This Money-Grabbing Government

I would like to nominate our money grabbing government for trying to screw money out of any fucker they think they can get money out of.

Dirty Harriet and i operate a little garage, its just me, her and my lad who comes in to help for 12 hours a week, its cold, its hard work, there are all sorts of associated costs that means it pays a wage but is really getting to the point were there are easier ways to make a living, it honestly makes it hard for me to be sympathetic when i hear NHS staff, train staff, teachers going on strike over pay and conditions, they want to spend a year or two doing this fucking job for some clarification.

Anyway i digress, there are always more costs, the latest is for a fucking 瞿385 licence to play the fucking radio as background music, i shit you not, as most of the time its only me listening in the closed workshop, that’s absolute bollocks, it looks like I’m going to have to sing to myself or dust off my fucking Walkman.

Honestly in a country where we rescue illegal immigrants from the channel,so they can come here and claim everything under the sun at out expense ,donate millions to other fuckers wars, charities for every fucking thing from webbed footed inbred African with cleft lip and fractured eyelash cunts to the plight of the night stalker scorpion and the box jellyfish, Food, petrol, diesel, gas has all gone up and now we are donating tanks ffs.

Who the fuck is financing this shit show you ask, it appears to be the ever rarer people in this who work, like you and me, we pay for these pontificating government cunts, to turn up at parliament, get slowly shit faced all at our expense while polishing the green leather benches with their arses and think of new ways to fuck over the little guy trying hard to make a living.

Honestly it make me think, why the fuck should i work, i can lie, con , become a leech sucking on the bollocks of all those cunts who fund this country, go on the dole, claim every benefit in the book and have the brass neck to complain there isn’t enough channels on Sky tv, while have Deliveroo drop off my pizza with extra cheese, helping me to become a burden on the health service, which a hasten to add i also pay for, but cant use because of the people leeching off it or the cunts are on strike.

Next there is going to be a sex tax, an air tax, daylight tax, moon light tax, rain tax, unwanted and unwelcome, these cunts will find a way to tax everything soon enough…

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

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    • Went to your link there CCtCM and it struck me that what was regarded as a huge fraud i.e. the coins not being worth the metals of which they were supposed to consist is now standard practice. So called “silver” coins (cupro-nickel in reality) and “copper” coins are nowadays no such thing. Swing a magnet over the small change in your pocket and you will pick up most of it. You have a pocket full of plated steel washers.

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  2. Oh, and this…The BBC will not be punishing Alan Shearer and Ian Wright for their tantrum/walk out last week.

    Of course they won’t. Somebody has to be on hand to bring Gary off and lick his arse…

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