Rose Hudson-Wilkin

Who the fuck? The Bishop of Dover and an MBE no less.

Heard her on the radio last night crying and weeping over the poor dinghy rats. Oh .. they are so put upon, oh we need to welcome them all and give these poor people succour and comfort.

Yeah, just fuck off cunt. Clearly jockeying for Welby’s job so get your money on now. This bitch isn’t even British…..born in Montego Bay. Let’s dump all these Peacefuls over there and see how they like it. In the meantime shut your fucking gob you race baiting, libtard sack of shit.

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

71 thoughts on “Rose Hudson-Wilkin

  1. Bishop, my arse. This cunt is more voodoo than C of E.
    Get to fuck and go treeswinging.

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