The War on Log Burning Stoves

The cunts in charge are quite happy that thousands of people are freezing to fucking death whilst fuel companies ( their mates) are raking in obscene profits .

Now the cunts are coming for your “alternative “ way of heating spurred on by groups of cunts like Mums4lungs.

There’s talk of banning stoves, to banning the burning of wood because of particulates that are dangerous.

Some cunt from the Grauniad even said that even though there are only 8% of households have a stove, they are creating more pollution than the whole of the UK Road users put together, what utter bullshit.

Here’s a link to just one article of many that have sprung up coincidentally during the “ fuel crisis “.

The Guardian

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79 thoughts on “The War on Log Burning Stoves

  1. Unlike the wood burnt at Drax, shipped over from the other side of the world, the wood I burn is locally sourced and “carbon neutral”. EG it’s grown locally absorbing CO2, then burnt releasing CO2, then more grows absorbing the gas again.

    What a load of bollocks this whole eco-nutter nonsense is.

    From a practical point of view how would Oceania police this ridiculous idea? Woodstoves aren’t electronic so they won’t be able to report the crime and limited police resources won’t be allocated to it (after all, most of the wood we burn in this country is white, so it won’t be classed as a race crime necessitating emergency resources to be deployed😁).

    • Yeah all this carbon negative crap is bullshit. Look at the daffs on the side of roads. They love a bit of dirty diesel. What we going to do with no carbon, the lungs of the world will die.

      • Good point, verges at the side of the road grow rampant….🥀

        Highways ageynever trim the shrubbery as a result no fucker can see the road signs….🔠

  2. Once again, no doubt a bunch of “look at us” Thundercunt worshipping cunts will jump on the bandwagon and attempt to outlaw the burning of wood. People have been burning wood for thousands of years. These eco cunts are so misguided it’s unreal. As for these Just Stop Oil protestors, they steam my piss beyond measure. People like that should be mulched and given back to nature. We now live in the era of what the fucking cunt.

  3. The cunts want to tax us death. They hate the fact that they cant tax wood fuel. Thats precisely the reason I regularly use mine and have a second one going in next week. I’ll burn tyres in it if I have to.

  4. I burn everything on my wood burner, meat, bones , plastic…….
    I would burn wikists if it was bid enough.
    Fuck em, fuck em all.

  5. Apperently, it’s OK to have a wood burner in rural areas, because you rural dwellers don’t have lungs, just gills in your neck, or summat.

    The fucking so called logic of these twats defeats me. Mums4Lungs, as apposed to MumsAgainstLungs, eh?

  6. Coalburners need to be banned. Vanessa Felch has had her minge singed, Dawn French divorced from Lenny Henry, and all sorts of da wimminz dumped after they discover they are up the duff. All because da laydee’z obsessed wif black schlong, innit?

  7. Up in my neck of the woods, the local ‘shire council decided they would pull out all wood / coal burning fires (including ‘back boilers – to heat water) from every ‘council house’ … in Braemar. Braemar is the place you will possibly only heard of as it’s mentioned as the coldest fucking place in the UK at any given time over the winter. The shire’s reason was … just that it is wrong during a period when we are trying to be green. (The sooner that Patrick Harvey cunt gets locked up the better)
    With the horrendous winds and tree falls November 2021 … I’m pretty sure there will be tons and tons and tons of trees available for fire wood in the area. Everybody up there will have some connection with a fella that works in the forestry trade … help yourself or a load dropped off for a few quid.
    These cunts, who dictate how others should live, with only the need to flick a switch to turn on their gas boilers … boil my piss. Some folks don’t have the option …I fully understand, but don’t go fucking it up for everyone else.
    Me …. I’ve got 10 acres of trees, planted to be burned, now getting burned. Nothing better than warming your feet at an open fire howling up a chimney !

  8. The wankers at my council have just approved the largest refuse incinerator in north London, yet the cunts have the cheek to bellyache about my word burner.

    These fucking eco-maniacs are the worst offenders when it comes to shitting up the planet, what with their double standards and cunty new smartphones made from rare Earth minerals mined by child slaves in the third world.

    I even read about one card-carrying cunt from Just Stop Oil who is an airline pilot by profession.

  9. I grab all my timber from work. Stud walls , floor boards, pallets etc for the sweet cost of fuck all. I’ve got a stack about the size of a car all cut up and ready to blaze on the log burner. Central heating usage has dropped by about 50%. My mutt just loves stretching out on the rug in front of the fire. Eco cunts are cunts.

  10. FIRE is a human right, no cunt will take my right to relax in front of my fire, in my house away. I will go to prison over this because I will never stop burning coal and wood regardless of the rules.

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