Racist Covid (2)

The BBC News Website informs us that a coalition of 27 organisations (the usual suspects) are demanding that the Covid inquiry puts ‘race at its core’. The article is enriched by the usual sob stories of ethnics who lost loved ones. My favourite is a chap whose 60 year old father ‘did everything right’ yet still died.

It would be nice to think that any findings are totally honest but we know that this is highly unlikely; cue the compo calls.

However , I think that these campaigners do have a point , race did play a part in Covid. The fucking Chinese have a lot of explaining to do. At the very least Covid must be given its proper name – Chinky Virus.

BBC News

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46 thoughts on “Racist Covid (2)

  1. Now, now, now, Guzziguy, there’s no need to be so overtly racist when referring to the Yellow Plague.

    I myself prefer to call it, the Flu Manchu.

    • All viruses are Far Right.

      The Black Death
      Monkey pox
      Jungle Fever

      And ‘Go back to Africa influenza’.

      It spread since Doc martens started being made in china.

      The Chinamen create viruses pletty good,
      But like evelthing they make its shoddy and doesn’t get the job done.

  2. Everything is about them.
    They’re always the victim.

    No mention of any other people dying?

    No Indians? Jews? Japanese?

    I need not ask about indigenous whitey .

    All about them.
    Get fucked🖕

  3. What they really mean is..let’s play the Race Card and see if we can get some free money out of it.

    As usual.

    All these racist conspiracies,it’s enough to make a chap’s head spin..

    If he gave a flying fuck about the moaning cunts.

    • If they put the effort into working they do into fuckin whining then perhaps racism wouldn’t be such a issue?

  4. Thought this would be enough to send the effniks back from whence they came but nay, I can see some slick shiny suited lawyer from Abdel, Hussain + Cave Dweller Solicitors rinsing us for this.

  5. While they’re at it they can look into why sickle cell anaemia only affects the Afros.
    Obviously an invention of the white man who must be held accountable and made to pay up.

    • Be grateful that sickle cell only affects the Afros though Geordie. It may give some protection from malaria but apart from killing the victims in men it sometimes causes the penis to drop off.

  6. So rascist that the African countries with low vaccine take ups had very low recorded deaths of the Chinese Lab/American funded bat flu.

    • I’m still puzzled as to why this deadly virus didn’t manage to rip through over crowded genuine shit holes such as Bangladesh or West African countries.

      Wasn’t that fucking “racist” was it.

      • With apologies beforehand for posting an archived link to the cesspit that is Twåttêr..


        Long story short, this guys interpretation of the data shows apparent prior releases of milder strains across parts of the globe in 2017/2018, effectively immunising these areas of the planet. When they then released the nastier bugger with the suitably retweaked spike protein in 2019 it didn’t hit them as hard as it did the predominantly gwai lou infested areas…

        Of course, if one was wearing the old tinfoil hat, one might note that these ‘immunised’ areas are ones where either

        a. The Chinese have current/future exploitative economic interests in (there being no point in wiping out yr current/future slavies…)
        b. Have significantly large Chinese populations.
        c. both a. and b.

        but then you’d have to consider this to be an act of planned Economic Biowarfare on their part.

        (Now, If you’ll let me go have my morning cup of tea, I’ll happily work on where the WEF, Gates and the rest of their motley ‘Club of Rome wannabe’ eugenicist crew fit in…)

  7. Laughable.

    Clearly another attempt by the Race Industry to monetise another Public Enquiry.

    If the Government had any sense they simply publish the ethnic groups of everyone who died (within 28 days…….remember that bullshit) then compare it to the ethnic demographic of the country and take it from there.

    So according to the bloke in the report called Lobby (what a great name – I wonder if he got that name from lobbing out a massive cock) sorry I didn’t mean to racially stereotype, he knows Covid affected minorities worse because he’d experienced it.

    So there you have it. Lobby was present at all 110,000 deaths so knows his shit.

    What a cunt. What an utterly shameless cunt.

    And what an insult to everybody who had friends and relatives that died that this cretin wants to bring it all down to race.

    Piece of shit.

  8. If you follow The Epoch Times, Dr. Faucunt has almost admitted that the rinkydinks may accidentally have engineered the pox. Shame it didn’t get their Glorious Leader, the greasy cunt that looks like winnie the pooh.

  9. Off topic

    I’ve just had my tea watching GB news and that Jacob Rees mogg is on.
    Not a natural presenter is he?

    What were they thinking?

    “Vedi vox populi…zzz”
    Cunt keeps going into that Latin 😡

    Voice of the people eh?

    While I dont hate him or anything,
    I don’t particularly want the boring posh cunt waffling at me,
    Michele Dewberry is much better!

    I’ve turned it off
    He nearly put me in a fuckin coma!

    Dark horse though,
    He has loads of kids!
    He’s got a sex drive like Peter Sutcliffe.

      • Boris was the same,
        Loads of kids.

        Right pair of pussy hounds.

        No wonder Theresa Mays a hunchback!
        Bet they tried to mount her every time she turned around?

      • Can’t decide whether Rees-Mogg is simply thick or just plain stupid.
        Like Nadine Dorries, Mogg thinks the sun shines out of Boris Johnson’s flatulent arsehole.
        Between him and Boris they’ve screwed this country and fucked the Conservative party up for a generation.
        May their mothers suck cocks in Hell.

      • I like JRM’s show. It’s like watching the BBC in the 1930’s again. The good old days.

    • Yeah, no wonder he’s so many kids.
      His wife must think
      Shut the fuck up ,
      Let’s fuck!
      Only time he shuts up yakking Latin.

  10. The ungrateful bastards. We’re beginning to think we shouldn’t have abolished slavery, if that’s all the thanks we get.

  11. Was there not a distinct lack of interest among the ethnic groups re vaccination etc.
    One health authority even had teams going out to target the ethnics cos lots did not want the white mans vaccine and other bollocks. Ignoring basic advice re hygiene etc also. So what the fuck do these fucking parasitic organisations want (apart from more taxpayers money) their cake and eat everyone else’s. I find the fact that the Earth can support such a huge number of cunts at the same time promising for the future.

  12. Sorry to go off topic, but for anybody interested in football – the Bin Dippers have been binned out of Europe tonight.

    • Every single thing about this racket was anti human.

      At least flu disappeared for a while.and for that we should as all be grateful.

  13. I am just surprised Sister Starmer, he of the “five missions” didn’t devote at least one of his six questions at PMQs yesterday to this vitally important topic. Instead all he did was to witter on about Gary Lineker and Match of the Day. Time to mince round to get some more “informal advice” from Auntie Mandy…..

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