Mark Bryan

Daily Express 

According to the Dudley Moore/Peter Cook film “Thirty Is A Dangerous Age, Cynthia”. I would suggest you double that if this “Happily married Texan” is typical of what is happening to the Eddie Izzard transbumder types.

Just look at this ugly 63 year old wanker above:

He claims his wife is happy with his choice of clothing. I wonder if the wife is a man called Sue?

I can only reply that many men develop strange habits in middle age, but my advice to the wife is to put the lid on quickly – it will stop the sugar getting everywhere, if nothing else.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs.

68 thoughts on “Mark Bryan

  1. Is it’s old lady a lovely Texan MILF by any chance?
    If so, a real man would do her the world of good….

    • I digress, I also want the yanks out of United, but if the new owners keep buying blackies, its kettle calling the pan black. I’m not racist because I was here long before all these black cunts arrived without my permission. Before the last war ended in fact.

      • By the way, that’s why I stopped going to Old Trafford. To think I was watching the Busby Babes for 9d.

  2. I have no issue with batty boys – some of us are different and that’s life.

    But this weirds me out. I would rather sit in a room with a batty boy, giggling and titillating more than a cross dressing weirdo who isn’t gay (or maybe plays on both sides of the fence) but feels more comfortable in ladies clothes.

  3. Probably a serial killer.

    His wife should not ignore that smell from the drains, or the new patio he put in when he sent her to see her mum for the weekend.


    • It looks as if it would get off on caning underage boys in Head Teacher’s Study.
      Maybe it’s “wife” calls itself “Susan Milne”, in which case a marriage made in… Hell.

  4. Once, not so long ago, a freak like this would have had to do this shit in the privacy of his own home. He wouldn’t be walking down the street like a cunt and he wouldn’t turn up for work dressed like a pe*vert. What the fuck happened?

    • I’m all for people pleasing themselves and not giving two fucks about other people’s opinions. Having said that, those pictures make me feel sick.

  5. Perhaps hes trying to improve his chances of employment by the Biden administration

  6. Is that what Ken Bruce would look like had he renewed his contract with BBC radio 2?

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