The War on Log Burning Stoves

The cunts in charge are quite happy that thousands of people are freezing to fucking death whilst fuel companies ( their mates) are raking in obscene profits .

Now the cunts are coming for your “alternative “ way of heating spurred on by groups of cunts like Mums4lungs.

There’s talk of banning stoves, to banning the burning of wood because of particulates that are dangerous.

Some cunt from the Grauniad even said that even though there are only 8% of households have a stove, they are creating more pollution than the whole of the UK Road users put together, what utter bullshit.

Here’s a link to just one article of many that have sprung up coincidentally during the “ fuel crisis “.

The Guardian

Nominated by: Cuntington Smythe

79 thoughts on “The War on Log Burning Stoves

  1. These posh leftie fucks, with their air pollution bullshit, make it sound like they care about the health and welfare of the people of this country. Sorry, but since when did that start happening?
    They fucking hate our guts and we know it.

  2. Mums4Lungs ?
    Any organisation than is unable to differentiate between for and 4 cannot expect normal, sensible people to take them seriously.

  3. How the fuck am I going to heat my swimming pool without burning wood?
    I’m not Wishy Washy Suntan Kid you know!

  4. It just had to be in the Grauniad, didn’t it?
    No mains gas out here in the sticks, but plenty of wood in the garden. So I cut my own fuel and dry it for 2 years before it goes on the stove. It’s either that or we freeze to fucking death. The wankers in charge can make whatever laws they like, I’m not going to stop using the stove.
    As for Mums4lungs, fuck off, I’m a founding member of Cunts4warmth.

    • Good Morning

      This is just an excuse for yet another bloody tax dressed up as a Save The Planet initiative. The thought that you can burn wood, often free in exchange for a bit of chopping, is abhorrent to those who live in urban areas.
      The next thing they want to tax are vehicle tyres. Apparently they leave toxic particulates on the road. I doubt if that is true but let’s be honest what is really happening is that the revenue from vehicle fuel is declining due to the switch to battery cars and they need to make up the shortfall.

  5. Not quite sure how they would police this in any case. Will there be appointed smoke czars to spot wisps of chimney smoke?

    I’ll keep using my stove – it eats logs and kicks out loads of lovely heat.

  6. Drax power station. £900 million subsidy a year to burn chipped wood from USA..
    Apparently ‘green’ in the bullshit way the climate industry approves.
    More particulates than coal.
    Lower calorific value than coal.
    Sited a couple of miles from the now shut down Kellingley pit.

    But they are coming for your wood stoves. What a fucking farce.

  7. Once again the rabid left telling their version, “their truth”.

    When reasoned debate, backed up with actual scientific evidence us not available:


    Fucking bullshitting cunts.
    Burning wood is THE most environmentally friendly way of heating your home🙂

    • The most efficient way would surely be round up every immo and forcing them onto giant dynamo/capacitor treadmills connected to the national grid to produce electricity for indigenous taxpayers?
      Morning CG/everyone

      • Well Ethiopians are your best bet Thomas, those fuckers are like ducacell bunnies.

        Bred like them to.

      • Thomas-if we got rid of 15 million odd gimmigrants and another 5 million metropolitan twats/appeasers-this country would be more efficient and we could be a great nation once more 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  8. A pressure group called Mumswitha decentsetofLungs might get more attention, certainly from me.
    Other than that, they can fuck off!

  9. You Vil Only Have Electricity.
    Until we turn it off because you’ve transgressed one of our silly rules.

  10. We here a lot about human rights from the left, but isn’t burning legally sourced wood in order to keep warm one of those basic rights?
    Since when has this been a matter for government interference?
    Even in medieval times, with the punitive rules applied to peasants, nobody in their right mind would have thought of it. And unless I’m very much mistaken, I’ve heard no mention of a climate crisis in Tudor times due to wood smoke from homes.
    Yet more fantasy plucked from thin air and presented as fact.

  11. Nowt like a real fire 🔥

    Man’s greatest friend and discovery that propelled us out of being apes.

    Hardens wood for spears

    Kills off parasites in meat

    Boils water making it safe to drink

    Protection against large predators like sabertooth cats and bears

    We used to worship it .
    It made life easier,
    And a lot longer.

    Now it’s a threat?

    Won’t be long till they start rationing oxygen.

  12. Oh, and if we are pointing the Green finger being a mum is the worse crime to the planet!

    Heard of over population?

    Heard of limited natural resources?

    Yes, being a mum is the same environmental damage as a Esso oil tanker spill on a coral reef.

    If you could keep your legs together it’d be a act of kindness.

    And well we are at it
    Your little Anaïs and Magnus sat in front of the computer?
    No wonder they have weak lungs!

    Get the little cunts up Snowdonia or Ben Nevis,
    Air quality up there is second to none.

    You fat lazy bitches.

  13. Gas is crass. Petrol is lethal. Diesel is evil. Coal is a rigmarole.

    Now the harmless log burning stove is a threat. They won’t be happy until we are sitting in caves rubbing sticks together. Mums4Cro-Magnons.

    When will the madness end?

  14. It’s simply about power. The government do not like the idea of us plebs having independence from big companies who fleece us. They are too invested in energy firms, making a mint like they always do. Heaven forbid, you may want some energy independence! Fucking cunts one and all!

    • And yet they have no energy policy. In this country we are rich in two precious energy resources – coal and shale gas. Both are dead in the water so we have to import energy from abroad. Pathetic.

      • And don’t get me started on those pathetic windmills littering the countryside and our beautiful coasts. They don’t even produce enough electricity to power Elton John’s dildo collection for a day.

      • Why not, and we can create different scents.

        Jerk Chicken
        Fried Chicken

      • Please Freddie…try to keep the racial slurs to a minimum. In the future might I suggest:

        A BLM type is trying to burn down the lumber yatd.

      • when I was at school we had a monsignor who came to the school and during his assembly was reminiscing how times have changed.

        Now, this is in the context that I went to a school in S. West London, where there was a rather healthy number of our effnic friends.

        He stood up on the stage and stated:

        “when I was at school, things were different, we used to call them wo*gs, ni**rs, co*ons..”

        Everyone was horrified (but us whiteys quietly giggled).

        Later that day nearly every window on his car had been smashed up.

  15. More pseudo scientific clap trap.

    Just like Suk Ma Dick Khunt,son of a bus driver and his ULEZ shite.

    No basus in science.

    In any event,he is driven around in a convoy of 2 diesel range rovers!

    By the way,did any of you know that David Lammy had a friend who died at Grenfell?

  16. Didn’t we just have a nomination about trying to ban gas stoves? Now they want to ban wood stoves?

    Libtards are so unreasonable! Do they expect us to eat our bugs raw?

  17. Man has been burning wood since the fucking stone age, barbecues will be the next thing, followed by candles and yet the cunts are still happy to allow millions of fireworks to be sold/burned every year, Guy Fawkes month, birthdays, Christmas, new years, someones new sky box.
    Even the local drug dealers are setting them off in the middle of the day to announce their latest batch is cut and ready for sale.
    Until they do something about that i think they should fuck off

  18. My only experience of burning solid fuel was as a lad when we had a coal fire in the living room, the only room we heated. Plenty of old cunts on here like me will be familiar with this. My abiding memory is of coming downstairs on a winter morning and my mother would be there trying to get the fire going with a board over the top half of the fire grate and the doors wide open to the outside in order to draw the fire. Following the ’63 winter we had a gas fire installed. To me it was the height of luxury, light it up and instant warmth without opening the doors when there was a foot of snow on the ground. Is it not the case with wood burners that they still need fairly constant attention, lighting them, refuelling them, removing the ash etc? Nowadays our gas boiler warms the house for us for when we get up or return home and requires virtually no attention. A family nearby had a wood burner installed and a stainless steel flue was conspicuous on the side of the house. The house was sold later and within a few weeks there was a skip on the drive and the flue pipe was gone.

    Let me state here and now I am NOT criticising any one of you who burns wood. Too many people out there who want to tell the rest of us how to live and I’m not planning on joining the cunts any time soon! However, I would be genuinely interested to know the pros and cons of burning wood.

    • If you live in the country it’s everywhere and free, you just provide the labour.
      Even, then, it’s not costly to buy a ton of unseasoned, split logs. Woodburners and an induction fan or two will be very effective but yes,you will need to work for it.
      I wonder if bintswivtitz have their own suv’s to pick up Jonty and Harriet from the Montessori ?

    • If you happen to own a forest your quids in, other than that you can’t beat a combi. I should know just moved into a house with a heat pump …!

  19. Just wondering what the recommended alternative heating is for all the poor fuckers that live on narrow boats is??
    Government sponsored limpit mines,

  20. The cunts can ban, petrol and diesel cars, gas boilers, wood stoves, coal fired power station, so how come they can’t ban cunts coming across the channel.

  21. In my rural idyll some neighbour burning wood is the least of your worries, by God the awful stench that oft pervades the bright morning air they,ve lost another goat in the night.
    The problem with wood burning stoves is the majority of our cities are smoke free zones have been for years. Now that the curse of gentrification has infested the once working class areas and such, it’s right on to have a wood burner. If the wood burner was an approved type for use in smokeless zone no problem but as to be expected few are. Therefore on a still day/night if a couple of stoves are going you do get a Smokey fug that hangs around. I dread to think what is burnt around here and really as long as the stink ain’t coming in the dwelling I could not give a fuck, each to their own

  22. My log burner has been lit every evening this winter, saves on the heating oil bill. When the BBC propaganda about melting glaciers comes on I take smug satisfaction that I played a part in their demise. Glaciers are a menace to society, have they never heard of crevasses or avalanches? If it saves just one bobble hatted crampon wearing tosser then it’s worth the effort of firing up the chainsaw. Actually not too worried if they do ban woodstoves, will just burn coal instead. It grows in the ground and there’s loads of it. And less ash to clean out.
    Talking of icy wastelands I see Swiss banks are in trouble. They may have to sell some of their nazi gold stockpile.
    Funny how as air quality has improved in the last century asthma levels have soared, I blame the lack of smoking during pregnancy which used to toughen foetuses up. And the epidemic of breastfeeding, I was weaned from formula onto a beer and crisps diet by 6 months old.
    Off topic but do vegans have to spit after a blowjob? They look like they need all the tasty goodness and protein a diet rich in semen provides.

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