BBC’s new version of Great Expectations (85)


BBC’s new version of Great Expectations.
Yes, yet another version of the story, but naturally being from the Beeb, it has gone woke so that it will supposedly appeal to today’s younger audience.
The writer behind this shite is Stephen Knight, who created the Peaky fookin’ Blinders.
The main character Pip is white, but Estella is black, as is Jaggers, the lawyer in London who guides him. You’d certainly see a black lawyer in 1840’s London, complete with top hat and frock coat wouldn’t you.
I don’t know who plays Magwitch, but given that he apparently goes into a rant about the British empire and colonialism etc, it’s bound to be a white actor, so that he can be portrayed as a self-flagellating white guilt ridden apologist.

Great Expectations? More like great expectorations. Fuck off BBC.

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      • Maybe Stephen Lawrence the musical?

        Doreen played by Olivia Colman with Fuzzy felt for hair?

      • 30 years ago that was I think.

        There have been countless similar examples since, and not one incident of blacks attacking and killing whites in Blighty.

        Otherwise, we’d have seen the same coverage Mr Lawrence’s death got, and their mothers would’ve been made Dames too. Right?

        Oh wait…

      • That shite about Lawrence, its been going on as long as the Mouse Trap. Give it a fucking rest.

      • Just cunted that utter cunt Colman. Absolutely intolerable and up her own arse. This Shergar look-alike wouldn’t dream of playing Doreen Lawrence or Winnie Mandela in case her ‘friends’ were ‘offended’. But she will shit on the late Queen without batting an eyelid. That ‘The Crown’ series was fucking shit and should have been classed as treason.

    • When we all know that the new up and coming Al Jolson is going to play Martin Luther King in the new biographical film.

    • What the bbc have done wrong by putting the black actors in situations that don’t sit right are known as being chronologically out of place, an anachronism that doesn’t fit with the time or era.

      Now that the bbc won’t have them playing murdering thieving rapists anymore, they have this lot of out of work actors who have contracts to fill and that’s why they’re turning up in ridiculous outlandish situations, that stick out like sore thumbs.

  1. WWii series next.

    Winston Churchill will be played by Stormzy, who will ‘rap’ his lines.

    We will faight dem on da beaches
    Den shag all dere bitches
    We will faight dem in da KFC
    Seig heil mofo, y’ git me?

    The beaches of Normandy on D-day. The landing craft deploys it’s ramp to reveal some DJs ‘scratching’ and rapping. The huns start dancing as they start to get blown up.

    Then, big mash up party round at Lionel Joseph’s house to celebrate to 100,000 strong, victorious black armed forces, that stormed the beaches, whilst the honky blokes tended to their mud huts and sore vaginas.


  2. Too right. Pissing about with Dickens’ work is just wrong.

    What utter twat thought this travesty was a good idea?

    Mrs Gargery as a dominatrix for the fool Pumblechook?

    What utter unspeakable wank.

    Vote with your remote control. Boycott this shameful bollocks. And read tbe book.

  3. Telegraph review:

    A few years ago, Cadbury’s changed the recipe for its chocolate bars. You bit into a Dairy Milk, expecting that creamily familiar flavour, but instead got the taste and texture of a melted flipflop. It was joltingly horrible. The changes wrought in the latest adaptation of Great Expectations have the same effect.

    Nobody wants a naked Mr Pumblechook and yet here we are, watching him getting sexual kicks from being whipped by Mrs Gargery the dominatrix. Miss Havisham, one of the greatest creations in English literature, is now a smackhead. And the nadir: a seemingly respectable lady from the church is revealed to be a prostitute, hired by Miss Havisham to take Pip’s virginity on his 18th birthday. “Every man in the front three pews of the Sunday congregation has availed themselves of my services,” she says sweetly.

    Episode one wasn’t too bad, all things considered. Characters behaved largely as they should, give or take the odd swear word; the key scenes of Magwitch on the marshes and Pip’s meeting with Miss Havisham and Estella were present and correct. But in episode two, the original story has been trampled into the mud.

    Writer Steven Knight has dreamt up scenes, characters and dialogue that he would like to put in a drama – any drama – and inserted them into this one, just because he can. He would probably write a gangland murder into Malory Towers if given half the chance. Knight is using the Great Expectations name and the bare bones of the novel to deliver something very different.

    There’s a judge about to shoot himself in the head because he’s seemingly being blackmailed by the menacing Mr Jaggers. There are Miss Havisham and Estella getting high on opium, before the old crone makes Pip deal drugs in order to buy himself a suit. The language is Knight, not Dickens: “Summon the beast within me,” mutters Mrs Gargery, ahead of her S&M session. “Talk to them about Heaven, then we’ll send them to Hell,” a prison warder growls in the style of a Hollywood hardman.

    Of course, there are references to Empire. Miss Havisham (Olivia Colman in one of her worst performances) tells Pip that her ballroom was “built by my father on the proceeds of opium, indigo and slaves”. Pip proudly announces that he intends to make his fortune in “the colonies”.

    And the scenes between Pip, Estella and Miss Havisham are dull. When Knight is not writing Peaky Blinders outtakes, the pace grinds to a halt.

  4. Lady C was watching some shit on the BBC called the Magpie Murders. 1950s Suffolk – black vicar, black antique shop owners. Yes, it really was like that. I’m fucking sick of the BBC black washing everything. I tell you what you spooks – get your own fucking history and leave mine alone.

  5. Should re-make Roots, with non blicks playing the slave roles. They would still fucking moan even if the white land owner roles were played by blicks. Last ten years or so cultural appropriation and the like have sent ethnic relations back 50 years or more.

    The hate they have for non blicks (or person of colour- but apparently you can’t refer to them as coloured like we used to in the 70s when I was at school) is as clear as day. This is nothing to do with equality, their agenda is to be treated more favourably, with positive discrimination, and disproportionate representation. Hairdressers advertising they specialise in blick hair are allowed to advertise as such, but reverse that and the shop owner would be arrested. Fuck me I was watching a shit real estate american programme the other day my wife was watching…. I noticed every employee was a blick young woman. I said to my wife that can’t be right- certainly not a coincidence. And then fuck me the manager of the branch said they actively only employ blick women. How the fuck can they say and do that…..particularly in America.

    I was so incensed I put my foot through the tv and sent the tv company the bill

  6. Nothing is sacred anymore: The latest adaptation of Richard the third is played out on stage by a female negro, Danai Gurira, neither had I.
    “Roll over Shakespeare” tell Tchaikovsky the news.

  7. I started watching this and timed it to when the first Mud Duck turned up, it wasn’t long, so off it went.! The only Blacks in England back then would have been in a traveling Circus probably as Jambo the human Gorilla with a 18” cock, certainly not a top lawyer in London, no black man in those days could read or write and here’s this joker practicing Law.! shove it right up your arse BBC.

  8. Toilet.Not interested.Prefer to drive rusty nails into my eyes.Paper shredder.

  9. Does anyone expect anything different from the BBC now? Everything on the BBC is multicultural, they hire everybody they can to a diversity formula.

    I barely watch the BBC, in fact I rarely watch TV at all now, I’m not able to accept that the bullshit alternative reality they feed us is at all nutritional.

    The only way to combat the BBC is to stop paying for it and never watch or listen to it in any of its forms.

    The BBC was meant to represent Britain but instead it misrepresents reality.

    • The only things I watch on the bbc that can be a safe certainty to have the correct actors for the job, are foreign language films and series from countries that don’t tolerate the farcical ideas of the bbc’s own programming structures to satisfy.

      By the way, I don’t pay the licence.

  10. ‘Episode one wasn’t too bad, all things considered. Characters behaved largely as they should… Knight is using the Great Expectations name and the bare bones of the novel to deliver something very different.’

    This is pretty much the case for all recent adaptations using pre-existing books or characters, be it on the BBC, Netflix. Sky or Disney.

    Bait and Switch. I learned my lesson from the awful BBC trio from a few years ago, Dracula, Christmas Carol and War of the Worlds.It’s endemic in media nowadays.

    Steven Knight may have written this turd, but it’s the BBC setting out the beats of the story.

  11. It all started when David Attenbore got that family of gorillas on the idiot box.

    • I think old Dave Attie has been upping the population since his first trip to the jungle. Especially with those big titted Pygmy women, the lucky cunt.

  12. Sly Sports had Don Goodman (me neither) as the token blick sidekick to Bill Leslie at Goodison tonight. Both avid Spurs haters of course. I reckon Spursism should be designated a hate crime!

  13. What the Dickens is going on. They can’t leave classic works alone.
    Or History – I see to recall a dusky maiden playing Anne Boleyn in the last version of Henry 8th.
    Cunts !

    Well I want a new version of Ghandi, with Christopher Biggins playing the injun.

    I want a biopic of boxer Frank Bruno with Grahame Norton playing Frank (you nay wot I meen Harry, a hu hu hu)

    And I want Idris Elba playing King Charles in the next series of ‘The Crown’. Nadia Sawalha playing Camila. Owen Wilson as Risky Sunpak, and Chris Rock as Queer Starmer. Angela Rayner played by a bin bag on fire.
    Plipip Schofield dressed as a schoolgirl playing Gary Lineker.

  14. ps; How come Ant or Dec (the talentless twats) are still allowed to present ‘I’m a wanker get me outa here) ?
    Surely 2 straight white males prenting prime time tv is sexist, racist and homophobic.

    They should be replaced with a drag queen, and a blk Tamworth Pig called Muriel

  15. As soon as I saw this advertised, I knew I wouldn’t be watching it…..


    I preferred the version with John Mills as pip..

  16. I believe that overrated BAFTA fodder luvvie cunt, Olivia Colman is in this ‘Woke Expectations’ shite.

    But this is no surprise. This insufferable horsed faced luvviedahling will put her name to any ‘re-imagined’ slanderous crap. From pissing on two English Queens (Slurring the late Elizabeth II in the ludicrous ‘The Crown’ and making out Queen Anne was a dyke, when there is no evidence that she ever was). Yet she’ll tip toe around our dark friends and say not enough of them get awards, because she wouldn’t want to upset them.

    But, they are all like that. Colman, Tennant, Sheen, Coogan, Cuntberbatch, Freeman, the lot of them. When will a well known actor have the balls to say to the BBC or any of these woke productions, ‘This is bollocks. It never happened like that. You’re just shoehorning shit down people’s throats’?

    Never, I would say. Because most of these cunts would sell their own grandmothers to gain virtue signaling points .

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