Gary Glitter (2)

Paul Gadd, AKA Gary Glitter

This revolting piece of shit has been re-called to prison after serving half of a 16 year sentence. Apparently he broke his licence conditions by attempting to access the dark web using his phone. This cunt shows no remorse and remains a menace to children.

Nasty, arrogant, kiddy-fiddling cunt. Best thing that could happen to Glitter would be (slow) death by woodchipper, live on ITV, Saturday night at 9pm. Feet-first of course, stopping the machine a few times for 20 minutes, say at the level of Glitter’s knees, bollocks and guts for comfort and tea/biscuit breaks.

Utterly evil cunt. On par with Brady and Hindley.

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Nominated by: Paul Maskinback

80 thoughts on “Gary Glitter (2)

  1. While we’re on the subject, I’d like to bring to your attention a song called ‘Fire Brigade’ recorded by The Move which was in the charts in 1968. The lyrics include these lines:

    “Cast your mind back ten years to the girl who’s next to me in school
    If I put my hand upon her leg she’d hit me with her rule

    You’d be fascinated by her, she could set the place on fire

    Half past ten in the morning she just took me by surprise
    I’d love you all to meet her, I’ll be there, I’ll be there

    Though tomorrow won’t be long, you’re gonna have to play it cool
    If you jump you’ve got to wait your turn”

    This song was written by the band’s vocalist Roy Wood, who was born in 1946, so he would have been in his early twenties at the time, and if he’s casting his mind back ten years then how old was this hot girl he was sat next to, the one who he remembers attempting to fondle? Even ten years later he’s fondly reminiscing about how he succeeded in exciting her, and encouraged his friends to join in.

    He may not rank alongside Gary Glitter when it comes to grooming, abuse and assault, but I think an investigation into possible historical sexual offences could be justified here.

  2. There must be a day of reckoning coming soon for all those 60s and 70s rockstars?

    They were banging underage groupies like it was a competition to see who could bang the most.


  3. Place him in a cell alongside Charles Bronson.See how long he lasts.Vile piece of turd.

  4. It’s barely a month since Glitter was cunted by me on here (13th February) with many remarking on how long it will be before this slimey cunt is back inside.

    How long before the inevitable conversion to Izlam?
    All-aaah Gl-itterrr.

  5. You have to remember, this is not a mental illness.

    It is a deep, burning sexual desire.

    No wonder kiddy fiddlers want a P added to the LGBTXYZ spaghetti. No wonder we are supposed to refer to them as MAPs. Anything to dilute the revulsion, anything to normalise sick making behaviour.

    I just find perverse behaviour aborant, and I’ll call them what they are.

    The hunted.

    • Like their podcasts promoting Shamima Bigbum, I am waiting for the ‘impartital’ BBC to do a sob story report to try and sell these revolting filth to the public.

      It’ll come….. ‘But… But… It’s a life choice.’
      I hope they all die.☠☠☠

  6. And just where was Cliff ‘Capt Colostomy’ Richard when all this was going on, hmm?? The dirty cunt!!

      • I wanted to shag Una Stubbs (RIP) something rotten when I was a laddie. Especially when she was in Till Death Us Do Part.

  7. I’ll give Glitter a pass here – without him we wouldn’t have the great “Another Rock & Roll Christmas”

  8. Do you want to be in my gang,my gang,my gang? Do you want to ge in ky gang?

    No,thank you,Mr Gadd. I hope you die a slow,painful death,you vile child raping scum.

  9. Apparently this vile person is worth 8 million Perhaps this should be divided up between his victims then leave him to rot in jail for the next 8 years Absolutely horrible arrogant person the death penalty is too good for this scrote 👎👎

  10. I don’t even know what the dwrk web is. Could this be a racist term for those who live BBC: BIG BLACK COCK?

  11. Just gives me a sense of dread what happened at the BBC and how no one felt it right to out these shitty excuse for humans..
    The Jimmy saville thing I just can’t comprehend what drives them no feelings for others just self satisfaction I often wonder if hush money was paid…just baffles me why anyone would help lowlife like saville and gadd got to be a money/power thing no self control.

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