Blame Shifting

Why are members of the public not deemed responsible for their own actions now?

When, apparently they SHOULD be allowed to storm a venue without tickets causing death, injury and damage, and the fault of all this death, injury and destruction is NOT those that perpetrate it, but the venue for not supplying enough staff!

The world is very quickly going mad. When I was young you had very nice ladies on the door of cinemas, entertainment venue and the like politely checking for tickets and letting people in. No need for heavy handed security en mass at all…..but now?

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72 thoughts on “Blame Shifting

  1. Been happening for ever, a certain set of cuntish football supporters have been wailing for 30 plus years..

    And to the bloke who’s sister died..
    It’s called ape frenzy I saw it on david Attenborough, or was it cctv in Peckham?

    • In the old days, didn’t footy fans used to have a song along the lines of “always the victim”?

      • Beat me to it Lord Cuntingdon. I was going to ask why the Liver bird had been photoshopped off the top of the sign post in the picture.

  2. Last night I dropped an egg on the floor and smashed.

    Clearly it wasn’t my fault, it was the fault of the floor, it was the fault of the television I was watching and it was a fault of the egg for being so so smooth and difficult to hold.

    Definitely not my fault, can’t blame me for that but I want some compensation!

    • On the theme of eggs, I once burnt a boiled egg. I was distracted by a TV programme and forgot all about it. The programme was called Baywatch.
      Pamela Anderson, you owe me an egg.

      • Remember, Pammy-with-the-whammies wasn’t just a pretty face.
        She was a philosopher too.
        I particularly liked her musings on eggs:

        “Remember, you can beat an egg-but you can’t beat a wank!”

        Namistay 🤔

      • To be fair he didn’t invent it, just discovered it. Although it makes you think why it took the single instance of an apple dropping on his head and not all the years of having a shit which dropped down and didn’t end up in his hair.

    • I now give my floor the benefit of the doubt now. I’ve smeared the whole kitchen floor with butter, so when I drop my toast it’s gets buttered and it’s lets the floor off the hook for when it used to flip it over mid air, making it land butter side down.

  3. The five uniformed savages who kicked one of their own to death recently in the USA? Are they to blame for their own actions? Hell no!!! It was da honkyman’s fault for creating a system of oppressive “white privilege”.

    How the fuck does that work then?

    Who cares?

    Just fuck off.

  4. Blame shifting has sadly been perfected by the government and the authorities (such as police forces and local councils)
    Look at the pygmy cunt Khan in London. The whole city has gone to rat shit under his watch and what does he do?
    Blames the Tories, blames the government, blames the white people (the remaining few that still live there) blames the police, blames the terrorists, yet somehow he has managed to save his own skin.

    Same as the Police in Rotherham. Its not their fault that rape gangs were free to molest under age kids, despite them knowing about it. Instead they blamed the kids for tempting the rape gangs to commit their crimes.

    Fucking country is a bastard mess.

    • to be fair, he is just trying to make London look and feel like the third world shithole he came from.

  5. People are not even responsible for their own thoughts any more.

    It’s down to their mental health issues.

    So with the escalating blame game I can see why running any business is no longer much fun.

    I have customers who think that as I have supplied an installed an item for them, that I remain responsible for their purchase…… Forever.

    And it’s not just the English.

    A recent addition to my list of pain in the arse customers is an Australian.

    When he returned from an extended holiday in Australia he found that the electric appliance that my company supplied and fitted had switched itself on in his absence, ran up his electricity bill and then broke down.

    Nothing to do with him of course.

    The appliance had managed to supply itself with electricity by activating an isolation switch and then went on to change all of the internal settings.

    Can I come along and fix or replace it?

    No I fucking can’t.
    Fuck off.

  6. It was the fault of 1964 that I married the spouse. If only Harold McMillan hadn’t become ill and got replaced by Alec Douglas Home, the thinking man’s Rishi Sunak, and Sandie Shaw had walked into that pub at Woolwich, I might have copped off with her instead of her indoors.

  7. I always look to blame some other Cunt for my actions….I can convince myself that “whoever” is to blame and work myself up into a frenzy of self-righteousness at their sheer stupidity….it’s surprisingly effective and has got me out of several scrapes.

      • How very dare you ??!!!…..I’ll have you know that I’m on the spectrum ( self-diagnosed…Quacks are ignorant Eggheads) and as such can behave in any way I fucking want and no Cunt can call me out on it….I’ve also applied for Cripple money and a blue badge due to my hidden ( until I lose my temper) disability.

  8. The BBC had a report about an Eritrean import who murdered a 60 year old white man in Oxford Street. This piece of shit was apparently forced to be a boy soldier. He was granted asylum in the U.K. and has be a violent cunt since he arrived with numerous convictions.
    Interestingly, his KC said that ‘By now the damage was done ‘ referring to his experiences in Bongoland. So the fuck thought that it was a good idea to let this creature into this country on the grounds of humanity? There must be a way to protect the decent citizens of this country. How about not letting any of the fuckers in.

    • BTW, this ‘refugee ‘ who is in his 20s looks like being detained in a secure unit for the rest of his life at vast expense to the taxpayer. He is the perfect example of the trash we let in – cost a fortune ,contribute nothing.
      And still HMG do nothing of substance about it.

    • yep – just read it. But nothing to see here – move along. Lessons learned, etc. etc.. How have we let this happen in this country?

  9. It usually boils down to blaming the government and putting their hand out for some magic money tree.

    A hopeless situation.

    • I actually do blame the UK government.

      They let in countless immigrants and made me feel like a refugee in the country that I loved.

      The local school had no white children, and that was decades ago.

      To give my kid, my wife and myself a better life I took some responsibility and some action.

      I fucked off.

      • Can’t argue AC. I’ve always found voting with one’s feet to be highly efficacious. It’s the reason all the shops are closed on the high street and there will soon be no white people in London.

      • Thing is, these scum have been infesting Britain for nigh on three decades. Every government after and including Satan Blair’s Labour has let these human filth run amok unchecked.

        That pigfucking cunt Cameron and his batty boy Clegg ‘cracked down’ on the sick and mentally ill (leading to deaths and suicides) while these migrant shite got lavished in free money, free heathcare, free housing, free everything.

        If we ever did have a French style revolution, the heads roll call will be pretty huge. Starting with the last five Prime Ministers…

    • I once removed the pin bolt on the safety valve at work to use as a door wedge whilst having a sneaky nap.
      Releasing burning steam resulting in two deaths of fellow workers ,
      A few severe injuries that would mean they never worked again,
      And the eventual closing of the company.

      Luckily I popped it in Earl the lad from Trinidads work bag,
      Where upon found by the fire marshal resulted in his arrest, sacking and eventual imprisonment.

      He just wouldn’t accept fault!!
      Went on about it for years.
      Whine ,whine, whine .

      His wife left him ,
      Took the kids back home.
      Lost the house see?
      She must of been sick of his irresponsibility too.

      • I have learnt that I must watch my spelling while you are around Sammy. The Americanism that really grates on me is their ignorance of the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs, e.g; “Write your congressman.” WTF?!
        Which reminds me of people who use i.e. when they mean e.g. Grrr!

  10. The worst one is: “it’s Putin’s fault”.

    Nothing to do with a covert policy of open door immigration, £trillions committed to Nut Zero BS, a suicidal energy policy, yet more £trillions sprayed out in a random fashion (if not fed directly to their mates) on a bat crazy response to the WuFlu, an emasculated BoE sitting on their hands when not printing truckloads of cash to devalue the economy, etc, fucking etc. No, not the politicunts fault it was all hunky dory before that nasty Putin started a war in 2014 (sorry – 2022!).

    Never mind, when the Johnson cunt manages to tease a nuclear retaliation out of it all we’ll all disappear in a puff of nuclear smoke so that’ll trump economic annihilation. That’ll be Purim’s fault as well!

    • Purim is a Jewish holiday I think. I wish Putin would nuke parts of the UK – I can give hime some grid references if he wants.

      • Would you kindly put this reference at the top of the list?

        Latitude: 51° 29′ 35.75″ N
        Longitude: 0° 07′ 17.28″ E

      • To hit the Palace of Westminster Mikdys your longitude needs to be West rather than East of the meridian. Or perhaps you have a grudge against Sainsburys in Abbey Wood of which I am ignorant?

    • Yes Mikdys.

      Putin may well be a massive cunt but the way that he has been used to provide some kind of “get out of jail free” card to the rest of the shower of crooked fuckwits that continue to run amok, ruin the livelihoods of so many people in this country and many other western countries, is shameful and cowardly. But what else would you expect in reality.

      I was talking to a fella a few weeks ago and he was telling me how he, his wife and daughter have chose to sit under a duvet with the heating off.
      He reckoned he was saving money, saving energy, saving the environment and sticking it to Putin.

  11. When you are a perpetual victim nothing can be your fault.
    “I was born in the wrong body” Fuck off headcase p*rvert.

    • “..When you are a perpetual victim nothing can be your fault…”

      A philosophy that has rewarded Israel handsomely.

      • Yes Cunty, why can’t Israel behave more like those tolerant, peace loving Palestinians😜

  12. It’s obvious who is to blame, foreigners, fucking cunts.

    Definition of a foreigner, anyone who can’t trace their British (English) ancestors to the time of Wellington and Nelson… ah, the good old days!

  13. I see that Shell have made £68 billion profit, that evil oil and gas is quite a money spinner, I blame that Swedish cunt.

    • I wonder how many MP’s, their families and associates have ties to the oil companies and large share portfolios?

  14. I don’t understand this report anyway.
    The ‘document’ referred to says that such events require ‘up to 200+’ security staff, and only 157 were utilised. ‘Up to’ includes 157, so where does the ‘+’ bit come in?

    Surely it’s either ‘up to 200’ OR ‘200+’, or am I being particularly slow today?

    Anyhow, morning all.

    • Good morning, Mr. Knee.

      No, you’re quite right, the document is meaningless and therefore useless with regard to staffing levels.

      This is classic ‘box-ticking’ culture.

      We had check sheets at work; you ticked them to show you’d done a job. Unfortunately:
      If you’d done it but not ticked, you couldn’t prove you’d done it.
      If you hadn’t done it, but ticked anyway, you could prove you’d done it, even though you hadn’t.

      It all boils down to ‘if people weren’t cunts, other cunts wouldn’t suffer.’

      • Afternoon Ms Snockers.

        Your place of employment sounds like one or two I’ve worked in the past!

        Tick that box.

      • Good afternoon Gloria.

        Your pseudonym reminds me when at work one lunchtime one lad in our group was away in a reverie and suddenly said quietly; “It’s a good job I’m not a woman.”
        When I asked; “Why’s that Neil?”
        He replied; “Cos if I had a pair of tits I’d spend all my time playing with them.”

  15. It boils down to one thing:

    “Where there is blame, there is a claim.”

    Rastus is looking for “Um big payout from whitey.


  16. “…such concerts need “up to 200+” guards.”
    What are these, a megapack of baboons on crack with tampons soaked in a smoothie made of jalapeñas up their arses? Maybe they should start calling in a swarm of chem battle drones with heavy downer sprayguns for such venues.

  17. I always blame THE JEWS. For everything. EVERYTHING. Jesus, 9/11, Covid, my carpets getting worn. Blame the Jews. Saves time.

  18. Heysel 1985.

    ‘It woz Chelsea fans!’

    ‘It woz di National Front, like!’

    ‘It woz dem Belgian bizzees!’ (used again later on to greater effect)

    ‘It woz di Sun Newspapeh!’

    A masterclass in blame shifting.

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