Sajid Javid (4)

This foreign arsehole seems to think we should pay for NHS treatment, to help tackle growing waiting times.

Listen you slap-headed Paki cunt, unlike the rest of the people in your Paki tribe, I’ve already paid for the NHS, and I’m still paying for it.

A much better way to ease any burden on the NHS would be to stop treating non-contributing foreigners, such as Pakistanis for example.

So pack your bags, gather the rest of your Paki tribe together, and fuck off.

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Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

83 thoughts on “Sajid Javid (4)

  1. Well I am happy to pay once the government have refunded my NI contributions in full over the last 50 years.

  2. I agree, before treating any foreigner, they need to be charged, no pay, no service.

    One thing where Malteser head has a point, anyone who has a face to face appointment with a GP and doesn’t turn up should be charged/fined.

    It’s no wonder the NHS is in ‘Crisis’, millions of disease ridden Paki cunts and as we are constantly being told sooties have special needs.

    • Back last year my missus has a fall in the back garden, naturally put her hand out and dislocated three fingers. Right fucking mess it was – looked like something from a horror movie. Hence my first visit to A&E. Now my missus required immediate attention – and to be fair received it. But whilst waiting for her I couldn’t help but experience some, (most I think) of the fucking twat “emergencies” that people presented. I’ve cut my finger; I feel faint; I’ve cut my knee. The place was fucking full of these cnuts – all waiting (presumably for hours) for their emergency attention. Hardly a fucking emergency then!!???!!
      These are just one example of time-wasting fuckers that should be charged. Have to say that a good percentage were our stanley friends.

      • Need a plaster, go to boots, you can get them pretty cheap, maybe sitting in A&E for hours is a day out 😂

      • It’s highly entertaining, if you’re there to accompany someone who needs help.
        Not so much fun when you’re dripping blood from a gash centimeters away from your eye.
        No more rimless specs for me, and you should have seen the black eye the following day, in fact you probably did, it was visible from outer space.
        Cooking fat!

  3. What’s happening here is privatisation by the back door. Both parties have been chipping away at it for years. This backlog has been deliberately created to justify the next moves which Mohammed Baldy here has conveniently let out of the bag. We’re being softened up for it. The Tories , knowing they are losing the next election anyway will bring in these charges and their Labour mates will find some reason why they can’t repeal them. It’s a stitch up and don’t even mention the real reason why the NHS is fucked up……..that would be raaaaaaaaaay-sist.
    It’s all for your own good. Don’t forget that.

  4. Uncontrolled immigration has fucked the NHS.

    As well as everything else that can be exploited.

    An infestation of diseased vermin.


    • Of course only working people would have to pay.

      It will still be free and open to abuse by foreign cunts.

      • Not to mention junkies, wasters etc.
        Workers will contribute to the NHS by contribution, then if they’ve saved a few bob for a rainy day, they’ll be told to spend that first.
        Meanwhile, riff-raff who sniff all their money up their noses will continue to get treatment.
        Sounds like a real vote winner to me.

      • You’ve just highlighted the whole benefits system. Provide and save fir old age and you get told to use your savings, piss it up the wall and the state give you pretty much everything.

    • I suppose it has occurred to the moon headed cunt that people who insist on having children with their first cousins must be costing the NHS a fortune. Apparently there are NHS leaflets in all different languages warning about the problems caused by a shallow gene pool.

      • Good point Mary but I’m sure you are aware that you’re not allowed to make it ‘cos it’s racist. People took up animal husbandry millennia ago and therefore the problems caused by inbreeding would have been widely known long before Mohamid started his cult. How and why he persuaded his followers to ignore that knowledge and screw your first cousin by preference is beyond me. Logically the practice would be outlawed but I think the difficulty there is the reverence afforded in the UK to that famous family of half-witted inbreds the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas.

  5. I personally believe that there should be a charge of £10 to see a GP , it would discourage frivolous visits. However, the charge should be paid by everyone as I think that means testing would simply add to costs.
    Additionally, I would have the NHS treat only those who are entitled to use it i.e.the immediate families of people who have a proven record of National Insurance contributions. Any person arriving in the U.K. including the dinghy mob would have to use their own resources- insurance or cash. Not got those ?
    Tough shit.

    • I think there should be a fine if you miss an appointment with your GP, without a damned good reason.
      It’s hard enough to get one, as it is, but I know people who make a “just in case” appointment, then don’t ring to cancel. Complete twats!

  6. Uncontrolled immigration yes uncle also boob jobs lips foreign births flying over here mental health. Not real ones but pretend cunts after disability benefits. Daft high paid jobs In short it it’s no longer fit or does what it set out to do.

    • I wonder if that post for ‘Director for Lived Experience’ (£115k pa I think it was) has been filled yet?

    • Only if he’s diagnosed as suffering from PTS or ADHD, he’ll get it free when he picks up his chemical cosh meds.
      I’m worried, he hasn’t been on site for a day or so.

  7. This cunt is coming it with convenient Alzheimer’s. he knows full well we have to pay national insurance for years before receiving treatment we’ve already paid for.

    Fuck off baldy and get your head painted, ready for payback.

    • Does anybody else think he looks like something alien off ‘Star Trek’?

      If he grew a beard, he could also pass as a fair Ming the Merciless.

  8. I can’t see the problem with charging people a few Quid every time they use the NHS.

    The NHS is unsustainable in it’s current form… increasing population,an ageing population,a weak,unfit population, a selfish,self-important population, more “trendy” illnesses, people kept alive long past their “best before” date etc.

    I’d train every third Doctor in the Harold Shipman style of doctoring.

  9. Another Paki pissing everyone off here this week. Suella’s been quiet recently, I reckon the spotlight will focus on her soon.

    Jippy Javid as my learned friend nominated needs to poppadum back home and stay there.

    Pea headed cunt.

  10. The NHS is just too fucking big.

    It employs 1.2 million people.
    A 1% pay increase across the board represents very little for the individuals, but is the equivalent of employing 12,000 new workers on average wage.

    Spending seems to be totally out of control and the gormless politicians always pledge a few billion pounds of tax payer’s money to grab a few more votes.

    The fucking place is a bottomless pit for money.
    It needs a good clear out.

    Get rid of all the superfluous staff.
    Stop wasting money on TV adverts.
    Start treating the money received with some respect, remember where it came from.

    Then, and only then you might have some credibility when asking for pay rises for front line staff.

    • Well said. Reform the NHS first, then come and talk to me about additional costs. And whilst we’re at it, a grown up discussion about the disparity between what it costs to run and what revenues they receive towards those costs.

    • If I was in charge of the NHS i’d employ accountants not nurses.
      They’re too busy dancing on tiktok and applauding themselves anyway.

    • Another member of the tribe within the Tory party which includes Stinking-Rich-y Sunak and the mate he didn’t want to sack – Nadhim Zahawi – who claimed to have mistakenly failed to pay enough tax. Funny how they never mistakenly pay too much. I don’t care where they were born, if they look foreign and they have a foreign name, they should be going out of their way to show they care about the people of the UK who they represent. Fat chance.

      • These cunts are all cut from the same crooked cloth as their mentor Boris Johnson.
        Terminally corrupt, they wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and ripped their lungs out.

  11. National insurance is going the same way as any other insurance. Pay in and get less and less when you need it.
    These proposals are tantamount to paying excess when you prang your car.

  12. Time to contact Hugo Boss and have the Uniforms updated.
    “SS IsAC-gruppen”
    This time, the Jews will be assisting us in loading the trains with Muslim scum.
    Oven time-the fucking cheeky, goat bothering, melon headed, inept, lying, cheating CUNT!

      • Happier on the other side of the oven eh JP?

        Don’t blame you.

        Hey has that ULEZ zone in Sheffield started yet?
        Was there any protests against it?

      • 27th February, Mis.

        Massive protesting about it.

        Fucking unbelievable, all vehicles, apart from private cars/motorcycles, after they’ve spent fucking years making Sheffield vertually impassable for private vehicles, not to mention £thousands.

        Utter, utter wanking tosspot cunts.

      • Not that I’m complaining, or ought, just

        Utter, utter tosspot, wankers, useless fucking idiotic twating cunts!

        Ah! That’s better.

      • The one in Greater Manchester has been postponed for ages.

        There was massive protests, and the cameras started getting sabotaged😁

      • I hope Sheffield stall it or overturn it.
        Just a tax on the working man.

        It’d cost me a extra 5grand.

        All that robbing midget mayor of Londons fault.

      • Yes indeed.

        He filled the empty fucking headed cunts with his General Zog diktat!
        First against the wall!

      • We should treat these “congestion” taxes and “ulez” taxes in the same way as the diplomats in London, the Americans in particular.

  13. It seems inevitable that a charge for seeing a GP will be introduced, and I’d support it. We’ve had subsidised dentists. Let GPs charge £20 for an appointment. it will clear the waiting room of scum, although only if the beloved NHS chase up all the money from foreigners first.

    Until then don’t complain about underfunding.

  14. Rishi Sunak proposes fines of £10 for missed appointment when I get letters telling me a missed appointment costs the NHS £120?

    Charge the wasters £150 for a missed appointment. They may learn something about responsibility at the same time as losing two weeks dole money.

    Fucking scum.

  15. Needs a good overhaul. Free at the point of service. Apart from your eyes. And teeth. And now GP visits. But free for re-assignment to become a whale.
    Sod off Savid Jab-it, waster of billions

  16. Off topic, Sean Crawford cried when he saw the trailer for new Hollywood film The Whale.

    He says the ‘The Whale gives a voice to people like me’.

    People like you? What, fat cunts?

  17. As someone who works for the NHS, I see some good points, and, the usual shite about ‘dancing nurses’ – (the nurses I’ve just left, working in Resus certainly weren’t dancing…) on this thread and, my view from the Front Line, is…that it’s unsustainable. Money needs to be sent on Social Care to release people from hospitals, freeing up beds in wards and ED, thus freeing up ambulances. I agree with charging a tenner to see a GP and a fine if you miss the appt. without a substantial excuse. I’d have 111 staffed with more clinicians rather than call-taking monkeys so they could filter out the unadulterated shite they send our fucking way, and, I’d charge for an ambulance attendance unless it’s a life-threatening emergency defined under strict criteria and not use us, or try to use us as a free taxi. (You won’t be seen quicker, take my fucking word for it). You (the public) cunts need to start taking responsibility for your health and stop abusing the NHS’ services. Our emergency care is second-to-none, and, I’m proud to be a part of it.

    As for payrises etc, if our pay and conditions are so good, why are there so many unfilled vacancies and people leaving?

    • I agree DCI.

      You don’t turn up for a GP appointment=£100 fine.
      No treatment till paid in full.

      You waste emergency services time? =£100 fine.

      As for the NHS get rid of all those middle management cunts,
      More pay for nurses that way.
      Bring back matrons.
      And fuckin bleach too.

      Bleach kills germs,
      Use the fuckin stuff.
      Douse any foreigners in it too.

  18. If you have payed nation insurance all your life free NHS
    If you haven’t you pay
    Or is that to simple
    Had to go to hospital for a check up they gave me a leaflet in about 20 different languages
    Bunch of cunts

  19. Once the NHS have deducted from my lifetime of payments what little i have actually had by them done over my lifetime and of course stop taking any further contribution directly from my wages im only to happy to stop funding all the non paying foreigners, spongers, dole claimers and general cunts that are in the que before me when it comes to any kind of treatment required.
    On top of that it seems the NHS is chock a block with people trying to do as little as humanly possible for a wage that they deem not enough, a hiding place for bone idle cunts, obviously this dosnt apply to all, but its a huge percentage none the less.
    The truth is there are more people leeching off the NHS then there are paying for it and until there is a massive shake up and routing out of cunts its completely fucked.
    Those who dont pay in should get a job and pay, those who arrive on our fair shores with their shopping list of shit to claim can be told to fuck off, sorting several problems in one go.

  20. Dear brainwashed middle class cunts. See, they cant help themselves. Give them positions of power and the corruption starts. Fuck all to do with white privilege or the Raj. They are greedy cunts and can’t be trusted to run a brothel much less a nation.

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