Jeremy Hunt the cunt (8)

Budget day today and the MSM is predictably awash with faux praise for our Globalist Socialist chancellor. “Things aren’t as bad as they could have been, he’s giving away free childcare, motorists are saving a fortune because fuel duty (which remains at a bargain £.60p litre plus VAT making it £.72 really and then the State takes another £.20 VAT on the whole bill making 57% of the bill the State’s), fuel duty, didn’t increase further, etc, etc.

Meanwhile the plebs are totally screwed over with income tax (the personal allowance having been frozen for a couple of years, and planned to be frozen further until 2026 – affecting everyone and the poorest paid the most), VAT on heating bills, green levies on heating bills, council tax rises maxed out (and allowed to go above the “5% taxpayer protection cap”* if the council in question has wasted sufficient money in the previous tax year), etc, et fucking cetera. In short: “the State knows best how to spend your money so we’ll take as much of it as we want and we don’t car how it’s spunked away because “little people” don’t matter.”

WTF can we do about this?! The only options are Labour or Conservative – both cheeks of the same, rancid, globalist rump.

When will it reach the point we will have our own “Sri Lanka” moment?

Here’s another thing, not apparently obvious: an extra £20mil for BBC foreign services. Yes, you read that right😡

When I p1ss on my ballot paper it’s going to be like like a plasma cutter hitting rice paper!

Hunt is a Cunt!

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39 thoughts on “Jeremy Hunt the cunt (8)

  1. Totally disgaree.

    History will show Hunt as one of tge greatest Conservative chancellors of all time. Second only to George Osbourne.

    Labour wants to borrow more tgan the UK did during the Kung Flu season.

    And,yes,I am serious.

    Mock me if you wish but don’t come crying if you vote red and the Socialists take over.

    Mammy,my dear old mammy sdid Al Jolson.

  2. He is a Cunt indeed, a duplicitous lying two face wet excuse of a conservative who tries to talk down to us plebs.
    Mega Cunt.

    • Indeed.

      I’m a member. People tell me it’s a wasted vote, but the response is an obvious one; it’s wasted anyway on any of the other cunts.

      Morning all.

      • Sorry this was meant as a response to Cassandra below.

        My intended response to Everyone is that in addition to Hunt’s other endearing qualities, he’s got an eminently punchable dial.

      • You are right Ron but unless all the boats are stopped and cunts who are here start to be deported in the thousands they are out anyway…. It won’t happen, there will be another 50,000 this year.

        For the first time ever I will be spoiling my ballot paper and I won’t hold back on the comments.

  3. New Party …
    Reform has pledged to field a candidate in every seat at te next GE
    From little acorns…
    Let’s fucking well support them.If we can’t do that we are doomed to the everlasting socialis v pseudo-socialist shit-fest that we have now.

  4. The whole thing’s a fucking great Ponzi scheme. GDP per head of population has barely risen in 20 years, whilst successive chancellors have allowed national debt to spiral. What little economic growth there has been is due to population growth, ie inward migration. The budget projections for future growth are for half of it to come from yet more immigration.
    So in a nutshell, we’re not getting any richer, we’re spending more and more money we don’t have, and our quality of life is falling because of overcrowding, crime and losing access to public services thanks to increasing numbers of immigrants.
    What an utter fucking mess.

  5. I have no idea what was going on, throwing in scrapping the cap on LTA was, as far as I can see, just a distraction for the labour cunts to gripe about.

    Retain the fuel duty 5p reduction, great with the price still at £1.50 or above the cunt that is hunt is still coining in on VAT.

    The free child care is bollocks because it is kicked down the road and will depend on recruiting more child minders.
    Sticking with 25% corporation tax is a kick in the teeth for many SMEs

    And fucking income tax, well the personal allowance frozen means there is no incentive for the bone idle to get into work and all the cunts on sick with issues, half of those ‘issues’ would disappear overnight if the benefits were cut.

    And his concession to working class, a cheaper pint in the pub 😂

    Nothing said about the overspend on overseas aid/development.

    A few giveaways to the regions but just piss and wind,

    Finally the great unwashed will be ‘happy’ with the continuation of the £2500 energy guarantee, it won’t cost too much because we are already in spring and the wholesale price is dropping but it make him look good 😂

    He is a cunt.

    • There are fewer more loathsome creatures than Jeremy Hunt.

      Since Johnson’s 2019 election win, based entirely on lies, naturally, the Tory party have been the gift that keeps on giving.

      One unelected leader after the next and now Jeremy fucking Hunt as Chancellor.


  6. Even though the BoE told the “Tories” the Magic Money Tree was knackered and had to be locked back in its cupboard last year I bet a subsidised round in the HoC bar that come the Autumn Statement there will be a substantial “give away” to set up the general election campaign..

    Jeremy won’t give a fuck where the money and stats to back up his lies comes from,just so long as he can show his chums he tried to buy some votes.

    Back in the real world the country becomes more of a cesspit with every passing week due to decades of totally inept governments wreaking havoc on the living standards of the population.

    How anyone believes anything these cunts say or do is completely beyond me.

    A rat’s nest.

  7. He thinks he’s che Guevara. He isn’t.

    Also hello, been a while. A long fucking while.

  8. All chancellor’s in my lifetime have been cunts, nothing new.
    Having said that, most of them looked and sounded the part. Howe, Lawson even Gordon Brown at first.
    But Hunt just looks so smug and full of his own importance. A greasy little gurning chancer who sees working people as little more than serfs.
    He must fit in well with the modern ‘Conservative’ party.

    • The Conservatives are a complete sack of shit, they make a balls of everything they touch, but we know that Labour would be even worse, so we’ll just have to keep voting the Tories back in. We have no choice. Wouldn’t want things to go downhill even further would we?
      Keir Starmer as prime minister? Leave it out, he’d be a disaster from which the country would never recover. How do we know? We just do. The last few Conservative prime ministers have been nothing more than a joke, although the joke’s on us. A Labour prime minister, now that would be serious. We don’t know what would happen. The mind boggles.
      Time for a change? No I think we should just keep voting the Tories back in and take our medicine. They tell us it will be good for us in the long run.

      • Here’s the thing though: the Tories are no longer the “least worst option”.

        I was reading an article the other day, before I got annoyed by Hunt’s budget and wrote this nom up or I would have kept a link to it, and the Tory’s spend on government has pipped Corbyn’s proposed spending!

        There isn’t a single reason to vote Tory any longer. None.

        There never was a good reason to vote Labour either but you can now safely ignore the fear of them getting into power by default.

  9. Every soppy cunt who wilfully believes these congenital liars is a weapons grade cunt.
    How many more times do you want to be served a shit sandwich before the penny finally drops.
    Don’t vote, burn the polling stations down

  10. The tories deserve to lose the next election and labour don’t deserve to win it.
    That’s why, for years I’ve been voting UKIP / Reform.
    Not that it’s made / will make any fucking difference.
    Good afternoon.

  11. Keep going you political cunts (e.g. the Cuntservatives) all you are doing is greasing the skids for another Hitler.
    I’m voting Reform the next time. Neither of the main two parties deserve my vote. Traitors the whole lot of them.

  12. Nobody asked for this dipshit to be in charge of the finance. He’s punishing people because he loves the EU.

    Hoo-ee, what an absolute cunt.

  13. I was watching a documentary earlier about how the Chinese built the 3 Gorges Dam for $37bn which I believe is less than the amount the stupid cunts in charge of the UK spent on the Track and Trace App.

    We really are run by utter fucking morons

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