Menopause and Wimminz

What the heck has been going on with regard to the Menopause in recent years?

It seems like all the menopausal ‘celebs’ think that they are the first women to ever experience this phenomenon.

I wont name names, as this nomination would go on forever like a school register. Its a bit like the fitness video craze in the 80’s and 90’s; they all think they are now such experts that they need to voice the little they actually know on the topic either in an interview on an idiot lantern morning show, write a press article or at worst write a novel!

Once we had just Menopause; now we have words like – Premenopause, Perimenopause and Postmenopause being used everywhere – TV ads, storylines in TV soaps, endless articles in the papers and magazines etc.

FFS ladies, just accept this unavoidable happening that has been part of the timeline of human life for centuries!

Nominated by: knobrot

And helpful link provided by Geordie Twatt

Here’s a link: Glamour Link

I’m surprised darling Eddie Izzard hasn’t yet given us the lowdown on her experiences with the menopause.

(More info here, Day Admin – Daily Mail News link )

53 thoughts on “Menopause and Wimminz

  1. I’m all for the menopause. Send the missus to bed half an hour before you and there’s no need for a hot water bottle.
    Saving the planet the natural way.

  2. Excuse me Admin, but why the header photo from Battersea Dogs Home?

    (You can’t kid me, mate. You’d be up them quicker than shit off a shovel – Day Admin)

  3. We got a bird at work going through the ‘change’.
    The cunt now thinks it’s her god given right to bitch and moan to everyone about it thus using it as an excuse to do (even) less work.

    Cheeky cow even got HR involved to get her co-workers to watch a 15 minute wimminz video regarding the menopause and how it affects her (version of) work.

    I was of course unavailable that day and in my now very short dealings with her I always remind her of the wimminz in Africa and South America who are also going through the change yet just get on with it. I also remind her that because of this she is a cunt (without actually saying the word cunt) and that she has it soooooo fucking cushdy that a million other African menopausal women would strangle the bitch just to be In her shoes.

  4. As ever, celeb wimminz seem to suffer more than ‘ordinary’ people.
    ‘Hey. I’m just sharing my experience in the hope it helps other wimminz’.
    Well maybe other wimminz aren’t as self obsessed you. Maybe other wimminz don’t have the option of making money out if it and go and see a doctor instead.
    ‘My premenopausal symptoms made me irrational and short tempered’.
    Which is a perfect excuse for most wimminz behaviour from their teens
    Don’t get me wrong. I have sympathy for those who have a difficult time. Any change in your body and mind as you get older can be disturbing.
    But these celebs harp on like it’s something that was invented yesterday. Probably by evil white men.

  5. It’s just bandwagon jumping, they can’t bring their selves to support/comment on other issues, so they pick this.

    Please don’t think I have no sympathy..
    Actually, I don’t.

    Stiff upper lip, ladies, and stop whinging.

  6. I wish we had known about these problems when Boggs Factual Filth Film Productions made our recent fly on the wall documentary about Yvette Cooper, entitled “Pixieballs – the Inside Story of a Saint”. You must watch it when Channel 4 show it in their new “Peek-A-Boo” documentary series. It shows a day in the life of our mini superhero.

    Our film opens in her bathroom first thing in the morning, where we see her under the shower, busily soaping herself for the day ahead, and some “me” time as she pleasures herself with her dildo (from the Junior Miss range of brightly coloured latex) we then move to the bedroom, where, after a near miss, as she inserts her jiggle balls), she puts on her leather knickers, and as she sits at her make-up table, she tells us about how good she has became since Keir washed her sins away, as she applies today’s coat of grime.

    The action then moves to the crowded underground station as she battles her way into work at 11 a.m., and nearly causes the line to be suspended when she drops one and fellow passengers faint due to the malodorous blast.

    We were lucky because on the day of recording she had a meeting with the Dear Leader – of course we were not allowed to record these two great intellects discussing affairs of State, but we see them making small talk as they discuss a new brand of lipstick. We are also allowed to see Dame Kweer teabag our hero. ‘It’s an old man’s whim’ he explains to camera. At the end of the meeting he sticks his hand up her skirt and fingers her and says “same old man, same old whim”, he then grows serious and describes his hunger for power. We see he has confiscated the leather knickers, which now lie over a photograph of his wife on the desk.

    After lunch she meets up with fellow minister David Lammy, and after their discussions, we see her bending over Mr Lammy’s desk. Later she tells us that “Dave has the biggest dick you have ever seen in your life”, so we are led to judge for ourselves what taken place., though we see her grinning knowingly over the pokerwork Biblical quotation in her office “Open up Ye Gates and let the King of Glory come in”.

    At the evening purity meeting held in the Rayner Room at Labour HQ, Yvette tells us how much it upsets her that there is so much rampant poofery in the Labour Party,and it is her life’s work to try to get the men on the straight and narrow , so as night approaches, we see her enter the Whoops, Duckie, Gay Bar (just down the passage from Chris Bryant’s office, and stripping naked she invites any young Labour poofter MP to “cop a feel” as she puts it, to try to get them to see the error of their ways. Free lube and French letters are supplied, but Mr Russell-Moyle is not allowed to partake, due to health concerns. She ends the evening by performing her special striptease, where she is accompanied by the Dominic Grieve Striptet, which includes hubby Ed Balls on the bongos, and as the day ends we see her and hubby depart for home, where it is that time of the month – the night she lubes up to perform her reverse cowgirl. Not a jamrag in sight. If only we had known about “the change”, it might have ended differently…….

    • WCB,
      Aren’t you ex RN? If so were you familiar with AFO’s . Dirty books written whilst at sea, I always wondered who wrote them?
      AFO =admiralty fleet orders

      • Yes like a trombonist at sea, we knew what our right arms were for. Moggie ought to ask to see our back catalogue – to avoid embarrassment they are always sent in a plain, sealed envelope. 95 pence first class stamp appreciated.

    • I suspect you’re Yvette Cooper love-gimp!

      You try to distract us with your derogatory posts about her, but I have a feeling you probably have large colour posters in your bedorama and that she calls you over for a bit of slap ‘n’ tickle when she’s at a loose end.

      Sorry, but you’ve been busted, mate

    • “Jam rags” were also called “swinging hammocks for lazy cunts”.

      Why women got worked up about the menopause, was because of the first syllable being masculine.

  7. Well I’ll fuck a pot dog.
    In the article, that well known sexpot Whoopi Goldberg had this to say.
    “How can you keep a man [erect] for 19 hours and not be able to cool down a hot flash? How is that possible?” she said in a standup routine.
    19 hours?
    I bet it got big laughs too.
    Half the audience laughing because they’re thick Yank cunts who’ll applaud anything.
    The other half laughing incredulously at the sheer absurdity of that statement.
    19 hours? There is no way that gruesome cunt ever had the package to keep a man’s knob twitching for five minutes, let alone 19 hours.
    I don’t think even handsome Harvey Price would go on a sexual rampage faced with that.
    Fucking hell.

    • Perhaps Harambé the gorilla might have been interested in Goldberg before he was murdered.

      We all have problens throughout life. Women have pregnancy, giving birth, strange fanny odours, breast cancer, and the menopause, and I occasionally have migraines. A bit of sympathy might be forthcoming, even from the above Ms.Transgender of the Universe line-up.

      • Sums it up Cap’n. I think mother(?) nature wacked out the chores pretty unfairly when it came to procreation. Women have 99% of the work load, we just have the fun part.

  8. Some people take full advantage of the menopausal angry bitches, take Sky news for instance with their attack dog Kay Burly, that or she has had a nagga chilli stuck up her flu.
    There are lots of scenarios where angry bitches have a use, keep people away from wet paint, gardens, parking spaces and many, many more situations were your average block can just think, fuck that and at least she,s not my problem, but even if they act like cunts for 3 or 4 years there is always a positive, i cant think of one right now, but im sure there is….,

  9. Having been subjected to Shappi Khorsandi’s live comedy show, I feel relieved for her that the menopause has improved her comedy. It was utterly shit before and about as funny as a cancer diagnosis.

    Sally Philips on the other hand I have always wanted to take straight up the Gary, so no issue there if she is all dried up now.

  10. Always fucking moaning, she tells me giving birth is the worst pain anyone could ever experience yet after 12-18 months I get told she would like another one. Well after 12-18 months I don’t ask for another kick in the balls.
    The word menopause is correct, one big fucking pause for men, selfish bitches.

  11. I remember Sally Phillips from Alan Partridge and Smack the Pony…and she was hot.
    Not now though. Age is cruelly amusing to wimminz who wish to remain youthful and attractive.
    At least older men are still perfectly useful. Old bags are useful only as babysitters of grandchildren.

  12. Be aware, gents, all this negativity about wimminz issue could be construed as misogynist hate crime. And if the government get their way you could be locked up for 30 years hard labour for daring to criticise the fairer sex.

    • Think I’d rather be locked up and looked after than struggling financially on a daily basis.

      I am sure for this type of crime I wouldn’t be sent to Wakefield, but some nice open prison where I can chill out, have a TV in my room and make daisy chains in the gardens while enjoying my soy latte and vegan burger.


  13. Isn’t Dame Kweer going through the menopause?

    Think Liz Truss is too – she’s poking her nose around again, causing mischief – see Zulu boy Kwarteng has fucked off back into the jungle to his tree hosue, he knows better.

  14. It won’t be too long before the Transwimminz start bleating about the ‘pause, even though there’s not a cat in hell’s chance of them actually getting it, other than by pretending.

      • Tell me about it Picket. My Plymouth’s are giving me real gyp lately. Every sheet of bum wad looks like the Japanese flag.

  15. I suspect the prefixes are mainly there to disguise the start of the word – MEN – which these sensitive little flowers object to.
    So let’s hear it for MENses, MENstruation & MENopause!

  16. I read your link Admin – Eventually got bored …
    Several thoughts as I was reading it.
    Who the fuck is Andrea McLean?
    Why would she need an “agent” – does she pretend to be a celebrity or something?
    Fucking millions of women have had a hysterectomy – what makes her think she is so different and that we need to know about it?
    As for the stupid cow with “tingly legs” – well, I got tingly feet and legs these days, it’s the after effects of chemo. But you know what, I’m thankful for it, ‘cos it saved my life (for the time being anyway). Stupid cow, who fucking cares …

    • Just read it as well.
      Fuck me, who knew – the menopause is racist !! (apparently).
      I’m menopausal, but I couldn’t give a fuck
      Just crack on ..

  17. Mrs Norman’s sister – the classic annoying as fuck cunt who is into Bjork and Lana Del Twat – always trots this one out. She is by nature an idle, lazy fucker and is all but useless. But when she is pulled up for it, it’s ‘I’m a at a certain time of life’ and ‘I’m menopausal’. Funny she says that. Because she’s been the same skiving and self pitying cunt since she was fifteen years old.

  18. Loose Wimmin is the biggest pile of shite known to man. Here is the presenter check list…

    Frumpy fat ‘Birds ov a Fevvah’ has been✔

    Brainless ex- ‘Girl Band’ tart married to some shite footballer✔

    Fat ‘bubbly’ loud black gobshite, who keeps saying ‘Am luvvin it’✔

    Janet Steet Fucking Porter✔

    They then natter endless infinte blabbering babbling crap. Job done.☹

  19. I wonder when Megain – Human Locust Of Sussex – is going to start cashing in on the menopause? Because she will. One can hear her now. ‘Black, oppressed and a mid-life crisis.’ She and her pet Orangutan Poodle hybrid will then burst into song…

    ‘Anything you have had, I’ve had it badder. I have had everything badder than you.’🎵

  20. Menopause whats that?! Isn’t that when your wife denies you sex and gives you bullshit excuses to ever have it again I’ll get my parka..

  21. Testosterone decreases in MEN as they age. They used to call that the, “male menopause” not sure what it’s called now – Hypergonadism?

    Anyway, your knob doesn’t work like it used to! 😀

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