Yusuf Sacha is a Cunt

In fact he is , because the report says so, a rapist and child abuser
who used his influence as a “Community figurehead “ to assist with committing these crimes.

What kind of community would have such a piece of filth as this as a figurehead. I wonder?

Erm 🤔. Apparently he comes from Batleystan, sorry I mean Batley. A town known for community leaders and figureheads 😂

They often, apparently guide the local community how to live a peaceful ways of life.

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70 thoughts on “Yusuf Sacha is a Cunt

  1. We have the animals here in Aussie also. Evereytime you read about a rape or harrassment in the paper,you can nearly guaranttee it is a dirty indian or filty paki. Just shoot the animals.

  2. And our friend, Mr Lineker wants more scum like this piece of human excrement let into our country. Gary sees rapists and sexual predators as ‘poor souls with no voice’.
    Indicative of character, I’d say…..🤔

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