Gary Glitter (2)

Paul Gadd, AKA Gary Glitter

This revolting piece of shit has been re-called to prison after serving half of a 16 year sentence. Apparently he broke his licence conditions by attempting to access the dark web using his phone. This cunt shows no remorse and remains a menace to children.

Nasty, arrogant, kiddy-fiddling cunt. Best thing that could happen to Glitter would be (slow) death by woodchipper, live on ITV, Saturday night at 9pm. Feet-first of course, stopping the machine a few times for 20 minutes, say at the level of Glitter’s knees, bollocks and guts for comfort and tea/biscuit breaks.

Utterly evil cunt. On par with Brady and Hindley.

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Nominated by: Paul Maskinback

80 thoughts on “Gary Glitter (2)

  1. The cunt should never have been let out of prison in the first place but all sorts of bastards are being let out to make room for the criminal trash we are importing every day. I would make room by hanging half the cunts in there at the moment. Any foreign trash should be hanged immediately.

  2. Pædos simply can’t be rehabilitated and should either be gassed, hung or used for testing drugs that would help mankind.
    I do have a smidgeon of sympathy for men who find children attractive and manage to refrain from acting upon their impulses, it must be awful to have those thoughts in your head and be aware of how unnatural and appalling they are.
    But they have a moral obligation to commit suicide before the temptation gets the better of them.

      • I was so disgusted with this vile individual that I smashed all my Gary Glitter records.
        Besides, they’re all on Spotify.

  3. These cunts are everywhere , one of my staff came into work in tears the other day saying her mum is dating a guy who turns out is a child rapist FFS.

    The mum has swallowed the ‘im rehabilitated’ line totally but as far as I’m concerned these cunts are never rehabilitated and just need hanging.

    Why is it kiddie fiddlers can’t just control themselves? When I see a very attractive woman I don’t jump on her and then say ‘sorry your honour , I have an illness’

    Have all the thoughts you like you sick cunts but just control yourselves.

  4. Further to the already excellent comments it’s high time that parole boards are held to ultimate account.

    Far too many atrocities are aided and abetted by rule following cunts with zero courage or common sense and the parole rabble rank high amongst these bureaucratic vermin.

    Glitter let out and starts his evil ways again?

    Burn the fucker at the stake,right next to the cunt who signed off on his release.

    Finally I’d like to back Mr Frog for my Home Secretary and Mr Cunt Engine Foreign Secretary.

    Bloody good show.

  5. A fine cunting-put him in Thinderdome against that pea-do Muslim Cleric from the other nom.
    The winner to get a lovely .30 (aka 7.62 nato) facial piercing👍

  6. He’s a pedo but a stupid one at that. He originally got busted by taking his laptop into PC World for repair with the hard drive stuffed full of pedo stuff. Then he gets out of jail and goes straight back online hunting it out again. With his money why didn’t he just smash the hard drive on his original laptop and buy a new one or learn his lesson and use a VPN when he got out of clink.

    What is it with these rich cunts – their wealth seems inversely proportional to their intelligence and a lot are either weird or perverted.

  7. He only wanted to see a video of ‘Do you wanna be in my Gang’

    I keep hearing about the dark web, I have an account with clear score who search the dark web for stolen passwords.

    So what is it, do I just switch to night mode on my iPad 😂

  8. No doubt some cunt will defend him. Vile creature that should have been put through a quarry machine while at the verne hotel.

  9. The dark web gets a bad rap.
    I go on there almost every day to get movies, video games and supplies for my assorted botanical interests.
    It isn’t 𝗷𝘂𝘀𝘁 kiddıe porn…there’s plenty of other (illegal!) things on there too…

  10. Paul Gadd is undoubtedly a cunt, but so is the legal system.
    What’s the point in sentencing anyone at all if they’re only going to serve half of it?
    There’s little in the way of a deterrent in today’s Britain, which is why there’s so much crime and illegal immigrants flock here.

    • If you seen how the lawyers voted it might give you some indication of why. They are doing it by purpose because they didn’t get their big jobs in ECHR. Fucking scumbags, that includes that bender Sir Keir Steamer.

    • Too fucking right. The reason these fuckers keep being let out, is to simply make space for new ones.
      That’s easily solved. We could provide for a lot more prison cells, dead cheaply. They should be 6 x 8 concrete boxes – nothing more – it should be a fucking concrete CELL.
      Inhumane? Too fucking right – so what?
      And have you noticed how the parole authorities are always going to “learn lessons” – cnuts.

  11. It’s a shame that he managed to bribe that Vietnamese family to appeal for mercy for his life and to drop the child rape charge.

    The cunt would’ve faced a firing squad had he been found guilty.

    That’s how it should’ve ended for the cunt.

  12. It took him all of five minutes to get into trouble again. May as well lock him up and throw the key away. No doubt he’ll be out again next week.

    • Gary is a monster.
      All agree on that.
      And should be put down.

      But I owe him a lot.

      My impersonation at the school talent show complete with bouffant quiff wig silver foil suit and 7in stack heels is still considered the peak of entertainment!

      Do you wanna touch ME?
      Do you wanna touch ME?

      Won a canal boat holiday with Fred Talbot that did.

      * Good nom Paul👍

      • To my eternal shame I always liked his “Rock and Roll” Part Two. Never heard of Part One though. He’ll have plenty of time to write that now, whilst rock and rolling at His Majestys pleasure.

  13. Whilst living in Vietnam the locals apparently nicknamed him ‘Napalm’ because he could rip the clothes off a small Vietnamese child in under two seconds….

  14. A Welsh farmer walking through his field, notices a man drinking out of his pond

    The Welsh farmer shouted: ‘Paid a yfed a dwr, maer gwerthin wedi cachu un a for.’
    (This means: ‘Don’t drink the water, the pigs have shit in it.’)

    The man shouts back: ‘I am a Muslim, I do not understand. Please speak in English.’

    The Welsh farmer says: ‘Use two hands, it holds more.’

  15. Same as that fucker Pitchfork, murdering, no*cing , rapist bastard. They let the cunt out and within days he was hanging around parks and schools looking for girls. This is the cunt who left his baby in the back of his car while he went hunting his victims……..and they expect that he can be rehabilitated?
    Fuck off you dumb do gooder cunts.

  16. I understand that, regrettably, Glitter wasn’t subject to a stairwell n0ncebashing whilst in the clink, due no doubt to the extra protection his like are afforded by us, the hardworking taxpayers, but how has nobody given him an ‘air-holing’ during his brief stint as a free man?

    • I wonder why he was allowed a phone in the first place. What did the authorities think that the cunt was going to do with it, call his mom?


      • He needed to phone his wife he hadn’t seen in years, with her being too young to travel alone.

        Good afternoon Ron.

  17. Not surprised with the cunting of two Gary’s in close proximity. One thieving land, the other thieving a child’s innocence.

  18. I have never been on the dark web and don’t want to. I have seen some awful stuff sent to me by people who find dreadful image’s hilarious.
    The trouble is, once you see a vile image you can never un see it .

  19. I don’t know what’s wrong with celebs like Gary Glitter. He’s probably had hundreds of legally aged women in his prime but goes down this disgusting route? Being honest I did like his music but now it’s tainted beyond reproach.

  20. Samuel West wants to look over his shoulder. The glittering gonad has taken a striking resemblance to his looks. Prunella Scales will keep an eye on her hubby with her rolled up umbrella. She can be a nasty piece of work at times. She’d shove that gamp up Gadd’s arse and open it up without a second thought.

  21. Gadd’s compulsion knows no bounds. The last time he was let out the first thing he does is go to Vietnam and abuse little girls there.
    Hes only been out for a couple of days now and is caught trying to access the dark web. What a complete debauched Cunt

  22. I digress, big nosegate is on the prowl again, picking his black and white minstrels team for their next banjoing.

  23. For a warm up act, could those piss-poor and half-sized anti-comedians, Cunt and Dick, go into the chipper first with that human tide mark Clodious Vinkelstein and then Dianne Abbot following immediately after to avoid gender and ethnicity criticism?

    • I love their latest advert for some fucking bank where they go to a school with perfect lickle picaninney kids. Most like the reality of a sink school over-run with schwartzes armed with bowie knives.

  24. Although I whole-heartedly agree with this cunting, I can’t help but feel a little sad about all thsi coming out about my childhood heroes. Glitter, Saville, Harris – it has affected me badly. Can I claim some reparations or sheet?

    • Aye.

      My nan told me I loved Glitter when I was a toddler. Always asking her to put “Gawy Gwitter on”. Still like the odd tune of his, but too tainted now.

      I want surprised about Stuart Hall. Always seemed off to me. Watch out for those OTT ‘characters’ (Savile, Jonathan King etc.)

      The biggest surprise was Rolf Harris. I remember being confused about Rolf getting done and shouting at the telly (to the amusement of the Mrs) “But he cried when they put a gerbil down on Animal Hospital.”

      • My mum would never have Savile on the box.
        Something not right about him she’d say.

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