Daniella Leis

Daniella Leis from Ontario is attempting to sue a food and beverage company that served her alcohol, aiming to make them liable for the costs of damage which resulted when she drove into a house whilst pissed – allegedly.

This waste of breathable air is claiming that the bar in question should pay the estimated $9.87M – $14.7M in damages, all because she was too stupid to realise that intoxication and driving do not mix.

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The company should counter-sue her parents for creating this pathetic specimen in the first place.

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52 thoughts on “Daniella Leis

    • Typical moosefucker eh.

      Marilyn Manson gig😄
      I’d like to of seen the expression on the faces of the moosefuckers sat watching telly quietly when this daft mare ploughed through the wall pissed .

      She’s got fuckin no chance.
      Even the fuckin soft Canadians won’t buy that.

      Hahaha 😄
      Triggered a gas explosion that caused millions in damage!

      Nice going luv👍

      • I’ve actually been there MIS. One Sunday afternoon many years ago before I was married, the whole family were sitting in the lounge which was on the front of the house watching television. There was a loud bang and we all looked up to see a car come through the substantial front garden wall and stop a couple of feet short of the window. We then saw the woman driver climb out of the car and wander around looking baffled with the steering wheel in her hand. As far as I could see she wasn’t pissed but she definitely was black.

      • I bet you put the wall up as a deliberate obstacle to this member of a poor victimised minority afur. Waaaaycism of the worst possible kind on your part.
        Hang your head in shame.

      • I’m ashamed to admit Ron that by the time the police arrived we were laughing uncontrollably.

      • I never realised that Diane Abacus ever held a driving licence!
        Did she have matching shoes on-or 2x left shoes, explaining her loss of control?

  1. never ever their own fault silly little piss weasel , I see she has the touch of the local flip flop emporium so racism will almost certainly be a factor, I didn’t know the white devils fire water was so potent I should have been counselled at school.

    • Maybe I’m wrong but I used to think of Canada as a common sense sort of place?
      Nice scenery, fresh weather,
      Sort of a USA without morbid obesity and ADHD.

      But that’s long gone.
      They’re fuckin puddled!

      I used to want to go there but not a chance now.

      Weird cunts.

      • In The Times, Vancouver has decriminalised heroine, opioid, methamphetamine, you name it.
        Turdeau has fucked Canada.

  2. Fucking saucy bitch. Some cunts have got some front. If she was under age she might have a slim chance but as she wasn’t she can fuck right off. Fucking piss head.

  3. I’ve said this before, why is it so hard for someone to put their hand up and say
    ” I did it, it was me, it’s my fault, I’m responsible”

    But no, if it isn’t someone elses fault, it’s fucking mental health issues, or traumatic childhood, or anything else they can chuck in the stew pot.

    • Nobody’s ever responsible for anything these days, it’s always somebody else’s fault.

      You never can tell these days how a court might view such things, but I’d say that the oxygen thief’s on a very sticky wicket.

      Afternoon all.

      • She has probably seen Justin Trudeau survive blackface gate and get re-elected without offering any real apology other than “I was young and stupid” and thought, I’ve got a chance here.

        Its the entitlement that is defining the last couple of generations.

      • I’m sorry to say this, but I think it’s highly possible that a court will agree with this daft tart, and decide in her favour.
        Be a right shame.

  4. I was discussing this with the Gradly Lass, she’s 13, about how no one wants to accept responsibility for their actions.

    She said, it’s like someone with autism, who wants to get your attention, but does so by poking and prodding you. When you complain, the parent/carer says ” Well, they are autistic”
    But that’s an explanation, not an excuse, for bad behaviour.

    10/10, that Lass.

      • I wouldn’t recommend it,tbh., LL..my last attempt at dazzling the Magistrates with my brilliant legal arguments didn’t end well…. a pair of middle-class,curtain twitching old Bags and some Colonel Blimp type were never going to understand my cutting-edge interpretation of previously accepted legalese …..unfortunately they did understand my exasperated bellow at the Prosecutor of “Oh,for fucks sake.. shut yer fucking yap afore I come over there and do it for you…fucking Gasbag Cunt”….unfortunately I then also lost my temper slightly.

        It’s not often you leave Court facing more charges than you started with.

      • Dear me Lord Fiddler.
        That sounds a right debacle, and you, so usually suave and erudite.

        Did you perchance have a large cognac to ‘settle’ your stomach prior to your appearance?

  5. Your saying all Canadians are autistic?

    While I agree JP,
    Your atrocious racism has no excuse.

    Maybe it’s because they have a bit of French in them?

  6. I would imagine (in a Woke country like Canada) that part of the driver training/test would involve some if not quite a lot of alcohol and driving education.

    But still, not he fault eh.

  7. Danielle looks a bit swarthy?
    Probably got some red Indian in her?
    Ojibway, they’re a Canadian tribe.

    That’s her defence.

    White man’s firewater sent her heap big drunk.
    Iron horse hit teepee.
    Plum big bang.
    Bad medicine.

    Get that Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) in as a expert for the defence.

    Piss it.

    • Looks a bit swarthy, and you have cheek to spare insinuating that I’ve called all Canadians autistic?

      By the Lord Harry, you will apologise, or its handbags at dawn, I say!

  8. As fucking usual the immense explosion didn’t decapitate the stupid cunt that caused all the mess.

    Give it a phosphorus grenade to play with.

  9. It is the judgement of this court, that the innocent victims of the defendant should be allowed to kick her for 15 minutes, in my private courtyard, and if that should result in her death, disfigurement or permanent disability, then so be it.
    All rise.

  10. I really hope she wins.

    That will open up the floodgates for me suing the shit out of umpteen breweries, pubs, weed producers and the descendents of Pablo Escobar for the seriously shit life decisions I have made while intoxicated by their products.

    • See, there you are Odin.

      It’s not my fault, if they hadn’t enabled me to drink and drug…..

  11. Looking at that cuntish cuntry, she will most probably win. The cunts have said 2 drinks a week but in British Colombia you can buy Class A drugs legally……

    • We’ve noted that, HtB.
      No longer a crime because Fuck you Trudeau either uses them his self, or his family does.
      How embarrassing it could be if Junior got caught with a baggie.
      Talk about over exceeding your remit.

  12. Fucking Canada. What a haven of dipshits that turned out to be.

    if you wish to include Jordan Peterson amongst them then do so; the bloke went quietly mad over being banned from Twitter LOL.

    Get a hobby.. bud.

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