Omid Scobie (2)

After due consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that a cunting for Omid Scobie (aka Scooby Doo Scabies) is truly warranted.

Some of you may not be familiar with this tosser, so allow me to elucidate. Mr Scabies first came to general public attention when he co-authored ‘Finding Freedom’, the so-called story of the carry-on behind Megexit. Since then, he’s been sniping regularly at the Royal Family in the media at the behest of his paymasters, the Dork and Dorkess of Monteshiteshow.

Now naturally those in the ‘Sussex Squad’ will claim that both sides brief against the other, and there is no doubt truth in this. However there’s something particularly snidy and unpleasant, not to say creepy, about how the wax-faced Scooby Doo goes about the business. In his case, persistent brown-nosing of the Snarkles at the expense of the Royal Family is definitely not a good look.

Still, I suppose that acting as a mouthpiece for the Court of Monteshiteshow is a way of earning a living in his case, and no doubt he has to find some way of funding his penchant for cosmetic surgery.

Little bitch.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

And seconded by from General Cunster

If I may be allowed to support this most excellent and long overdue nomination of the Markle’s pet bitch, Omid Scobie Doo.

Here’s some support from the Libtard rag, Haper’s Bizarre…Uh…I mean Harpers Bazaar…which features a particularly revolting example of little Omid’s fetish with Prince Sparey and the Hollywood Harlot:

Harpersbazaar Link

Cunters should be advised that the supporting video promo of the Dysfunctional Duo sometimes changes to an equally disgusting promo for “The Crown.”

Nonetheless, members would be well advised to have their vomit/barf bags at the ready if they choose to view.

And further support from Komodo

Another link, which really excoriates Scobie.

thesteepletimes Link

“Nikolay Kalinin” appears to be a pro-Navalny Russian; can’t find anything by him later than 2021 – hope he’s ok.


79 thoughts on “Omid Scobie (2)

  1. Quite clearly this little Royal ringpiece licker is a raving poofter – it can only be a matter of time before Mandelson picks him up as a close intimate – they might give each other HIV, so every cloud has a silver lining. Mandy likes em young and Scobie is always on the lookout for an old queen.

  2. Looks like a wrong un to me.

    We should go back to the old days for H and M, plus their supporters. Tower of London for a few months, guilty of sedition, heads off at dawn, on spikes on Tower Bridge by dinner. Job done.

    • They did things right back in the day. None of this ‘human rights’ malarky.

      Seriously, it looks like that it really will take something drastic to shut these whinging, entitled cunts up.

      Scooby Doo is just a symptom of the bigger problem that is the Snarkles, but still a right pain in the rectal area in his own right.

  3. The latest news is that Omid Scabies has fallen out with Mr and Mrs Mountbatten-Windsor. In his book Finding Freedom, written by him with the help of Meghan , he said that the Dork and Duchess had been given loads of anti-terrorist training (because of Meghan’s claimed skin colour). In his book Spite , Harry claimed they had been given no training. One of them is obviously telling a lie and whatever the truth of the matter it won’t be Harry.
    It is understood that his future employment is not certain but hopefully the Joseph Goebbels Montecito will end up washing dishes at his local diner.

    • I think that it’s only a matter of time before the wax-faced wanker gets ‘Markled’ good and proper; sooner or later they all do.

      It was actually the wife who prompted this cunting, when she called him ‘creepy’. I think that one word sums him up perfectly.

      Morning all.

      • I think “dopey looking gaylord” works better.
        Those eyebrows need trimming….with a fucking flamethrower.

    • They’re all doing it out of spite for each other. Just leave them to it. We’ve all got more important things on our minds.

      • Agree with that Sammy but it is such a welcome and amusing diversion from all life’s other tribulations.

  4. Where on earth do these cunts come from ? One can only assume that someone kicked over a rock and out it crawled….🪳

  5. Funny enough I nearly bought the Halfwit’s book in the supermarket last night…..14 quid a pop. Then I decided I don’t want to give that fucking knobhead any more of my money than he’s already got. So I spent it all on Stella instead.

    That’s Stella Artois not some bird called Stella.

    • A wise choice Freddie.

      ‘Spare Us’ will be in the 99p a pop remainder bin at Asda and the charity shops soon enough if you can be bothered.

  6. A weird looking cunt with a dodgy left eye, probably due to having large cocks dry fucking him up the shitter.

    Who would pluck their eyebrows like that?

  7. The twat looks like one of those blowup things you let out your pent-up emotions on, by giving it a good wallop.

    • The girlie eyebrows and bouffon hair don’t help, never mind the cosmetic surgery.

      He should fire his stylist, cos his look’s wank.

  8. Never heard of the fuckr but as a parasite of a pair of parasites he seems to be doing well.

  9. Sometimes one has to wonder if the greater part of humanity selects autocunt as their default setting on awakening.

  10. Looks like a cunt, has a cunt name, associates with the Hewitts, definitely a cunt.

    Interest rate has gone to 4%, wait for the word Crisis to follow 😂


      The Daily Screech

      ‘INTEREST RATE; STURGEON’S FURY! Wouldn’t be allowed in an indie Scortlund! says FM’.

      The Notional

  11. Pah 4%? Wait until it hits the dizzying heights of 15%. That’ll get them crawling under their rocks.

    The millenials will be topping themselves when they can’t afford the latest iphone or whatever.

  12. Isn’t this Omid Scooby 2?

    Sure we’ve cunted him before?
    Right little arselicker and it looks like his face is painful.


    Just been up in the hills with the dog and when I tried to get on ISAC it came up with a thing saying I’d been banned?

    What’s that about?

      • 😁😁
        It said

        ” If your seeing this message it’s because admin feels you have misbehaved.
        So fuck off and annoy somebody else”.

        You can image my shock Ruff?!!

        Probably the least offensive on here!

        Once I’d managed to get my vomiting under control and van out of the hedge I realised that this couldn’t be true.

        I’m innocent.
        Done nowt.

        It was probably a message for Fiddler?

      • Its obviously cyber warfare from Vernon/Brian to destabilize the IsAC hierarchy. Now you are COTY, you are a legitimate Establishment target, Miserable.

      • Don’t worry Mis. I have been getting that message for years.

        Sorts itself out eventually and you never get it when on WIFI.

      • You should stick to the rules and then I wouldn’t have to keep reporting you to Admin for bullying….I’m now going to report Admin to Head Admin for not upholding your well-deserved ban.

      • Go on Dick report him again…I saw him outside Lidl’s taking selfies with local schoolkids (I think they thought he was Tyson Fury) and then he went inside still wearing his sunglasses like some discount Bono.

      • I heard that he’s calling himself an “Influencer” on Twitter and used the “Don’t you know who I am ?” line when he pushed to the front of the queue at The Blue Oyster.

        The man is out of control,LL…it’s a rerun of when he was made milk monitor at Oil Drum Lane Primary School.

  13. Of topic, another black on politics live today telling me I am xenophobic and that I should be happy to have boat loads of ILLEGAL immigrants coming to the UK

    CUNT… 💩

    • I’ve noticed John that “Politics Live” is now in contention for the title of most rancid pile of shit being broadcast.

    • Wasn’t that grinning Nigerian half-wit Femdom Oluwoggawogga or whatever his cuntish name is, was it?
      Fucking moron.

    • That coloured person is talking through its ring piece. Xenophobia is also a fear of the twats. That’s what I suffer from. They only remember the part of the truth that suits them.

  14. This pọof looks like a modern Marc Almond and, presumably, likes to fill his stomach with…lashings and lashings of you-know-what…

  15. Looks like a lesbian from Eastern Europe.

    The bastard daughter of Eugene Levy & Martina Navratilova.

  16. For Christ’s sake, who fucking cares? When the swivel-eyed inbreds called the royals fell out with their relatives early in the twentieth century we went to war on their behalf. Not going to happen this time so if it’s of interest to you get out the popcorn and have a laugh. People who take this stuff seriously probably watch “Strictly” and Saturday evening game shows. On a list of ten things that matter or are of interest to me, this shower come in at number ninety-nine. Have a nice day everyone. If I’ve offended anyone it was unintentional and I apologise. Unless your name is Omid.

  17. I’ve never met a royal.
    It’d be a great honour
    For them.

    I’d go all out to impress them,
    Cucumber butties
    Ale in a little cup
    French fancies

    And pay for the chippy tea.

    Oh I think they’re wonderful!
    Wouldn’t think they were Jerry’s would you?

      • Ron, I wouldn’t want to cause them any embarrassment and would like it to be a informal relaxed meeting,

        I would expect them to curtsey or bow.

        As the former COTY did you mix much with dignitaries or nobility?

      • I was once in the crowd at the Villa when HRH the (now)
        Prince of Wales was in the royal box or what ever they call it.
        He’s a good lad, Villa through and through.

        That’s about it, although I did sit next to Lorraine Kelly in a restaurant as well. Decent norks. Just a pity it wasn’t that Susanna Reid though (phwooar!).

        So I generally kept a low profile, aside from sending out the odd signed picture or opening the minimart in the high street.

        The wife made sure that I kept my feet firmly on the ground.

  18. The phrase Markle’s Mouthpiece conjures up a particularly revolting image…both literally and figuratively.

    • Just read your observation out to the goodwife, General, who snorted in response ‘huh! Markle’s Ringpiece more like, the wee arse’.

      Things come and go and times change, but that lovely lady remains as utterly classy as ever. Bless.

      • Hey Ron,

        Regards to the Mrs.

        Let’s start a rumor! Meghan Markle is a Tranny. She transitioned with the same doctor Michelle Obama used when she transitioned.

        Why not? It’s just as credible as anything that sword swallowing sycophant has written.

  19. I think the creepy little sycophant reached peak cunt when sparkletits had organised some charidee bullshit that benefitted sparkletits.

    The cocksucker, on viewing the gathered shite in the venue remarked to Migraine ‘Wow! look at all the diversity in here’!

    What a cunt.

    • I don’t think that Sparkletits ever does anything that doesn’t benefit Sparkletits.
      Scooby sucking up like that is as certain as it’s cringeworthy. He must have had that cosmetic surgery to remove what had become an indelible brown stain on his nose.

  20. Tempted to say he’s only doing it for the money but I suspect he woves his wittle Pwrincess Megain; he might even have a thing for the Ginger Whinger. Whenever I see ‘Omid Scobie’ in the MSM, I roll eyes, emit a small sound of despair, then move on.

    He looks about 15, can’t take him seriously anyway. I must be ageist.

  21. Looks the type to gobble yards of smooth, hard gayboy cock like it is some kind of meat-based comestible.


    • @Cuntamus

      Absolutely brilliant reference. Although I strongly believe it would only take one or the other and not both to teach that that panty-waisted little cunt a lesson he’d never forget.

  22. Interesting (not) that Anderson’s upbringing has influenced his taste in beverages… What DOES he drink? Gasoline with a shot of maple syrup?
    Scobie just looks a total dickhead.

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