Natalie Gosnell – The Universe is Racist & Sexist

Natalie Gosnell, an assistant astrophysics professor at Colorado College.
She is complaining that her subject is steeped in white supremacy and sexism because ‘hypermasculine’ and ‘violent’ language is used to describe stars.’

Apparently astrophysics is rooted in systemic racism. Her work aims ‘to cross typical disciplinary boundaries to create art-science pieces that re-inscribe outer space as feminist space’

She also claims that language used to describe scientific phenomena is sexist and racist.

Bring back Patrick Moore.

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77 thoughts on “Natalie Gosnell – The Universe is Racist & Sexist

  1. When you are just an ordinary sort of cunt and you want to get noticed, hey presto, just come out with bollocks.

    I see Gina Miller (no one is talking about me anymore) has done a me too, Dominic Raab gave her an ‘abusive’ attack. She should read ISAC 😂

  2. What a spunk bubble.

    She’s quite cute for a scientist. 2 hours with me and I’d make her defy gravity.

  3. She needs a damn good spanking followed by a rampant fucking .
    It might make her forget all this star trek nonsense

  4. Can’t work out of I’d shag her or not.

    Probably be a hate fuck. Fart in her face after jizzing in her eyes, wipe me bellend on her nets and shout “Vote Trump, and jail the benders!’ on the way out.

  5. Assistant professor (US) = junior lecturer (UK)

    It crossed my mind that she’s actually taking the piss, but no, this is authentic bollocks, or, if we must use gender-normative descriptors, cunt. And it isn’t about racism at all: as a scientist she should know that wimminz are not a race but a gender. And it is wimminz she pretends to care about:

    “In an interview with the college newspaper she claimed she has struggled to overcome a division between art and science that is rooted in ‘systemic racism.’

    Her work aims ‘to cross typical disciplinary boundaries to create art-science pieces that re-inscribe outer space as*feminist* space,’ she said on her website. ”

    Great festering ocean of rancid toss. I have worked for several mad bitches who are leaders in their scientific field. One got an OBE in this year’s NYH. The arts are over-indulgent to wimminz, sure, but there is no shortage of decent female scientists, many of them strident feminists.

    I can agree with her, that there is a divide between arts and sciences. It is absolutely nothing to do with male supremacy (granted, love, men have bigger brains, and you might expect a statistical discrepancy). It’s much more to do with the notion that budding artists don’t get taught enough science, and vice versa, with the result that no-one gets a rounded education these days. And specialists disappear up their own uncultured/superstitious arses on both sides of the divide.

    As demonstrated by this twerp.

    Oh, and ” an interview with the college newspaper…” which MSM cunt deemed this nonsense even worthy of C&P’ing from the Cornell Cuntstruck?

  6. If she thinks astro physics is thus bad, fuck off change discipline and learn about Sparta. A violent male homo erotic civilisation. Fuck they were white….

  7. I can imagine Richard Feynman telling her why she’s wrong, and then giving her one.

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