Tucker Carlson

I love it when being a cunt comes back to bite you on the arse.
The prince of propaganda has been caught out for lying to his loyal slackjawed viewers, a crime that would turn normal people off, but he riffs his drivel to the MAGA mongs, and they have such a tenuous relationship with facts that even though he is guilty by his own hand, they will still blame the deep state, Soros, or whoever Trump tells them.
During the Defamation trial brought about by Dominion software, the company that supplied the voting machines used in the last election, versus Fox News, texts and messages from presenters have been brought into the public eye.
On screen, Carlson slanders Trumps enemies with barely concealed glee, while giving the Mango Mussolini credence in his lies and bullshit, however, off screen Carlson says he hates the cunt, the only thing he can do is destroy stuff, he’s a joke, etc etc.
This is a view shared by other Fox News presenters, who also parrot Trump conspiracy theories without question.

So, what does Carlson do? He’s been gifted privileged access to the thousands of hours of CCTV footage from the January 6th insurrection by the odious speaker of the house, Kevin McArthur, no doubt one of the many paybacks owed for his farcical appointment. No other news organisation or regulatory body has access to said footage, so Carlson has free rein to edit it to his hearts content.
Which of course he does, releasing a compilation of snippets of people milling about, not rioting, or doing anything like insurrection. This he says is proof that it’s a lie, and all those folks are innocent. A bit like showing Peter Sutcliffe driving around before he killed a prostitute, and saying ‘he’s not killing prostitutes there!’
He also mentioned the shooting of Ashli Babbit, saying obviously there’s no CCTV of that incident, so who knows what happened there. There is however video of that incident, that had been seen around the world, but Tucker can’t stop lying.

Oh, and that stupid face he pulls like someone has cut a fart under his nose? Cunt.


Nominated by Gutstick Japseye, the almost departed.

138 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson

  1. Trump Derangement Syndrome again.
    Emergency call for any snowflake head doctors please!

    • Hey Freddie,

      Not to be confrontational…once again I agree with you…or at least I would under normal circumstances.

      There’s nothing the Head Doctors can do when those heads are filled with space.

      Righteous and rent free

      • Why, because it wasn’t racist, against trannies, or about football?

      • I’m tempted to say… “Them Every Time” … but I won’t.

        “Why, because it wasn’t racist, against trannies, or about football?”

        But he’s right though isn’t he.

  2. You got it in one Freddie.
    They just can’t hide their “frit” hysteria at the possibility of events taking an orange hue in 2024.
    Soft wankers stamping in angry solitude around the hills muttering under their breath about life’s hardships and its everyone else’s fault but theirs.
    Cue toothless cur,yapping for attention burdened with the reality of their fading influence and current irrelevance.
    There may even be a bonus psycho, professor sportytype and a bouncing puppy eager to be loved by everyone in attendance.

    • As I told you Harry, when you fight one you fight them all!

      But hang tough! You’re over the target and we got your 6.

      • My prediction about incomers was on point too.
        The usual blather from the usual shower of cunts.
        Pitiful. 😆

      • Keep your dungarees on, Harry, The General’s got your back doors.

        My prediction was on the money. Anyone got a cloth to lend them to wipe their keyboards clean?

      • They’re all frit General, huddled together hugging each other,eyes rolling, impotentently yapping and snarling.
        It’s going to be epic. 😆 😆.
        Great sport.

  3. Feet up and waiting!! There’s going to be some swivelin’ eyes and spittle-flecked keyboards over this one!

    Nice one, GJ.

    • I see the torch and pitchfork mob were quick off the mark… 😂

      A righteous cunting indeed.

      • Morning RTC. Gene Genie.
        You have to wonder how people can believe something even after the cunt tells them he’s lying.
        Deep state innit.
        Cue snowflake, twat, and other abuse from the triggered gammonz ….😁

    • Cue the duelling banjos.

      He got a real purty mouth ain’t he?

      I’ll sit back and watch the bunfight.😁

      • I blame the Jewish space lasers myself.

        God I wish Vernon was still posting, I would go out and buy a bag of popcorn.

      • Cue posts about the Rothschilds, Zelensky and the supposedly flat Earth. All so predictable…..and boring.

      • “…Cue posts about the Rothschilds, Zelensky and the supposedly flat Earth. All so predictable.”

        As predictable as you appending the flat earth discursive hand grenade to a list of genuine issues in order to ‘poison the well’.
        Tucker Carlson is a r.i.n.o. liberal cock-slapper and his show is just a controlled ‘limited hangout’ of limited use.

      • The whole Trump/MAGA movement seem to exhibit the same irrational behaviour that is more associated with a cult.
        Once they’ve chugged the cool aid they will not be swayed from their chosen path, no matter what.
        Fool them once, shame on you, fool them twice, shame on them.

  4. Prefer Greg Gutfeld, his monologues hit the nail on the head.

    January 6th is like their version of ‘partygate’ over here.

  5. Tucker Carlson has been exposed as a self publicist and a fraud. His views change with the weather and he’s not aware of his stated opinions from one minute to the next, causing him to contradict himself almost immediately. One minute Trump is great – the next minute Carlson loathes him. Recently he said he abhorred the death penalty only to say the next day he wanted the death penalty for some miscreant. Piers Moron with amnesia and on steroids.

  6. We need that ‘mostly peaceful’ mob to storm our parliament, ‘kill them all’ 😂

    Trump 2024 bring it on!

    Anyone with a Christian name Tucker is a cunt.

    • GC’s torch and pitchfork mob should do it.

      Only problem is I’m not sure it actually exists.

      A bit like that link he keeps promising.

      • There is a train of thought that even though Trump goes to jail, he can still be president.
        How fucking dumb do you have to be to vote for a cunt in prison?
        Off the fucking charts dumb,

  7. No worse than the libtard cunts on every other fucking station on in the good old US of A

  8. I like Tucker Carlson, and much prefer his take on events to any other . Media is a mess and at least he attempts the viewer on their toes. Go! Tucker.Go!

    • yes he is funny. the capital is owned by the American people they have every right to be in there. saying it is trespassing is like being charged with trespassing on your own property. the blm riots they called the Summer of love. that was a a anarchist group the goverment backed. dominion does steal elections. I live in arizona. it took them almost 3 weeks to count the ballots. they did it off camera. kari lake just got her case told it would have to be looked at. 100s of thousands of votes with mismatched signatures were counted anyway. of course they all voted democrate. I don’t like any politican they are all shit. it’s a selection not a election. this wasn’t all directed toward you just some things in the post I don’t agree with

    • What a splendid nom!
      Absolutely marvelous!

      I, as I’m sure everyone else on a free speech site love a fresh take, different opinion, opposite view!
      And unlike the Left nobody gets nasty or tearful when hearing ‘hurty’ words.

      I don’t know who this Tucker Jenkins is,
      But then again I don’t have any interest in yanks.

  9. I fucking love Trump if only because he gives the libtards the screaming abdabs. They fucking hate him so much it gives them the guts ache. While they insist the rest of us show “love, tolerance and kindness “ they would happily tear the cunt limb from limb.
    While other politicians sniff round little girls’ hair, dress up as women and shag rent boys The Don is banging the shit out of pneumatic titted porn stars.
    I’d fucking vote for him.

    • Truss got the same treatment here. Whether one likes her or not, she realised something had to be done to sort out our fucked up economy. Stymied by the establishment- and look at the even worse mess we are in now!

      • Quite right. I don’t know if Truss was doing the right thing or not but the Establishment and their media friends had her out in 44 days and got their Goldman Sachs cunt they wanted in the first place. Demoracy? Don’t make me laugh.

  10. Ive never liked Fox or the American style of views -channel. That’s all GB News is. Ranty monologues about Gary Lineker.
    I may as well watch Whoopi Goldberg and her chums, or Coleen Nolan and hers.

    I dont givw a fuck about your ‘take’, muppets. I just want the news.

    • Thought Donny Tango was going to be arrested this week?

      He does remind me of John Gotti!
      He’s got that wise guy thing going on

      ” That fuck, Biden
      Rat fuck.
      Yo Paulie two shoes!”


    • Exactly that CP.

      Is it too much to expect these days to just hear the news without the added and unnecessary extras.

      It’s like most things in the modern era.

      Want to watch a film?
      Want to watch a documentary?
      Want to watch sports?

      If the answer is “yes” then prepare yourself for a n invariably left leaning/libtard slant on whatever it is you’re about to watch.

    • “…That’s all GB News is.”

      Another highly controlled ‘limited hangout’ intended to corrale ‘the right’. Really? So why does every ‘panel’ contain a jew, a black or/and an all purpose lefty dweeb, always skirting around the foothills of the issue. God I fucking hate it with a passion undiluted. I know a lot of people who are GENUINELY ‘of the right’ and it fools none of ’em.

      • Serious question, what does ‘genuinely of the right’ mean?
        What is the difference?
        Thanks in advance.

  11. Greetings from sunny Central Florida!

    I see that hate, derangement and misinformation has brought about another dysfunctional cunting…courtesy of the Torch and Pitchfork Mob.

    As always, cunters are well advised to keep the 50 lb bags of rock salt at hand when reading anything these mouth breathers post.

    A bogus nomination.

    T ‘n T is dynamite

    • Dry your eyes General Custard.

      Don’t you like free speech?

      Thought it was the bedrock of the constitution?

      Not some sort of commie are you?

      Don’t like it? Write a better nom.

      When you settle down,
      Find a woman,
      Have kids
      You’ll mature in your thinking.

    • Careful, General Bullshitter, your eyes swivelin’ are causing a draught.

      Mr Grimsdale, Mr Grimsdaaaaale…

      A righteous cunting indeed.

  12. I think it’s telling that nobody has offered any defence of the central core of the nom, in that he is a lying fucking rat.
    It’s a symptom of where we are mentally as a human race, in the west at least.
    Many would rather a lie that fits with their opinions than a truth that should make them reconsider their support.

    • Afternnon GJ, enjoying the nom!
      I find it just as astonishing that people still believe that any politician in the world, from whatever side of the fence they nominally purport to be, is anything other than a lying, thieving, conniving, hypocritical weasel at best and an out-and-out murderer and pædophile at worst.
      Quite depressing that the average person really is that dimwitted and will continue to vote according to their blinkered predjudices.

      • You hit the nail right on the head there Thomas.
        They are by their very nature total cunts, no exceptions.

      • Testing…..

        This is Florida calling….
        This is Florida calling….

        It’s all gone quiet over there…


      • Take no notice of Miserable General. He’s from the north……..think Blue Ridge Mountain Hill Billies, you know what I mean? To be fair he’s a bit more sophisticated than that…….have you seen his country cream gates?

      • Well, on that note, I’m off to Kielder Forest to stock up on the old psilocybin.

        I may be some time… 😉

      • I’ll have a new batch of psychedelic naughtiness ready in a couple of weeks, RTC…just finished growing the mycelium…

      • It’s ok Mis, they’ve all moved on, there’s yet another nom about dinghy rats that they can all echo rant over.
        Normally, if folks don’t agree with a cunting they say it reasonably politely, or don’t bother commenting.
        Challenge the narrative and boom! 😂😂

      • Gutstick @

        You’re winning them over!👍
        They’re just frigid.

        Keep it up.

      • It’s easy Miles. Instead of just filling your head with stuff that suits your opinions, challenge them and read both sides.
        I have said I liked Trump because he winds up people I don’t like. I probably said the same about Boris. Carlson too.
        However, that’s hardly a reason to vote for the cunts, and the more I looked, the closer to some form of reality I got.
        So, I changed my opinions on them, because I took the time to read beyond the headlines.
        Sometimes it’s going to piss you off, because you might have pinned hopes on a lie, a fraud, a cunt, and you feel foolish. I know I did. It’s not easy to admit you’re wrong, but I’d rather do that than reinforce a lie that I know to be one.
        And that is the position of anyone who still thinks Tucker the fucker is decent after the undeniable truth that he lied, and lied again.
        As for Candace? I don’t really give her the time of day, especially as she’s pushing this stolen election crap that Tucker did even though he thinks it’s bullshit himself.
        Listening to them all talking about Soros reminds me of the crazier folk who’ve come and gone here.
        Hope this helps. Genuinely.🙂

      • 👏👏👏

        The terms triggered and snowflake are often used on here.
        But here we are with the “hurty words button”.

      • Thanks for that GJ.

        Try this. Question for you-is there any ‘conspiracy theory’ that you feel has a grain of truth in it?

      • The prerequisite of EVERY conspiracy theory is to have a grain of truth in it.
        That is how the gullible and hard of thinking are hooked in.

    • “… the central core of the nom, in that he is a lying fucking rat.”

      Wrong; the core of the argument is that all media be it print, broadcast or social is rigourously policed by an antithetical group of whom we do not speak, those we may not name. THAT is the real story.

      • That’s the Jews isn’t CC. That’s your belief. That’s your religion in a sense
        But it can’t be just that.

      • Or maybe he means the Müzzies… they’d remove his head as soon as look at him! 😳

        That said, who wouldn’t? 😁

      • No cunty chops, I mean Tucker Carlson. He lied, and continues to lie, even though by his own admission he lies,
        Whine about the front wheelers if you must, but they have fuck all to do with this.

      • “…That’s the Jews isn’t CC. That’s your belief. That’s your religion in a sense “

        You are correct that it is my belief Miles but it is not my ‘religion’. My beliefs are based on verifiable and well evidenced facts whereas yours is/are based on torahic/old test. patriarchal foundation myths for which no contemporaneous evidence exists outside of its own holy books. Said books encode the mother of all revenge fantasies which were morphed out of the torah, inverted, superficially shorn of its violent open hatred of ‘the nations/goyim’ into christianity (and islam by the way) in order to convert the pagan idolators of the west and middle east to the worship of their monstrous vengeance demon ‘deity’ yahweh. Which also doesn’t exist.

        The point being is that this deist deception has painted the backdrop against which the entirety of US politics and culture is acted out. I believe a poll indicated that 40% (?) of US electors are devout or observant messianic zionist evangelicals which plays right into the jews’ torah end times “prophesies”. Well of course it would, they wrote the script! You don’t get elected in the US unless you too cleave publicly to christianity and above all the sacrosanct status of Israel and the ‘nation of priests’. “Ya gots t’ be soaked in the bloooooood o’ the lamb” Miles.
        This situation provides the action theatre upon which grifting clowns like John Hagee,, Shapiro and especially that swivel eyed psychopath Kenneth Copeland and his ilk ply their trade in fear. Carlson, Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, Nick Fuentes et al know this which is why they will never call out jews or Isn’trael as culpable for anything beyond their ‘biblical crimes’…ever.
        Yer boy Kanye West found this out to his immediate cost… but he still worships the god of judaism.

        I’ve always meant to ask Miles; why do you worship a jewish messiah/moshiach? How can you worship a god who is (according to the texts) ultimately working for your total destruction? Baffles me, it truly does.

      • “…What a wuss! Too frit to name the Elders of Zion. “

        Those we do not speak of, those we may not name etc – spoken entirely in irony RTC

        Too frit? … behave… I’ll tell you this much Ruffers, sitting behind a keyboard punching stuff onto a forum does not carry anywhere near the same degree of immediate personal risk as signing your name into the public arena by standing for local and national elections. The moment the list of declared candidates was published the crank and death threat calls would start to the degree that our house was put on the coppers’ red flag response in case these cunts turned up for a row so don’t even think to lecture me on fucking courage be it physical or moral!

        As for the protocols of the learned elders – been calling it out for 30 odd years and I deem it not so much a ‘conspiracy theory’, more of a spoiler alert really.

  13. Fucking hell have I logged into the Guardian’s comments pages by mistake?

    This bloke is a bit of a hypocrite, but I’d rather listen to him than Owen fucking Jones.

    Place is going downhill.

    Every cunt is going soft and not a jackboot in sight. Be listening to Melting Pot next and eating soy fed bugs, whilst riding your vegan diversity bicycles.

    Most disappointing.

    • Is it obligatory to listen to Owen Jones if you don’t listen to this Carlson twat?

    • Personally I’d call him a lying, two-faced, mealy-mouthed, devious whore. “A bit of a hypocrite”? Oh go on then.

    • @CB

      Saying as we’re on the subject of lying bastards. Do you remember Owen’s run in with the “far right” on a night out a few years ago?


    • Ace lyrics to “Melting pot” though I should think it’s now banned.
      Captain Beefshit on the other hand. yeah man, groovy.

  14. I am a fan of Candace Owen. She appears on his show. She appears to agree with him a lot.
    I am slightly disappointed… she’s covid skeptical. And all the rest.
    One thing that stuck though she is one that believe the last election was stolen. She mentioned again that the results seemed anomalous. ‘We all went to bed’ she said, ‘thinking that Trump had won…to find out that there were loads and loads for BiIden suddenly. which clinched it for him.

    • Any person with a crumb of critical thinking ability should be “Covid skeptical”

      Evening Miles

    • Candace would certainly get it.

      After I’d had my wicked way with her, I’d like to think we could sit up all night discussing right wing conspiracy stuff, Covid skepticism, laugh at libtards, mock Joe Biden’s cognitive ability and then have it off again through until the morning.

  15. Fox is as bad as all the Yank stations. All news is biased. At least he’s entertaining.

  16. How could anyone watch FOX ever again and keep a straight face mwith all the bullshit and lies on that channell, Carlson and that whore Greene,what a load of crap.

  17. Nominated by Gutstick Japseye, the almost departed.

    Is this British ironic humour?

  18. The funny thing about the right wing yanks is, they’ll support their Phyarar and Reichspropagandatalkshowhost no matter how much of a cunt he obviously and doubtlessly is. He could literally take a dump on their desk and they’d say thank you, oh ye great master of the cuntiverse, for that precious mousse au cuntochocolat!
    There’s a word for this & (no wonder) the Adolfs coined it: Kadavergehorsam…

  19. Say Truss. She was got rid of wasn’t she. We were told It was because of that decision to to get rid of that higher taxation which ‘spooked’ the markets.
    Now this is a way to understand Conspiracy theories.
    Yes it was ‘probably’ Tory MPs got scared and ousted her. BUT the ‘elite’ or the people at the top, their ‘mindset’ moved as one against her.
    Not explicit. Just ‘this is not the done thing’.
    She was elected. But she was blocked.
    Am I being a conspiracy theorist?

    • But that would mean I believe wei kive in a Plutocracy. ruled by the rich. ..which I don’t believe.

      • AAAH-but Miles, you have faith. You want to believe that people are fundamentally good. That we are here by the design of a benign God.
        You need to see that we are only “commodities”-to be controlled, exploited and eventually discarded.
        Milked dry.

      • How can I believe that Man is essentially good when I believe in Original Sin?

  20. He’s got great hair has Tucker.

    It’s almost presidential in its style.

    Lucky bugger.

    • You’re right HJ. And he has lovely smooth skin as well. I reckon Gutstick is jealous.

      • Tucker looks like that south bank show cunt with a blocked nose,
        Melvyn Bragg.

        I hate fuckers who go on telly without blowing their nose.

      • Evening Mis.

        The only other Tucker I’d heard of was 80s heavyweight and opponent of a prime era Mike Tyson – Tony TNT Tucker.

        He had great hair and all. Wet look shaggy afro if I remember.
        Was it “soul glo” that those fellas used to use?

      • Evening Miserable,

        As Herman accurately brought our attention to Tucker has beautiful rich thick Auburn hair.
        Never underestimate the importance of hair in American politics. Think of Reagan and indeed Clinton.
        A thick head of hair is a prerequisite for political success in The USA.

      • Following on from Donald Trump’s blow dried voluminous comb over, Joe Biden’s hair is a bit more “Tales from the Crypt”

        Perhaps a microcosm of the continued downward trajectory of American politics.

        Although I would add of course that the ancient old skeletal fella from Tales from the Crypt is probably both mentally much sharper and safer to have around young children than Joe, but my point remains.

      • No Trump is not a hair sniffer.l HJ. That’s something in his favour.
        What a fucking weirdo BiIden is.

      • See that’s where Gutsuck’s position falls down. The Dems are all fucking weidos. Think of that Cunt who steals luggage. Ffs…and we are supposed to believe in it.
        Because it is the democraticly elected power..

      • Evening Miles
        Evening Herman 👍

        Yeah ‘Soul Glo!’ 😁

        Don’t think Gutstick is necessarily supporting the Dems Miles.
        Just calling out the bullshit on the Yank republican side.

        Think he’s of the opinion that all political figures are self serving lying fucks.
        I tend to agree.

        I like Trump
        He’s punk rock
        He upsets people!
        But I’m under no illusions about him.
        He’s not some great idealistic patriot or virtuous.

        He’s a bit of a rum cunt😁

      • You might be onto something here with the hair thing Miles.

        John Kerry/Herman Munster ?

        What about Rob Blagojevich?

        Didn’t work out very well for him if I remember rightly

      • Miles, not jealous of the wankers hair, have a luxuriant head full myself, which is more pepper than salt
        As for the dems being weirdos?
        and many more.
        All. Fucking. Weirdos.
        And let’s not forget the foaming mouth sistetfuckers that vote for them….

    • Bloody hell I agree with Miles on something.

      Sam Brinton is sketchy. Not just the stealing women’s’ suitcases thing and then wearing the clothes that were inside the suitcase. Which is fucking weird.

      There’s this whole back story about when his parents sent him to a therapist for some conversion therapy back in the late 90s.

      Sam said he endured horrific torture from a “therapist” and can remember vivid details about the office and torture methods he endured, but not his “therapists” name and appearance. 🧐

      Also the strip mall where he said his “therapist” had offices confirmed that they have never had that type of business there at that time (1998 to 2001) 🧐

      • Brinton is a twisted degenerate who needs inserting into a wood turner’s lathe and twisted properly.

      • The lotus eaters podcast about Biden’s Dog Boy is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in ages.

      • I’ve told you before, General Bullshitter, if you’re going to try and be a smart-arse and pick someone up on their written English, get your own house in order and correctly use grammar in your rantings. That way, you won’t look any more of a cunt. Or, maybe not.

        Mr Grimsdale, Mr Grimsdaaaaaaale…

  21. There have only been 5 Presidents who were bald or balding and they were mostly back in the early days before photography was a thing. The last baldie was Eisenhower but that was before mass tv ownership and he was a fucking war hero. Ok you could count LBJ and Gerald Ford but they only became President because Kennedy got his brains blown out and Nixon was a lying cunt who managed to get himself caught, respectively.

    • Your right Freddie.
      Yanks can’t support a slaphead.
      Why so many wear syrups.

      A ideal presidential candidate would be Ted Danson.
      That lads hair about a ft an half thick,
      Like loft insulation.
      He’d win by a landslide.

  22. This nomination can be summarized as “I have TDS and hate anybody on the political right, so I want people to know about it”.

    • The gift that keeps on giving. It’s forever Christmas in libtard world, just follow the orange slick road and suck it up, buttercup.
      Where’s Steradent, gone for a wander?

      • I have difficulty understanding what you are talking about to be honest.
        Always fun watching someone defend the indefensible though.

      • That’s your pov and fair enough.. you at least stick to your guns rather than adopt the snide,impotent sneering exemplified by others.

      • Honestly, thank you for accepting my point of view.
        I can assure you I’m neither a lefty or a lbtard, regardless of what others say.
        Just calling out the cunts, whatever political stance they take

      • Morning Harry
        You paid foxys fine yet?

        Come on son,
        Shit or get off the pot

      • Wazzup Fido ?
        Growing pains ?
        Difficulty with toilet training ?
        Next doors cat nicked your squeaky toy ?
        Didn’t get a reach around from Mr Pastry 😕?
        Keep on keeping on, machine gun your turds on every thread to as many cunters as you can, eventually some cunt or other will throw you a chewy treat.
        Atta boy.
        🤣 🤣 🤣

  23. Good evening from Central Florida! It was a beautiful sunny day and a beautiful breezy evening.

    It seems I missed the usual tirade of insults from the torch and pitchfork mob…but no matter…they’ll repeat it all again with the next bogus nomination.

    By the way…who is the odious Kevin McArthur? I’m confused because the Speaker of the house is Kevin McCarthy.

    Stay frosty cunters and keep plenty of salt on hand because these mobsters are truly clueless.

    See y’all in the morning.

    Proudly deplorable

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