Sadiq Khan (33)

Fucks sake how much lower can this son of a bus driver fucking sink? Sad sack or suck dick to his friends(If he had any) Has called people who were calling him out for his BS ULEZ bollocks far right and Tories? How the fuck did you come to that conclusion.

Oh silly me I thought the Conservative party were the government at this time?
Sadiq you fucking tosser there are no far right parties allowed to operate in Britain today. Fucking LOTS of leftist tossers about though.

It’s surprising how the left call anyone who disagrees with their dictatorial meanderings far right. Let me make ONE thing very clear the Nazis were the National Socialist German Workers Party, therefore a leftist party not right wing you total cunt.
Where is this zone ending we are thinking of going over to Belgium in April, Can we go around the M25 without paying coin into this cunts coffers?

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  1. I would like to take that tiny poisonous goblin as far right as possible and chuck him in the sea.

    • You are thinking along the right lines here – alter your car’s number by one letter and use the checkers to see that the altered number is MOT’d, taxed and insured. If not, try a few different combinations until you get one that is.

      Get some “show plates” (you don’t have to provide ID or vehicle docs for these) made up with the new number and put these on your car.

      Ignore all the cameras etc and don’t pay for any of the bullshit. The chance of you being pulled over by the police is going to be infinitely low (it’s mostly only cameras that police roads now – when was the last time you were pulled over for a lightbulb being out or whatever?).

      If you should get unlucky and get stopped just say:” bloody garage must have misspelled my number plate”.

      It’s high time we all start addressing this bullshit with “practical solutions”.

  2. Suckdick can call me ‘far right’ if he wants.

    Same as I can call him a fucking little stinking shithouse who I wouldn’t wipe my arse on. If I want.

    Fair do’s.

    Afternoon all.

  3. My mate who suffers with dyslexia, considers himself far right. He’s recently joined the Dyslexic KKK, he says they fucking hate gingers….

  4. Whenever I see this little shortarse, or his big boss, Starmer, of the wobbly jowls, I am always reminded of a character in William Burroughs The Naked Lunch – “The Talking Asshole”. If they remake the film, who should play him, Kweer or Suckdick?. There is only one way to settle this – F I G H T ! ! !

  5. Everyone knows is just a dash for cash, what the fuck has Covid deniers and far right got to do with the debate.
    Just saying it’s all about air quality doesn’t justify charging people to drive when the are already paying tax, petrol and insurance.

    It’s all about easy money, if everyone in greater London didn’t pay they would be fucked because the courts wouldn’t have the time to recover the fines.

    Khan is a cunt, pity his bus driving father hadn’t been sterile, or even better back in P*ki land.

    • You got that right soi.
      I do alot of work in London, the parking situation is a joke.

      If you can find a space, the price is a piss-take.

      Couple of weeks ago the price was for one hours parking £5.70 plus a £6.20 diesel surcharge.

      It’s like the cunt is trying to push tradesmen out of london..

      • Need to import some of those protesters from Paris, I saw a report that the pension changes could be the end of Macron.
        The French are either on strike or protesting or both 😂

  6. how can the little cunt get away with charging people to use the roads they’ve already paid for, didnt know London was an autonomous country enable to make it’s own law separate from the rest of the UK. Trouble is the way him and big ears are importing more of bus boys countrymen into London the more votes the cunt will harvest.

    • Why’s he wear mascara?
      Little panda looking motherfucker.

      Thought Muslims couldn’t wear makeup?
      Specifically the blokes!

      Jesus the birds don’t even shave their tashes or their legs.
      Like they’ve got Billy Connolly stuffed down their socks.

      He may as well put on a bit of lippy and false eyelashes.

      They sell it in ASDA,
      Not far from the childrens clothing section he buys his clothes at.

      • That’s a eye infection mis, when you wipe your arse with your bare hand. Best not start putting your contact lenses in.

      • 😄
        Bit of stink finger?
        Cunt looks like a ramjam version of Siouxie Sioux.

      • I saw a muzza girl about 13yrs old Baz,
        An she was the absolute spit of Ian Rush.

        Young hijibjabs like to look like Scousers of yesteryear for some reason?

      • I watched Rush play at the old Deva stadium for Chester City-just before he joined the bin-dippers,
        Fucking brilliant striker👍

      • Brilliant striker but probably one of the thickest footballers ever. And that’s saying something.

        Made Wayne Rooney look like NASA’s chief rocket designer.

      • The little lemonade drinking one has just been sent down for beating a junky to death in a crack den.
        No shit.

        Should of drank the moo juice kid.

      • No the black kid from the milk advert.

        The R Whites lemonade bloke is Elvis Costellos dad.

        Miserablespointlessfacts. Com

      • It took Rushie over a decade to score against Man United,🤣

        Dalglish was the thorn in our side though. What a fucking player. One of the very best.👏

  7. Cannot figure out how the onerous cunt gets elected. Not one person from my old stamping ground NW London has a good word to say about him or any of his and colleagues cuntish programs. One of my associates has been calling pavement dog turds sadiqs for ages. All that voting fraud in Tower Hamlets, 60 people registered in a two bed flat above a news agent and other bent crap springs to mind. Fuck him backwards to hell is about all the unctuous cunt is due according to my self and colleagues. God help London.

    • He isn’t standing for Mayor again.
      I think he has his eyes on an even higher office…..

    • I was working the outer London suburbs BB the day after Livingstone got the bum’s rush and the overwhelming view of the folks I met that day was; “Thank fuck we’ve got him off our backs.” At an election in Slough some years ago it was noticed that scores of postal votes were applied for from one address and most applicants were named Mohammed or Iqbal. Remarkably someone was despatched to speak to the occupants and found a derelict building which had no roof.

  8. Most outer London boroughs and the Home Counties are opposing the expansion of ULEZ and are refusing to allow Suckdick’s spy cameras on traffic infrastructure they own. Are they also Nazis and covid deniers? I live in Hertfordshire, one of the home counties up in arms against Suckdick. It must have passed me by that Herts County Council has fallen under the control of the National Socialist Party.

    • Can’t see the working lads of St Albans or the Lea Valley take this lying down, MMCM👍

      • Too true CG. Suckdick may take our lives and even our money but never our frrrreeeedddooommmmm!!

  9. This midget,son of a bus driver,is driven around in a convoy of 2 armoured diesel powered 4×4’s.


  10. Londonstabistan’s demographics mean we will never get rid of this fucking Pa*i EU loving cunt. Peacefuls, other w*gs and wokies are always going to vote Labour, come what may. Like Biden he’s always got the votes of dead people in his pocket if you know what I mean. Not only that but the fucking Tories are hardly an attractive alternative.
    We are fucked and it’s all coming to a city near you. You can run but you can’t hide.

  11. Not the far-Right again!

    They have been busy in the last few weeks protesting migrant hotels and abusing Gary Lineker.

    Also shot Kennedy and faked the moon landings.

    • One of those far right fuckers is probably to blame for filling up the bin on the park near me.
      Just the sort of dastardly deed they get upto.

      How does Saddick identify these Far Right so easily ?
      I can’t tell them apart from ordinary people!

      • It will eventually become like, “He’s behind you!” shouted at pantomimes as a warning for danger.

        ULEZ protests, St Georges Day, morris dancing, its literally endless.

      • Everyone is out to get you when you a paranoid loser like I’m a son of a bus driver.

        Ding ding end of the line.

      • It must be Nazis that recently stole my blue recycling bin. They get everywhere, these far right infiltrators.

      • We foam at the mouth, we are swivel-eyed and our knuckles drag along the floor.

        I read it in the Guardian so it must be true.

    • And they’re causing the Scottish Nonce Party to implode north of the border. The English far-right, to be more specific.

      • And what great fun it is to watch, Geordie. Now Peter (“the money is just resting in my account”) Murrel is joining Sturgeon in exile in McCraggy Island for a new remake of Father Ted.

        Father Ted – Peter Murrell
        Father Dougal – Nicola Surgeon
        Father Jack – Alex Salmond (Feck. Drink. Girls. Independence).

      • Father Ted but with one important difference, MMCM.
        Ted and Dougal shared a bedroom, unlike Krankie and Uncle Fester.

      • The “super-injunction” pertaining to reporting about her relationship with a female “associate”, certainly points towards it….

  12. Calling your detractors far right is the goto thing, it’s a pathetic attempt to gain sympathy, “oh poor boy, the far right are bullying him.”
    Man up, midget.

    • Lineker has started a trend.

      Don’t agree with me? You are Adolf.

      I fucking wish we had one right now, as long as there’s no genocide nonsense. This little cunt would be shut the fuck up pretty sharpish at least.

      Country is fucked. Foreigners and quizlings in control of everything. Just enjoy what you can and take care of your own. It’s going to get much worse, I’m afraid.

  13. I hope,very soon,this little goblin is caught on the thirtieth floor of the next Grenfell Guy Fawkes Ethnic Ghetto Flaming Tower of Londonistan.

    Live on the six o’clock news.

    Crack open some nice wine and sit back and enjoy.

  14. He claims to be 5ft 5in 😆
    So probably 5ft 2in.

    R2D2 little fucker.
    I was that height when about 7yr.

    Yellow brick road motherfucker.

  15. The low emmision zone will always expand.

    People living on the border of the zone as it expands will complain that more cars are using their streets to avoid payment, therefore their air quality is getting worse.

    The zones will then get bigger and bigger.

    Of course there is no complaint from the various councils that this midget, Pakistani cunt is infiltrating into their areas.

    • There are complaints ac, but once the money is shared out. Its all for the good of the environment.

      Buying a conscious.

    • It’s the forerunner for 15 minute cities.

      Resist. If you get a fine in a CAZ, don’t pay it, but protest against the policy.

      Brummies have figured it out, take a leaf from their book.

      Bang on, Brummies!

  16. what made me laugh is that Khan was introduced at a Labour conference as the world’s most famous son of a bus driver, and everyone was expecting Bruce Springsteen to come on!

  17. I tried parking outside a Central London hospital recently.
    I’d only just switched off the engine when some parking attendant started shouting, “You can’t park there, it’s only for badge holders.”
    I said, “That’s why I’m here, I’ve got a bad shoulder.”

  18. It is within the Government’s power to stop this little cunt. However, it is part of their agenda also , so they want to a) see how it pans out, and b) can blame the little stani cunt for it.

  19. He has done well for a son of bus driver.
    33 cuntings pretty impressive for a midget.

    Bring on the dead pool.

  20. Khan is without doubt an arsehole, but let’s put this Nazi shit into some perspective.
    Gary Lineker compared the language used by the government regarding the Illegal Immigrants with that of 30s Germany, the implication that it’s Nazi. Although there is a shred of truth, the Nazis used similar tropes to demonise Jews long before the holocaust, in a way to prepare for its eventuality, the similarities end there, as there is no change of an extermination policy, regardless that it would appeal to some.
    On the other side, Peter Hitchens decided to climb up his own arse by declaring that the Nazis were far left rather than far right. It’s got socialist in the title he said, before quite a few far knowledgeable on the subject pointed out some actual facts, like the name of the party predated Hitler, who got rid of the unions and did many non socialist stuff from the word go.
    It’s like the Hugo Boss myth (he didn’t design the Nazi uniforms, only manufactured them at his factory, as well as others), once it starts going around, it gets accepted as fact. Minimal research online shows it’s not.
    A simple test is this. If you see someone with swastika tattoos or regalia at a demo, who are they most likely to be supporting, Owen Jones or Tommy Robinson?

    • Hitler did not “get rid” of the unions. The Nazis incorporated all unions into the German Labour Front. The largest trade union in the world.
      The Nazis regulated all business and production to the extent that factory managers complained that party officials overruled their decisions and made them virtually redundant.The Nazis were socialists.
      “We are a party of revolutionary socialists”
      (Joseph Goebbels)
      “Minimal research”
      That’s got to be Thickopedia.
      Try reading some books instead.

      • Sorry if this gets me binned or barred Admin, but blind, lazy, wilful ignorance with an obvious agenda boils my piss…

      • I think that with pretty much every comment, and virtually every nom.
        Why is it if you don’t echo the narrative here, you get called a twat?
        I suppose thats the level we are at here now.

      • What is it with these twats who try to claim Hitler was some sort of lefty?

      • I have no idea. It makes no difference to me if they were left or right, I have no agenda here other than getting it right.
        There’s plenty of evil cunts on the left, Stalin, Mao, Pot, Minh etc, and some are arguably worse than Hitler, so I’m not defending the left by any stretch.
        As for reading books, I’ve done nothing but for over 45 years. It doesn’t mean I know it all, far from it, but it gives me a good idea of who I can trust to speak the truth.
        It was an author who has done a lot of work towards dispelling the clean Wehrmacht myth that gave Hitchens a lesson on Twitter, and it was a sight to behold.
        You don’t have to go far to the left or right of centre before some cunt wants you to hate the other side, and will give you a myriad of reasons to do so, and calling me a twat isn’t going to change a thing.

      • Aye BB

        If you listen to modem day ‘nazis’ they will tell you they are socialists. They want an NHS. Freevl education (no student fees/loans.) They want support for the poor and elderly. They do not want a consumer economy, but one based on government control and regulation of business (to stop ‘lefty’ advertising or big corporations taking over smaller ones). Community over atomisation, and quality of (traditional nuclear family) life is more important than GDP to them.

        There’s something to like in some of that, they just lost me with the Jew thing and their sick opinions on the disabled. I do recognise (as they do) the difference in the races. And like they do, I laugh at the ‘white supremacist’ shite because the available research shows East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQs and lowest violent crime rates, not honkies. More modern (unbiased and scientific) research is needed, but academia won’t allow it. So until then, I can only go off old data and what I see with my own eyes.

        But yes, the Nazis were socialists, despite what the official narrative may say. Pretty much anything out of modern ‘Social Studies/History’ academia is always going to have a ‘progressive’ slant. As if they’ll own Nazis as part of the left in their own papers!

        Anyhooz, some quotes on socialism from Adolf here.

        Socialism it is, but not as we know it, I would suggest.

  21. News just in –

    Donald Trump is saying he expects to be arrested on Tuesday.

    Something to do with the Stormy Daniels thing.

    Yank political commentators are saying if this happens,
    The Donald will win by a landslide in the presidential race!

    Everyone loves a bad boy😁
    Donny should get some prison ink👍

    • He was saying a while back that whistle blowers should go to jail and end up as someone’s prison wife.
      Let’s hope the very same happens to him.

      • I thought that they were out to get him, just throwing shit until something stuck.
        Then one day I decided to actually look at what he was being accused of, and what evidence there was.
        That’s why I changed my mind about the cunt.
        He’s a fucking fraud.

    • They are still shitting bricks over him running in 2024.
      Bill Clinton payoffs anyone?
      TDS is living rent free in some minds even now it seems.
      Blokes been out of office for 2 years, not minutes.

      • Viva The Donald!! I would die a happy man if he got back in as President in 2024. To see the look on woke bastards faces the whole world over including the uber ball sweat cunt Lineker!!! I can but dream!!!

    • I read he only ran for president because Obama took the piss out of him, so he said “Right, I’m having your job for that!”

      I hope it’s true.

      What a nutter.

      I’m not sure what these charges are about. Something to do with a porn actress. They’re trustworthy, obviously.

      Interesting timing though. Could be politically motivated?

      Thing is with Trumpy, he is a cunt and he does have a ridiculous ego, but things were better in the USA and globally with him in charge. Less wars. More money about. More freedom of speech.

      Look at it now with the pant shitter in charge. Right fucking mess. Wars everywhere and him throwing petrol onto the flames.

      I reckon Trumpy would have a go at ending the Ukraine war. Indeed, Putin seemingly likes Trumpy and might get him to climb down.

      In fact, I’d put money on him having a good go at ending the war instead of making it worse. And I’d bet the price of fuel (including gas and leccy) would come down.

      Or not? Fuck knows but he can’t be much worse than Biden and co.

      And he pisses off the libtards and Greta. His very funny comments on Greta alone would’ve been enough for me to vote for him.

      Vote Donny Tango, Yankeedoodles, if he’s not in the nick of course.

  22. Trump is God’s Earthly emissary.
    The Demonrats are fucking desperate.
    The left are unraveling faster than a badly knitted cardigan 😂😂😂

    • Indeed CG. The liberal knickerwetters are terrified of Big Don making a comeback, and they are greasing everybodys’ palms to make sure he doesn’t. Even Mike Pence has taken the demodollar. The Judas cunt…

  23. I was lying on my bunk when my new cell mate walked in, a huge 6ft 9in, twenty stone monster, known for extreme violence.
    I asked him how long he’s in for.
    He said, “Usually until I ejaculate.”

  24. There is nothing more Right wing than a Left wing student who after 6 months in Uni and a new pair of Doc’s think that they are the New Citizen Smith.!!

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