Sheffield City Council and the Clean Air Zone

Well, I’m almost a mystic, able to predict the future.
Sheffield City Centre. Tumbleweed blows across Fargate, and down the Moor.
The recently built new market at Moorfoot is now home to several hundred rats, feral cats and junkies.

All the pubs, restaurants and nightclubs are either shut, or bring their customers to the door in armoured cars.

Welcome to Sheffield, no, no, you really are welcome to it.

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Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

(I suppose councillors, ministers, and assorted eco-loon celebs will be exempt! – Day Admin)

95 thoughts on “Sheffield City Council and the Clean Air Zone

  1. Shame the steel industry is not still there……. that lovely choking sulphurous stench.

  2. I lived in Feicester for a few years, shortly after getting married. Travelling back into the centre on the A47, there were signs proudly proclaiming the city to be a nuclear-free zone.
    I often wondered how the Soviet ICBMs could distinguish, and if they could do emergency stops/3-point turns.

    • The Ruskies would know that Leicester was full of w*gs so why would they want to solve our problems for us?

    • Waltham Forest was a “nuclear free zone” – even my 10 year old brain realised hiw stupid that was. Now it’s the “home of william morris”. Nothing can disguise the fact that it’s a shit-hole full of immigrants and stanis.

  3. Manchester was claimed to be a ‘nuclear free city’in the 80s. But since thunderbird puppet Andy Burnham took charge, it’s a cross between Islamabad. Eritrea, and Bucharest. The man is a cunt….

    • Like I keep saying Norman, who are the real cunts.

      Those in power or those that keep voting them in. I mean, no one in their right mind would vote for Burnham the self proclaimed ‘Cock o’t north’ would they….

      I see the good people of Thetford in Norfolk are pushing back against their local councils imposition of 15min city plan.

      There is hope.

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