Ian Wright


Fucking font of all knowledge Ian Wright is a cunt.

After refusing to appear on MOD cos his mate Gary was suspended (asked to step back) is now calling for ‘heads to roll’ at the BBC because of the ‘hot mess’

Sorry to tell you this pundit but the BBC were quite within their right to suspend Linecunt, regardless of the free speech issue it was a question of the ‘grey’ area of impartiality.
The only ‘hot mess’ was you and the rest of punditry walking out over something that had fuck all to do with anyone other than Linecunt and BBC management.

If the BBC weren’t so fucking spineless they would have sacked the lot and it seems that MOD has an audience with or without pundits.


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  1. Wright is a poser and an ignorant cunt. The BBC were within their rights to suspend Lineker. When Shearer and Wright joined in they should have held on fast and sacked the lot. Three for the price of one. There are plenty of other talentless sports twats who can take the place of these three. BBC sports is drowning in illiterate woke fools all desperate for the top jobs.

  2. I think Lineker lost his voice from laughing so loudly, as Davie wiped his arse for him whilst constantly apologising.

    Remember that the BBC allowed Lineker to give a fucking woke lecture to the nation, while the opening ceremony for the World Cup was going on outside. How the fuck was that allowed?

    Next, they’ll just fuck the games off altogether, so he can call us all racists for 2 hours instead.

    But Wright is right that heads should roll. Davie yes, but not for the same reason as his. I’d sack him for being a fucking cowardly, spinless cunt. The staff will all see him as a pushover now. He’ll have no authority or command any respect whatsoever.

    I’d also sack Wright, Lineker and all the arse kissing cunts involved with a big smile on my fucking face.

  3. Sports cunts such as this boring twat, have been elevated to positions far above their relevance in their professional roles.
    They’re employed to talk about football, hardly earth shattering.
    You could flamethrower the lot of them and it wouldn’t alter by one iota, the functioning of life as we know it.
    They’re that important.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Very valid point, Jack.

      They’re not saving polar bears, or any other life form on the verge of extition are they, with their “good goal, that innit”

      I’ve more respect for penguins.

  4. Sack the lot, just replace with the Testcard with the girl wearing pigtails, the clown and the blackboard, but with the snarling face of Greta rotating and shouting about Climate change. 10 minutes of that, followed by 10 minutes of comedians being snarky about Brexit and Trump on chat and panel shows set to music by Lizzo, and then 10 minutes of weeping from Masterchef, Do You Remember Who You Are, The Repair Shop, followed by David Attenborough in a swimming pool being force fed a plastic bag by Jonathan Ross and Rob Beckett.

  5. Pundits are old hat. It was something that began with ITV providing, “something extra, something different” for their coverage of the 1970 World Cup and over the decades it grew into something that has been considered, “essential to the game”. But it isn’t essential in the age of mass media, social media – we are all pundits now with a voice, a potential audience via Twitter and YouTube.

    So, the idea that BBC, ITV, Sky Sports, BT Sport, etc. need to spend tens of millions of pounds each year on these ex-players, just to have them state the obvious, is now a joke. They aren’t needed. Even less so on BBC, as they don’t have adverts which is what the pre-match preambles and half-time analysis are really about. And the idea that license fee payers are paying for non-essential “workers” (ha!) like Rio Ferdinand, Ian Wright, Micah Richards and pretty much all the pundits, to just state the obvious and worse, politically pontificate to us when all we want is some escapism, is a joke now.

    Oh well, England play Italy in Napoli on Thursday, at the Diego Maradona Stadium, that must have been chosen on purpose to wind up England as Italy rarely play big matches outside of Rome or Milan and Napoli is a pretty anti-Italy city!
    It’s on Channel Four at 19:45.

    • Absolutely correct that this nonsense is not needed before games, at half time and then an in depth analysis after the games.

      Other countries don’t do it.

      Here in Spain every La Liga game is shown live.
      There is usually a game on Friday and Monday nights, the rest of the games are spread out over Saturday and Sunday.
      You can therefore watch the lot.

      No pre game bollocks unless it’s an important game or a Clásico.
      Half time is for adverts.
      When the game finishes there may be a few interviews with players on the pitch but then it’s all over.

      In the UK you have at least an hour of bollocks before ever game, including shit International games against opposition such as the Pharo Islands.

      Utter shit to pad out a programme.

      On Saturday Spain will be playing Norway in Málaga.
      I will be there.
      Coverage will start when the National Anthems are being played.

      There are various programmes during the week about football, but the choice is there to watch them or not.
      And as you would have probably seen the game anyway, why bother?

      • Yes, it seems that pre-match, half-time and post-match punditry is solely the reserve of British TV as in France, Germany, Italy, they don’t seem to do that. There matches last December on Sky Sports that had 30 minutes of post-match analysis on the pitch of the now-empty stadium, freezing cold, Gary Neville prattling away, it was only the 7th match if the season for those teams, not squeaky bum time in April-May!

        In England, you could have the 10 matches per week played over Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday as they do in Spain and therefore be able to show them all on TV at times that don’t clash.

      • I remember when I was in England that every game started at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon.

        A football supporter would only be able to see one game live.
        They would have one team that they would support and little or no appreciation of other teams.

        I suspect that led to disrespect and football violence.

    • I hope the Italians beat those woke English Wankers 5-0. Just to show even more that Southgate is a clueless up his own arse charlatan.

    • Cunt though he was, Diego was great as a pundit on Argentine television. Called a referee a corrupt son of a bitch on air, and he said that a whining female sports journalist could shut up and suck his cock. He then referred to said referee’s mother as a whore. Got to (cough) hand it to the little man…

    • I’ve solely stopped watching the preamble stating the bleeding obvious decades ago. I don’t even listen to the commentaries. Was annoyed when Sly stopped giving us the choice of crowd sound only. I even listen to something else on the radio at the same time. File on 4 would you believe.

      Thanks Maggie for bringing this to our attention, similar to what I’ve done in the past. Let’s hope the meek take heed.

  6. He’s about as good a pundit as he was a footballer: Barely average. He can barely piece together a sentence and his pronunciation is like that of a gibbon reading a shopping list. If I met him in the street wearing his pr-chosen clothes and heard him blithering, I’d think he was a little bit Mental Health. The kind that move their lips when reading a timetable. He might be the most token nëgro on the whole of TV.

    He’s another moaning, whining sports cunt. He’s like Serena Williams but with a smaller cock.

    • You have been far too generous, Cap-he is a living, breathing, parody of humanity.

    • You have been far too generous, Cap-he is a living, breathing, parody of humanity.

      • He’s a fucking idiot though we shoukd remember he’s just the water-carrier for the Emperor Cunt: Gary Linîgger

        Evening gentlemen.

  7. Ian wank wank wank.
    So went the chant back in the day.

  8. Leave me alone witb Gary Linekers son and therd would be a very hot gooey mess……

  9. Always remember this dirty bastard gobbing on one of the Sheffield United players in the 1990’s,. A more detestable lump of shit you will not find. And myself having a severely mentally handicapped relative, shows what the BBC thinks of Joe Public by hiring the thick as whale shit ignorant bastard.

    • Wright also spat in the face of a fan at Oldham Athletic. He got off with a warning, cos he black. His thalidomide impersonation and ‘spastic’ remarks to a disabled person showed him to be the piece of scum we all know he is.

  10. I remember going to Highbury as an away supporter for a midweek League Cup game. We fucking lost and as we shuffled away past the stand this cunt was hanging out of a window pointing and laughing. I couldn’t hear what he was saying but he was obviously calling us cunts.
    Fuck you CUNT.

      • At least he got his boots on the right feet.

        Diane calls that a good day.

    • I can see the Flabbotasaurus similarity. To me, Wright is like a black Down’s man who’s lived too long.

      • But without any semblance of charm.
        The railway tunnel-gob wanker.

        I saw this cunt at a computer game promo in Leicester Square, complete with cream coloured flat cap,pink Paisley jersey and plus fours.
        You cunt.

  11. Fucking hell. Just wandered on to the BBC newsite to find there is a front page news item “Linekunt loses voice after nasty cold’. Yep, that apparently is headline news.

    The sheer cuntitude of these totally talentless football pundit twats and the BBC really has no fucking limits.

    • Tomorrow they’ll lead with, ‘Lineker makes cup of tea’.

      Although he probably has a below minimum wage illegal immigrant maid do that for him. Allegedly.

  12. Any criticism of this sainted individual is racist. This site needs to watch it’s step.

  13. That slag Lineker ruining the opening of the World Cup by gobbing off about the ‘plight’ of pillowbiters. Yet, when he was asked why he didn’t boycott Qatar, he gave that silppery slime drippping smirk and said ‘I’m just here as a reporter’. So why didn’t he report on the opening ceremony instead of lecturing us and tonguing shirtlifters?

    The two faced cake and eat it smear of slime.

  14. I notice that well known BBC personality, Mark ‘Shut that door!’ Lawrenson has come out on the side of Lineker.

    Say no more….🤨

    • Like another ex-player/manager who ‘Luv’d it’, I have heard some tales about ‘Lawro’ over the years….😬

      Allegedly and all that crap…😉

      • Liekunt has been approached by ITV with a £4 million carrot.
        Just think, in between adverts he could pop up grinning smugly and lecturing us on wokiversity, how magical.
        The buggerlug cunt.

      • If Jug Lugs does fuck off to ITV, it will be hilarious to see the ‘Beeb’ cunts implode as their golden boy leaves them. I also think there’s a strong possibility that he will do one. Lineker’s disloyalty to the football clubs he played for and his eye for a big payday are well known. There is also the matter of his tax bill…

        Also, it will be better for us if he does go to ITV. They don’t feature the Premier League, so we will see less of him.

    • Probably trying to worm his way back on the telly.

      I tell you who’s fucking shite. Leon Osman.

      Monotone, cliche filled, arse kissing wanker. I see BT added a new member to their punditry mob. Nedem Onuaha or something. They said he was a city player but he was third choice at best. He admitted he’d never played a Champions League game. Ended up lower league, playing in America.

      Interesting they got a third rate player on. The honky ones need to have been top level. He got the job on merit. Not cos he is black and Micah Richard’s mate, of course.

      To be fair to him though, he can string a sentence together unlike most pundits.

      • Micah Richards…. That ‘ebullient’ personality just grates on the nervous system, The cunt laughs at everything. Absolutely everything. He’s a fucking clown.

        I’ll tell you who is shit, Cuntybollocks. Michael Owen. He is beyond diabolical.

      • When I see Roy Keane on with Wright and Karen Fucking Carney, I think ‘what a sell out cunt.’

        I’d refuse to be on with them for any amount of cash. I’d end up doing time.

      • Not saying I’d get rapey with Carney btw. Or Ian Wright.

        Probably blow my own brains out after 5 minutes with them, thinking about it properly.

  15. Imagine Ian Shight and Mel ‘Scary Spice Cunt’ B in the same room…
    You would need NASA made earplugs for the loudest mouthiest attention seeking thick black cunt competition.

  16. Haven’t heard, or had sight of this cunt in decades. Also agree implicitly of the comments made by colleges on here, are to be truly accurate, which leaves the black twat without a leg to stand on, in any selfdefense.

    The cunt should be dumped at sea in a leaking dinghy, along with the other two and the female you always refer to be making the tea for the other reprobates.

    • I’ve even had to devise a method of not seeing this cunts face when cunting the black cunt. If this twat makes even mild mannered me want to rip the head from the shoulders, what would a really angry person want to do to this fucking black bastard ?

  17. Wright’s a cunt, carrying on a long tradition of BBC cuntiness. Have you all forgotten Emlyn Hughes? Anyway I am back on Twitter again having deleted some tweets transverstites complained about. Today I have replied to Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, James O’Brien and the vaccine promoting WHO among others. It is important to spread the isac gospel to the pagan masses. (And strangely satisfying to take the piss out of cunts who will never read my tweets about them). Thinking of starting a trolling campaign on Ash Sarkar and Novara Media soon. If you are on Twitter keep an eye out.

    • I remember Emlyn Hughs. Spoke on a different frequency from us, where only dogs could hear what he was saying, but obviously useless because they couldn’t understand him. Today he would have the piss taken out of him something shocking.

      • Emlyn on A Question Of Sport when Princess Anne was on it, A sychophantic arselicking masterclass. What a cunt he was.

  18. To reinforce the cuntishness of Mr Wright, there’s a story this morning of a councillor being forced to resign and a police investigate for hate crime after calling Mr Wright ‘a typical black hypocrite’

    Story here :

    Whether he’s typical I couldn’t comment, but he’s certainly and undeniably black (so why is it racist to say so?) and appears to be a hypocrite IMHO.

    So that’s me cancelled and in the shit then. Typical white bigot that I am…

      • That’s Wright all over, Dio. Wouldn’t think twice about losing somebody their job as he plays his one millionth race card.
        Also, how is the truth a ‘hate crime’? He is black (as he keeps reminding us!) and he is a hypocrite. Isn’t playing the race card and then telling a black lady traffic warden to fuck off back to Africa being a hypocrite? If it was an impartial unbiased case that showed the real facts, Wright wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

    • A police matter no less.

      Glad they’ve got nothing better to be on with.

      Wright, as well as being a cunt, is both black and a hypocrite, so a perfectly valid comment.

  19. Has this prickarsenal really never been cunted before ? Amazing!

    Infantile beyond belief, even kids telly is too grown up for him.

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