Michael Mcintyre [5]

Michael Mcintyre is a cunt. I saw him on tv the other day, and was appalled at his generic vanilla stand up show. Nothing of any originality or pushing the boundaries.

The fucking wokes in the audience were fucking laughing on queue at his pathetic attempts. What particularly pisses me off is the way he always bangs on about his children and that people who don’t have children have “no idea what it’s like”. Countless stand up pieces from him on the same fucking subjects. What a self obsessed ugly cunt on every level.

The fucking wokes who follow him to feel safe in their pathetic worlds need some lessons in real life and real comedy.


Nominated by : Cuntstable

76 thoughts on “Michael Mcintyre [5]

  1. You need batteries? You’ll find them in the man drawer. Yes , the man drawer. Ooh look there’s some old phone charger leads in the man drawer. What else is in the man drawer? Some keys that you don’t know where they are for. Better keep them in the man drawer. A blunt pen knife is there in the man drawer. A takeaway menu in the man drawer.
    The only thing I want to see you draw McIntyre, you spastic footed mess is your last fucking breath. Now fuck off.

  2. I hate McIntyre, but I hate Graham Norton and Frankie Boyle even more.

    Norton, because of how he has turned the art of the talk show into a childish and pathetic innuendo riddled joke, because he thinks everything has to be ‘fruity’ and a ‘laugh’. Can you imagine Richard Burton, Bill Shankly, Henry Cooper or Lord Reith talking to this immature poofy cunt?

    And Boyle, for sucking up to our black friends, and bring firmly up the chocolate crevice of black witch Sophie Duker. I’d give ’em kill whitey, the fucking bastards…

  3. Off topic. The “Superglue Sub” has got to be a nom, as well as the pea sized radioactive particle that fell off the back of a lorry, somewhere in Australia, & after a frantic search was recovered. Just asking!

  4. As you will appreciate, we can’t keep McIntyre and Norton can’t mince on the screen every week of the year (the makeup bill would be far too high) so the BBC are always on the lookout for new knockabout fun for Saturday evenings. Like this, for example:


  5. ‘his children and that people who don’t have children have “no idea what it’s like”.

    Safe old toss aimed at fat Karens.

    Haven’t watched this cunt in years.

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