Rishi Sunak (13)

Monsewer Richy Tricky Sunak gets the old Frog Monkey

And now Richy Tricky Sunak has achieved a rapprochement with Macron over the UK immigrant crisis. Entente Cordiale rebooted? Brave New World? Mes non mes amis. Usual UK capitulation coupled with extortionate payments to buy friendship. Madame La Belle France is always a high rent mistress. You need to grow a pair Richy Tricky and practice the Gallic Shrug:

Sky news

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke, seconded by Geordie Twatt.

I’d like to second Sir Limply’s nomination.
I write this on the day that the snail munchers have just stuffed England 57-10 at Twickers. Appropriate really, as France’s Rothschild banker has just stuffed our weedy Goldman Sachs banker by much the same scoreline. Half a fucking billion to not stop the daily Channel invasion? Are they sérieux?
Not so much the Gallic shrug as the Gallic middle finger.
Macron must be laughing his Coq off.

65 thoughts on “Rishi Sunak (13)

  1. Greasy Rishi in his Norman Wisdom suit being courted and dined by that rocket from the crypt , lock up your nana,
    While France is in flames.

    Fuck Rishi
    Fuck the Tories
    Fuck France
    And stop fuckin the elderly.

  2. Yeah and The Suntan Kid was sending over Charlie the Chimp Boy to suck even more Macron cock. Unfortunately they had to cancel it because the Frenchies are tearing the place up. No doubt we’ll offer to pay for that too.

    • the frogs do have form in lopping off the heads of royalty, so not surprised jug-ears didn’t go.

  3. Carol Vorderman is ( I believe ) crusading re Sunaks Investments in Moderna prior to the “event”. £1 billion mentioned I believe.
    Whatever. As far as Im concerned Truss is PM and Sunak is simply an arse licking bent cunt.

  4. Instead of paying the French border forces not to do their job, he should be returning the flood of dingy sailors back to Calais and charging the French government for the fuel used.

    How fucking nieve can this cunt possibly be?

    Britain rules the waves!

  5. The problem with the French deal is that it relies on the French and they are not very reliable. It could possibly help, buts its unlikely to do because we have done essentially the same before with the french, and its been about as useful as a parasol in the towering inferno.

    The other problem is that it does not strike the problem at its source (ie Bongo-Bongo land and other third world shitstains). Rwanda could help and is about the most promising development at present. Lets get back to an asylum policy that prioritises those genuinely fleeing serious persecution at home and migrants with useful skills – Rwanda is a step in deterring the immigrants we don’t want.

  6. Stomp the useless prick flat..

    Four and half hours to get home from work, because of allsorted cunts that still don’t realise the art of driving is not hitting the vehicle in front.

    So fuck Rishi and this government of

    Now Where’s the alcohol.

  7. All the gendarmes on the beaches around Calais have been redirected to the streets of Paris 😂

    Rishi says he will Stop the Boats, let’s get this cleared up, stopping the boats means that they do not arrive on the shores of the UK.
    That is easy, the boats are intercepted mid channel and the cargo is moved onto boarder force vessels. Sorted!

  8. Rwanda is a publicity stunt, nothing else. You’ve got to get past the wokie lawyers, the wokie judges and then the ECHR. Never gonna happen and these Tory cunts know it. And we don’t want ANY fucking immos. We’ve got more than enough of foreign cunts who want to change our culture. Get back to the ratholes you came from, cunts.

    • Fuck that witless clump of cunt Menna Rawlings off chaps we have our new UK ambassador to the Rep. of France… Freddie the Frog… should go down well. and can I just say… Fuck Rishi Sucknak with a ten foot cast iron cactus!

  9. A massive 34 potential surgeons and architects jetted off to sunny Rwanda.
    That’s the equivalent of a slow day on the Kent coast.

  10. If we have any Cunters with an eating disorder I recommend casting an eye over the government front bench…that’ll fetch up the double pie n chips in no time..

    How did a once feared country with such a glorious history end up with a bunch of p.akis running it?

    Sign of the shitty times.

    Field Marshal Montgomery ‘s oven,at once.

    What a set of greasy hopeless cunts.

    • That Humza Yousaf could do a job though…

      ‘What we can all learn from the Quran’. Thanks a bunch for that insight Humma, now fuck off.

      Afternoon all.

      • The cunt doesn’t shy from dropping the odd “insh’Allah” into his speeches either, in his mind Scotland is a his private caliphate.

  11. He’s a useless, toughing cunt like the rest of them.

    There is more chance of me biting my own nob off and wearing it as a moustache than ever listening to an MP again.

    As for getting off my arse to vote again, not a chance.

    Waste of fucking time. All cunts.

    • No they remember alright. They have never forgiven us for rescuing them twice from the Kraut jackboot after the numerous kickings we gave them before that. So how did they repay us? Jumped into bed with the aforementioned Squareheads to fuck us up the arse. Macron can put the retirement age up all he likes, as long as he is dumping the dinghy shit on us and taking our money they will vote for him. To be fair Le Pen would be doing exactly the same. She’s a Frenchie isn’t she?

      • Micron’s a midget cunt. The French are sneaky white flag waving cunts. The one thing they do right is put on a decent riot. Let the fucking place burn.

        Fuck ’em.

  12. A million times better than Liz Truss and a billion times better than Corbyn.

      • By default-YES!
        If labour hadn’t been conquered by Corbyn and his ANTI-SEMETIC Momentum goons, they may well have reduced the gap.

  13. Brilliant header pic.

    I did wonder if it was fforbes, but no, Peter Brooks.

    Spot on.

    • Yeah and I like Wishy Washy’s little trousers. Very well observed.
      He should have had a big wad of cash hanging out the back pocket though.

  14. Put the cunt on a plane to Rwanda.
    Fucking useless little weasel.
    Reminds me of Rizzo the rat.
    But without the talent.
    Get To Fuck.

  15. Stop illegals immigrants dying in the English Channel.

    Shoot them on the beaches of France instead.

    • The Germans land mined the French beaches in WW2. Can not ge that difficult.

  16. Border force should escort them directly to their new homes : those owned by MPs and BBC employees.
    Might see a real policy change then…

    • They’re already doing that. Who do you think owns those hotels sucking up 7 mill a day of taxpayers money?

      • Stinking-Richy Sunak doesn’t need to rely on his pay packet, so what’s his motivation for doing a proper job?

      • Power and influence. Why would a multi millionaire want such a shit paid gig (relatively)?

        They all fucking rake it in afterwards, director of this, peace envoy of that….. it all stinks. Anybody that wants to lead shouldn’t be allowed to.

  17. A Frenchman asked a librarian if he could borrow a book on warfare and was told , NO you’ll only lose it.

  18. Sunak is without doubt a slimy, untrustworthy, globalist cunt. What do we do about it though? Suck it up like syrup!

    Here’s the thing. The Frenchies don’t like their cunt in charge either but they are actually doing something about it (seeing as you can’t vote the cunts out – or, in our case, the cunts don’t even need voting in).


    • What the thick as pigshit British voter hasn’t understood yet; you cannot vote your way out of a corrupt system.

    • For sure. The French don’t take any shit. We do. The French people aren’t weak, they’ve just had bad leaders at the worst possible times. I love the fuck off-ness of them, great people that stand up for themselves. They can’t help it if their Premier likes banging a saggy centurion with a face like an haunted scrotum

      • But they’re not rioting about immigration are they. They are rioting about losing a a cushy situation with pensions.
        It’s still that old communist left in France.

      • Pick your subject and riot – here’s a starter list for the UK:

        Open borders

        Net Zero



        Petrol cars ban


        Big State

  19. Why the fuck should the Frogs stop the boats? They dont want the fuckers either. But to pay the cunts half a billion to carry on doing fuckall seems naive to say the least.
    The reason they come is because we are a soft touch with an incompetent, woke Civil Service and benefits and hotels for all. Beats a tent in Calais.
    I wonder where these poor victims get the £1000s it costs to get here? And why are they mostly young males when genuine refugees such as the Ukranians are the young, the old and the mothers?

    • We keep asking the same questions, and get the usual non informative responses.

      Legal obligation, blah, blah. Proper channels, yack, yack.

      Well, that’s helpful, not, but then kicking the indigenous taxpayer in the teeth was always your favourite sport.

      I’m hoping for a hung parliament next GE, no really. All of them, hung by the neck.

      • Any cunt who say there are no safe or legal routes for refugees is a lying bastard. The population has risen by 9m (an underestimate imo) in a generation almost entirely down to immigration, so how did they all get here if no cunt in the Home Office has been handing out passports like fucking sweeties?

      • I’ve already nommed this.
        Students can legally bring their dependants here, on a visa.
        So Ahmed gets his Mum & sisters here, because they’re being supported by him.
        How? Unless he’s a mega rich gambler? Or working 17 jobs. Or pimping his sisters.

    • CC: The Uk is the ONLY country in the world to give FREE HOUSING to immigrants.

      No one would have believed
      In the last years of the twentieth century
      That British affairs were being watched from the timeless shitholes of Africa & Asia
      No one could have dreamed that we were being scrutinized
      As someone with a microscope studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water
      Few men even considered the possibility of unfettered mass migration
      And yet, across the gulf of Europe & Asia
      Minds immeasurably infererior to ours
      Regarded this country with envious eyes
      And slowly and surely, they drew their plans against us

      The chances of terrorists, coming from France
      Are a million to one they said.
      The Chances of terrorists, coming from France
      Are a million to one
      But still they come……

      • “The Uk is the ONLY country in the world to give FREE HOUSING to immigrants.”

        The benefits are the draw, like moths to a flame.

        The thing I don’t understand is that there’s all the brouhaha about the ECHR not allowing deportation but nobody mentions the benefits drawing the cunts here. Do the ECHR insist the UK pays benefits to the flotsam and jetsam washing up on its shores? I suspect not. So why isn’t the debate about turning the bloody benefits off? It should be easy to do – what’s your NI number – don’t have one of made one up = you’re sleeping on the streets and begging for scraps (instead of the indigenous homeless who we’re going to put in 4 star hotels with full board and pocket money!).

      • Sadly this country is being hollowed out from the inside by simpering quislings like Sir Philip Rutnam and other such cunts who infest Whitehall.

        Unless there could be a day like The Purge where we could exterminate these cunts, I see no great future.

  20. Note the Suntan Kid released his tax details yesterday in the middle of the Jellyfish being grilled by Harriet Harperson, friend of the n*nces. A nice try at burying bad news. Fucking rich cunt.

    • He might as well of released a picture of him on a Louis XVII chaise longue next to a swimming pool full of our money.

      Monkey cunt.

      • That’s just the bullshit he gave to the HMRC. Seriously rich fuckers have hundreds of ways of hiding their real income and you can bet this slippery bastard knows all of them.

    • How is it that his old fella comes to the UK with, apparently, nothing and then manages to send his kid to a top private school, and accumulates a load of cash? It doesn’t smell right.

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