Owen Jones (24)


Just want to say this website is hilarious.
brilliant SEO too.

The slimy prick is the biggest champagne socialist around, constantly race baiting and tearing down English culture wherever he can. He screams “Cancel culture doesn’t exist” whenever he can whilst calling for people to be fired more often the Allen fucking Sugar.
He is openly racist against his own, he is a blatant misandrist, and will call anyone who disagrees with him a fascist or far-right.

His response to the queens death was to complain constantly about people and institutions paying their respects.

The guy is a cunt worthy of a place here.

Nominated by Hugh G. Johnson.
He sure is and has featured many times, thank you for your comment about the site DA.


111 thoughts on “Owen Jones (24)

  1. Looks like Greta’s brother.

    Funny I don’t see him on Talk TV. Fine by me; ignorance is bliss.

    • He never quite lived down the time he flounced out of a tv studio after being bitch slapped by Julia Hartley-Brewer, or the time those guys were chanting ‘Owen Jones is a wanker’ when he was being interviewed outside somewhere.

      The govt. should declare ‘Owen Jones Is A Wanker ‘ Day (21st December) to be a public holiday.

  2. The far-left equivalent to Katie Hopkins or Piers Morgan.
    Equally irritating.
    Equally convinced he is right and everyone else is wrong.
    Equally full of 💩

  3. I’m sure that I read somewhere that this spunk bin and that disgusting Izzard oddity are doing a remake of the cult video “two girls one cup”.
    By the way, does anyone know what these types say whilst they’re being bum-fucked? Do they utter filthy words of encouragement or just bite the pillow and keep quiet?

  4. Another beautiful day in Central Florida. A short rain in the afternoon shower cooled us off from the 92 degree high.

    These weather reports are brought to you by Pikey…makers of Air Fiddler shoes:

    “Air Fiddlers! When you’re scared out of your knickers and need to hit the ground running.”

    See y’all tomorrow.

    I am the man who cowed Dick Fiddler

    • Sunbathing, with your sister? Or, ‘The Wife’, as you call her.

      High sixes all around, in your shack, eh?

      • Trailer trash, is he?
        I guess it’s a step up from the flophouse.
        Probably fluctuates between the two,
        Depending on how the grifting goes…

      • Bed-sit in Manchester, I reckon, MBE. Change of view from under the bridge.

        ‘Dead man walking, dead man walking…’

  5. Sounds like delightful weather GC, but don’t let it make you indolent. Cunters are still waiting for that link you promised us, as soon as you had an opening in your busy schedule.

    • When I heard there was a wind blowing in the southern states of America I immediately thought of you.

      Do hope your ok?
      Worried sick I was!

      Glad you are in the sunshine in your Speedos and cowboy boots.

  6. Up before dawn to see the sunrise.

    My, my, my such vitriol from the torch and pitchfork mob…who seem particularly well represented this morning. Oh well, as I’ve said before…you take on one, you take on all.

    This message was brought to by Bah Bah Singles…Northern England’s Finest Dating Service.

    “Have we got a ewe for you”

  7. The sooner this cunt dies of AIDS the better, I would really enjoy watching this cunt wilt and fall apart like an old work boot, I bet his breath stinks of spunk and his used up Arsehole resembles a wind sock.!

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