Rose Hudson-Wilkin

Who the fuck? The Bishop of Dover and an MBE no less.

Heard her on the radio last night crying and weeping over the poor dinghy rats. Oh .. they are so put upon, oh we need to welcome them all and give these poor people succour and comfort.

Yeah, just fuck off cunt. Clearly jockeying for Welby’s job so get your money on now. This bitch isn’t even British…..born in Montego Bay. Let’s dump all these Peacefuls over there and see how they like it. In the meantime shut your fucking gob you race baiting, libtard sack of shit.

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

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  1. I’m feeling that rage as well, Rosie..

    Shame it wasn’t a few hundred more..

    Back to worshipping apes your umbongo cunt.

  2. “We must all take responsibility”.
    No bitch, you and your libtard mates take responsibility. You’re the ones who encourage them to get in the boats with your soft soap and fake tears. Any p*nces floating dead in the Channel are all down to you and don’t you ever forget it. Now take your useless arse back where it came from and fuck off while you’re doing it.

    • ‘We must all take responsibility ‘ seems to be all the rage these days but it’s bollocks.
      I am not responsible for slavery in the seventeenth century, the Black Death or either world war. Nor am I responsible for building the pyramids, discovering penicillin or inventing the jet engine.

      • I would happily take responsibility.

        Get ne the head of the Royal Marines ,some sappers and the parschute regiment.

      • It wasn’t me, but…. I think I would have agreed with it and been a brilliant slave trader.

        Just saying.

  3. Don’t worry Freddie…Dishi Rishi and Suella Braverman are “on the case”.
    But surely that would involve having the Royal Navy patrolling the Channel?
    You do wonder who is really pulling pulling the strings. ‘Cos it sure as shit aint any of our politicians on either side of the house. They just do as they’re told and take the money.
    We here at ISAC could solve all this shit within a week if given the chance usibg the Army/Navy.
    All immos turned back at gunpoint.
    All recently-arrived immos gathered up from hotels at gunpoint, marched onto cargo ships and dropped off at the beach of some fly-blown sandy crap-hole.
    All immos from the last 30 years shoehorned out of their houses, their property, money and businesses given back to the taxpayer.
    Of course, this will never happen because politicians are all utterly corrupt and we’re far too pussy to revolt…nice to dream though!
    Good morning to all.

    • Morning TCE.

      They should be sent to Ukraine, as far as I can tell it’s the only thing the puppet clown Zelenski hasn’t demanded from us.

      Money. Mmmm. The country is broke. Cost of living crisis and all that.
      Ammo, can’t make it quick enough.
      Howitzers, used em all up.
      Tanks, not suitable.
      Artillery, used it all up.
      Planes, too long to train a pilot.. by the way we only have two serviceable Typhoons…

      Young black Africans of fighting age. Check. How many?????

  4. This Rock Hudson character can’t really be a Bishop?

    Bishop are speccy white blokes with goofy teeth ,
    Called Timothy.

    ” The bishops a n**ger! ”

    Blazing saddles

  5. I can’t take lectures from this thing or the likes of Gary Lineker. They live in a privileged bubble world.

    Radio on in the background, some bint banging on about the UKs wildlife crisis.. must be a BBC station.. she should get off to Dover, plenty of opportunity to see wildlife there. Rock Apes, Simians, Neanderthals……

  6. Rt Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin,
    P&O Ferry Terminal,

    Dear Rose,

    Many congratulations on your appointment to the post of Bishop of Dover, a remarkable achievement considering Dover doesn’t have a cathedral. I wish you well in your calling to turn even more people away from the Church. Like you, I have faith that one day we will have driven every congregation away and just be left with the clergy to receive the sacraments. What a better place the Church will be when that day arrives.

    God be with you.

    The Unbelievably Reverend George Twatt,
    Bishop of Wallsend

    • correct – I was an infrequent church goer for years, and also put CofE as my religion. They can fuck off now.

      • I used to go fairly frequently, and the Vicar was a top man. He got transferred, and a Russki took over. That was it for me.

  7. I keep being told that these bastards pay £5000+ for their little trip across the Channel to rob us blind. Oh really? Do they know that you can live like a fucking king on that kind of dough in the shitholes they come from? Where the fuck would these cunts get five grand from? And they travel all the way from said shitholes to Calais with five fucking grand in cash in their pockets? Or maybe they put it on their credit card?
    Sorry, I ain’t buying this bullshit. Some rich bastards somewhere are financing this bollocks aided and abetted by our own home grown Quislings who hate this country. Some rich bastards who have an interest in seeing this country flooded with Peacefuls and other foreign trash. Now I wonder who that could be?

    • All part of Labours masterplan to create a lefty client state of welfare dependants and immigrants that will keep them in power for ever. Aided and abetted by the likes of the CofE, the Labour Party at prayer.

      • The airlines in foreign lands won’t let them board without the visa they need, if coming from a shithole country.

        The airlines can get charged to send them back on the next flight back.

        Mind you, I bet our immigration desks at airports would let the cunts in anyway. It’s just the airlines don’t want to be charged for a flight back.

  8. Don’t hold back Freddie! Let us know what you really think?

    I’ve no problem with genuine refugees fleeing war and persecution. The UK has always been a haven for the persecuted. It’s illegal economic migration outside the points system that is the issue. Why can’t these liberal idiots in the CofE see that? Those that arrive on a dinghy in the middle of the night, 9 times out of 10, are opportunistic illegal economic migrant cunts that have already paid 10k for the privilege of cheating the dopey British system.

    Rwanda please !

    • Sadly MMCM,Rwanda is another smoke and mirrors scam sadly. The outrage in the MSM by the usual suspects deflected from scrutiny of the deal.

      For every scumbag we send there, a poor needy underprivileged Rwandan comes here in order to obtain health care, treatment, education or whatever special need they have. That is the small print agreement with the Rwandan authorities.

      Those charter planes ain’t coming back empty.

      Rwanda is far from the silver bullet the blue Labour Party claim it to be.

      • That’s a shame Leonardo. I hadn’t realised that.

        Oh well. Never mind. It’ll have to be the oven.

      • Thanks for the info, didn’t know that. Anyway, we should send the buggers back, then bomb it

    • Fuck Rwanda! Another load of our money pissed away in the wind. Along with the untold millions we are bunging to the Frenchies to police their own country. Those cunts must be laughing at us. They’ve never forgiven us for kicking their useless arses at Waterloo and saving them from the Krauts……TWICE! Well they’re getting their money’s worth now the fucking backstabbing CUNTS.

      • And don’t forget, this a high stakes game for the illegals.

        Once they get here the dopey Home Office will allow their entire families over. Not only wife and children, but all 18 mother-in-laws, 85 aunts, 107 uncles and 3,000 cousins. All for 10k. It’s the bargain of the century.

    • Rosey should cheer the fuck up.

      She’s got a well paid cushy job where you don’t ever break a sweat.

      Big gaff ,5/6 bedroom comes with the job.

      Still crying.

      Thought these pirates of the Carribbean were meant to be cheerful fuckers?

      All steel drums, Bounty bars an rum.

      • Spot on Mis.
        According to the old Lilt advert, they are as cheerful as fuck.
        Maybe she’s going through the change.
        Maybe she should fuck off back there.

  9. It’s a hundred pounds to a Vera Lynn 78 that before too long she will be on Wireless 4’s rota of the “great and the good”, a wimminz of God AND a darkie – she can’t lose. Prayer For The Day, Thought For The Day, The Moral Maze, Any Questions?, Today – the permutations are endless. She might even up taking the lezzy’s job as chair of Just A Minute. The Church of England wonder why they are losing fans faster than Harry Hewitt and spouse, innit.

    • You can’t switch on the TV or radio without being inundated by CofE presenters these days. There’s that numpty Richard Coles. Then there’s Giles Smith. There’s the Vicar of Dibley (ok, she’s not real, but she an irredemable lefty). Then there’s Calvin Robinson on GB News – but he’s one of the good ones and I’m happy to see more of him. Clearly the CofE is a great way to get into show business.

      The Archbishop of Canterbury will be presenting Naked Attraction next.

      • I was at a demo with Calvin ,last week.

        He is about 7ft tall!

        Loves the King. Loves the UK.

        Hates BLM.

        Hates wokery.

        Fantastic bloke and a massive Afro.

    • Seems like a decent chap to me. At least he’s read The Bible, which is obviously more than this Sheeboon has done.

  10. I agree. We could easily avoid deaths in the Channel by shooting, at the very least, the cunts’s dinghies on the French beach.

    • I like this.

      Graffiti soon to be seen on the walls of council buildings near me.

      ‘Stop immigrants dying in the channel’

      ‘Shoot them on french beaches instead’

  11. Are we absolutely sure this isn’t Linekunt in drag doing a bit of moonlighting in case his new BBC contract is too distasteful to sign?
    Seeing as he’s black too, it’s so difficult to tell the difference.

  12. They won’t stop sailing over and deluded cunts like Mumbosa or whatever it’s name is won’t stop encouraging them to come.

    When our entire infrastructure has collapsed and large parts of the country are run by drug gangs or mad Mullahs then perhaps what’s left of Britain will take the gloves off and smash them all into the sea.

    I sincerely hope so.

  13. I can’t tell whether she and countless other stupid fuckers just like her do it out of genuine compassion, albeit extremely misplaced, or just to be annoying cunts. If I, 6’4”, far from skinny and as white as the Italian state flag under Mussolini, knocked on her door and said that I was starving and asked her to pay for my food for the rest of my life, that I had nowhere to live and would she buy me a house, and also that I was sick, thick and had no car would she provide health care, education and transport – all out of her own pocket? I’m sure she’d tell me to fuck right off. So why does she feel it necessary that we all must feel it our moral duty to pay for these endless boatloads of freeloading, running away to leave their women and children behind to fight and highly likely criminal shitehawks? Perhaps if I were 6’4”, far from skinny and the same colour as certain Middle Eastern Toyota Hi-Lux adorning flags she would bankroll me for life.
    For every grinning dinghy deceiver who fuckers like her welcome to these shores we should deport to some Central African shithole an equal number of these silly ‘Immigrants Welcome’ banner waving cunts. They’d soon get the picture when they got a WhatsApp with pictures of the bishop’s palace looking like Rorke’s Drift straight after the Zulus fucked off.

  14. A perfect storm, foreign cunt, black and clergy, super cunt.

    Fuck off back to Montego Bay

    • It’s amazing, isn’t it? she’d still be living up a fckng tree if it wasn’t for whitey.

  15. I saw something on YouTube about terrible raaaaaay-sism in Tunisia. Yeah a load of sub Saharan Africunts have turned up hoping to get on a boat to Italy and, eventually, the land of milk and honey. And the local A-rabs don’t like it. They are beating the shit out of them and telling them to fuck off. Funny that……I thought it was only the colonialist British who went in for that kind of despicable behaviour.

  16. Take a few in your house and let them sponge and thieve off you missus. Then turn the other cheek.

    Just fuck off.

    Morning all.

  17. An excellent cunting Freddie. Why the fuck are the C of E letting women (I use the term loosely in her case) be Bishops, when The Bible very clearly says they should keep quiet? She not read Corinthians, or Timothy?

  18. God was a clever cunt when you look at it. Whitey in his place. Jam spoons in theirs, mad mullahs in another. Cue modern day Britain. All mixed in together, a total fucking disaster in the making an seeing which branch drags us down the sewer fastest.

    • Ok, I admit it, I’m racist, if racist means noticing there are very big differences between the races, and I’m not too keen to let Winston date my daughter.

    • Very true I’m afraid to say. And that’s before you throw in cunts like Albanians into the mix.

      Fifty years or more of being truly fucked over by our own ‘leaders’. Who ever asked the British people?

    • Of course a central teaching of Christianity is that we are in Rebellion against God and the true and the beautiful. ‘Original Sin’ see.
      I say that in relation to how young British people think about Britain.
      Cut to the chase-in the simplistic view of the millennial woke it simply means BRITISH equals BOMBAST POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE EMPIRE.
      That’s why going back to yesterday St Patrick’s Day is being celebrated unduly.
      It’s a reaction.

      • But it’s not a true humility that has taken hold. It is not bombast or pomp any more. A proper pride in the country/nation. It is a false weak deriding that has captured young minds. Full of Pride but the wrong sort.

        The goodly bishop of Dover should see this false humility and warn her flock.

        But she is blinded by the zeitgeist. A product of it really.

        Thus endeth the lesson.

      • Hello Miles-I hope you are well🙂
        I read somewhere, lifelong CofE members are converting to the Catholic Church.
        Which is itself, the fastest growing religion.

        History repeating itself🧐

      • Afternoon CG,

        Hope you’re well too.

        Yes they have allowed the blessing of gay couples. That has crossed the Rubicon for a lot

        The CC ‘looks’ more Liberal with this Pope. But it’s not the same ‘liberalism’ that undermines the core teaching.

  19. “The Theatre of Life” has been fully booked for years. This play is more popular than “The Mouse Trap” because we don’t know what happens at the end. That’s why we’re turning away gate crashers. Venues that don’t have any tickets left are treated without any fuss and are accepted.

    Even some famous couple were turned away when trying to get a room at an Inn, didn’t cause a fuss and gladly slept in a stable. You of all people would’ve understood all that, you silly old bat.

  20. She has a white cuckold soy boy husband. Probably does him up the arse with a black strap on.

  21. With all those dead bodies lying on the seabed, the tides are going to get worse. I was glad a Tide Bell was introduced recently near me for that reason and will thankfully heed its warning for the future.

  22. I too feel sorry for the Albanian pimps, money laundered and cut throats. I feel sorry that their dinghies are not machine gunned in the channel. Thank fuck I binned religion in the 60’s.

  23. Why the fuck is this Lump of Coal weeping over the Chanel crime wave that’s hitting our shores every day, some silly bitch on the radio was saying that we need them here to help pick the fruit in the summer months, I shit you not, so what do they do for the other 8 months of the year.? Why is it that 90% of people who want the migrants here are split arses.? They arrive here and the gang bosses have them working straight away washing cars and in other numerous cash based businesses, no income tax no VAT, you know the song, in 20 years big cities in this country will resemble Mumbai or some other fly blown shit hole from sub Saharan Africa.!

  24. Stoopid fucking tart. Why doesn’t she just convert to Slime? She is so dense she doesn’t realise that they just want to wipe out anything remotely Christian. She looks like one of Welby-Cuntuar’s haemorrhoids.

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