Sadiq Khan (33)

Fucks sake how much lower can this son of a bus driver fucking sink? Sad sack or suck dick to his friends(If he had any) Has called people who were calling him out for his BS ULEZ bollocks far right and Tories? How the fuck did you come to that conclusion.

Oh silly me I thought the Conservative party were the government at this time?
Sadiq you fucking tosser there are no far right parties allowed to operate in Britain today. Fucking LOTS of leftist tossers about though.

It’s surprising how the left call anyone who disagrees with their dictatorial meanderings far right. Let me make ONE thing very clear the Nazis were the National Socialist German Workers Party, therefore a leftist party not right wing you total cunt.
Where is this zone ending we are thinking of going over to Belgium in April, Can we go around the M25 without paying coin into this cunts coffers?

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