Owen Jones (24)


Just want to say this website is hilarious.
brilliant SEO too.

The slimy prick is the biggest champagne socialist around, constantly race baiting and tearing down English culture wherever he can. He screams “Cancel culture doesn’t exist” whenever he can whilst calling for people to be fired more often the Allen fucking Sugar.
He is openly racist against his own, he is a blatant misandrist, and will call anyone who disagrees with him a fascist or far-right.

His response to the queens death was to complain constantly about people and institutions paying their respects.

The guy is a cunt worthy of a place here.

Nominated by Hugh G. Johnson.
He sure is and has featured many times, thank you for your comment about the site DA.


111 thoughts on “Owen Jones (24)

  1. A typical little hypcrite, a pansy who, like Mandelson, Bryant and Streeting imagine that receiving swollen goods up his back passage makes him morally superior and aware than the rest of us – many of us were working and living in the real world while Jones was still shitting his nappies.

    For some reason this talentles, self important little non-entity like Alibi-Brown reminds me of this:


    • ‘Self-important little non entity’
      The perfect description of him and his ilk. I would to meet him (just once) and tell him that no one with a brain gives a fuck about his opinions.

    • Yasmin Alibi-bi-bi-bi-beebidee Brown reminds me of the Jawas from Star Wars.

      If i met her I’d ask her if any of her droids spoke Bachi.

  2. Good Morning.

    Owen Jones thinks he’s anti establishment when in fact he’s probably more of an actual cheerleader for the establishment than what he actually realises.

    Did they ever get to the bottom of his altercation with the “far right” on that infamous night out he had a few years ago?

    I find it all a bit hard to believe if I’m honest.
    For the simple reason that Owen claimed he was “out drinking with a few friends”
    No chance.

    • Lots of people have got to his bottom.
      But it’s fuck all to do with the far right.
      He’s an irrelevant little twerp, who will become increasingly shrill and hysterical as time moves on, in order to stay in the spotlight, which all attention seeking nancy boys crave.
      I hope his arsehole rots out
      The flouncing cunt.
      Morning, Herman / all.

    • You just know that deviant slimeball Scofield has been right up it.
      2 hideous vomit inducing peas in a pod.

  3. Hello Hugh. You’re not , by any chance, related to THE Johnson are you?……….Jellyfish Johnson? If you are I’d keep it quiet if I were you because he’s a massive fucking cunt.
    No need to thank me.

  4. Watch yourself hugh, Owen Jones has taken down more bad guys than John rambo.
    Including a battalion of far right, white supremacists.

    Don’t push him..

  5. Not heard or seen Owen in the news for some time?

    Hope he’s keeping up with the Kung Fu lessons?

    I love it when he storms off best!😁

    Eyes brimming with tears,
    Hurty words genuinely upset him,
    And he rabbits from whatever studio he’s being interviewed in.

    But hats off to the man.
    He fought of a gang of neo Nazis single handed!

    And I for one believe him.
    When have you ever heard of a easily upset type being a bullshitter?

    • Mis, those nasty far right homophobic beasts were wearing slippers and hitting him with teddy bears. He is a lying little cunt. He has no friends. His full name is Owen no mates.

    • To be fair to Owen Jones, Mis. The neo-nazis were armed with torches and pitchforks.

      • Wasn’t there a ‘Report Abuse’ button he could have pressed, rather than getting his knuckles dirty???

        That’s the ‘Go To’ option for the heroic, terminally offended bullshitter-about-town, isn’t it?

    • Morning MNC/everyone…hopefully he’s fallen off the radar because he’s got drug-resistant superAIDS (the version for men who are extra gay, fingers crossed) that he’s currently spreading to all his fellow leftie cissies.
      But is he a bigger cunt that James O’Brien?

      • I don’t think there’s anybody on this planet who’s a bigger cunt than James O’Brien.

        Interestingly enough, when you look at James you can’t help but notice that he has the appearance of a lovely piece of gammon.

        I just think egg, new potatoes and fresh butter whenever I’m unfortunate enough to hear one of his anti Brexit or pro Gary Lineker LBC ramblings.

        I hear James hates Gammon.

      • Cuntymort

        Little known fact, I studied martial arts in the same dojo as Owen.

        I’ll always remember his advice to me,

        ” Be like water”

        By that I think he meant run?

        But that kid was fast as lighting ,
        Stood on one leg in the crane position he could go full cobra!!

        Wax on wax off,
        Smoothest legs I’ve ever seen.

      • Oooooohh captain!
        That George Takei?

        His family left Japan because he cried at the taste of sushi…

      • I understand the little yellow commies are producing biological weapons based on specific characteristics of DNA so it won’t be long I hope before they develop some sort of Flying AIDS that only affects guardian readers and the like.

        Oh and one for the Shamither Begums as well please Mr Xi.

    • ‘Eyes brimming with tears,
      Hurty words genuinely upset him

      When have you ever heard of a easily upset type being a bullshitter?’

      Mmm, sounds familiar?

      Mr Grimsdale, Mr Grimsdaaaaaale!!

  6. This little tosser should be hung drawn and quartered. Little butt monkey. Admin I have asked two years running now please can we celebrate Owen Jones is a wanker day? It’s the 21st December, I feel the cunters should be able to pour Vitriol and abuse on this pirate of men’s pants fuck monkey.

  7. Owen may look and sound like a weak, pathetic little bum boy but he’s well fucking hard I’m telling you. What a shame he battered those far right fascists outside the only pub in London with no CCTV.

    • Morning MMCM, I shouldn’t have given this even a moment of thought, but I’d wager that little Owen ended up as the meat in a manwich ‘twixt Elton and David (possibly involving a paddling pool of olive oil and a high court super injunction) and loved every minute.

      • Morning Thomas. You bet Owen loved every minute, the supercilious little cunt.

        Own wrote a book called “Chavs” about the demonisation of the working class. And yet he demonises the ordinary people of this country every time he opens his hypocritical gob, calling them “racist gammon”, etc. The little prick.

      • Ah, you see, it’s not only the lefties who shout ‘racist gammons’ a lot and the like (no, not you.)

        Some self confessed middle of the road types use it too. Obviously. Happens all the time IRL.

        Btw, nowt wrong with being a lefty. Just own it if you are one I say (no, not you).

  8. This delusional twat wrote a piece for the Guardian this week on defunding the police.

    Would that be the same police who rescued him when he threw a tantrum outside a pub?

    I really should not say this but I would shag him. He is cute. A total and utter contemptuous Socialist cunt, but it would be fun to make him squeal.

    • Not if you’ve got a normal-sized tassel, SCS.
      Owen’s unlubed bumhole could comfortably acommodate a standard fire extinguisher.

  9. Would anyone else apart from SCS bum Owen?

    Not so fast,
    Form a orderly queue.
    I’ll have to do a raffle…

      • Maybe hyponitise and take control of him and make him mince right into the LBC studio with a carving knife and shove it right into O’Brien’s eye socket with no warning before Nick Ferrari rugby tackles him, sits his fat ass on Owen’s legs and Julia Hartley-Brewer sits on his face, introducing him to the joyous smell of a real woman’s pussy, which turns him straight just in time to be thrown into prison for O’Brien’s murder.

      • Thomas, I have to admit that such comments crack me up, but I am genuinely terrified that your mind can dream up such things.

      • Only a genuine gayboy would sulk and walk off if getting reprimanded by Julia HB.

        She shut down that prat Will Self on Question Time as well, after he’s been dribbling out his contorted guff;
        ‘What patronising claptrap!’

        But Will didn’t sulk off. He had the horn.

  10. The only good thing that will happen when London becomes an Islamic caliphate under Sultan Khan is that raving Bummers such as this awful cunt will be chucked off the BT tower.

    Good morning gentlemen.

    • I’ve got bad news for you Terry its already an Islamic Caliphate under Sultan Khan
      Fire up the oven gas mark 9 👍👍
      Owen Jones is a proper little wanker with far too much to say for himself Perhaps he’d like a trip upto Mansfield for a night out He’d probably never be seen again 😃😃

  11. We only hear about little Owen whenever he throws a toddler tantrum. He’s been off the radar recently since his Mummy got him into ‘Little Darlings’ nursery where he’s learning to play with the other kiddies without losing his temper.
    So well done Mummy, and well done ‘Little Darlings’.

    • He takes the (boys) soiled nappies home to do god alone knows what with.

  12. I doubt there is much truth in the rumour that Jones takes the bike of Jeremy Vine up the crack of his arse whilst laying in ambush along Jeremy’s preferred route to work. Allegedly this is an almost daily occurrence. ( allegedly )

    • Ah! Marmite. “Love it or Hate it”. Jones must love it especially glistening on the end of his cock……if only he could get it in the jar.

      • Nowt soft about it.

        I don’t let anyone tell me what to think.
        Left or Right.

        And Id never side with a grassing foreigner.

      • Hairy muff, MNC.

        What was all the fuss about anyway? I believe DF said summat that caused a complaint from that General fella? I missed all the fun. DF asking for proof of summat yes, but I doubt that was the reason a complaint was upheld.

        What was it all about?

        Not that I’d grass, no matter what. Unless it was a personal threat (“I know where you live, I’m going to massacre your family”, for example.) Doubt it was that though.

        Thing is, even if you or I disagree with grassing (and I’m on your side with the grassing thing), admin agreed with the complaint (s) and if we don’t like it, we can always fuck off.

        Anyways, what was said that kicked it all off?

      • @CB

        If there were a complaint about Dick, then it was not upheld. Dick left of his own volition and can return if and when he sees fit.

        General Bullshitter likes to pretend he drove Dick off the site, but nothing could be further from the truth.

      • Evening CB👍

        It all started when Fiddler ripped into the General over something,
        There was complaints made.
        So the ‘Report Abuse’ or Rabbit button was introduced.
        This infuriated Fiddler.
        Who walked.

        The site descended into a civil war.

        Know how Lefties try to silence us with the Nazi slur?
        It’s the same on the Right.
        Only it’s “woke” or “commie”.
        To silence views that go off the script.

        I find it lazy, and disingenuous.

        I won’t be part of it.

        Fiddler sorted acted as a bouncer to keep the mentals and mitmot community to a minimum.

        Thats now gone.

      • Thanks for clarifying MNC and RTC.

        Still unsure what the complaint (s) were all about then.

        I consider myself middle of the road, but I’m a nazi by Owen Jones’s standard (I have no issues with four be twos, but I’ll cunt them like any other cunt if I think they’re a cunt.)

        I admit what I am 😉

      • I’m probably pretty far right by any standard CB.

        But I just can’t be doing with grasses, bullshitters and snidey fucks.

        As I’m getting older I’m starting to have less time for anyone saying

        “Oh you should…

        You shouldn’t…

        “You cant…

        “We should…

        Fuck that. I answer to the wife that’s it!!😄

      • Not aware of any lefties on this site.

        Every shade, from right-of-centre to far-right, make up the demographic here.

      • PS: if you want an example of Dick vs Bullshitter, check out the final two pages of the Ukraine forum.

      • Will do RTC.

        Well if someone only ever punches right and uses phrases like ‘gammons’, they’re left wing in my book and I’m absolutely correct and won’t hear a word against it.

        Nowt wrong with it btw. Just need to own it.

        And I would add the country’s media and institutions are woke. FFS look at Lineker (or pretty much all media talking heads with about two or three exceptions) or the MET being called out, despite the rainbow cars, knocking on doors because someone said a na can’t be a woman and the kneeling for BLM. Still not enough, is it?

        So the woke do exist. They fucking run everything more or less. And I shall call them woke cunts if I deem it a fit moniker.

      • I agree CB
        Of course the woke exist.

        But I punch left and right,
        I cunt cunts.

        I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks ,
        I’m happy to hang Boris on the same gallows as Kier Starmer
        Tucker Carlson as Owen Jones.

        Cunts a cunt 👍

      • Well it’s just an opinion but Tucker Carlson is Jesus compared to Owen Jones.

        He’s right most of the time in my book and is a refreshing change from all the other talking heads.

        There aren’t many left like him. I’d say pretty much all other TV taking heads are like Owen Jones now anyway.

        We should at least be thankful some cunt at least has the balls to push back on it all, even if he is a bit of a cunt.

        He has called out anti white racism too (he’s right saying it’s everywhere and it’s out if order.) Not seen any other presenter with the chutzpah to do that yet on a mainstream channel.

      • Well said, Miserable.

        Cunts are cunts, regardless of where they stand on the political spectrum.

      • Indeed RTC, I loathe lefties and gammons equally.
        As for only cunting the righties? If no one else is going to, I will.
        Anything less is cunting hypocrisy. 🙂

    • I wonder if Disabled People Against Cats are responsible for the outbreak of pussy-shaving?

  13. Myself being an ultra right fascist would like to blow torch his lips together.
    That should shut the evil vile cunt up.

  14. Just because you have an arsehole big enough to park a Transit van in does not make you the saviour of the repressed neither does taking on 3 right wing ninja assassins outside the only pub in the known universe without cctv. Your book about the demonising of chavs was OK in parts but lacked diversity not all chavs are White dear Owen. Take my freely offered advice, stop stirring, fuck off, a World without your kind would be better as the remainders could concentrate on what really matters to the poor bastards who live here rather than the transbender woolugi school teacher who was suspended because they cannot speak English. (Getting the pronoun practice in)
    Yours in hope that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train.

    • I read Chavs and Jones was very, very close to stopping being a libtard. He was right that the white working class are demonised. It’s all honkies now.

      It’s actually quite a good book, even if he misses the point at times.

      Soft cunt bottled it.

      • I nearly bought that but then saw what the cunt was like in videos and newspaper columns so i didn’t bother.

        In that way he is the opposite of Dickie Dawkins, who I found insufferable in print but came across much better in videos and lectures.

  15. He always has his ‘mates’ with him otherwise he would get beaten up every day, the only time he is alone is when he is hanging around Westminster (we know why, the place is full of shirt lifters)

    After his late night bitch slap he went on breakfast news to give the funniest line I have ever heard ‘I am tougher than I look’, fuck me I nearly chocked on my Alpen.

    Owen, you are a WANKER.

  16. You lot are awful.

    Leave the poor little sweetie alone, bless his cotton socks.

    Morning all.

  17. My first ever comment on IsaC 8 years ago was on this cunt.
    Although it’s sad he’s still about, pissing out his poison to whoever will listen, there is a crumb of comfort that his views still remain those of the fringe lunatics.

    • Behind the 8 ball is impressive. In the same time, this is all the masochistic little shit can hope for.

  18. This Krug sipping soy boy is the epitome of all that is wrong with lefties hand wringing, dooshka dooshka loving BLM supporting, monarchies hating scum cunts.

    How nany dingy divers has he taken in? Mind you, I bet he would take in a fit young Ukranian.

    Him,Ash “literally a Communist” Sarkar,Aaron Bastard Bastani and all the cunts at Novara media need the Kim Jong Un anti aircraft bullet treatment.

    Next customer.

  19. This is the same little cunt that, during the height of the BLM Statue vandalising cuntfoolery, Tweeted out a list of targets to the Antifa mob.
    Why wasn’t he arrested and charged for inciting violence?

    • But but gammonz, Bwexit, Orange man bad and real name Yaxley Lennon muh Nazis.

      Btw, if any cunt deemed ‘right wing’ (even some lukewarm righty, like Farage or Delingpole) had given directions in similar circumstances to Karl Marx’s statue to a group of right wing protesters, his or her feet wouldn’t touch the fucking ground.

      But I digress, he’s been cunted loads of times. I’ll give him his due, he actually was attacked by some idiots (they got jailed for it I believe – can’t be arsed looking it up again). Maybe he’s a hard bastard? Looks can be deceiving. One old mate of mine was a short arse. Middle aged. But would fight anyone. Once saw him knock fuck out of two blokes half his age who gave him some lip ‘Sit down old man before I knock you down.’ He chinned the cunt (who fell then legged it) and then punched the other in the ear, fucking blood everywhere. He ran too. Why didn’t I jump in? Well, he didn’t need it, it was over in seconds and I’m a soft cunt anyway.

      But back to Jones being a potential hard case.

      He’s a gay, but he might be into all that rough stuff. He might be ‘the daddy’, with his gimp suit and large steel gauntlet for fisting? All his lovers leaving in the morning with arseholes like blood oranges.

      Feared in the gay community, probably.

      • Looks are indeed deceiving. Squadron used to ferry the special forces around, sometimes. Some of them you wouldn’t give a second glance to, but, you wouldn’t want to upset them, I can assure you.

      • Aye DCI. The fella I’m on about sadly died a few years ago from the drink. Millionaire he was too. Just knew him because he played in the same pub pool team. Nice bloke. Tight cunt mind, for a bloke living in a huge detached house in the best part of town.

        He had his own stables too because jus bird was into the gee gees. Once he went in pissed to clean a stable out and got trapped and stomped on by a big fucking horse. Broke his leg and loads of other bones – too many to mention and I forget, but we were pissing ourselves when he rallied off his many injuries. Internal bleeding the lot. Mad cunt discharged himself to make a pub pool game. Played in his wheelchair (and lost badly, of course). Was moaning and yelling when playing shots because of the pain he was in.

        Mad cunt, but I wasn’t going to tell him he was dropped until he got better.

  20. The funniest, most joyful thing I have seen on MSM, was Lickle Owen Jones and his Muslim partner in crime, “T’ash” Sarkar, choking back the tears, when Boris and his Cuntservatives, wiped out Labour at the last GE.
    A truly wondrous sight.

    • I bet they never imagined things would turn out as bad as they have, the smug fucking cunts.

  21. I still look forward to the day that the equally soyboyish fop Paul Joseph Watson challenges Jones to a fight.
    There would be some pushing and shoving, a bit of hair pulling, then they would realise that they were meant for each other and find a public toilet so they could fuck each other bandy.
    What is it with fringe loonies and their mincing zeta male commentators?

    • All of that Zeta, Beta, Sigma shite is horoscopes for insecure men who need the internet to tell them who they are, like the dappy women with horoscopes.

  22. Good morning cunters from beautiful, sunny Central Florida!

    I have heard of this cunt but of course I don’t listen to him.

    But judging from the comments I deem this a righteous cunting.


    • You are correct.

      He is an insufferable little turd. Best case for post natal abortion ever.

  23. The fact he hasn’t been shamed from public life yet shows how fucked we are as a society.

    I wouldn’t trust him around kids either. He has a look about him.

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