Sheffield City Council and the Clean Air Zone

Well, I’m almost a mystic, able to predict the future.
Sheffield City Centre. Tumbleweed blows across Fargate, and down the Moor.
The recently built new market at Moorfoot is now home to several hundred rats, feral cats and junkies.

All the pubs, restaurants and nightclubs are either shut, or bring their customers to the door in armoured cars.

Welcome to Sheffield, no, no, you really are welcome to it.

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Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

(I suppose councillors, ministers, and assorted eco-loon celebs will be exempt! – Day Admin)

95 thoughts on “Sheffield City Council and the Clean Air Zone

  1. There lies the problem it’s got nothing to do with air pollution..
    It’s just another tax.

    It’s no different to, after the smoking ban, charging people a fiver and you can smoke in the pub.

    Pay us a tenner and you can pollute to your hearts content..

    Be honest and say it’s a tax on poor people..

    • Barry, there have been air quality monitoring stations in Sheffield for at least 20 years, so they’ve been well aware of the problem for a long time, and have had every opportunity to deal with it.
      You are quite right. It’s a stealth tax.
      The delivery companies will just put their prices up, which the wholesaler and retailers will pass on to us, the customer.
      Ain’t it grand?

    • Nothing worse than a peacefulls fart MNC, my Jack Russel and vegetarians try to replicate it, close on a good day but no japatti, they dont seem to be able to get the wetness that these sweaty fuckers manage.

      • I agree entirely Fugly.
        Not sure why your telling me though,
        I’ve not said owt!🙂

      • Sorry i left one off, bodybuilders with protein shakes, tuna, curds and whey.
        Mate of mine used to do that shit [you the type, small man syndrome], anyway people stopped inviting him around to their houses, he was like having an open can of Surstromming in your front room, in fact fuck it he was worse that the peacefulls

      • It must be a genetic trait or something, maybe the result of years of intergenerational marriage between cousins.

      • We do,
        I’ve given your details when facing driving convictions.

        You well MCMM?

      • I’m well thank you MNC and hope you are too.

        Don’t worry about the driving convictions. With our “handles” being so similar I accidentally received your £100,000 prize as cunter of the year. Oh well. Never mind.

    • Sorry MNC, i meant MMCM, i should be wearing my glasses, i will find them one of these days, oh well back to the heart operation…

  2. The last time I was in Sheffield city centre was in the 1970s. Not quite a dump then but certainly heading that way led by a bunch of lefty councillors such as visionary David Blunkett.
    Hang on isn’t Sheffield the place where thousands of trees were unlawfully chopped down to save the council money?

  3. The best protest that van and truck drivers could do – pay the ‘tax’ and then just drive around the city all day, Pollute the cunts just show what a stupid idea it really is.

    Vans and trucks don’t go into the city for fun, it’s for business.

    Absolute madness.

  4. I expect their “green” policy is simply a distraction from their real aim..

    Ruin the businesses in the city then build houses with central government handouts then fill them with illegal immigrants..

    Most shithole councils are onto this as the perfect solution to those awful council tax and business rate people who want some semblance of value for money and accountability.

    Penpushing cunts for oven.

  5. Fuck the city centre. I get the train in and meet my mate in the Sheffield Tap on the station. Good ale, no ParkingStanleys and then back on the train to civilisation.

  6. I had my Council Tax notification yesterday. Its gone up by £4 a month and I’m buggered if I know what they are spending it on.

    It certainly isn’t the roads or footpaths.
    Younger told me that Sheffield has just been given £x millions to tackle the pothole problems.

    My reply, did anyone tell them they were supposed to use it to fill them in, not dig new ones? It’s like driving with a flat tyre, it’s so bad.

    • Meanwhile you can bet that in some flyblown African shithole the locals are enjoying lovely pothole free roads courtesy of foreign aid. Assuming that it hasn’t been pocketed by the local warlord of course.

    • Our Council Tax went up by £8.50 a month.

      That’s approx 3.9% increase on last year.

      Feel we got off quite lightly considering inflation is currently running at 10.1%.

      Agree it doesn’t alter the fact that it’ll all get spaffed up the wall as usual.

      • I don’t know if your council does this, but my bill is split into 4 areas they cover.
        Council tax 3.4%
        Adult Social care 0%
        Police 6.7%
        Fire and Rescue 6.4%

        Adult Social Care, absolutely fuck all, so the three visits per day, of at least 30 minutes are now twice a day for 15 minutes, just long enough to put some warm milk on a weatabix and wash your bum.
        Wonderful. The fucking cunts.
        And a 6.7% for policing, where I live, it’s drug central. I haven’t seen a police for months.

      • Evening Jeezum.

        Ours breaks down as following:

        County Council – 2%
        CC Adult Social Care – 2%
        Borough Council – 3%
        Police & Crime Commissioner – 6%

        We get fuck all from any of that apart from having our various bins emptied. Police are a joke as they only investigate non-crime hate incidents, except when they’re not busy harassing otherwise law abiding citizens. I had the temerity to cross the road without using a pedestrian crossing once. Pig in a patrol car pulled up beside me and spent 5 minutes lecturing me on road fucking safety, ffs!

        They’re all cunts out there!

  7. Thanks for the links Jeezum. This seems only to have started appearing in the national media quite recently, or in Bucks at any rate. Stepping back and taking the wider view Sheffield council seems to be in the same mould as all local authorities, i.e. the population they supposedly serve regard them purely as a fucking problem in their lives. Sheffield council in particular has been invited repeatedly by the media to put someone up to be interviewed about the various forms of vandalism they have perpetrated and resolutely refuse. My father, a Black Country lad, had an expression he used to describe these institutions; “Thick as shit and twice as nasty.”

  8. Sheffield Council is, and has been for decades, ‘anti-business’. In the 80s it was mockingly called The Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire. In the 90s its business rates were twice those of Leeds, despite Leeds being the more affluent city. I remember during that period many small businesses coming and going in a matter of weeks. The council was too stupid to realise that a business paying lower rates and staying open would pay more than one taxed out of existence.
    When I lived there I always thought the Council was Sheffield’s worst enemy. Reading this nom, it seems that nothing’s changed.

    • Not one damned thing, Hardy.

      The CAZ doesn’t, as yet, apply to private cars or motorcycles, however who is going to drive into a city centre where shop after shop is closed, is full of beggars, tramps and the mentally unstable.

      I think that this is just preparation for the “15 minute cities”.

  9. A mate of mine from University days was Sheffield born and bred. Even 45 years ago he and his girlfriend were pissed off with the city centre and wanted to move out to either Dore or Totley. We’ve since lost touch, but for those who know Sheffield, are those two still the go to places for the aspirational?

  10. I hear ‘sheffield ‘
    I think steel .

    The best steel in the world.

    When I was a nipper my dad gave me a penknife,

    ” See that lad?
    Made in Sheffield ‘
    They make the best knives and cutlery in the world.
    An see the pennines?
    It’s the other side”.

    My little heart swelled with pride!
    Fancy me owning a Sheffield blade ?!
    La-di- fuckin -da.

    It’s a shame what’s happening in Sheffield.
    It really is.

    • The Full Monty – terrific film and very funny – was chock to the brim with melancholia about Sheffield’s industrial decline and the sad plight of Sheffield’s working class communities.

  11. Clean Air zones,
    Another tax on working class people.
    It’d add £5k a year on my outgoings for sweet fuck all.

    Fuckin Tory scum!!

      • Not sure quite how DCI?
        Those cunts have pretty much decimated this country.

        The dirty shower of shite fleecing us in the name of environmentalism.☹️

      • Labours not been in power for the last 13 years Baz.

        I’d happily blame them if I could, but the blame for the state of this country rests with those in power.

        The money grabbing feckless shite.

      • Labour. Tory. Two cheeks of the same rancid arse.
        Never thought I’d find myself agreeing with George Galloway 😯

    • This of course is the fix for this shit Jeezum. There are some bolshy bastards in Brum, we lived amongst them for years. The motorway bypass to the north of Brum is a toll road and almost no-one uses it because they refuse to pay the tolls. The old M6 through the northern suburbs is still chocka all the time and in the rush hour the old road which roughly parallels the toll road is very busy and from there you can look down in places on this empty motorway with weeds growing in the joints. Well done Brummies indeed!

  12. Is there anywhere left that’s not going down the shitter? Tory policies gladly implemented by Labour councils ensure city centres decline.
    Is York still nice?

    • Dunno, So Long,it been years since I were last there, but that might be an interesting pootle for me and the Gradly Lass, next school break.

      I’ll let thee know.

    • I’m a southerner through and through (although my dad was a geordie). I love York and would happily swap tomorrow.

      • I forgot to add, I like Richmond too, but why the fuck they have the stinking stani for their MP, I just cannot fathom. There are hardly any of the cunts up there.

  13. I smell the work of the great Suckdick Khunt here. Just wait, this fake clean air zone will gradually spread further and further out from the city centre robbing more and more pockets and driving more and more people off the road. It’s a tried and tested method.
    But don’t forget……it’s all for your own good. You know it makes sense!

  14. Bottom line is,

    The powers at be want all the great unwashed out of private vehicles and onto public transport.

    Driving will be for the rich / elite / politicians/ royalty….

    May a curse be upon them…. 👹

  15. As a Sheffielder I fucking detest the Labour Council. The electorate of Sheffield would vote the decomposing genitals of Pol Pot if you pinned a Red Rosette on them. Thick as shit champagne socialists with about as much common sense as a very shallow soap dish. The city is finished, with it now being City of Sanctuary for all the imported riff raff of the world. It’s now a fucking dump.

    • I must admit that when I saw that on the news I was astonished for a moment or two and then realised that I am in modern Britain.
      There are times that I wish that I had suffered a quick death on the Guzzi a couple of decades ago.

  16. Well cheer up everyone, comic relief is on tonight, three hours of belly laughs.

    The world’s finest comedians brought to by the wonderful BBC.

    Now where did I leave my gun.

  17. The man wants every cunt to go out of business so the likes of Blackrock can harvest the real estate and then monopolise rents in a few years.

    You will own nothing, and you will be happy. It’s happening, they don’t even hide what there aspirations are..fucking skunk cunt globalist fuckers.

  18. if you’re going to enforce a Clean Air Zone at least enforce it on ALL the city’s roads. At least that way it makes a bit of sense. Merely enforcing it in certain areas just moves pollution as opposed to stopping it.

    • If you want a clean air zone then all vehicles should be banned. Paying a tenner doesn’t make a vehicle pollution free. Another money grabbing exercise by those that couldn’t run a bath.

  19. Air moves. There is no science to this. Bullet to the back of the head for the cunt who came up with this shite.

  20. They had a self employed CCTV engineer from Sheffield on the news a few days back. He said he wasn’t going to do any more jobs in the City Centre because of this and now does a detour to avoid paying the fee along with thousands of others. The detour takes him past hospitals, a school and an old folks home. The stupidity of Sheffield Council has no bounds, a gang of rhesus monkeys would do a better job.

  21. I’m green enough.
    Teeth and toenails.

    I don’t litter.
    Flytip a bit though.
    Pick up my dog shit
    An post it through a pakis door.
    Asbestos in the green bin
    Engine oil in blue bin.

    I don’t hunt whales or build hydro electric dams in rain forests.

    That’s better than most governments.

    Want to be green?
    Clean up our fuckin rivers and waterways!
    Imprison the board of water companies and fine them multi millions.
    Pumping waste into our rivers.

    But no.
    They went to the same posh schools as the Westminster rats.
    Turn a blind eye to that.

    • Completely off topic –
      Just seen that Vlad Pudin on the news.
      He’s been declared a war criminal,
      Something to do with children (knew it!)

      But what struck me most was he was wearing a girl’s coat?!!

      Yoohoo hello honky-tonk!🌈💋

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