Sneaky Government Consultations

Sneaky Government Consultations ( this one ends today for those interested ,link included below for those wishing to oppose)

There is a consultation that concludes today, about the Governments plans to introduce a massive database holding all sorts of personal information. The idea is that we will all benefit from this streamlined system, but others may think, like me, that it is a way of making people’s personal information open to exploitation or will be used to penalise people who have the “wrong” ideas about things, also would be a goldmine to an IT proficient criminal.

As well as disagreeing with the thing itself, I have noticed over the last few years that i only seem to become aware of these consultations at the very last minute, and they run for only a short time – in this instance just 8 weeks. I consider myself fairly well informed and above average intelligence but somehow these things almost pass me by every time. I have probably missed others. I’m not sure that 8 weeks is long enough to consider such a matter, and if it should really be put to people in a referendum..

Anyway, my point is, it is like the cunts don’t really want anyone to know about it, so it should really be called something else, not a consultation! Like a shifty sneaky bag of cunt, for instance.

Together Declaration

Nominated by Mary Hinge.

50 thoughts on “Sneaky Government Consultations

  1. Yeah government’s and personal information. What could go wrong?

    Might as well post all my pertinent info to Beijing now.

  2. Such ‘consultations’ are a complete sham; a way for governments and all sorts of other bodies seeming to give the people a voice and a say, before proceeding to do what they always intended to do anyway. ‘We’ll take that on board’. Course you will.

    Cunts are cunts, and there’s little we can really do about it.

    • Nail on the head Ron. It’s my firm belief that most people are not aware of the vast amount of detailed information the state already holds on us all and the idea that it is held securely is risible. I’ve worked in parts of the NHS over the years and their “secure” systems are wide open. I have observed various staff using other people’s passwords and key cards, I have seen passwords on post-it notes stuck on screens and I have worked out operator’s passwords with no difficulty. In one case it was the name of the operator’s cat! Having spent half a century on the road I have occasionally called in emergencies on 999. I am no longer surprised when the police responder addresses me by name without me giving it although the previous call may have been several years earlier.

      Talking of the NHS, I have mentioned before of a near neighbour who works part-time in a clerical job at the local GP surgery and routinely uses NHS systems to “vet” her son’s girl friends. When our kids were at school I was surprised when a random teacher casually mentioned something in or elders medical records that even I did not know at the time.

      To sum up while I applaud Mary’s nom I won’t be wasting valuable minutes of my life responding to the “consultation”.

  3. Sorry Mary, but referendums are as much use as a commie fudgepacker in a bar fight.
    St George’s day for the great national emergency alert on your mobile. I can hardly wait.

  4. The NHS have my medical records
    HMRC and DWP have all my financial/tax information.
    The Council know who I am and my address.

    What else do they need to know and what’s all this fucking text on April 21? about, more pointless bollocks.

    ISAC know I am a racist bigot, I hope they don’t dob me in to the cops.

  5. The government couldn’t run a bath.

    Shower of cunts,they can make as many fucking lists as they like.


  6. The government knows everything about you, including your shoe size and taste in underwear. The one thing they don’t know, and seem incapable of understanding (or perhaps don’t want to know) is what the average British person actually thinks. If they do try to find out they go to Twitter, the dozy cunts. That’s why we have to suffer such rubbish as nut zero. They have facts but no wisdom.

  7. I can’t wait to have an ID card. It’ll save me having to waste money renewing my passport next year.

    • You will still need your passport when the 15 minute city rule comes into force, get a stamp every time you cross the border, 3 stamps in a week and it’s off to the magistrates.

      • Preposterous, SOI.
        How on earth am I supposed to travel to where you live to dump the semi-decompsed corpses of the prostitutes I 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦𝘯’𝘵 murdered?

      • You obviously haven’t seen the proposal Thomas, you will have ‘everything’ you need within 15 minutes of where you live, I think you will find the recycling of semi decomposed prostitutes have been catered for within the deposit bottle return scheme.
        They will be mummified and sold to incels as bedtime companions

  8. That piece of shit Suckdick had a “public consultation” on his new ULEZ rip off. This is the one where he branded anyone against it as climate change deniers, covid deniers, anti vaxers and of course “the far right.” The cunt had already ordered the cameras three months before. Consultation means fuck all , just a sham democracy like all the rest of it.

    • Spot on Mr Frog.

      These alleged consultations are a sop,all part of the pretence of our “civilised democracy”..

      The corrupt clowns holding the levers of power couldn’t give a tupenny fuck for our views or beliefs.

  9. Take me down to the 15 minute city
    Where the grass is green, but you’re not allowed to walk on it, so fucking go home….

    • J R Cuntley you have been fined 1 credit for violation of the verbal morality statute…

    • 15 minute cities, where you can walk or cycle to every aminety you could possibly need.
      Well, 15 minutes walking takes me about half a mile. I don’t have a bike.
      What they going to do?
      Put an Optician in one of the two doctors surgeries?
      A shoe shop in the hairdressers?
      There’s two, so they could split cheap shit/good stuff.
      A clothing store in the Co-op, and local convenience store, M&S and Primark.
      Really thought it through.

  10. I think there ought to be an immediate public consultation into Eddie Izzard. He should stripped naked and paraded down Oxford Street in London on a busy shopping afternoon, with the gunge he puts on his ugly face wiped off, and the false boob-e-doos removed. As HE embarks on a new “one woman show”, much written about in the press, the public, especially the wankers who vote Labour and would like to see him as an MP, they need to see HIM, unmitigated to discover, which of the following is true:

    1) He is mentally ill and therefore precluded for standing for Parliament


    2) He is a washed up, fucked up old “comedian” who is looking for a new soft job for his retirement


    3) He is an exhibitionist, effeminate homosexual in denial, and gets a cheap thrill out of flashing in womens pissoirs, knowing the police are too scared to arrest him for indecency.

    If he still has his meat and two veg if he continues to want to pass as a “woman” he should be castrated.

    The only danger to the public is that they might get to his raddled, reamed old arsehole that has seen more men up there than Elton John.

    The pubic has the right to know the truth about this limp wristed old fraud.To save money they could turn it into a TV show introduced by PhilipSchofield, to save public money and give him another cheap thrill.

  11. The NHS had incorrect information on file regarding my blood group, it was a typo….

  12. No point worrying about this.
    They know everything about you.

    You employment record
    Your taxes
    Your financial details
    Any health issues
    Your shopping habits
    Your political affiliations
    Everything they need to know.

    So do the Chinese.

    Welcome to the digital age!
    Theres no secrets,
    They know you intimately.

    And your easy to replace.

      • Yep.
        I’ll be ordered to conform.
        Paint them sage green or Tory grey.

        Country cream gates are a act of disobedience and defiance.

        I’m Spartacus!

      • I’ve bought some new fencing for the front.
        I’m staining it black.
        Making a feature, to welcome my new neighbours.

      • Yep,
        And my leather chaps.

        Told you.

        They know everything about us.
        Including the stash of chubby porn you have hidden in the shed.

        Luckily I’m a open book,
        Nothing to hide.

        Pop up book!

      • That’s a downright lie!

        I keep my chubby porn in the cellar, where the teenage prossies are buried.

        Afternoon Miserable 👍

  13. We’ll that’s big brother knocking on your door right now for daring to dis the government on this site better get some serious firewall up to stop snoopers snooping 🤩

  14. One thing I have noticed many of these consultations appear to be exclusively with persons who would benefit from the adoption of the main idea that is being discussed. No fucker asked me if carrying a sword in public was a good or bad idea.
    No one asked any parents (apart from unicorn wranglers) if they supported the idea of half naked transbenders pole dancing in front of 6 year olds whilst telling them all about anal sex. Any fucking excuse to say “we have consulted with the plebs”

  15. I think these consultations are a window dressing exercise. If there plebs agree, then we’ll use that on subsequent complaints. If the plebs don’t agree, we’ll say the number involved was too low And we’re going ahead with it anyway.
    They’ll probably bolox up the database anyway. Our local Nhs trust didn’t know if you’d been in their emergency department two days previously..

  16. I don’t know if anybody knows this but there’s this big donut in Cheltenham used for just these purposes, and it’s been there for a few years.

    if a few CDs can store the tax and bank details of tens of millions (then get lost), with the expansive facility at Cheltenham and increasing computing power available per square centimeter of chip, I’m sure the government can process real-time digital profiles of citizens based upon their existing details, smart phone/sat nav GPS and online activity.

    • Now I’m scared.

      No, not really. What’s the worst the ubiquitous ‘they’ can do?

  17. I have been an extreme rightwing cunt for 50 years and own knives machetes axes. That’s just the way it is.
    Fuck em.

  18. I wonder how many billions this database is going to cost? Let’s ask two of our favourite Westminster budget gurus:

    Diane Abbot: £100
    Baroness Dido Harding: £37 billion

    • Which one was wearing fabulous shoes, & had a calculator app, rather than an actual calculator with fading batteries?

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