and blind loyalty dictate your responses. There’s something to be said for civil discussion.

  23. Fuck me, this got bitter and twisted.
    For me, Trump is a complete, unpleasant, lying, narcisistic cunt. No worse than the fucking morons on the other side. We had the same with Boris.

    The biggest cunts though are the American gun lobby. The right to bear arms. Well, assault rifles really. And kill kids for fun. And workmates, concert goers – well anybody really. It’s their constitutional right.

    I’m off.

  24. How entertaining!

    Personally, I think the Donald is as mad as a box of frogs in a microwave.

    And probably very dangerous to a long life, if returned to power.

    I don’t live in the USA, so I don’t give a shit if he failed his election promises, like building a Berlin style wall to keep the illegals out, but fuck me, please don’t let him near the big red button.

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