Antoinette Susan Jebb – Let Them Not Eat Cake

I would like to nominate Professor Susan Jebb of Oxford University and Chairwoman of the Food Standards Agency . The BBC News Website tells us peasants that this learned person wishes to see the end of the practice of people bringing cake to the workplace. It would appear that marking someone’s birthday etc by passing around the odd slice of Battenburg is bordering on manslaughter.

The aspect of this stupidity which gets my goat is that I cannot imagine how such a deluded person could possibly rise to such a lofty position. Then again, perhaps I should now be so surprised.

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Nominated by: Guzziguy

And supported by: Ron Knee

My pleasure Guzzi.
Silly cow deserves a twatting for treating people like five year olds.

Sky News

And there’s more, this time from Cuntologist

Professor Susan Jebb

Probably the one and only cunting this silly trout will get but reports of her utterances annoyed me greatly. Jebb is Chair of the Food Standards Agency Uk.

She said bringing a cake or other sweet treats into the office is as bad as passive smoking. No, it isn’t anything like passive smoking.

I don’t even work in an office these days but remember when people would bring stuff in, usually for birthdays, Divali etc, and simply refused it if I didn’t want any. Call me picky, but rarely was I tempted by a mass produced stale cake or greasy Samosa at 11.30am.

Professor Jebb goes onto say that she can’t say no if someone appears with cake. Apparently because she can’t say no, bringing in a cake is like smoking in the office in front of people. Oh just F off. Perhaps stick to the day job of ensuring food sold for consumption is safe.

93 thoughts on “Antoinette Susan Jebb – Let Them Not Eat Cake

  1. It has to be said the Yank cops do tend to be a little trigger happy. The moral is don’t get in a row with the cunts……and don’t fucking run!

    Especially if you’ve got no legs!

  2. I doubt this sharpie has ever had a day where she wakes up in a good mood and goes to bed in a good mood.
    I despise her type-she should stick to stealing Norwich Terriers off teenage girls in Kansas-the fucking-old-witch!

    • *harpie.
      Not sharpie. Although she has about the same amount of meat on her and probably spends all day trying to “make her point”.

  3. she has that mad stare of the zealot and judging by the crowd feet around her left eye possibly has a nervous tic and she has different coloured face from her milky decolletage. Fecking old tabby.

  4. Christ, it makes dog spice look overweight. Almost.

    Another one of the left waffe brigade that know think they know what’s best for the uneducated plebs and use their positions of power to influence and spread their Marxist control, this time over something as innocuous as a cake. Fuck. Me.

    Creatures like this and their holier than thou views are nothing but sanctimonious cunts. They make me want to puke.

  5. I have to say I don’t believe Professor Pissflaps can’t say no.

    She looks like Dot Cottons younger sister except she’s been subjected to a much stricter starvation diet.

  6. Don’t ban cake just bring back smoking.Fits this stupid cunts argument.Fuckiing busybody killjoy.No one forces cake down your throat.We do have free will and can buy as many cakes as we like in a store so long as we can afford it.

  7. We always took cake and biscuits to work. If someone didn’t want any they didn’t eat any and surprise surprise they didn’t put any fucking weight on. Unlike breathing in second hand smoke Professor!!!!

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