Mark Bryan

Daily Express 

According to the Dudley Moore/Peter Cook film “Thirty Is A Dangerous Age, Cynthia”. I would suggest you double that if this “Happily married Texan” is typical of what is happening to the Eddie Izzard transbumder types.

Just look at this ugly 63 year old wanker above:

He claims his wife is happy with his choice of clothing. I wonder if the wife is a man called Sue?

I can only reply that many men develop strange habits in middle age, but my advice to the wife is to put the lid on quickly – it will stop the sugar getting everywhere, if nothing else.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs.

68 thoughts on “Mark Bryan

  1. Apparently he is a robotics engineer.

    I bet he spends his time in his laboratory, designing fudge packing robots for his personal use.


    • or gay Terminators.

      Skynet is online between the hours of 0:10 and 23:50, and then it just plays adverts for Gay X-change and launching dwn ‘raid’s on human settlements to The Communards.

  2. Not tried pink yet Ducky? You should, I thinks it’s your colour.
    BTW sweetie, do you wax or shave?

  3. His wife thinks he’s a pathetic cunt and is shagging a normal bloke every chance she gets.

    Tranbumder that you mental twat.

    • Yoohoo!
      Morning honky-tonks!

      Mark looks fabulous doesn’t he ?
      Makes robots, wears frocks?

      In his office is a weeping R2D2 in a bra with a sore arse.

      Give the puddled cunt Old Sparky.

      • Groomed him Baz.
        On the Death Starfish.

        Let me gently take hold of your light sabre,
        I won’t use the Force….

  4. Why do these fuckwits always look like extras in a deleted, unfunny Monty Python sketch or lorry drivers who have lost the bet?

  5. Before I read the article, I am left wondering if his wife is also an old queen…
    Blatant poofery.

    • Notice he keeps guard stood near some massive wardrobe in every photo?

      Know what’s in there don’t you?

      Little Jimmy the paper boy.
      Arse like a blood orange 🍊

  6. Where’s a texan gun nut when you need them.

    When there’s a president to be shot you can’t keep them off the grassy knoll.

    • Tottering off in a miniskirt and high heels holding a assault rifle!

      Hehehe 😄

  7. Personally I couldn’t give a rats arse what he wears, just stay at home with your wife who doesn’t mind.
    Heterosexual my arse!

  8. He looks like Richard O’Brien from the Crystal Maze a bit.

    Hands up who knew instantly he was a yank?

    I did.

    Degeneracy has taken hold fast in the states.
    Started with Woodstock.

    • What snoopys mate?
      That’s a bit harsh mis..

      Granted he couldn’t fly very well,but that will happen when your friends with a beagle.. heavy smokers beagles..

  9. Can a man ever look macho wearing a skirt?

    The Scots wear kilts,
    Big ginger highlanders claymore aloft screaming for their freedom following Mel Gibson to the sound of pipes on the battlefield.

    So suppose so.
    But it’s hard to pull off.

    For fuck sake don’t try and pull off a highlanders kilt!!

    It wasn’t a dare.

  10. I looked at the photo and immediately thought: MP. But no, it appears to be more prevalent than I first thought.

  11. Do what you want behind closed doors as long as everyone is permitting. However when you go out in public like that, you deserve the ridicule you get, not even trying to pass, but you can tell they do not want to, they want the attention of being a bald cunt in a dress. Nowadays all the trans are just literally men not trying to pass, can we get some thai one’s on the next dingy from Calais and give em some competition?

  12. What a fucking tool, i am amazed he has the nerve to dress like that in Texas, the KKK will shoot the cunt, maybe not a bad idea
    To late really, these fucking wierdos are already populating the earth

  13. We daren’t try to imagine what he’s wearing underneath.
    But just for the record, my personal peccadillo would be to try on Rachel Reeves’s undergarments, only to be caught by Rachel, herself clad only in thigh-high leather boots. She’d give me a jolly good spanking for being such a naughty boy, then both buttocks glowing crimson she’d finish me off with the slowest of 5-knuckle shuffles.
    Ah well, each to his own.

    • He he, GT.
      There’s literally nothing I wouldn’t do to get a go on Rachael’s lush fanny, including murder.

  14. Just read the article.

    Gay as fuck.

    Loads of warning signs.

    He’s a football coach.

    He’s moved from Texas to Germany.

    He likes the band KISS.

    He cites Sex in the City as a influence.

    = Sword swallower

    • His wife who wished to be unnamed..

      Is that because he’s name is Jerry..

    • Sex in the City as an influence? Maybe it could fall out of a block of flats while adjusting it’s stilettos.

      Or explosively shit itself in public. An emerald green satin pussy pelmet would contrast nicely…

  15. Ignore the pillock ; if everyone did they would soon get bored.

  16. The future, it’s coming, keep your heads down and carry on.

    Just switched on the news, the bloke who likes making human torches out of peacefuls is called Mohammed Abbkr, far right, real name Tommy R 😂

  17. I’m a big fan of lederhosen.

    Not ashamed of this.

    Nothing gay about leather hot pants with a bib and brace.

    Often can be seen walking along yodelling in the peaks.
    My builder crack hanging out of my lederhosen.

    Some say it looks Ducky!!
    I tell them

    ” It’s smart Alec remarks like that that caused the second world war!!
    This is traditional German garb.
    It’s that insinuation that caused the Nazis to go homicidal.”

    The catcall across the trenches,

    ” Who wears short shorts?
    You wear short shorts!”

    Humiliated Adolf Hitler that did.

  18. I’m pleased there aren’t any Americanism being used in this cunting, I much prefer homosexual rather than the shorter yank version, even though they invented it.

  19. I wonder if he’s wearing a bra and some skimpy little panties underneath? Stockings and sussies in the colder weather?

    Oh well, he’s free to do what he wants as long as he’s not harming anybody else, and doesn’t seem to mind that he looks like a total twat. Not surprised that he left Texas tho.

    Morning all.

    • He looks very smart, I can imagine Mr Creampuff wearing those outfits, at least he isn’t trying to looks like pound shop tranny 😂

    • It’s just an extremely odd ‘half and half’ look.

      There’s a bloke I’ve seen a couple of times in town who goes for a similar look; top half man bun, wispy beard, shirt and jacket, bottom half black leather skirt, fishnets and high heels. Funniest part is watching people steer cautiously around him, studiously trying to give the appearance of not staring.

      Takes all sorts I suppose.

  20. He dresses this way because he’s auditioning for a role in the Biden Administration.

    He’s a more mature, toned down version of Sam Brinton who doesn’t have to steal as he already has his own wardrobe.

    • Sam Brinton looks hilarious (and sinister), the klepto freak.
      One can’t help but think that he’s trolling/taking the piss out of tran§bumders though, wearing (stolen) wimmins’ clothes whilst sporting a fine moustache.

  21. There should be a dating service for wronged wives, like this cunt’s missus, Philip Schofields missus etc, to receive a jolly good seeing-to by a real man, not some dress-wearing bender.

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