Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP(6)

You don’t want to roil Lloyd Russell Moyle.
At all costs avoid upsetting Lloyd.
Especially on sexual matters.

His piss starts to boil if you disagree with him. Lloyd is paranoid as if everyone’s against him .

Like he should wear a hat made of tin foil. Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

He’s wound tight as a coil ready to explode. Lloyd Russell-Moyle.
His face contorted like a gargoyle.
Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

He strains and…and you feel his underpants could soil when in full flight. Watching him is a really hard toil.

To the lbgtqia+ community he is extremely loyal. Lloyd Russell-Moyle.


‘creepy weird behaviour’ in the Commons again. Remember the mace episode?
Well this time it is his hugely over the top response to a female Conservative MP’s legitimate concerns about that Scottish bill to bring in self- identification.

Also he went and sat in the conservative benches afterwards according to the Express. ..really weird.

Quickly, I have watched him discussing other political topics and he comes across as reasonably human. But when it gets onto lgbtqia+ rights and such he really does turn into the–‘Russell-Moyle Creature’.

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Nominated by: Miles Plastic

And seconded by: Sick of it

A cunting for chief Cream Puff in the commons, Lloyd Russell-Moyle

In the debate about the Scots Nazis gender recognition reforms (rejected by the UK government) a female conservative MP. Miriam Cates, gave her 2 minutes worth.
In her speech she mentioned having a personal experience in a ladies room (bog) where she felt uncomfortable by a bloke in a dress staring at her (avoid the description trans woman, cos it’s bollocks).

Russell-Moyle then went into one of his girlie fits screaming at her (see the clip in the link), he was quickly warned by the speaker but still went on, then bizarrely sat on the conservative side of the house seemingly in an attempt to intimidate Miriam Cates.

He will probably get away with this behaviour because he is a shirt lifter and like his mate Chris Bryant there appears to be greater tolerance for the ‘gay’ than a straight bloke.
I am sure if a straight blue bloke had done this the outrage would have been multiplied a hundred times.

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35 thoughts on “Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP(6)

  1. Intimidation
    Threatening behaviour
    Unacceptable behaviour in the House

    And yet some of these cunts in the House of Commons have the temerity to call each other “Right Honorable” !!

    Moyle is the future generation of the House of Commons and of the general public as a whole – entitled, arrogant, twisted, spoilt, self-righteous.

    In summation, he is just a cunt and a twattish cunt at that. I really hope he has the whip removed, but I guess Sir Bendy Knee doesn’t have the balls to make such a recommendation.

  2. He’s not paranoid; everyone does hate him. I know where I would shove that mace. Sadly, he would probably enjoy it. Who the fuck votes for such a failure? He doesn’t even understand tautology. Return back indeed!

  3. Try behaving like that to any bloke’s wife in the Whippet Inn, you bullying manchild, and you’ll wish you hadn’t.
    This cunt needs its head wringing through a mangle.

    • With the news that Manchester City could be removed from the Premier League, poor old rusty bollocks might be receiving similar treatment. But he can’t sew them back on.

  4. In the course of my life I have met a number of gay folks and as far as I can tell they fit into two categories.

    There are those gay people (the vast majority) who are simply gay and don’t make a big deal of it and their love of cock (to quote someone I worked with in the early zeroes) is similar to me liking gingers with big tits. Or blondes with big tits. Or brunettes with… Anyway, you get the gist.

    Then there are those gays who are GAY. And nothing else. Everything in their life is about being gay. Their whole personality, their whole life is based around their gayness.

    Russell-Moyle is an almost perfect example of the second type. The hivvy cunt.

  5. HIV riddled, dirty, raging bum bandit. He could only be elected in Brighton, London or Bristol. A sad indictment of our society that this cunt actually exists at all. He really is a nasty little poof. Could someone post his “fight them on the beaches” rant. That’s a comedy classic.

    • “Fight them on the beaches”? More like bum them on the beaches.

      I suspect on a warm day, you will see a translucent-skinned Russell-Moyle sporting a bright purple face and a pair of fluorescent budgie-smugglers on Brighton beach. Switching between coquettishly waving a coloured hankerchief, hoping to attract the attention of some other wrong’un, and stealthily seeking out young man-meat prey like the Predator he is.

      Either way he will be looking for some up-the-arse activity under the Palace Pier.

      Nasty little cunting gaylord. Oven.

    • Oi, leave London out of this – not all of us like fudge on the ends of cocks. 😂😂😂😂

  6. There’s security footage of him being bent over the despatch box and brutally buggered by Peter Mandelson whilst Keith Vaz beats them both with the Sceptre. All 3 of them are crying.

  7. Ideologically saturated . Everything I despise in a politician. The man ( and the others ) cunts. Send for “GUIDO”!

  8. Fucking batty boy. His boyfriend probably wiped his cock on his curtains last night and that’s what this prick is really upset about.

  9. MP in Brighton. The home of degeneracy and preversion.
    ‘Ooh, look at the muck in here.’
    Ship the cunt up north to stand for election. See what happens.

    • All politicians are twats and if they talk and act like twats then no-one should be surprised. The houses of parliament would appear to be the ideal place to do this.
      They want to become politicians because they want to make as much money as possible by flapping their lips. It’s a hell of a lot better than working for a living.
      If we don’t like the idea of paying these twats to fuck things up for us, we get the chance every five years to replace them with a different set of twats. Democracy isn’t wonderful but we haven’t found another system that works better.

  10. Continuing in the trend of my previous post batty boy, what is this tom fuckery all about..!!!!


    I nearly spat my coffee out when I clicked on this. These celebrities are not normal people, but it was the picture of Harry Styles that nearly caused my coffee incident (is he a he, she, it, shit, they, them?).

    Why do we give these cunts our money, so they can ponce and mince around looking like the total bell ends they are.

    If any of these cunts went for a job interview in a normal place they’d be swiftly escorted off the premises and told they need to see a specialist doctor.

    • If you can get past the cunt who is Sam smith and Harry twat a little further down is a right pair of bazonkers 😳

      • Don’t talk to me about Sam Smith. Saw a pic of him in some glittery vest item and boy has he become a fattie – I know who ate all the pies.

        I think he is modelling himself on Matt Lucas’s the Only Gay in the Village sketch.

    • Phasers to kill, fucking plague of weird cunts. The only pronoun for some of those cunts is “it”. The real problem is the amount of influence these creatures possess. Not including the more normal ones just the utter fucktards. If Taylor Swift asked me out for a drink, would be damm bad manners to refuse. The way my lucks going lately it would be the thunder twat that is they/them/it whatever Sam Smith sniffing around.

  11. He’s a great example of why I can’t ever vote Labour. The party is infested with cunts like him. They say there are over a hundred genders now, Labour has an MP for everyone of them and some to spare.

    There’s probably a handful of Labour MPs who actually give a fuck about working people. The rest of them are just woke cunts grinding their particular axe in between updating their Grindr profile.

  12. Hahaha! Look at how empty the Commons is! No fucker wants to be there. Fucking joke. It’s not just the Monarchy we need to get rid of. Bin this cavern of cunts, too.

  13. Poetry worthy of the late Sir John Betjeman.
    Russell-Moyle is indeed an insufferable little wire coat hanger dodger.
    Didn’t those crappers at the awards thing look complete and utter twats?

  14. just an angry little lisping ginger shirt lifting hysterical wankstain.Labours target audience.

    He always reminds me of Student Grant from Viz.

  15. Also why was he praised for announcing he had HIV? We don’t celebrate smokers who announce they have lung cancer , fat bastards announcing they have heart failure and or diabetes or alcoholics announcing they have cirrhosis.Not something to be ashamed or but certainly not something to be proud of either.

    I feel sorry for HIV having to live inside such a cunt.

    • Not easy to get HIV these days as the gay community are educated and those who are positive mostly on treatment that stops transmission. Statistically you would need to be sodomised bareback hundreds of times to pick it up. This explains why House attendance is so low, we’re paying the cunts to fuck each other up the arse when they should be working. He should join the Libdems where he would be with his own kind.

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