BBC’s new version of Great Expectations (85)


BBC’s new version of Great Expectations.
Yes, yet another version of the story, but naturally being from the Beeb, it has gone woke so that it will supposedly appeal to today’s younger audience.
The writer behind this shite is Stephen Knight, who created the Peaky fookin’ Blinders.
The main character Pip is white, but Estella is black, as is Jaggers, the lawyer in London who guides him. You’d certainly see a black lawyer in 1840’s London, complete with top hat and frock coat wouldn’t you.
I don’t know who plays Magwitch, but given that he apparently goes into a rant about the British empire and colonialism etc, it’s bound to be a white actor, so that he can be portrayed as a self-flagellating white guilt ridden apologist.

Great Expectations? More like great expectorations. Fuck off BBC.

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123 thoughts on “BBC’s new version of Great Expectations (85)

  1. I always thought the writer behind Great Expectations was Charles Dickens, but then I went to school in the 1960’s so I was probably incorrectly educated, at least according to the BBCunts.

    • It’s what the dickens is going on, all over again. I decided I’d had enough and placed myself into a different era from my past, ever since the start of this bollocks kicking off. I’ve ample recordings to see me through from a settled bygone age, to last me till the end of my days.

  2. I have Great expectations this is going to be a load of wank.

    Dicken’s would turn in his grave, poor bastard – if only he knew how Woke this country has become.

    BBCunts. The writer, Stephen Cunt Probably noshes Linecunt at the weekend while having dinner in his mansion and waited on by his dinghy friends who he let’s live with them in return for servitude.

  3. Just another re write of history from the anti British, multi cultural, wokie fanatics at the BBC. They should have made Magwich a bender…….”get me some vittles boy or I’ll ‘ave yer cock and bum out.” Or Miss Havisham could be a lezza interfering with Estelle’s innocent little pussy.
    They missed a trick there.

    • These days, American kids probably have a better grasp of English literature than British kids.

  4. Making it more, whatever, what they mean is putting a spin on an classic novel to slag off our colonial history and ‘modernising’ by slotting in some unnecessary sooties.

    Where else other than on the BBC, I am sure Gary has given his verdict on the fucking bullshit.

    It’s a Great Fuck Off from me.

  5. Tim Davie must be a total arsehole as well as a liar – he was going to stop all the left wing wank, but clearly he hasn’t – just listen every Friday 1830, Saturday 1230 to Wireless 4 and it’s either the antique News Quiz or The Now Show.

    Time the BBC lost it’s funding.

      • I think he is probably doing his best but , fuck je, how do you turn an organisation like that around when the prejudice has been ingrained for God knows how long, probably since the war and that was over nearly 80 years ago.
        There is also a complete lack of political will as all politicians are scared of the BBCUNTS.

      • Tim Davie crawling to Lineker and then to his toadies, Wright and Shearer showed that he is a woke lickarse who is beyond redemption.

        Lineker owns Davie. He had his chance to crack down on the leftist cunts after Lineker’s ‘Nazi’ tweet and his sycophants walking out. But Davie was soft as shite and he gave in to them without even a fight. The cunt actually apologised to Greasy Gary for the BBC causing him – Lineker – any inconvenience. Davie is a spineless turd.

  6. I couldn’t give a fuck.
    I don’t even like the original version.
    Great Expectations my arse!

    Pip has a good job with prospects, (blacksmiths apprentice) lives in the countryside,
    Inherits a shitload of money…
    Moves to that fuckin London!!

    Silly little cunt.

    That should have that nice Nish Kumar in it!
    He’s great,
    And that Idris Elbow.

    He’s in everything else.

    • What about Jodie Comer. Now there’s a girl I’d spaff my jizz all over.

      • She’s Scouse.
        Do her up the dirtbox so she doesn’t whip your wallet.

      • Not sure, but you could ask her ?
        It’s better for her if she’s on the blob and it stops any arguments about wearing a rubber Johnny.

        If she’s from Liverpool she’s bound to like it up the arse!

        They all do!😁

      • Why do fat Scouse birds insist on wearing those skin tight leggings?
        Spend just a few hours in Liverpool and you’ll see more camel toe than an Egyptian vet….

      • I’d rather do the front door because she has a lovely face that I’d like to look at while I’m pumping away but you’re right scousers are slappers. They consider all holes a goal.

      • Cunty Max@

        I’ll hold your pants an shout encouragement,
        If I can go next?

      • As you’d be doing her from behind, why wouldn’t you get stuck in at the same time Mis?

        That way you could shout encouragement at each other!

      • Yeah, but I’m a bit shy.

        Catching each others eyes when we’re on the vinegar stroke?
        Bit off putting.

        Max going crosseyed an me pulling a Les Dawson face,
        No it wouldn’t be seemly!

  7. It’s absolutely unbelievable. How are we supposed to believe it?

    That Magwitch turns out to be Pip’s benefactor I mean. And always was.

    He’s a dark character all the way through then he turns into a benevolent softie.

    What did Oscar Wilde say? ‘no-one could read the the death of Little Nell without laughing’.

    Dickens himself could be a little bit hokey.

  8. I vividly remember the 1946 film adaptation on telly in the 1960s.

    Would have been about ten at the time.

    Miss Havisham scared the shit out of me!

    Fucking ace it was.

    And despite it being in black & white, I don’t recall there being any blacks in it.


    Our hero Pip, played by David ’20 jobs’ Lammy, lives on the Kent marshes where daily he helps our dinghy visitors ashore on the Kent beaches. One day he finds Magwich (played by Gary Lineker) being hotly pursued by HMRC for 5 million. Pip helps Magwich escape to Australia where he makes a mint by starring in ‘I’m a celebrity’, a fitting end to his career.
    Pip is in love with Estella (played by Meghan Markle) who lives with her eccentric aunt Miss Havisham (Suzy Izzard – now identifying as black as well as female). Pip believes he is unworthy of Estella who is betrothed to The Hopeless Ginger, but Magwich bungs him a wodge for saving him from the taxman and Pip becomes MP for Tottenham. Now worthy of Estella (who has dumped her Hopeless Ginger), the two are united at last.

    Coming up next in the Dickens series: A Ramadan Carol

  10. Luckily for me period dramas give me the shits.

    Anything the fifth columnists at the bbcistan curl out is very likely enough to bring on a tremendous bout of apoplexy.

    Anyway a wonderful use of our taxes..and of course they couldn’t care less if nobody watches it.

    A cesspit of cunts.

    • Their luvvie chums in North London, Bristol and Brighton will watch.
      The Mitchell-Corens and Zahari Radcliffes will host an evening around it.

      That’s about it.

      • And that cunt Lucy Worsley, dressing in a stupid costume to tell us what ‘she believes’ Dickens was saying. Even though she wasn’t fucking there.🤣🙄

  11. The only way I can absorb Charles Dickens stories are if they’ve been adapted for the screen and include the Muppets.

    I’m sorry but it’s true.

    Muppets make things more digestible.
    Same goes for American politics.

  12. So long as I know there weren’t any (peaceful persons of colour – edit) around when growing up in the forties, I can happily say Alzheimer’s hasn’t caught up with me yet. My mixed school had its normal problems with boys and girls alike, plus the teachers, without all the rubbish of today. Sorry to bore the knickers off you.

    • You probably realised the friendliness in brackets wasn’t my doing, which I found out in later life when I was mugged by the black bastards whilst living in London and chased on another occasion when they tried unsuccessfully to steal my bicycle from me, of which I miraculously avoided being killed. Plus a few more skirmishes with these loveable rogues.

      • Another incident with these black twats, came from one of their piccaninnies, who thumped me in the upper arm for no apparent reasons and ran onto a train before I could get hold of the little cunt, when stood on Homerton Railway Station. An elderly member of their tribe gave me an embarrassing apology on the runts behalf. Why should we put up with these twats !!!

  13. Gave it a miss when I saw the cast list. Is it set in modern day Peckham? I suppose if Copperfield was a ParkingStanley then the cast ought to be majority effnik too. Like Vera or Grace.

  14. Have to say that I’ve always found Dickens to be completely unreadable, so I’m absolutely disinterested in any adaptations, and that goes double for wokery from BBCunts.

    Lionel Bart’s musical take on ‘Oliver’ was great stuff tho.

    Afternoon all.

    Remind me. Did I say the BBC was run by cunts?

    • I’ve only ever read Great Expectations and that was for O’ level. I seem to recall it was OK. I also had Twelfth Night for O’ level and seem to recall that was OK as well. Then I made the mistake of reading both again a few years ago. Fuck me, were they boring.

      • Same for me with Dracula.

        ‘Dear Mina, I write to you with great feelings of forebodung…

        No, it’s not even that good. Sorry Bram.

    • Only ones I liked were Oliver! Featuring the great Ollie Reed and the lovely Shani Walis.

      And Scrooge, starring the legendary Albert Finney.

    • You’ve remind me Ron of the nostalgic piss takes of Lionel Bart by Humphrey Littleton and now Jack Dee on “I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue”.

  15. Fanny Cleaver is a Dickens character, along with Dick Swiveller, Charity Pecksniff, Simon Tappertit, and the glorious Master Bates.
    Pure filth, and Dickens knew it.

  16. This sounds dire. Great Expectations is perhaps Dicken’s finest novel. It’s terrifying enough without this crass, sexually deviant, ignorant woke cuntish makeover.

    Who can forget Pip’s terrifying first encounter with Magwitch – his sinister and frightening aspect, evoked so brilliantly by Dickens – ”You young dog,’ said the man, licking his lips, what fat cheeks you ha’ got. …Darn me if I couldn’t eat ’em,” said the man, with a threatening shake of his head, “and if I han’t half a mind to’t!”.

    Or the even more terrifying – “You fail, or you go from my words in any partickler, no matter how small it is, and your heart and your liver shall be tore out, roasted, and ate. Now, I ain’t alone, as you may think I am. There’s a young man hid with me, in comparison with which young man I am a Angel. That young man hears the words I speak. That young man has a secret way pecooliar to himself, of getting at a boy, and at his heart, and at his liver. It is in wain for a boy to attempt to hide himself from that young man. A boy may lock his door, may be warm in bed, may tuck himself up, may draw the clothes over his head, may think himself comfortable and safe, but that young man will softly creep and creep his way to him and tear him open. I am a keeping that young man from harming of you at the present moment, with great difficulty. I find it wery hard to hold that young man off of your inside. Now, what do you say?”

    Magwitch’s words to the young Pip, once read, stay with you forever.

    I’ll stick with the book and avoid this pile of cunt.

    • I don’t know why but i read that page and thought ‘Mark Twain meets the Texas Chainsaw Massacre’

      By and by, Huck saw fit to run up and down that track, swingin that old saw, hollerin’ cussin’ and sassin’ behind his mask..

  17. Christmas carol I like.
    But the rest of it’s a bit ,
    Well, of its time.
    Your meant to like Charles Dickens and he’s seen as a great British writer.

    But to be honest he was a bit of a scruffy cunt

    Looks like a pisspot?

    and the books would be better with maybe a Terminator or Predator in them.

    • Dicken’s novels were published as instalments in magazines. They were hugely popular – The Eastenders and Corry of the day.

    • Scrooge is cool! 👍

      Except at the end when he goes doolally. 🙁

    • ‘clik-clik-clik-clak’

      ‘appy to oblige, Mr Preda-thwick’

      ‘appy to oblyygge’

      Heap gave a nervous laugh at the creature mimicking him.

  18. The BBC only did this one a few years ago, with the superb Gillian Anderson as Miss Haversham. Yet the BBC now have to re-do and ‘reimagine’ everything, so they can cram stories with dark personages and slag off the big bad empire.The recent BBC version of Around The World In Eighty Days was one long woke lecture. With that cunt David Tennant going on about how great peacefuls and dark persons are in every bloody episode. Everything they put out is like this and it gets even better. Or should I say worse…

    BBC education show in Afghanistan helps children who are banned from school.
    People are forced to pay a licence fee, and they spend it educating other countries kids . The bastards also cut the UK’s Schools and Colleges and Open University funds to the bone, yet they are spunking the licence fee on Afghanistan?!🚮No surprise, but what a bunch of cunts.

    • ‘The recent BBC version of Around The World In Eighty Days was one long woke lecture. With that cunt David Tennant going on about how great peacefuls and dark persons are in every bloody episode’

      I hadn’t even heard of this cunt-fest. The animated one with the Lion made by the same studio as Dogtanian sounds more realistic.

  19. “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times”

    Guillotine the lot of them.

    Afternoon All

  20. Due to the bbc loosing money hand over fist, Great Exploitations should have been made on a budget, with the whole cast consisting of those popular dolls that are hard to come buy these days, dressed in futuristic red jackets and black and white striped trousers, with matching bow ties. Voiceovers for each doll wouldn’t have cost much, with a signature tune running through out by the now deceased Claude Debussy costing nothing. Whose association with the dolls was the theme he wrote for a jolly old cakewalk in his children’s corners music.

  21. I wonder, will the ‘Beeb’ now stop their coverage of the Proms and the Remembrance Sunday service, in case their precious Gary doesn’t approve of all the flags?

  22. Lads, I have a confession to make. I watched cuntry defiled last night. The bit I was interested in was Sherwood Forest. There was I praying the shades of Robin Hood and his merry men were going to make a pincushion of some soy cunt with nail varnish on. Put me right off, I nearly had a fit of apoplexy watching it. The words mincing and bar steward and Iron hoof were used frequently. I await my penance. I am wearing sackcloth and ashes at the moment.

    The BBC can stick this crap up their arses as far as it will go. Which is a fucking long way. Fucking crap show it was too.

    • HTV’s Robin of Sherwood is the definitive telling of the Robin Hood legend.Two actors played the title role, but it was excellent throughout.

      The BBC version not so long ago was fucking absurd. A black Friar Tuck. There were none in Middle Ages England, and certainly none in the church.

      • Even that had a token ‘moor’ and it was made in the mid 80s.
        Quite good though.

        Cuntymort @

        Get over to Hathersage in the Peak District and visit Little John’s grave👍

      • That was a good series, atmospheric in parts and a good soundtrack. The BBC version was shite, as was to be expected.

      • The frequenting of Saracens to Nottingham (calm down rugby fans)and Robin and his Merry persons ‘air-punching’ , as well as the boy-band hair styles sort of put me off as well.

        If you want the real Robin Hood and his Merry Men. it’s got to be Time Bandits.

  23. On the plus side, I managed to get a part as an extra in this: Chimney sweep, no problem, but a bit typecast.

  24. Watched the still magnificent Jesus of Nazareth recently. Robert Powell superb as Christ and Ian Holm great as the enigmatic Zerah as well as many other excellent performances. I am just glad it was made when it was by who it was. ATV/ITC in 1977. Such a masterpiece would not even be considered these days. Actors chosen for their ability, not for their skin colour or because they take it up the arse. No anti-colonial and white propaganda. Just telling the story properly in a well made production.

    • You are right. They simply do not now have high calibre of talent available back then. Jesus of Nazareth was truly a star-studded epic drama. With few if any equals then and definitely now. Sadly the modern age will just continue to churn out more race identity dreck for modern audiences pushing THE MESSAGE. If something about the life of Jesus was produced now he would be portrayed with dreadlocks with a posse of bloods.

  25. Was watching Upstairs Downstairs last night. Really good stuff. Lady Margery having an affair.
    I think I once heard that it was popular all over the world. Including in Africa.
    I mean the Africans I suppose enjoyed it because it portrayed a slice of English life.
    My point even Africans will see through this Woke bullshit.

    • On the Vintage channel Miles?

      I put on the Onedine line.
      I love the theme music
      The adagio from Spartacus
      Soon as the music ends?

      Don’t tell Arfur,
      I told him I hate classical music.

      • Evening Miserable

        It has always made feel (like just then) a bit seasick the opening to the Onedin Little be. The music swirling, the huge waves, the ship going up and down.

        Maybe that’s what put me off it.

      • I thought it was just opera you couldn’t stand Mis. I have a thing for good sorpranos but my missus reckons they sound like someone standing on the cat. She leaves the room when I’m playing it. Philistine.

    • The Africans enjoyed it because that was the type of accommodation they expected when they got here. And still do.

      • True enough. Some of the will be expecting ‘high tea’ in the detention centre.

    • I know what you mean Miles. I got so used to seeing these black slaves scantily clad and in the jungle documentaries on the beeb in similar attire. Now seeing them dressed in costume dramas just doesn’t suit and reminds me of watching the monkeys tea parties at Belle Vue Zoo.

      • Yes SS. It’s true. You’re right. It does feel like that…as though dressing them up for fun.

        Same with if you see an African court and they’re all dressed in wigs and gown. It does just look funny.

        Funny/strange AND funny funny.

        Just the way it is terrible to say (for me).

        Maybe future generations won’t see it like we do.

        But for me it is absolutely hopeless.

      • Not to worry.

        Only a few more days till Easter.

        Hot cross buns, chocolate eggs – you lucky people!

        What’s not to like? 🙂

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