Aligning free prescriptions with pensions.


It was only a matter of time before some pen pushing arsehole mentioned that prescription medication is free from 60 years old, but pension age is 67, currently.

So now the Cunt is toying with the idea of aligning free prescriptions with state pension age. What am I saying, toying? He’ll do it, sure as shit isn’t sugar.

Why wouldn’t he, he’s not going to have to deal with the fallout. The oldies have a vote, too.
Try and remember that, come the next GE, when you’re begging for our vote, so as to keep your snout in the trough.

Nominated by Jeezum Priest.

81 thoughts on “Aligning free prescriptions with pensions.

  1. My mate gets his inhaler on prescription.
    He has to have it close to hand whenever he eats rice, he’s basmatic….

  2. Well, they’ve got to screw as much money as they can out of whitey before he snuffs it. Those dinghy rats won’t pay for themselves and there’s plenty more where they came from.

    • Hey Freddie,

      But if in his old age Whitey can’t afford to pay for his meds he’ll snuff it sooner and then who’s going to pay?

      • We’ll be part of China or Russia within 30 years. The East Germans developed a strong interest in homeopathy, basically because they couldn’t afford western pharmacy. Expect a run on shrooms.

  3. is there any of them that are alright? it’s very easy to think the Tories are cunts, which they are, and miss the fact that labour are a bunch of fuckwits as well

    Fckng hell, if some old codger needs a bottle of aspirin, fckng give it him.

    And tax Amazon to death to pay for it

  4. Its the cunts who get methodone free that boils my piss, also cunts that self intoxicate and get free liver transplants. My dear wife is 36, had a full hysto 4 years ago due to endometriosis and is now menopausal , i know medals for me rant rave, but the hrt spray costs a fucking fortune, we both work etc but it wasnt her choice.

    • To be fair DC, I don’t think they give liver transplants to unreformed alcoholics unless they’re called George Best.

  5. I wonder if this will apply in Londonstanian, where when you are 60 you get free public transport ( normal retirement age) everywhere else in the UK…!

    So if you think about it all the ethics in our once proud capital get at least 6 years free transport compared to the rest of us ….😡

    • Hey John,

      I’m all in favor of ethnics getting free transportation…free transportation back to Shitholeistan.

    • Free public transport in London istan is the only way to escape your 15 minute zone, meet new people, and get machete’d to death by them. Also to see that famous E London tourist attraction, the lippy dark quay cow shitting in a phone box, and wiping its arse.

  6. The current pension age is 66, not rising to 67 until 2028. Either that or I’m getting something I’m not entitled to.
    Shit, better keep my head down.

    • Enjoy, your children will be 70 till they get a pension, your grandchildren probably will get sweet fuck all….!

    • You’re right, GT, it is 66. I realised after I posted the nom.

      I apologies to all, hope my error didn’t bring on palpitations.

  7. Pensioners get a hard time. There was one old boy in Londonstabistan the other week doused in petrol and set on fire. Fortunately he was a Peaceful so no problem. The media were screaming raaaaaaay-sism and the dreaded “far right”. Then the coppers released a picture of the suspect………black as hell and kneeling on a prayer mat.
    What a shame. 😭😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    • Yeah a peanut headed Somalian apparently Freddie,but that was hard to find out in all the news reports.

      • One attack in Birmingham too, possibly linked to the London one. Another black white supremacist we are always hearing about.

      • I’ve seen the video of the Birmingham incident. They’ve fuzzed out the firelighter’s face so I’m guessing it’s not a whitey.

    • I had a problem with Somalians in London years ago. Was walking along Long Acre with my old Dad. Car pulls up and little Somali kid runs out towards their fee social housing (yes, in the middle of covent garden). Runs straight into my old mans legs who can’t avoid knokcing brat down. I told him to leave the little cunt on the floor, but my old dad, being nice to everyone, bends down to pick it up. Fuck me – the whole n*gger family joins in abusing my Dad. I had to grab a shovel out of the street cleaners barrow and offer them out before they fucked off back inside. I was that riled that I really woudl have swung at the first fucker that cam eat me. Absolute cunts they are.

  8. Just to be controversial…….

    I wonder how many pensioners have drawers and cupboards stuffed full of pills and potions that they have acquired with free prescriptions and have never used.

    Just saying…

    • 1000’s of them.

      I was once in the chemist’s, waiting to get served, listening to some addled old hag arguing with the pharmacist that “she needed her tablets, now”

      Further earwigging revealed that this vital medication was paracetamol, ready available without prescription for about 29p, from Lidl/Aldi, at the time.

  9. What a cunt. I bet when that fucktard retires he won’t have to worry – the cunt probably has a few mill tucked away from a dodgy PPE contract he, his family, or their dog who is a named director of Ting Tong Distribution Limited benefited from during COVID.

    Cunt should be suspended in caustic soda.

  10. I don’t have any prescription,
    But know it’s a matter of time till I get some sort of ailment where I might need a monthly prescription.

    They never miss a trick to shake you down for money do they?

    Any discount for the 53yrs I’ve taken fuck all of them?

  11. Just keep taking the tablets if you can afford the price hike and if your old and grizzled enough….
    Aren’t the shit government going to offer euthanasia to those who find living..out of their price range?
    Utter cuntage

  12. Just been watching the Boris bullshit show, I think he will need some medication after that.

    Free prescriptions in Alba land.

  13. This noms made me realise how hard our pensioners have it.

    Poor JP☹️

    JP it’s not much but I’ve half a tube of Anusol® in a draw somewhere,
    Your if you want it?
    Think I’ve some Lemsip® too?

    • Make sure you send the applicator tube as well MNC. Maybe you should give it a little clean before sending. Just saying.

    • MNC, I have tears in my eyes!

      That someone could be so kind as to offer assistance. Sadly, I cannot take aspirin based products, and as I’m well over 60, don’t have to pay for my prescribed medication anyway.

      Ps: I don’t have botty problems, but I’ve heard the pile ointment does wonders for bags under the eyes, that may detract from cheekbones like knife blades, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

  14. They should never cancel something aged based once you’ve reached the age. They can say they are raising the age for people who are coming along afterwards.

    • Indeed, So Long.
      Can you imagine hitting 60 and thinking thank fuck, I’m £x better of every 4 weeks, only to be told 6 months later that you’ve got to start paying again.
      If I’d had to pay until current retirement age, it would have cost me around £30 every 4 weeks. That’s a lot of wine!

  15. If I had to start paying for me meds it would cost me bloody fortune I’m on about 13 different drugs. I’d have to pick most important and take a chance with the rest.

  16. ‘Don’t assume that you are allowed to free prescriptions.’

    Unless you are a paggi, a bogo-bogo, or a dooshka fresh off the banana boats that cross the channel. Because those cunts get everything free…

  17. They’ve got to stop moving the goalposts of retirement age how can one plan with any kind of certainty when these clueless cunts change their minds every fucking second.. I’ve not got any idea of who to vote for in our local elections as the choice is so poorly limited but these twats have to go.
    Talk about the blind leading the blind🤯

    • Plan to retire at 70, if you are 55 or over.

      Otherwise, plan to work until you die.

      Good luck.

      • The pensions won’t be worth a light by then anyways. Not that many will live long enough to claim it. The only cunts that will live long enough to claim it will be the ones rich enough to not need it.

  18. Off topic, but those desperately grasping on to United history as reason to stop a Qatari take over after the Glazer family have financially raping the club for years?

    Yeah….. Them cunts….

    • Season ticket holders who’ve happily financed the Glazer family now threatening to bin them if the Qataris get United?

      Yes…. Them eunts….

  19. Free?

    No they are not fucking free, anyone paying tax is paying for them. Free fucking childcare, free school meals, free bus passes, free education, free fucking everything.

    When are people going to realise the welfare state is unsustainable? When the entirety of the GDP is spent on benefits and interest payments on loans taken out to pay for it in preceding years?

    Dependence on the state is the path to collapse.

    • I appear to be part of a vanishlingly small minority who pay for prescriptions. As I wait for the (foreign) pharmacist to fuck around “dispensing” two boxes of blood pressure tablets, I encounter a stream of cunts who don’t pay. “Do you pay for your prescription?”. “Yes. Twice. Once through tax and again now.”

      “Oh. I never thought about like that”.

      That’s why there is no chance of changing it – it’s free, and we all love free.

  20. I have a prescription for Half wit Hewitt and Me Again sparkle tits: A desert Eagle with two bullets.

    • I wonder if the Austrian painter had any capsules left? If last night was an indicator of things to come, I may be able to gas myself free of charge, along with most of the Humber too.

      • Desert Eagle may be too heavy for sparkle-tits and she could miss. May I suggest a smith and wesson 38?

  21. They can just state the fucking obvious reason I’m there to begin with and say they don’t prescribe narcotics or anything half decent

    Saves me the trouble of finding a new doctor

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